On 2014 Shanghai Longfeng trend

2014 rankings will be better? Good ranking is of course that meet user needs information query site, whether it is a single site or an introductory page or blog platform, shops. These rankings will than it is now easier to merchandise page ranking.

goods station will be eliminated? Because of the love of Shanghai is a query based on information platform, whether it is for what kind of commodity query data people and competitors is far greater than the purchase of users. But commodity site does not satisfy the user query information needs, this will affect the search needs of users, thus affecting the love Shanghai search experience. So why don’t love Shanghai these sites would be slowly eliminated? Love Shanghai don’t look at your website transaction whether, whether he cares about is money, your website can help him retain users. If your website is only to keep the purchasing needs of minority groups, and cannot keep the user query data then the algorithm will rank you back. From the beginning of the year to now search keywords in one specific product appear on the home page and the information platform shops and many independent site rankings, ranking is not good. These rankings in the platform information rankings better are the content of a more comprehensive and meet some information needs, in accordance with the truth should be the weight of product parameters are introduced and comprehensive information platform of the information ranking, rather than data to improve the information rankings better. For example, in search of "diesel generator price" home on some platform ranking.

ER in Shanghai Longfeng 2013 reflect Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, and even a lot of Shanghai dragon Er has quit the industry. Shanghai dragon is difficult to do, or we do not keep up with the pace of updating algorithm? I think it is not keep up with the pace of the algorithm, it seems in many cases our Shanghai dragon is getting better and better to do. 2014 Shanghai dragon will be how to develop? We look at trends:

Why how to operate? What kind of

(1) providing information content inside the site, for example we search a word cutting machine, cutting machine type, appeared on the cutting machine cutting machine pictures, safety procedures, multi line cutting machine, cutting machine price in the drop-down box. The usual picture appears in addition to cutting machine and cutting machine price is conducive to the user’s transaction, now can not do so. Since the user has some other requirements so we provide on the website inside the cutting machine type, cutting machine safety operation procedures.

what is the commercial station? We all do business products belong to the goods station site, is to do the website display of goods turnover. Our company is the product pictures and home station performance parameters, and then connected to the inside pages, the products sold. The second is the single page introduction product function and effect, these all belong to the goods station.

Many of the

is our point of view: pure commodity rankings are also difficult to do, and the data query station rankings easily.

Different thinking sites included less than the increase is more favorable

a site in each life cycle, the death is that we often can see.

do not know if you have not seen the optimization guide to love Shanghai, if so, I believe that you will know the guidelines clearly marked a page when there are other different URL links, search engine spiders will be selected as a primary standard, and the other the same page of the URL link responsibility it will be included, but these repeated indexed pages for search engines are not friendly, even let the search engine that are cheating on your website. Of course, this is also a lot of problems, for example, say we can then repeat shielding address URL using robots files, do not let it tell the spider crawling, can also use the form of the jump jump URL series to set their own page can be.

for a web site, in the choice of search engine optimization and user experience based on the issue, often face a difficult choice, so this time how to resolve these conflicts is very important. But for a quality web page, users and spiders have different evaluation criteria, so this time we go to some appropriate shielding for the search engine is not very friendly page for a web site after the development is very necessary, and this is something we in the development of the site will be often encountered, for example, I want to open a forum user to communicate to the www.name2012贵族宝贝, but there will be a lot of advertisers here to release some useless ads, these ads and the quality is very low, so this time will be a convenient user communication and will not affect the web site in the search engine the weight, we are very necessary to put these plates on page shielding, don’t let the spider to grab, so that you can do to the best of both worlds.

(a) to reduce the number of repeat site included page.

(three) dead links exist in the web shield.

to a website, webmasters are included is better, especially when standing in the early days, many owners have included the other site as a site quality evaluation standard, a high collection of Web sites usually have a search engine favorite website. In many cases, especially when the love of Shanghai update, we will find that these included and not stable, often appear to change radically the situation, leading to serious website weight is not stable, and the cause of this problem is also due to the existence of a large number of low quality web pages so, in small series we can not with the amount included in the site also determine the site’s health status, and appropriate to reduce the number of low quality pages included in the site is actually more favorable for survival and development of the website.

