Shanghai Longfeng new station for space related problems brought by


as the saying goes: no excuses for failure, only to find a successful way. So I decided to figure out exactly where to flow to let me have this more than 30 dollars? I checked my only several IP through statistical tools. Because this is a new Taobao passenger line, I saw someone wrote in A5 and some stationmaster forum, new station before the content is not rich, the number of the chain must be controlled. I didn’t know right or wrong, but after all the elders suffer in the eyes. I still choose to believe. I’m just a tentative in love Shanghai Post Bar left in a small advertisement. But later analysis, that small advertising brings the amount of income.

my 3 months before the registration of the domain name, space is bought together. At that time in order to his practice first bought a 5 yuan / month for the novice, is a popular Z-BLOG. As the engineering background, I feel the program is not a big problem, soon the site debugging. My friend said, a good space for future Shanghai dragon ranking will have a great influence. So, I decided to buy a little space, find a better house for your first website. From Taobao bought a season to pay 90 of the 100M space, I began my journey off Taobao.

program is uploaded to the space, I started a website update. The guest choice is American Camel shoes as I promote the products, because the keywords choose American Camel shoes China website as the main, so chose both camel and relevant and relevant www.luotuochina贵族宝贝 and Chinese as domain name registration. I first read a lot of related knowledge about shoes, to enrich themselves. I started to write myself is, until now I still write myself. I always believe that a hard, a harvest. Although my website at IP is only 3, and 4, I did not intend to have income. But when inadvertently view Ali mother actually found in October 25th, is also the site for just 11 days, a miracle has an income of 32.48 yuan. I was overjoyed.

Taobao In October 14, 2011 the

have the money this thing as power, I flew to my new journey full of confidence. Daily update also feel very passionate. Time slowly November 4th love Shanghai included the home page. Maybe next time about 10 days is mid November, page 2 pages are also included. In November 11th when Taobao mall double eleven day was a Friday. Love Shanghai have pity on a collection of 43, suddenly in the page, my station also slowly embarked on a regular.

off for a long time, is to start from the novice. Before the guest, Shanghai dragon is utterly ignorant of. Just listen to a webmaster friends introduced slowly into the industry. The first lesson as guest Wangzhuan, I started feeling well.

Rich enterprise website promotion way micro-blog to make the website more wonderful

what is the old growth on micro-blog, micro-blog’s role here Xiaobian no more comments, simply look at sina, micro-blog is divided into three kinds of users, a user is not verified, a user authentication is personal, another is the enterprise user authentication. Behind the micro-blog name of a blue "V", to prove that this is the micro-blog enterprise certification. We must carry on the enterprise website promotion of micro-blog, micro-blog is the first enterprise to carry out certification.



1, added concern. Every new micro-blog established in the early 0, are 0 fans attention, China saying "there must have, want more fans, the first thing to do is to take care of others. For example, more than the wine industry of micro-blog, we can focus on peer companies, micro-blog, micro-blog and other industry expert. They are also the key point we guide users to find micro-blog.

set people, the most important is the promotion of micro-blog in micro-blog’s operation. An enterprise of micro-blog, US / Loudi real estate network (贵族宝贝ldfdc贵族宝贝) need to do is:

to the next point, related video profiles can join us to promote the enterprise website, so that more users to view, give users leave a better impression to guide users to micro-blog, we love our website, our company products, etc..

map information, company profile, contact must also be perfect and filled, if users love our products completely, you can come to us for consultation and investigation by micro-blog above contact. The contact time for users to find, let users feel more of our company website, micro-blog delicate and considerate, so as to provide convenience for the image of the company.



is the first to determine their own business icon picture, which is convenient to the user experience, in addition, the head of the right to add a link with pictures, usually need to enterprise products or some associated with the enterprise, can attract the user’s picture on the top, then add links, guide our corporate website.


more and more people to join the family of micro-blog, especially Sina micro-blog, can be said to be a king of the world today micro-blog firmly. So many people in the use of micro-blog, which gave us Shanghai, a good source of inspiration — micro-blog promotion. The most common should now micro-blog promotion promotion is Taobao store, but I have to say, micro-blog promotion is also suitable for enterprise website.





Reason analysis and solving measures of the site right down to a large collection of

4, web page included only home page: just under the deep depth of this one page.

3, spam links

In fact, these

3, website keywords ranking drop: original website keyword ranking dropped.


save money, bought some informal space to build the site, causing the site often not open or open very slowly, so the space due to the unstable site is down right is also the case of many.

All of the page

website right down

this method the effect is obvious, as long as you change.

2, web page included substantial reduction: the site is included in the page to reduce a lot of.

site right down

? !


