Love Shanghai 2 on the line after the green railway station, how to make Shanghai Longfeng

used in the blog to share some of their own experiences in Shanghai Longfeng, today Shanghai Scindapsus 2 love line, see a little difficult optimization feeling many webmaster friends, so I’ll share some of their own experience of Shanghai dragon.

Because many new concepts in In fact,

, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion, network promotion is Shanghai dragon, so what is the impact of the new policy once the Shanghai dragon appeared, the industry will There were many discussions. Although mouchangqing is writing network promotion blog, but about Shanghai dragon is not too much, because I always think I am doing network promotion, rather than professional Shanghai dragon. There are a lot of network promotion techniques, such as soft Wen promotion, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing promotion, Shanghai dragon is not the only way.

is the three steps, contact Shanghai Longfeng people understand, but there are some different in some details of the operation. The on-line love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, the main effect is third steps, increase the chain to the site. First of all we want, why love Shanghai on-line why when Scindapsus algorithm, Scindapsus 1, on sale outside the chain, and in 2 the pressure of the soft chain scindapsus. Love is not Shanghai hope, everyone through a simple, extreme violence, do not pay attention to the chain means the user experience, put a new website ranking quickly make up, so as to reduce the use of search engine user experience, search words, row in front of the are some new website user experience poor or even false website.

A >

such as their recently done

had to share, I do Shanghai dragon is very simple, it is a few simple steps. 1: the first analysis of the long tail keywords to optimize the website, which words to optimize. The competition is not particularly large, but pick out the search volume and the value of the word. 2: is the website at title to optimize the position description and so on, cleverly put in, but will not let people feel that is deliberately want to optimize these words. In order to optimize not many words, write Title long. 3: the final step is to make the chain of high quality.

so this premise, only the 1 and 2 algorithm Scindapsus Scindapsus has released. I have been advocating, in the friendly user experience on the premise of Shanghai Longfeng, especially a new website is to slow. Because of this, I have not done the related services of Shanghai dragon, often have the webmaster email me or micro-blog private letter, asked me if I could help them do the website of Shanghai dragon, I have been refused, because I think a new website, want to quickly do rankings are not very honest, even if just do it, will soon come down. So far, I used to do only Shanghai Longfeng site, although the effect is slow, but with the passage of time, always want to achieve the ultimate effect of Shanghai dragon. Do your site will be Shanghai dragon, urging me to immediately see the effect.

The value of the potential Shanghai dragon perspective on domain name

visible mining well, the domain name value is enormous. However, the potential value of domain name not only limit celebrities, as well as brand, Shanghai dragon etc.. Today we will talk about it, for the domain name, has a potential value of Shanghai dragon what, and what aspects can affect Shanghai dragon.

The domain name suffix

: qualifications are more abundant, more valuable

can be found in the domain contains words spelling and natural advantages, ranking the first example. In this regard, the domain name contains keywords, it will obtain the ranking weight, and the results will be displayed in bold, increase the exposure rate. If you want to type a brand website.

domain name, whether it is a kind of intangible assets for individuals and businesses, and a good domain name, its creation is enormous. Due to the openness of domain name registration, as well as its unique structure, so as to give the value of the domain name can bring unlimited. Such as the recent speculation hot Alibaba founder Ma Yun domain, as shown below:

for many open registration, which in addition to the edu domain name can only be registered in educational institutions,.Gov domain name can only registered by government agencies, which are more search engine trust, the weight is also higher. While the other suffix but the difference is not much, need to pay attention to is, as long as do the regular optimization, other domain name can also row in front of the.Edu and.Gov, so do not need to care too much about the domain name suffix.

domain name information is more abundant, more favorable for ranking. Therefore, in the industry, trading domain is a more common phenomenon, if you have a lot of experience of the old domain name, website keywords you but there will be more obvious rise. As for the new domain name, the domain name is an old experienced old man, an old house called a treasure.

may you see the Internet in this industry certainly not to regard it as right, big words can be identified, and then get a small try: "Baidu" the results are as follows:

domain contains keywords more reflected in the English website. But for now, the phonetic domain resurgence, love Shanghai hot, so also the effective Chinese website, such as falling in love with the sea and search for "Yuming", the results are as follows:



By the above

to note here is the old domain not only refers to the establishment of time Oh, there is a factor in the lifetime of the chain, the more weight, and how to determine the domain name age, living outside the chain of history, can be directly queried by the webmaster tools.

three: the domain name contains keywords

In the past, perhaps


two: domain name suffix weight


Local talent county-level city to maintain.

