How to optimize the static Public opinions are divergent. without benefits

: then cater to more search engines crawl the site, in the official website issued a statement saying that noble baby can not static, baby spiders that have the ability to peer grab dynamic address, even said that the dynamic address is more conducive to the spider crawling, but this statement is only for the nobility baby itself search engine, so far besides the noble baby outside of the search engine in favor of more static. As long as the webmaster can make static website set up correctly, not in the setting of static pages, the Session ID into the static address, spider web crawling, will crawl to correct the static address in the web site.

: and improve the performance of web application, especially for some large website, the website using the dynamic address, the user enters the site with different entrance, will have a different dynamic address, such access will bring the burden to the website loading, but if to set static website, you can directly access to resources and then through the static database or data processing in the user before the visit, generating static pages, all the access to a static page, and static processing of the page itself to the dynamic page access speed is many times faster, so the program performance can be greatly improved.

forum often said see webmaster consultation: whether URLs need to be static website optimization, some owners will insist on site static, but also find that some large websites are still using a dynamic address, static website is really for Shanghai dragon Public opinions are divergent., it is one of the most static basically, from a certain extent, the static web site is more conducive to the spider crawling, Shenzhen, part-time to the webmaster about static benefits of optimization.

: the first spider fear grab complex links, now the web page is generated by the program in real-time, users access to a web site, according to the degree of access to the URL in the call database, generate the page content in real time, the URL contains much, with a question mark, or some messy as the following parameters, using ASP language to do the dynamic business website address: 贵族宝贝 jianzhi8贵族宝贝/news.asp? Cat_id=40& news_id=300, for complex long such connection address, spiders are very reluctant to grab, fear may encounter the infinite loop connection, or dangerous junk links, or a large number of duplicate content in the website so, for the website to be fully included, or suggest stationmaster to address URL dynamic into static URL address, Also reduce the spider crawling difficulties, at the same time the URL static address users are also more likely to be remembered and used.

is static or dynamic for the website, the Internet will be the Public opinions are divergent. anyway, the advantages and disadvantages of the two, here we talk about how to address dynamic static, static analysis to several different programs.

The future of search search engine search engine optimization – the only way which must be passed

there are many websites that do this word, you can try to tap into the potential of key word search volume in the occupation, you can try to harm the main word >

The future of

search engines throughout the network the only way which must be passed a new situation, change every day, search engine is the same, every day for a continuous change. Your website once touched the search engine rules, then you should bear certain risks, optimizing the traditional search engine, has not been recognized by most webmaster, to optimize the key word most moment is in the promotion of the weight of the home page. Most of the webmaster think, only the homepage weight promotion, our website can be upgraded all the weight. Search engine changes, we also asked about our optimization method can not only stand in situ, it has also been updated. Is a good choice.

in the network marketing in the long tail means unlimited mall is extended without being completed by the commercial civilization, many niche shopping malls is a huge shopping mall. The decline of the traditional warm back, is supplied to the tail, the commercial gene space changes. Search engine is the same changes in the optimization process, on the search engine, we can probably change. From the long tail of the concept of network marketing we can find out the long tail strategy website optimization. In order to let our website be extended indefinitely, so our optimization method, the optimization is not only confined to the home page of the key word.

, the main character and the top pick on

and words can bring flow for the optimization of our website, such as traffic is not the most accurate, and when the main website word has a certain amount of search, our web site traffic promotion and product for the same amount will be up. But once the main word ranking no harm, so our products, web traffic is not that good. How effective use of good site and long tail key word, then to a certain effect in this moment. Continue to carry out search engine search engine algorithm is not updated for your specific attention "to explain the trend and optimization measures, fourth generation search engine development. Here a new search engine does not carry out detailed.

in the same occupation, there are many websites in the key word contest of one or several of the first, if you are a new website, if your occupation in the main harmful words in the search engine website home page is the front of the site, so how do you race with them? That will optimize your team is very cow X, not in a short time in the end of the passover. Search engine change is too large, and the algorithm is constantly updated, you changed, your occupation in the same wind site, others piled up many achievements, will not be overcome within a short time. If you want to end the passover, so you need to make the necessary changes in the strategy. Others to do in you, not others do you have to do. Based on this it will analyze from the following:

