The user experience is never out of date the Shanghai dragon secret

four, do regular station regular station

, do stand as do everyone do well site is not likely to do

do dumpster era has gone, we don’t want to rely on garbage station to obtain a point of advertising revenue, Google has made it clear that if the garbage station on the Google ads, Google will close the account, the Internet user experience era has come, if you are not aware of the importance of user experience, then you it is best not to do, because there is no user experience.

with the rapid development of the Internet, now more and more websites and search engines to the user experience as the center to carry out construction, it can be said that a good site without a good user experience, there is no development of the premise, the Internet is filled with the human can not read the garbage station, this is browsing and the search engine first needs to eliminate the website, if the webmaster didn’t realize user experience in the construction site of the status of his website even if there is no good traffic and ranking will not develop for a long time.


a lot of people in the Shanghai dragon, but I think most in fact have misinterpreted the true Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a search engine can help find their own website, but now more than 98% of the sites are put into the Shanghai dragon search engine spam, in the end, the harm is not only in yourself! And I will come to share the two years I in the business website in the process of experience to do stand experience! I hope you can help

the user experience as a top priority in the

Two, we should

as the saying goes, deceive others, will eventually be deceived by others, each love Shanghai update, the webmaster of a panic, and this is a strange phenomenon caused by bad faith, the first is the webmaster cheat love Shanghai earlier, after the love of Shanghai anti fraud in the Internet, a serious lack of sincerity, not only browse they have no access to useful information, also can let the webmaster and search engine providers also waste a lot of manpower, material and energy! It can be said that up by Shanghai dragon website, one day will come down, so, why not go the regular Shanghai dragon path, not to cheat to rush into danger in fact! Such as man, a man without faith, his website will like him in Shanghai where love leave a bad reputation, for a long time, Shanghai will love you as not the integrity of the site, then your site Never recovers the.

three, the store site is to ignore the user experience inevitably die


site can be likened to a store, the flow is equivalent to the customer, the ranking is equivalent to sections, no matter how high you flow, the ranking is good, if a customer enters your shop, is full of garbage, I think he will press the close button in the first seconds, and the next time, he see your site name, domain name can hide far, therefore, what about the website transformation! If there is no user experience, you of the chain do more, better, the flow in the high, also is all in vain!

What kind of website construction to earning large quantities of gold each day

many owners complain, my site layout, but did not earn a penny, but others website ugly, this is what reason can earning large quantities of gold each day,


actually, the reason is simple. You don’t have the right type of website. Some types of websites are made for money, and some of you may not make a few money for a lifetime.

such as the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industry, and pharmaceutical related websites is profiteering, search for "pharmaceutical investment" in Google, and then look at the row in front of the website, do not compliment, basically on the page are all packed ads, these ads are costly. It is reported, a student has done such a website, flow is not big, every day on the thousands of traffic, but the word "medical investment" ranks in the top five, so monthly advertising income easily several thousand yuan. Of course, some of the company’s operation is better, there are millions of dollars per month.

network game industry is huge, around the network game profits small website very much, so the industry website servers, these sites are super simple, may be a web page, packed all advertising, this website, as long as can appear on the first page of Google Baidu, whether it is love or other servers more than 100 thousand of advertising revenue, the month is easy. One page, more than 100 thousand yuan a month income. It is said that a relatively well-known private website, tens of millions of dollars a year.

PW website can be so huge profits, the main reason is it industry profits, the Internet friend said, set up a PW in their own Internet cafes, Internet cafes to play simply within the Internet, selling equipment revenues are much higher than the access fee.

, and some types of Web sites do not make money, such as software download stations, such as computer answering questions, traffic is good, but there is no income, do not believe you can go to to see.

anyway, if you want to have a lot of income to stare at these money site types, don’t you go to the download site built, others do QQ you have to engage in the garbage station, the tired and no income.

Do personal feelings of standing for 6 months

1, insist, do stand for at least 3 months, this is my personal experience, of course, less than 1 years you can not see the traffic, I now flow from YAHOO and GOOGLE. Also, although after a GOOGLE drop right, but for the moment, the content is too few believe that along with the increase in content and original increase, ranking will be improved, and we do not have to worry about, a new station right down again how? The flow is not reduced to hundreds of thousands, but dozens of dropped to single digits, ha ha, I’m not afraid to do their own thing.