The characteristics of

site is down right this problem is so owners are concerned about the problem, there is a saying: there’s a reason for everything. Li Yong believes Shanghai Longfeng site is down right there is definitely what causes, not good website search engine drop right, just a lot of buddies on the search engine rules may not quite understand, so when the Shanghai dragon website optimization will produce some blind spots. Today I let Li Yong as we spread this knowledge

5, frequently modify site title

common station black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization is generally within the site chain optimization, keyword stuffing, the excessive internal chain too much, of course, like the 301 jump cheating also belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon phenomenon, although this method can get ranked in the short term, but once found will be strictly punished!

, 1 space quality problemsFor the sake of cheap

spam links in the beginning is a part of the effect, that is to say there will be a part of the dedication, but was later found after the search engine will not only remove the garbage outside the chain of the weight, but also may double net weight, can be said to be The loss outweighs the gain.. The garbage outside the chain is not very understanding the buddy suggest you see this article: Shanghai dragon Encyclopedia: what is the website of the garbage chain

2, buy links


5, website: completely disappeared in the search engine completely disappeared.

4, the use of black hat Shanghai dragon

as long as the purchase of the website link, whether it is black chain or chain Ming are likely to be found and then give drop right processing, don’t think the search engine is silly B, these tricks have been through search engines, it is best not to hold a heart, once found will be punished, so sincerely advise Li Yong to buy link buddies and buy and treasure

1, site or domain domain, no home in the first place.

Cause analysis of

Website optimization process, the user experience is the key

in fact, many of the Shanghai dragon simply is defined as the search engine for the existence and development of a friend and ignore a problem, that is the search engine has the function and significance of the birth itself is to help users find information in Internet users want the vast ocean of information, from this technically it is itself in order to enhance the user experience and the existence and development, so it and user experience are uniform in nature, their relationship is not only not contradictory, but have a particularly strong generality, worthy of our active use of this relationship in the website optimization process.

, a unified user experience and search engine is born

understand common relationship between search engine and user experience, we do the work for Shanghai dragon is of great significance, since the search engine itself is also in order to enhance the user experience and existence, so the user experience is an important standard for us to carry out the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, so it is used as a guide to carry out optimization work is perfect a good way to coordinate the relationship between the two, this requires us to use a search engine to look for users to consider, so that users can obtain high quality information they need, so that the search engine can obtain the information from the web site provide users.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process of the website, Shanghai dragon ER and owners are faced with a problem, that is how to deal with the relationship between user experience and search engine, among the two who who light weight problems. On this issue, I have asked many of the Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster, the answer is different, most people will think of Shanghai dragon itself is in the search engine and carry out, the final effect is to make the site to get good rankings and included in the search engine, where as for the user experience to improve the weight. Obey the primary objectives and principles. In fact,


2, high correlation, high quality, similar Links

two, why the user experience as the forerunner of Shanghai dragon

three, around the user experience to improve search engine friendly approach

search engine and users alike, they all want to get fresh information on the Internet before, at the same time this information is of concern, users have the actual demand will search their content, and provides the content of the web site information should have considerable quality, rather than on the Internet without reference value, they can’t help spam answer the question, otherwise the user does not love, the search engine will naturally take this kind of information filtering. Therefore, high quality, fresh, rich content information is to win customers love, let love on the web search engine

Fuji magic!

1, high quality, fresh, rich content information

The really?

users after finding a website to get more of the same web site for more information, will often refer to this website provided by Links website, these.

Beijing Campus venture project ofo received 9 million investment flagship bike sharingTell you a rea

titanium media note: people start this thing, in the north of Guangzhou and other second tier city basically is two days, north of Guangzhou near entrepreneurs "heaven", but relatively speaking, capital and talent problem is magnified in the second city. Titanium media reporter, through field visits and extensive interviews, we tried to restore a true entrepreneur in the second tier cities:

money and people have always been the two key factors that determine the success or failure of a business. More money and better people make it faster. Funding and talent problems are magnified in second tier cities.

students can use ofo’s small yellow car through WeChat service number and App. And because the small yellow car is equipped with sensors and intelligent devices, you can achieve the positioning, unlocking, car, pay and other car flow.

, public bike stolen or "private" and other issues, the ofo team said, whether we purchase delivery vehicles or vehicles, teachers and students to share, the price is not high, and there is a uniform spray and seal, it is difficult to resell stolen vehicles. From our daily maintenance and inventory situation, the loss of vehicles is not serious, the total number of vehicles has not decreased significantly. Students themselves on the private lock is relatively rare, maintenance master encountered classmate report or >

In addition to

Abstract: in Beijing, a good story may be able to get a sum of money, but such a thing can not happen in the capital less active Wuxi. Investors in the second tier cities Internet entrepreneurship project general attitude: do not refuse, but not high; will go to field visits and explore, but not the focus of investment.


walked two blocks and finally found a restaurant still open. The boss told me that the shop only sold fast food, around the office area, almost no one at night, most of the stores closed early.