The webmaster should how to calmly face the love of Shanghai update

month 1w+ Niubi webmaster aware of this truth, only really useful to users what will attract customers repeatedly to stop, only such a benign development on the site can be a long time, apply the slogan Michael Chang ten years ago: "a pass ten, ten pass (80 100" should be heard Kazakhstan). This is a very natural word-of-mouth marketing, is also the site in Shanghai youth’s Secret love. Because even love Shanghai, and also in every hour and moment we consider the same question: "user experience". In fact, each love renovation in Shanghai although the intention we know very well, but he is also in the user experience to do. Just before a friend said, after the Shanghai dragon, love by sea search out information are not easily believe that, when the Shanghai dragon in this industry is widely known, with Shanghai love home website when advertising to see if we are not to squeeze broken head to ensure Shanghai dragon ranking in the 2~5 page. Really? Then one day, just like the Shanghai Phoenix hope "

believes the 520 love Shanghai shock in many Shanghai dragon psychology but also a lingering fear, but an update again love is coming to Shanghai, I do not know is happy or sad. But I believe that a qualified Shanghai dragon regardless of the face of love Shanghai how to update, will be a smile. Because the essence of Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai update direction should be the same, that is "user experience". Who will have a fit, if a website and search engine are based on the same principle of development, so that a search engine will not abandon you, but will you love. As the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor" do these two points I feel faint enough for the spider and the customer, we should give them paved the way in the internal web site, here is my three point to some opinions:

two, seize the user’s heart will seize the love of Shanghai

I believe that many

, a high quality of the external links

in the face of love sea overbearing update, I think the first thing we should do is to improve the quality of the chain, predecessors using chain weight high with a mere 5 articles won the PR2’s outstanding record, although I am skeptical (after all, there is no time to update the PR value), but also do that. The weight of the chain to the site have not much worse than the excellent content. As long as the high weight website love Shanghai think, believe in love in Shanghai when the update will be spared. But it is not too easy, is a high weight on the front page of the site for the new station he Youlian is not easily shot. The station and the old station with a new station, and confined to the network company or team, for individual webmaster difficulties, of course does not rule out some awesome personal webmaster one a piece of station group case. So many webmaster forums, such as: A5, a push, push 28 forum signature like the chain is also a good choice. Although the quality is better than the above two methods, but if the individual owners can fully display their talents, I believe that through this point below can make good results.

From A, B station and face Meng see, after 90 thinking of the rise

text / water elder brother

when the industry is immersed in the Internet of thinking in the noisy, another voice is gradually surfaced, the author temporarily called it "after 90" thinking".

with the adorable face overnight, the industry paid more attention to the 90 business groups, news media, scholars and experts have begun digging secret behind after 90 groups, trying to find a common ground on them or similar universal value of things. In fact, the industry long before the 90 groups are concerned, but was the only group to be treated as ordinary consumers, or even simply be classified as similar and 80. Until now, they found that the problem is not simple.

what is "post-90s thinking", the author so far has not found the exact definition. Here, "90" is a generalization of the concept, not only refers to the people born in 90s, but only 90 percent of the crowd accounted for the majority.

growth in the city most of the 90 people keen on animation, game based ACG circle, they are also members of the otaku. Some might say that the house and the ACG circle are just niche cultures, not weather. The author believes that the house culture is the core content of 90 thinking, is to open a key key to China’s Internet blue ocean, these people are not aware of the timeliness of culture, the author below illustrates.

house the Department of culture in China before and after the last century in 90s, long-standing, as an exotic 11 District, home to the Department of culture to take root in the country, followed by a group of aspiring young people trying to exotic materials (animation, games) transformation, the two creation, and try to find the ACG culture is suitable for its own development. For a while, anime subtitle groups, game groups, various ACG forums and community websites have sprung up on the Chinese internet. The outcome is painful and the survival rate is almost zero. There are three reasons: policy is not supported; public recognition is low; lack of income source is difficult to maintain.

it is worth noting that the subtitle group, Chinese group, various forums website operators, most of them scattered with labor, sharing, exchange, non profit principle, this mode of operation with the United States in 80s of the open source community collaboration of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Also a group of aspiring young people with common interests and purposes, the same decentralized labor exchange and sharing spirit, the outcome is also strikingly similar: there is no legal protection (later directly led to the declaration of GNU); the lack of sources of income; it is difficult to fight the big company such as Microsoft competition.

materialist dialectics tells us that things are not immutable. After 2000, the rise of Google and the revival of the open source community are the best examples. Today’s open source software not only shines in the mobile Internet era, and has greatly penetrated the traditional desktop field, to replace the Microsoft trend.

looking back, the domestic ACG represented by the Department of culture, in recent years, relying on the Internet two times, the rise of mobile Internet has been widely disseminated, an important example

Stationmaster net, portal construction substantial thing is very few

today, as usual, read the webmaster network, and saw some webmaster about local website construction article. I don’t know what to say, because I know there are some things I haven’t written in the webmaster net. Are just out of their own, seemingly is feasible, but also can not afford a little about, I might say a little about a bit wrong, but if the installation of these so-called stationmaster net webmaster local portal promotion to do it, I think the only one, that is a failure.