2, don’t put the station when the occupation, the network is not dare to enter amidst the winds of change, I have no capital, you may be the expert, can not be compared, I think to do their thing, have a stable job, do stand as an ideal, a hobby, and not to "love" give up work, let the "hobby" into your work, then the most painful thing is so, however, the most painful thing is your hobby when working, but found a few months ago or one year, it does not give you wages.

3, use DEDE or SW66, I have considered this problem, as long as you use a, don’t change, why? Is the generation of static security, no problem as long as CMS, ASP or PHP can be manually changed, adding one day ASP thoroughly, then the HTML page can also be retained on the site, the new generation DEDE new HTML, so that the coexistence of 1-2 years, until the new Baidu HTML included almost, you then delete PowerEasy HTML too late, although this approach seems very troublesome, but I think it can only do so, after all the naming rules the different

4, do not go to see statistical code every day, less than 100IP a day to see a little bit of useless, it is better to do the content.

5, cherish today’s free environment. I want you to understand this sentence, yesterday SP may not break the law, the action is slow, today is illegal; yesterday is not what the "vulgar" regulation, do today is too late; may be crazy pop yesterday, but Taobao brother did what you do will be intercepted a 360. So, friends, if you have an idea, do it quickly, and don’t do it. You never know you can do it! Please keep

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Children’s toy store Guide

children’s toy store management skills? Many businesses are novice, lack of experience in the operation. It does not matter, as long as you are willing to learn you can easily solve the business problems. Today Xiaobian summed up some golden ideas, I hope you can help.

1. positioning: first of all, investors should have a certain understanding of some local target customers in the shop before, before entering an industry, need to grasp the essence of the industry, so that it can work well, you need to understand the development status and market prospect of local children’s toy industry, to see their own suitable for inside this industry the development, do not blindly follow the trend, and then choose their own projects, can do a market survey, understand the market demand, and then make the right choice.

2.: the location for the future development of children’s toy stores, the location is the key, the investors must try to choose high traffic commercial area, a building than the above two buildings; intersection than Street extension some good. Have a good lot, basically you are invincible. Of course, weekdays to observe more popular locations, a lot of walking, usually a lot of good is very popular, there is a good opportunity to rent in time.

3.: a children’s toy store decoration decoration must be unique, so that the consumer impulse shopping desire, the store directly determines the business scope and level of your window, can see the product quality and grade, the window must be arranged out of style, but also can attract children’s attention, children’s toy franchise store POP show some important information such as the listing of new products, timely promotion information can be displayed in the window.

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Jewelry store successful business case

female consumers of all kinds of fashion exquisite small adorn article are very interested in, if the product cost-effective, aimed at the low-end consumer market, then the business is certainly good. Today we have a jewelry stores adhering to the case, I hope to inspire you.

aimed at the low end of the market

in order to make the business no danger of anything going wrong Mr Wang then traveled to Guangzhou, all similar shops, dig out the three or four home and his goal from a similar store, but the store operations of the common good. For several days, he observes carefully in the front of the shop, found that despite operating varieties rich enough "fatal", site selection error is almost all the shops of common disadvantage, some open area of pavement enough prosperous.

signed lease, he went to the professional stylist elaborate decoration, fully in line with the fashion, the passing pedestrians have find everything fresh and new feeling. Finally, draw lessons counterparts, he repeatedly told the two employees to be neither humble nor pushy attitude, not too warm, talk downright nonsense.

Although the

The means of using social media to sell

Internet marketing campaign constantly, thousands of businesses in order to quickly make the brand well known is the tricks, and can effectively carry out sales in social media, let visitors into the store consumers really need some strategies and methods.

about how social media tells the story of the brand, develop sales strategy and attract users to pay, here are some precautions you need to carefully study.


if your existing customers have encountered some problems or difficulties, you will have to overcome these difficulties: the purpose of the content, 3-5 kind of way to solve problem for them. Think of yourself as a bridge, let the customer with your help to success.


don’t the same again using fixed-point automatic release. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s not good enough. You need to publish real-time content for specific events and interact with the audience. In the Internet world, people want to communicate with the other end of the line is a living person, not a machine.

is the promotion of the product at the same time or share, don’t forget to pay attention to the user to publish content. Interact with fans, do one of the ways.