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has written a course and thought about my local talent network. It was written in June 07, and the website was established in April. Time is a look back even after nearly a year.

sets up the website to give an identity and a review of the year.

website, this domain name, origin and so on have already said before, this time only said other aspects of


1. is the so-called top 100 counties and cities, it is regrettable that the development of the network here is still lagging behind. So last April, when the site was released, no effort was made to reach the first or second in most key keywords. The first is the government’s personnel network.

2. like me, the main energy in other aspects of the site, but think that the local site promising, and with the idea of local accounts produced a local portal or classification industry, the site should be very much.

this site would not be able to do much, because the starting point is only the "place", no professional staff to operate, not specifically to advertise or do any work, can do a link at other stations on their own, make weight.

3. advantage is that many job seekers or enterprises to search the site after coming in, there will be a part of the choice of registration, publish job search or recruitment information. Then does not appear due to a long time does not update the site caused by Baidu weight reduction.

4. unfortunately, the exchange of the industry is too small, of course, may be due to me, when he stood a little scale, lost the initiative to exchange, exchange and communication desire.

5. laziness is the biggest obstacle to progress. Time spent at night, no time to make the site better,


6. program on a set of asp+mssql source code on the Internet, the apparent error and safety revised, as function is intact, and this set of procedures are too old in function, and other aspects of the poor performance of seo.


7. in order to occupy the place, but there are fees illusion, although there are enterprises to contact payment, but no invoice led to failure. As a result of the registration of enterprises, there are fees and free two channels, leading to part of the registration fee to the path. Unable to publish information.

as a result of the emergence of a city talent network, because some people want to buy 300-500 of my poor Zhucheng recruitment network, it is, and began to prepare for this station,

for the above problems, will modify the program, the current hot spot to do more updates, remove the charging function.

in addition, of course, please contact us at any size or size network. If you are sincere, please contact M>

Webmaster along the way bitter feeling, do stand in practice


tour website in March 2009, is the first top-level domain name I do website, when the site is called the establishment of Shandong tourism network, was also not what position, wanted to do a website to play, because he is a man of Hangzhou, and Hangzhou is a tourist city, so travel sites are more promising, so do the site, then do not know what SEO. Because it is the first station of their own, so the website design spent a lot of thoughts, the website template code is written by myself, because I think the interface style of a website is very important, including program selection, the final selection of the CMS empire. But after the establishment of the station site has not been what traffic, which is more easily depressed, and that time is also a person of my low tide, leaving the parents arranged for my work, because I was not interested in what the industry, his interest was always the site, and the work and the completely Never mind. But now looking for a job is not so easy to find, he is for his first job, and tell the truth he is not too much, will point "DIV+CSS code, the use of some Photoshop, so he is very confused, finally found a 1500 yuan / month, do the work but the work station a month later, the other gave up station group ideas do garbage, out of work and rest at home for nearly a month, this time to learn SEO, because SEO still feels the salary for this job is relatively high, and for each web site traffic is the lifeline, only then has the website traffic only the value, many websites, especially some of the big station, in fact, from the aesthetic aspect, it is not so, but there is traffic, so I began to subvert the previous thought, website traffic is Most importantly, art is less important than art.

SEO not only learning information, every day in the A5, stone and watch some SEO related knowledge, and some of the SEO Master Blog such as ZAC blog, including some of the old SEO data, including the early music Sishu network teaching record, I feel a big help. In fact, the real core of SEO theoretical knowledge is so difficult, but the real learning is the accumulation of practical experience, and grasp some of the details, I think these differences is also true for SEO master and novice, in fact, the theoretical knowledge of SEO Heart school, 1 to 2 months will be able to grasp the more. Do SEO accumulation.

in learning a month after the theory of SEO, wanted to find a place of combat ah, so I travel in Shandong became a target, because it is new, and I travel in Shandong this keyword, used as the primary key is still relatively rare, after all, Hangzhou is a tourist city, to this website name or a lot, including some government websites and travel service station, their content, history of the chain are better than me, so I gave up the primary key, select some other better keywords are >

Review Reflections on the network recruitment practitioner for three years give friends


era is progressing and developing, and the modern technology civilization is updated every day. The Internet is the best development trend in all the developing things. The development of the Internet makes a lot of new things in people’s lives, the network recruitment is one is currently the most popular way this kind of recruitment than traditional recruitment convenience, the amount of information is more complete than the traditional way. Network recruitment in domestic enterprises, enterprises can in the shortest possible time of its own enterprise recruitment information displayed on the web page, so that candidates can be through the web page in the first time to see the recruitment information, for enterprises and candidates who are able to save time; the network recruitment recruitment website to win profit for the network; recruitment in candidates, regardless of which is located in the city, they are able to find their desired recruitment information, and their electronic resume in the past, thus saving the layers of interview application and trouble, in short, the network recruitment is an indispensable part of modern people’s lives.