I’ve got one month since I persuaded a boss to invest in me, and I also got a new idea about the operation of the local station. Want to share with you my heart, but the pain and no time, now we are still in the activities of the publicity, the display of several people in the local traffic place today, tomorrow also need to continue to struggle. From a person without money, to now registered company, there is a 134 square floor in the 9 floor of the office site, a team of 4 people. The heart of this month may be something that has not been learned for years in the stationmaster’s network, especially the physical publicity.

, the biggest feeling is a bit rich, if you are a person, try to find a boss for your investment, the money can in the real promotion, now we are very realistic, do you have no money, even emboldened, but also how to talk about what the cooperation. On our this Shuyang million smiling faces collection activities, the light bonus is set to fifteen thousand dollars. Another point, a point may be all ignored, is the brand, a brand effect, let us say, we find this activity units are among the highest in Shuyang, in addition to a Shuyang TV station because the last thought not settled, others are successful, in fact to say now feel spin, really can be said to be sleight of hand.

, another point is to find customers, a customer group is the consumption capacity of the interests of advertisers, suggest standing friends do, don’t focus on the Internet, in the seventeen eight year old man. To find high spending power, advertisers are interested. If the local local station itself, you can find a breakthrough point, such as the place of real estate, you can start from the home of the two, it should be a good home, real estate, the boss also dare to interest.

in fact, more, that is, the local station to do is a detail, the big direction is learned at the time of operation.

if you want to be a local station webmaster friend, you can send mail to my mailbox, we discuss together. If all of us in Shuyang harbor smiling faces gathering competition,

, if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you for calling our company during the day: 0527-83991199, my name is Zhang Wan

When micro-blog meets online shop, how to make micro-blog realize the word-of-mouth effect of the sh

many people have said that now the shop is more and more well done, and investment funds are also more and more, although the free open shop, but the shop decoration, product promotion, enhance the online reputation and praise of the investment funds are more and more, especially related to online marketing, you need to spend a lot of free method time, charging method, price is not necessarily high! All affect the enthusiasm of the

shop manager operation!

but with micro-blog’s marketing function more and more powerful, the combination of micro-blog and store operations are becoming more and more obvious, through word-of-mouth marketing effect of micro-blog, it is easy to shop out of word-of-mouth marketing, but micro-blog marketing of the road is not easy, at least to many details that need attention, the author will analyze the online marketing needs three points, attention to details by micro-blog


1: Construction of multi account micro-blog, as a basis to build a snowball effect


with the real name system, the possibility of a person look with multiple micro-blog accounts is almost zero, in micro-blog, the marketing method simply by replacing the vest forum to heighten popular posts, micro-blog seems impossible, although micro-blog is not able to achieve a multi account, but we can mobilize around friends, if they do not love the Internet, then you can borrow their ID card to apply for micro-blog, so we can obtain the original micro-blog


has its own free control of micro-blog account, you can on this basis, release some of the shop product, and then mobilize their hands several micro-blog account to conduct interactive marketing, let micro-blog own looks more active, so that it can affect other users on your micro-blog! You reprint the micro-blog content, micro-blog fans formed a snowball effect, let micro-blog account inside short time to get more


two: let micro-blog account become authoritative, in the name of shop operators micro-blog

with fans more and more micro-blog account, then these fans, which is our main marketing goal? This time we have to do the screening work of micro-blog fans, at the same time, the authority to enhance the image of his shop micro-blog is very important, logo created micro-blog account, with the name of the shop, at the same time micro-blog account official description, while micro-blog’s content inside, should be appropriate to a serious tone to that shop official micro-blog account opened, and began to accept part of the customer service work related to the


the micro-blog account inside the content to give people the feeling is very serious, but as a micro-blog account to marketing their own shop, serious operation micro-blog account certainly can not last long, when appropriate to online customer service personnel in the shop on the official tone micro-blog released some interesting content, caused by the interaction between the fans at the same time, also can further find really useful to hisshop fans!