A good helper to eliminate pain analgesic yellow paste rheumatism Hall

with the increasing pressure of our lives, our body more and more diseases. Analgesic yellow paste rheumatism hall? A good helper to remove pain. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, to join the church analgesia yellow paste rheumatism is a very good choice.

analgesic yellow paste rheumatism hall? Trustworthy good brand. Entrepreneurship hall to open a yellow paste rheumatism analgesic, own brand stores, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

5D how to operate the theater

With the continuous development of market demand, consumers are more and more interested in the pursuit of entertainment, 5D cinema, to meet the needs of the multi –

. So, how about opening a 5D movie theater? Now optimistic about the 5D theater, since you are ready to invest in this project, and how to operate the 5D cinema? This is to introduce you to look at how to open the 5D cinema to make money!

5d theater chain management development three preferred condition of success is "location, location, location, or" McDonald’s most successful place lies in the location, it only choose to shop in hamburger place for survival, so each of its stores are very successful. 5D cinema to make money, success or not, the most critical issue is to select the store address. How about opening a 5D cinema?

5d cinema greatly meet the consumer’s pursuit of spiritual and cultural entertainment, to meet the many needs of consumers, to meet the needs of consumers. 5D cinema, the market is large, good business opportunities, so that you easily profit!


4 ways to make it easy for you to manage your restaurant

believe that many entrepreneurs want to open a restaurant to earn good fortune, to find a breakthrough in the wealth of the entrepreneurial market, in fact, restaurant management is not difficult, follow a certain method can be handled in good order.


scheme. After the analysis, to determine the solution to the problem, and to develop an operational plan. There are programs to implement, to support the implementation of. Managers below the middle level have a very important ability, is to find a way for the strategy, the program for the goal. In this process, we can see that a person is not in-depth, pragmatic management becomes the good method that is not used, with sophisticated breaking trimaran. First, the work plan, resource planning, organization plan, that is, the first program, and then do things, only more efficient.

see results. After the implementation of the program, it is necessary to use the results to verify whether the process method is correct and effective. Therefore, we must objectively evaluate the results, with numbers and facts speak. For the significant effect of the method, should be promptly spread within the enterprise, to share with more people, and even solidified as a standardized process. If the effect is not ideal, we should further consider the accuracy of the analysis, the program and what deficiencies.

the above four steps and content, contact each other, has the intrinsic logical relation, in the management should continue to do. This approach captures the purpose of management, highlighting the practical management, support the ability of managers to improve, reflecting the value of the results oriented.

Emerging foreign investment trust industry unrest Suzhou trust no longer foreign shareholders

trust plays an important role in our life, is a good choice for many people who need money, but with the change of the times the industry is also increasing the difficulty! Securities Times · trust hundred people exchange reporter was informed that the Royal Bank of Scotland has held 19.99% stake in Suzhou trust transferred to the Bank of Suzhou. So far, the Suzhou trust no longer have the background of foreign shareholders, while the trust has a background of foreign companies also reduced to 8. Over the years, the trust industry to set off a wave of foreign equity participation is turning into a wave of withdrawal, causing concern to the industry.

20% equity valuation of 660 million

Suzhou trust formerly known as the Suzhou trust and investment company, in April 1991 approved the establishment of re registration in 2002.

2008 in May 20th, the introduction of the Suzhou Legend Holdings and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for its strategic investors. The company is currently registered capital of 1 billion 200 million yuan, after the Suzhou international development group, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Legend Holdings were holding at $70.01%, respectively, and 10%.

according to the Bank of Suzhou recently disclosed prospectus, in April 19th this year, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Suzhou signed an equity transfer agreement, the price of 659 million 670 thousand yuan.

digital industry insiders said, the Bank of Suzhou to 660 million yuan price of nearly $20% stake in Suzhou trust, is really a bargain."

has always been low-key style Suzhou trust. As of the end of 2015, the total assets of Suzhou trust merger of 4 billion 296 million yuan, in 2015 operating income of $956 million, net profit of $530 million.

foreign shareholders have evacuated another foreign shareholders to run, which is the first reaction of the majority of people in the industry to hear the Suzhou bank equity changes, foreign shareholders have become a trend in recent years, the industry has become a trend.

trust hundred people exchange reporter combing found that as of the end of 2014, there are 11 foreign shareholders of the shares of the trust company. By the end of 2015, the situation has changed significantly, foreign companies to participate in the trust shares fell to 9. And now, with the background of foreign trust companies only 8.

according to the reporter, the foreign shareholders mainly through two ways to "fade out" domestic trust industry: one is in a new round of capital flows, choose to give up capital, shares suffered dilution; the second is the reduction initiative, even close all exit.

for example, the Beijing trust and the Xinhua trust