network recruitment has now become a lot of people to start the preferred way, because this need in the beginning of the fund compared to the general business low, so a lot of people will choose to set up a network of recruitment website, and then collect recruitment information and attract candidates into two key links. But in which there are many aspects need to pay attention, otherwise how can those recruiters be assured of their emergency information entrusted to the network of recruitment company, on the other hand, if the site is not known, so the applicant does not find this website exists. So the network recruitment website, the first thing to do is to establish a stable and attractive site, and then to find some enterprises make their recruitment information on your site, you need to have the ability to communicate communication to do this. Secondly, in the collection of enterprise recruitment information, must be verified, or find some deceptive enterprises, when the loss is the network recruitment unit. If you encounter intermediaries, must be written in the recruitment information office, otherwise, so that candidates feel that the Internet recruitment side is cheating consumers. Then, it is necessary to deal with the candidates’ electronic files, must be registered for the candidates, otherwise, the loss of personal information is also a big problem. Finally, it is necessary to deal with the recruitment of Web site promotion work, or else their website can only be unknown.

today, real estate and many industries feel the use of the Internet to recruit their own advertising platform, this idea has some benefits, but there are certain limitations. AdSense for the first, online recruitment website, daily traffic is very big, in the above advertising can let people after reading recruitment information by way of advertising. And for the property owners, they can find potential customers through the electronic archives of job seekers, which is also a low-cost way of publicity. However, there are many limitations in publishing real estate ads on recruitment websites. This limitation is the level of people’s spending. Generally speaking, they are looking for jobs on the web

Online looking for investment should be cautious to guard against fraud

is now a lot of people are not satisfied with the meager wages, want to get a part-time job to get more benefits, from working for others to their boss. However, this way to join the investment can not be simple, many people did not make money but cheated out of venture capital.

On the morning of

24, who lives in North Queensland District Sha Liang Liu told reporters that he graduated from the University for 3 years, has been in the private sector to work, because wages are not high, apart from the usual entertainment, finally only save less than 20 thousand yuan. See the bride’s age, family environment is not good, so he decided to start their own business to earn rent.

"I wanted to rent a store front room, but that the money is a little nervous, but also did not find what the right position, so I want a brand agent from the Internet to sell, sell things online low cost, I sell cheap, there should be a business, can I get to the premise is right a brand, with proxy price." Mr. Liu said.

tried for a long time can not find the way to Mr. Liu, finally issued information in 58 city and Ganji network platform, seeking Baotou well-known electronic brands agents, want to cooperate with. The message attached to the three day, fourth day, Mr. Liu received a claim to sell the camera in a mall in Hohhot agent telephone. "He said that he surnamed Guo, agent of Canon, SONY and other brands have more than and 10 years, I want to see the entrepreneurial willing to help me, as long as I pay some deposit, the agency will be able to get free camera linked to the Internet to sell someone orders, then he shipped directly from Hohhot, I received give him money is on the line of commission." Mr. Liu said.

The knack of putting up a stall

no matter what kind of business you are doing or big or small, or even put a stall or, as long as you are willing to do the necessary to be able to find one of the tricks of the following, we will study the tips of a hat stall.

1 select promising new products

is not necessarily the necessities of life

in general business projects, we believe that the necessities of life is a market, because he belongs to consumables, everyone needs, and will need to be involved, so this is a market stall, and in the night, it is best not to choose the necessaries of life. Because you do not have the advantage, despite the large consumption but others already have a mature sales channels.

To buy the

4 immediate product

you choose products should take into account the low cost, high added value, and another point is to make the site can see advantages in a short time, but not to find the kind of slowly.

recommended: the brand of choice for Ibrahimovic bear children’s clothing market sales of

to buy children’s clothingThis paper from the whole network (

Do you know how to do business gift stores

let’s Chinese stress is reciprocity, love each other gifts, not the gift shop around the gift shop is a lot of gifts, more common in our life, for many people, want to do business gifts. In fact, the opening of the gift shop, the market is still very good, we should pay attention to the problem is more in the store’s business, but also pay more attention to. So, how to manage the gift shop?

gift franchise should first ensure the supply of goods, is a difficult problem, such as the Tibetan jewelry, purchase from Tibet, to pay a certain distance, transportation costs, so the direct franchise brand is the best choice; ensure the supply of goods, but also ensure the brand awareness.

second, operators have a certain artistic taste and quality of life, up to date, the market demand to determine accurately, because their customers love not love, so the chain will eliminate the menace from the rear. In addition, the owner had better have a certain art knowledge, so you can make some unique style of jewelry.

gifts should be high, medium and low take into account, some high-end display products are mainly on the home from the decorative effect, but the best selling or those more than ten yuan, dozens of dollars in low-grade jewelry.