(two) shielding some of the search engine friendly page.

Detailed through the promotion of website value for the web site weight and ranking

in addition to the title, the website program types also play a role, if someone else’s forum, you can use the system as a type of blog or website system. Because this is also a kind of experience, the forum can meet user communication, and can be seen with the personal blog fresh original, and the contents of the system is through the data sorting specification. So different systems have different values, but also satisfy different user experience. If a lot of similar sites using the Forum building, but you use blog, then your website may be search engine special promotion.

value influence website program types of websites, the content of the web site has deeply influenced the value of the site. If the same site title, the same type of site, if your site content is original articles, knowledge or authoritative articles. Your website is sure to rise above the common herd, some people prefer to make love for the original chain, but the content of the website itself goes, I think we should have the order reversed. He wrote the article, can not send you the entire Internet, this article is the one and only, it is the most valuable. If an article is very good, after 1000, will become monotonous, but lost their value. Long original go on your site, because of the accumulation of their own value, value will rise. Obviously, the weight will improve, including ranking.

maybe someone makes a mistake, they tried to send the chain, to achieve the "selfless" state, whether it is a person, or a variety of things, because the value of their own existence, please understand the value of the website. This site weight and ranking the decisive significance.

general, website value is reflected in the website of the "partial", highlights the value of their own. To avoid the homogenization of the site, because the world of all things different, have different values of the respective.

In addition to

website construction meaning, specific first can be reflected in the title, for example, someone’s website is "network promotion training", then you can use the "network promotion blog" and "original network promotion exchange" and so on, so for users, these are the focus of their hand, have different value that is a different experience for search engines, because to give users a different experience, will give priority to "receive" the different.

in addition, in the whole network, the website administrative nature of the nature of authority, have a natural weight, one of the most fundamental reason is that we are unable to escape from its natural universal service in reality, so they have a natural value. Rank and weight also has a natural advantage. Our website, need to step by step, and gradually explore, explore the potential to get admitted to the user and the search engine, the more people recognized, more valuable. Value >

Crazy love Shanghai related search

to know what the real crazy love Shanghai search, looks really scary, but I said ah, I’m definitely not software brush out, but sometimes in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking disturbance test with some figures behind the search keywords such as.



Hu Yang today is not to say, speak with the map simple. Do not know if anyone remember this article "Shanghai dragon optimization ranking disturbance test" 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120603/435443.shtml, I in the end of this article mentioned such a word: rankings rapidly when the user clicks on the ranking principle, can consider appropriate random combinations of words and letters or numbers. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon huyang贵族宝贝/ Hu Yang to give you an example here:

now we completely know what is love Shanghai search crazy now, don’t believe those hook ranking methods, if you really want to brush, like I do, their leisure time search keywords + number, easy to start to love Shanghai related search brush out. In fact, when we use the software brush search, we act as the head of the role more often, people are using their own IP, of course, this is also a bit too.


Look at the top of this map you

here is a point, Hu Yang is not a general name, the name name for such a lot of people really, love Shanghai index keywords Hu Yang index in about 100, although some people may say this word is not what competitive. But I want to say is: I do not have the ability to do not have the energy to do those competitive particularly strong words, I say is just a method and idea.

Tips for expanding articles in the station — material source strategy

no ink webmaster and editors in mind, face different types of websites, facing the background content space of the editing area, do not know where to begin. As the saying goes "reading break into the tired, writing if there is God" and today I share with you, the station for the expansion strategy of


with different types of websites, whether large or small and medium enterprise portal site, Yan station or personal site, all cannot do without website content editing, content editing station face, hands on the keyboard so many editors, but not a word.