but campus bikes are mainly about two problems: bad and stolen.

ice breaking financing dilemma

ofo calls on teachers and students to transfer their bikes to ofo, adding the "ofo sharing bike" in return for the free use of all shared bikes. The ofo team also launched the iconic "little yellow" car – the body color is uniform and painted yellow.

in 1995, in Wuxi High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi, Singapore Industrial Park on the basis of the establishment of the Wuxi New District, and later has been named the national sensor network innovation demonstration zone, the national innovation park.

ofo shared bike is a student entrepreneurship program on the North campus. Because the main means of transportation within the university campus is a bicycle, but bicycle is facing a car, car and car lost "pain points, so inspired by Uber and Airbnb, ofo share in the North Valley cycling team began testing on September 2015.

"national entrepreneurship, innovation and many people" put forward, all over the country set off an upsurge of entrepreneurship, according to incomplete statistics, in 2015, new domestic business incubator more than 4000. And before 2015, the incubator has been 28 years of development, the number is less than 1600, no wonder people laugh, "this year, the incubator more than entrepreneurs."".

Sina Technology News April 4th evening news, Peking University Student venture project "ofo shared bike" today announced the acquisition of 9 million Pre-A round of financing, investors only hunting capital and Tomo Hiromichi.

innovation and entrepreneurship is the only way in the next 5~10 years, although now can not see profitability, but if you do not intervene now, it is tantamount to give up the next few decades of opportunities for development. National entrepreneurship has become the "twenty-first Century Daliangangtie", Zhou Ranbian cold accelerated the bursting of the Internet bubble of venture capital market, the incubator "library" in Shenzhen has become the first to fall the incubator. This also makes people realize that a free office space, a number of impressive entrepreneurial courses, entrepreneurs have no appeal. Especially in the cheap second tier cities, entrepreneurs can easily rent to a good office space.

ofo told Sina Technology, because the relative concentration of colleges and universities in Beijing, the general 2-3 near the University, there will be 1-2 full-time repair master. User interface with the car repair function, when the students found that there is a problem with the vehicle, you can in accordance with the license plate number of specific problems to repair, such as car chains, pedals off, tires no gas, and so on. The mechanic will also carry out inspection, maintenance and inventory on the bike sharing in and around school every day, scattered in schools around the school and returned to the vehicle code on the demand for cars is relatively concentrated area, maintenance of vehicle repair and fault detected.

because the campus environment is relatively closed, and unlike urban public bicycles, ofo share bicycles, there is no fixed pick up points, all vehicles within the specified campus free flow. The ofo team of entrepreneurial intention and solve target is: let the students have cycled whenever and wherever possible.


Wuxi New District streets deserted, it is now the best portrayal of the second tier cities entrepreneurial atmosphere.

is not coincidentally, I just caught the Wuxi coldest days, braving the cold wind walk in the District of Wuxi street, rarely see people and vehicles, can see the crowd together by twos and threes go to the cafeteria to eat only at noon, Beijing and Zhongguancun Venture Street rentouzandong contrast.

is the typical scene of students to the library from the dormitory, from the dormitory before the bicycle use right through the mobile phone, and payment can arrive at the destination, each use cost about a few cents, can also be used for a long time, the cost is not high, compared to a private bike, don’t worry is lost, with the two time borrow, with the stop over.

The importance of blogosphere

Whether the

blog is successful or not has a very large relationship with the daily communication of the blogger. Many people think that open a blog, and then continue to write articles, and then in accordance with many well-known blog open successful experience to do promotion, and feel that sooner or later will be successful. You still think so, it is very possible to finally, but tired half dead, blog is not too much popularity. Sunshine house blog that many people just look at the surface of success, but did not understand the root of success behind, that is, there is no established network of successful resources, the lack of communication circles.

blog want to succeed, you must have your own communication circle,

behind many successful blogs, bloggers often have their own circle of communication. Like attracts like., means that there will be Birds of a feather flock together., behind a lot of people with a common goal together for success and continue to discuss the problem, long life, will certainly have a lot of the inside of the circle by. As long as you have the same direction in your own field, you will always be successful and become successful. It is hard to fail.


has so many people in the circle that they share some new experiences while others are sharing it. Finally, they share their own successful experiences and ideas to solve problems for others and improve their reputation in the circle.