If the

in the business when the thought of this industry, we want small complementary suggestion is mainly the contents of the above, I hope you can accept the above, is a detailed description on how to run the gift shop, I believe we all understand, the shop is very easy, not easy operation. If you want to open a gift shop, I hope that we can provide some help.

related recommendations

5 yuan a small venture capital projects recommended

now the domestic business environment, the competition is very fierce, so there are a lot of investors in the beginning are in favor of some good small businesses, because these small project investment risk is relatively low, but also by a lot of people of all ages.

1, degradable environmental protection flowerpot

currently on the market are mainly wooden pots pots, clay pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots. Although the wooden flowerpot is light, but there is no color, mud pots and porcelain pots good ventilation, beautiful flowers, but too heavy, the price is higher, the plastic flowerpot air permeability is not good, easy to pollute the environment. This product overcomes the above shortcomings. At present, mainly exported to the European Union, the United States and other countries, the domestic market mainly in Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu and other places to sell.

2, family small garden

with the city to the development of modern, high-rise, nervous rhythm of life, give people cause a dull feeling, sense of oppression. As a result, people living in the city are increasingly attached importance to the beautification of the living room and office, seeking to hate the natural green decoration. And this product is different from the ordinary flowers and plants bonsai, not only beautify the room, but also to the city people in the experience of planting fun at the same time, to eat their own novice planting vegetables. 1000 yuan how to start a business? There is no similar products on the market. Products are mainly in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang sales, monthly sales of up to 30 thousand to 50 thousand yuan, the market prospect is broad.

3, baby temperature measuring spoon

the baby products market growing in recent years, the average annual increase of more than 17%, while the spoon is the daily necessities, has broad market demand. 1000 yuan how to start a business? With ordinary spoon, baby feeding, watering, feeding, mother or nurse usually temperature by mouth, there is the possibility of disease infection, and sometimes with milk, water, soup, medicine etc. overheat and burn the baby. The product overcomes the disadvantages, and is more safe and convenient. Usually do not need to do when the family thermometer, can be described as two birds with one stone, the market prospects.

4, dust eraser

element how to start? The product is suitable for all kinds of schools, troops, enterprises and institutions, can wipe the metal blackboard, glass blackboard, cement board and wooden blackboard and other light plane. At present, the products are sold in Beijing, Sichuan, Hebei, Hubei and other places. In Hebei, a distribution point, for example, the monthly sales of 2000-5000.

5, mobile emergency charger

the product size, appearance and lipstick. Due to the charging power supply for the 1.5 volt dry battery number five, the product can be achieved through the unique internal power booster

Beijing CIQ returned a batch of certified snoring artifact

stop snoring artifact can bring more protection to people, to win people’s recognition, in the minds of consumers, it is a magic weapon to sleep. However, import products need to be tested by China Customs department. Beijing CIQ according to the relevant provisions of the above-mentioned goods issued by the "inspection and Quarantine Treatment Notice", and supervise the returned treatment, this is the February 1, 2015 ventilator products included in the statutory inspection since Beijing port for the first time that related products without obtaining medical device registration certificate.

batch of snoring machine for a total of 5 units, the National Prosecutors through the on-site inspection found that the goods are not in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese label affixed, and no Chinese instructions. The consignee also fails to provide a medical device registration certificate to the consignee. By understanding, the goods for this type of medical device products in Beijing port for the first time, before the State Food and Drug Administration registration.

"Regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices" forty-second provides that the import of medical devices must obtain the State Food and Drug Administration issued a medical device registration certificate or record before they can be sold, use.

registration certificate or record material on behalf of China’s medical device products in the design, production, marketing and other aspects of recognition, to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The entry exit inspection and quarantine organ shall, according to law, carry out inspection on imported medical instruments and ensure that it meets the mandatory requirements of laws and regulations. In view of this, the Haidian Bureau of the goods were shipped back processing.

marked with national certification of medical products, consumers can bring a guarantee for the safety of life and health. Beijing State Bureau to remind consumers, in the purchase of home appliance products, pay attention to the product label on the medical device registration certificate no.. If necessary, it can check the authenticity of the registration certificate on the Internet in real time, to ensure that it is valid. If found suspicious products, please notify the relevant regulatory authorities.

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