books, magazines, material sources

I give an example to illustrate, to facilitate mutual understanding and interaction. Take the "spiral pipe" for the industry, brand, products, search for the corresponding book content expansion, can find the spiral steel pipe industry information, brand information, product information, technical information in books and periodicals, orderly editing posted on the web site good. This type of content is often not the Internet, such editing methods belong to the original type, it is best to do the article optimization, appropriate to do the entrance of the chain, it is easy to improve the article ranking.

social livelihood focus news source material

a lot of people’s livelihood news, are often reported in the eyes of all walks of life social indicators or evaluation and praise, often the information is from the traditional media is a newspaper or television or direct access, network society people get focus report. However, the source of these articles in the station is usually the source of the inside editor’s source of the large portal station. As a small and medium enterprise or individual station, it can be ignored.

network news material source

network news usually belongs to the large portal industry uses the station editor source of one of the channels, because the network news is usually the most new, first hand news, and large website editors are usually 24 hours of work, so more suitable for large portal site editors, while small and medium enterprise site can find industry network media or industry information platform for access to the latest industry, brand, products etc.. Direct access to the depth of organic combination, looking for related types of articles, combinations of relevance can be. Such an article editor, from an editorial point of view dissection, can be said to be 80% original, like search engines.

celebrity name blog material source

read the three hundred Tang poems, not poetry will present a lot of time away "station in the station of the editorial staff usually editor, will feel no words in mind, not so good writing, can refer to the articles written by famous Hot Blog, celebrity Hot Blog wrote to celebrities life cultural connotation. In addition, it can get celebrity writing style, and can study the thinking style and writing style of celebrity writing, which will help to promote the editorial staff’s thoughts and writing style, and have some industries

How do I know the site has been punished by Baidu

should first make sure your website is completely blocked or just ranked down.

site:www.02me.com or search directly: www.02me.com, if you are sure that all pages on your website have disappeared from the search engine database, the possible reason is

A., the server on your site is unstable and is temporarily removed by Baidu. After stability, the problem will be resolved,

B., your content is not in accordance with national laws and regulations of the place,

C., your web page does not conform to the user’s search experience, or has been detected serious cheating, was blocked

D. other technical issues

if your page ranking drops from the first page to the next ten pages, then there may be some suspicious signs on your website that have been penalized by

A., so first check the export link and link to other sites suspected of cheating. Did you link the site to

or not?Is the

B. website overly optimized, such as keyword selection, title tag writing, keyword location density, site structure, and so forth?. But if you put all these skills into use, it’s not too far from the problem. Over optimization is often the main reason for rankings being punished. There is a degree of the problem, which is appropriate to do optimization, which is the degree of excessive optimization, only rely on the experience to master. If you are in the optimization will comfort yourself, "this should be all right", it means that I’m afraid something soon,

C. has a large number of cross links, many webmasters will have many websites at the same time, and cross links between these sites, which is likely to lead to problems. A person has four or five websites, you can understand, but if the forty or fifty sites, each site is not big, quality is not high, but also linked to each other, this is suspicious.

D. other cheating methods: check carefully, have you used hidden pages? Have you sent a lot of spam links?

in the examination of these, can’t cheat yourself, in the website with what means, only the webmaster himself most clearly, outsiders are difficult to see at once.

The website to attract users quirkology mosquito trapping operation method

website how to attract users, many webmaster for this non-stop efforts. Of course, the site to get higher flow, cannot do without the promotion, how to promote, how to promote the most effective psychological characteristics, the most important thing is to seize the user, a method of attracting users today to talk about the website: mosquito trapping technique.

The highest level of

marketing is "don’t sell the steak, only sell the sizzle!" winter potato flavor hauntingly, hot baked sweet potato sweet and warm, enough to leave a good memory, and "spicy string"? Especially the street spicy string, if the choice of materials and condiments, I am afraid it is difficult to let people have a good appetite. In the sale, the merchant is the most intelligent, and some consumers, in their eyes is just "mosquito", from which a few years the food problem, a lot of food after adding something delicious, health is the biggest killer of a modern man.