, for example, your blog is to do SEO, site, template, must be able to share their experience in their own circle, help others to solve the problem, people will think you are reliable, begin to pay attention to what you write. Your every day is written in the blog of smallpox dragon, others may only be seen even if, that is what you write is not a reliable, there is a puff of feeling.

a lot of people why business is attributed to the like a raging fire, he obtained the success of the method in the circle, then share their successful experience to help others get approval, then their initial fame in the circle in the circle to expand slowly from inside and outside.

blog fame is the popularity of people in the circle

I have mentioned before, "blog represents a part of your personal value", as long as their own values in other people’s minds have been recognized, will gradually get the attention of others. As many experts in the SEO, in the webmaster’s circle, did not get the trust of others, opened a blog, but no one will pay attention to you.

because now people are interested in the popularity of things, so popularity can be understood as a guarantee, is the minimum guarantee of confidence. No matter which industry is the same, stars, students, novels, TV series…… Have their own popularity index. If you can’t get the first word of mouth, no one will spread your reputation, and no one will know your deposit

ALEXA ranked more, my website can play what role

now, let’s take a look at the website. We’ll look at its rankings on ALEXA regularly. If HAO123 is not in the 25 place around the world, I don’t think Baidu will buy it either. What’s the use of ALEXA,


for non commercial sites, ranking role:

1, meet the virtual heart

2, if someone wants to advertise on your website, Alexa ranking is an important basis for charging. (usually ranking is very high, will be someone looking for you into a small amount of advertising, it is necessary to earn some money.


for business sites, ranking is more important:

1 is one of the basis for advertising fees.

2, one of the criteria for evaluating the value of a web site (if you want to resell a domain name or website later)

3, a story of news hype.

4, an important method of monitoring competitors closely. (for your competitors website, do you go to see his traffic and ranking changes every day?. In addition to Alexa it, in other words, only Alexa can tell you the answer. When a competitor’s traffic has mutated, it must have been put into advertising or added a search somewhere.


so I value Alexa! I have to use Alexa every day! I thank Alexa!


The future and future of the navigation station are still bright with innovation

recently, the topic of navigation station has become more and more. This seems to be related to two domain names, and The former is Taobao’s recently launched navigation station, which is Baidu’s launch of another hao123 sister station. And before this, Baidu completely stopped and site navigation site promotion cooperation, between before and after seems to be a little connection, it seems that the navigation station muddy water is still someone stirring. In addition to hao123, 2345, 265, 114la, navigation station almost occupy most of the market share of the market for navigation, grassroots webmaster, navigation station seems to be a rotten in the hands of the garbage station, no traffic, but also the lack of means of profit. However, grassroots webmaster nor will certainly not eat this cake, Amoy navigation station, this year is the last year of the group purchase navigation, navigation station new mode emerged, many owners also benefited, now we have not expected to reproduce a hao123, but it can be innovative in navigation mode do, a small but dedicated navigation station, and the money is still a bright future.

below, we will analyze the current navigation stations have what mode, I hope to enlighten you.

1, and the site navigation station, the station actually like hao123, 256, 114la’s success has a lot of people in the research and promotion mode, is nothing more than the bundled software, viral, purchase flow, has many methods, but for the small owners is too difficult, because the market has been saturated, I do not suggest that you enter into the field, have yet to recover as soon as possible exit.

2, local navigation, almost every large and medium-sized city will have many local stations, which provides local navigation station web site resources. But the local navigation station to success must have some basic conditions, the first is the web site resources network developed city because of cyber source rich, various types of Web sites have a variety of high-quality, innovative web site there, so as to enrich the local navigation station, so as not to make navigation company website quality too poor, not as many columns appear vacant seats. The second is the basis of the masses, not the number of Internet users is enough to bring large flow, in addition users active degree also determines your place navigation station can recommend to you the site how much traffic, if Internet users only the largest local community website, and other types of sites are not interested in your navigation station is no longer necessary. Due to the limitations of local navigation stations, appropriate regional information publishing platform, regional enterprises, yellow pages and so on, will help enrich the content of local navigation stations. Such as Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian navigation navigation navigation, Xiamen navigation, integrated local and national well-known Web site navigation, provides a very comprehensive service for local users, because the local navigation features, also brings more stable local advertisers favor for the web site.

3, industry navigation, we say that the three hundred and sixty lines of line, "champion", social development so far, the industry has far more than three hundred and sixty lines

Wuhan employee loans ceiling raised to 100 thousand yuan

now together among the employees by the government to encourage entrepreneurship, in many places for some employees are given a lot of business facilitation measures in Wuhan, recently raised some workers business loan amount.

28 day, the Wuhan Municipal Federation of trade unions issued a series of real estate workers entrepreneurship incentive policy, the loan amount of not more than 70 thousand yuan, up to $100 thousand.

it is reported that, according to the new policy, the business loan amount never more than 70 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan. Partnership or the establishment of small businesses, can be no more than 100 thousand yuan per person, the total amount of not more than $500 thousand of the amount of bundled loans, giving the maximum amount of interest for the longest 2 years. If you can repay on time, you can give second venture guarantee loans, loan period of up to 2 years, the full discount.

in addition to funding and site support, Wuhan City Federation of trade unions also set up a staff innovation achievement award, the annual investment outstanding achievements and outstanding rationalization of 2 million yuan of funds to reward employee suggestion.

In fact, for many workers


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