Site data such as life time, attention protection

Guangdong today in the early winter season is also slightly cool, windy I stood watching from the 7 floor ledge! Looking at people on the road to life. Feel the eyes is very vague, because this time the mood can not use language to describe! Just feel heart inexplicable pain, very painful, very painful…

morning or as usual to open their own website, found that a lot of garbage, initially identified as a SQL problem, I hurried to the space management background to see, MySQL gone! I know it must be finished, I searched my computer backup, but only to find a backup in September 16th

!Tens of thousands of

data, all hand an article with an earnest editing. I have never used a collection, because the acquisition of the things more unsatisfactory, look at it a few months working day and night of the day, I asked what to do, I can’t answer you who told me is a webmaster, a in the " station; bucket " stationmaster, the choice of the road I have never regretted it! If you really want to ask me why " fight " then I will answer, it is a kind of persistent, a love, a kind of impulse! For no reason just for me is a small webmaster, webmaster with love.

I think a lot, the site is like a child, we every day and night to take care to care! Website as a sweater, we do a little bit to knit! I think of my girlfriend, I thought of her nagging, always said to her published content the editor, to have the quality to make it look really comfortable! Sorry for her, a loss of data that we normally to ashes! Wish she could see this article, I hope my heart is no longer painful


did not write anything for a long time, in no clue of beating this text, it might seem tasteless. But every word is so sincere. Do not know why, when I think of the website data loss " graph king " then, using QQ to write my first time the mood was sent to him! " graph king " what to say, I told him I suddenly lost MYSQL! I am not a person, I also have a lot like me in the " " in the fight; friends, like the webmaster net friend! Every day I will come here to see this article and learning experience! Every day I was diving in the two years I did not see, from here published an article, I often want to write some what but always feel very tired…

finally say my experience, wish webmaster friends no longer heartache:

1, site data should be backed up regularly, no matter how busy you are, remember to backup it!


2, do stand with the same person, heart to do, can do better,.

3, the site does not advertising everywhere, it is easy to aesthetic tired

Jewelry store how to attract good business

open a jewelry store is not difficult, but in order to attract more good business, or need to spend a lot of thought in terms of business skills. But if a shop does not operate well, then may make money, but the latter will slowly decline. How to operate jewelry store? Let’s take a look.

jewelry stores the second is to if not high-grade areas of high quality and inexpensive, jewelry stores, things will be cheaper, people live people from everything, if things are too expensive, some people buy once, will not go to your store. But it is necessary to complete the goods, the grade is complete, but according to the level of consumption of the district to determine the amount of each class of goods.

now join the national jewelry industry market competition pressure is very large, more than the need to pay attention to the hand, investors can also consider the shop to make some breakthroughs. Generally speaking, jewelry stores in the online business is not subject to space constraints. Through the network platform to further explore the market. Jewelry store operators can be used to join the national jewelry shop and jewelry stores in conjunction with the way to operate. Be able to do a good job in the development of the network market, not only can improve sales, publicity, but also to bring their own store revenue.


Want to be an entrepreneur, please follow the following recommendations

wants to be an entrepreneur, but it’s not a simple thing. If you want to be an entrepreneur, start a startup. The boundaries of responsibilities no formal company, you will have more opportunities to understand and operation mechanism of the organization, you can not only see the start-up enterprises are faced with the problem, maybe you can experience success and failure, and can learn from. Here is some advice for Entrepreneurs:

– with the breakthrough of thinking / />

set exciting vision of entrepreneurs must be able to grasp the overall situation, can lead the organization in focus on the long-term goals and flexible response to short-term tasks.

– good at selling their own entrepreneurs must be able to successfully sell his ideas to the team members, customers, investors and even the whole world.

– create accept failure errors and failures of

– do set an example of integrity of all team members should work hard, consistent, respect for others. Team leaders should lead by example, to achieve their own expectations set for the team. Remember, the reputation is persuasive and investors want to be able to invest confidently.

To have a desire for success and to be prepared for risk

The "double

" policy heatwave, also let many entrepreneurs out of ideas, entrepreneurs and a lot of impulse. This is no good business blindly. Want to start a successful business also need to do a good job of entrepreneurs ready.

however, anyway, Liu Qingfeng stressed, must be prepared in three ways: one is before the start to think clearly what they want. Is to have vision, strategic objectives. This will not be easily defeated by short-term setbacks, give up easily.



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