, the so-called mosquito trapping technique, is not an unfamiliar word. Mosquitoes, especially in summer, bite the human body and seriously affect people’s sleep. For this reason, people tried every means to get rid of mosquitoes. Among them, the most effective and most environmentally friendly way is to imitate the smell of human gas, to lure mosquitoes to attack, and then coupled with a number of drugs to kill mosquitoes, basically reached the purpose of eliminating mosquitoes. Instead of discussing the principles of science, we learn some ways and rules to attract users from trapping mosquitoes.

one has a strong desire, interest, or need,

No matter what kind of website

is, it’s really useful to make sure that it is useful for the Internet users. Like the attractive streets in the street, they can smell the smell of human stomach. Need is the first fundamental, if a web site does not meet the Internet users some kind of will and will, it is difficult for users to visit, to ensure a fixed flow. When we determine the direction of the site, to interview some of the audience through market investigation and observation of other websites, or, for example with acne, now people love to eat spicy food, spicy food is an important factor causing acne, then acne people must exist, so the choice of acne products the user must have. Internet users are now mostly young people, and they are particularly concerned about getting rid of acne, which provides a basis for network marketing acne products. Such analysis, establish the direction of the development of the web site, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

two, find the weakness of this group of consumer, hit its key directly,

mosquitoes do not have long eyes, and they rely entirely on smell and touch to feel human beings, so most ways of trapping mosquitoes are increasing research and development efforts in this area. Similarly, once the site has identified a topic, it will also find the "soft underbelly" of the population when analyzing the target audience". This weakness is selling point, that is, the user community most needed content. In the content of the update and publicity, "side"

Investment in Chongqing duck head hot pot shop

Hot pot seems to be a sun industry in the current food market, winter has come, Hot pot consumption again ushered in the boom, Hot pot to join the brand alliance is also many franchisees pay more attention to this, many friends have been concerned about the Chongqing duck head Hot pot shop. In the end how to join the Chongqing duck head hot pot restaurant? This is the majority of franchisees have been concerned about the problem, in order to know whether you can join, after joining can bring a good income, etc..

investment in Chongqing duck head hot pot restaurant? Chongqing duck head hot pot is a good join the project, the project will be set up by the majority of franchisee’s favor and recognition, so that they have to join. The success of the brand in 2002 opened the first hot pot restaurant, with the continuous development of the late, to now has 50 stores, located throughout the country. Chongqing duck head hot pot shop to do a good job in every product, every detail, every service, so as to provide consumers with delicious and good quality hot pot products.

Chongqing duck head Hot pot shop store was "Chinese nutritional health food brand type" and "China restaurant franchise famous brand" honor Xingyu title, is a rare Hot pot franchise brand. As long as we have chosen such a brand to join, you can realize the dream of entrepreneurship in the short term, so that we do not have to worry about finding a good project. Chongqing duck head hot pot restaurants in the country will be more and more, this is mainly due to the future of Chongqing duck head hot pot restaurant will have a good development.

investment in Chongqing duck head hot pot shop is good, this problem must have been very clear. This is a good project can bring their own good returns. So as long as you are fully prepared to join, you can in the short term through the headquarters of the audit, and truly become a member of the Chongqing duck head hot pot restaurant, from then on waiting for an income.

would like to join the idea, please leave a message on our website, we will contact you when we see the message.

Zhengzhou City, the selection of one hundred selected models received a prize of 5000 yuan

The role of

model is endless, not only to the spirit of the latter’s inspiration, in the practical experience can also be used to learn from more examples later. You create a guest in Zhengzhou who pay attention to, Zhengzhou will be named one hundred models, who can receive 5000 yuan prize.

it is reported that the outstanding entrepreneurial project requirements of small investment, small risk. The unemployed, self occupation veterans, urban self employment of demobilized cadres, within two years of graduating high school students and college graduates to serve the grassroots, the migrant workers and other eight categories of personnel of individual industrial and commercial households or small and medium enterprises are eligible to participate.

registration Tel: 0371-86056588, 86033699; registration address: Business Incubator Park No. 299 Zhengzhou Road, Songshan.

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