How to deal with the decline of the website constructor keywords ranking

domain name is registered for 09 years, is not old nun meters, from 2010 the construction of L-carnitine as the theme of the content, the chain has barely increased, but basically rely on the quality of Links in support, is in jeopardy when love Shanghai update, it is easy to be together go out, but this is the adjustment of the algorithm, but also the site of integrated data evaluation, expert webmaster see at a glance, the construction of Amoy products website is not being optimistic, because the guest promotion of the website basically no what aspect, so the user will not produce reproduced behavior, can be said to do not have the user experience the site, therefore in the Shanghai dragon, in addition to increasing the chain resources effectively, the basic.

webmaster circle appeared a lot of new words, what is the most awesome, ranking is fleeting, leisure, can actually be seen keywords owners are most concerned about is your site’s ranking, the first thing is to get up every day to open the computer, check the website included, the chain website, and the website keywords ranking, and then release the content of timing quantitative update site, moreover is the release of some soft chain increases, or find Links, interchange with the circle of webmaster, I believe most of the webmaster is to do so, although very hard, but at least ranking in his efforts to gradually surfaced however, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, every update means an examination, every time they are frightened to accept the test, Web site keywords ranking up, my heart than eating honey, happy, good rankings, flow up, money is also up; on the contrary, the rankings off, my heart than love brokenhearted and suffering, even some desperate, A5 webmaster forum there are so many people, can be seen the webmaster is not really easy ah, I have mentioned in the previous article "personal webmaster website is not easy to get, it is not easy, not to mention the need to rely on the site to maintain their livelihood, is even more difficult, although there are many ways of website marketing promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, soft Wen promotion, word of mouth, but the most is Shanghai dragon once and for all, in fact, Shanghai dragon is the most physical and mental things, and the results tend to be quite different, hard to do Actually, can the keyword ranking fell to thousands of miles away, in Luoping as a webmaster, on the website optimization, appeared keywords ranking drop, but not updated snapshot, today on the other, about the analysis of the site keywords ranking drop individuals, with the hope that we can exchange study a:

said that although the site keywords ranking is a index, but long for love Shanghai SEO webmaster have its own set of optimization methods, through a variety of signs included from the love of Shanghai, can be an easy job to do to find out all kinds of unfavorable factors in the construction site, so as a website builder, how to deal with the website keywords ranking drop the


Three ways to obtain the high quality of the chain in Shanghai Dragon

, a weight high website released soft


have to say, now love Shanghai more fancy Links this, good correlation Links plays a great role, but many people do not know how to exchange Links, some is in turn Links >

two, industry platform release product information chain

now whether you run any type of enterprise website, and you always have some related industry website platform, such as Alibaba, from the B2B platform, there are some classified information platform and so on, as long as you can always explore seriously collected. Some industry platform allows you to publish product information with links, so you can rest assured to do, but there is need to review, this platform, you can not write the link in the product information pages, but to write on the web site in the contact, this is also useful. There are some classified information platform is to charge membership fees, membership every day can limit the release of information, free membership only one day issued a message, how to do? We can register some number, a number one, then you have 100 numbers, one day is 100 a? So, as long as willing to think, think, can always get outside of the chain.

website of Shanghai dragon after all cannot do without the link, either inside or outside the chain chain is very important, especially for the love of Shanghai, the high quality of the chain of keywords ranking role is not to be underestimated. But the chain in every day to talk about access to I have not used, such as forums, blog that not much effect. I will do in the process of Shanghai dragon in the acquisition method of the chain is also I often use are summarized as follows, want to know how to obtain the high quality of the chain to help a friend.

every time I write Shanghai Longfeng articles will mention this soft role in Shanghai Longfeng in very large, the key is to have a strong executive power, to write a soft, I think it is no problem every day, as long as not too lazy. I here said the weight high website not only refers to the owners of such sites such as A5, but see you write the article type, if it is it type, it can be put into the A5, if your product or service type, it can be local to you and write soft related websites. I had a scrap metal recycling site szliqiang贵族宝贝, took up the chain, really poor, but I don’t have to, what Post Bar forum where the hair of the chain, only in the A5 wrote a two article, a week later, the metal waste discharged into the word love Shanghai second pages, I have to say that the weight of A5 is very high. At the same time, I also firmly to write soft targets in A5, and no matter what I do, any optimization of enterprise website, will stick to cast an article to A5 every day, gradually form a habit, natural to think of the chain, the first is soft, this is a good phenomenon.

three, and keywords ranking good site exchange links

How to apply the methods and steps of love Shanghai news source


, a news source definition


3, other

love Shanghai news news editors have included hope, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and a certain scale of the news site in its target domain.

(3): the distribution of scattered resources to solve the high value of collection and sorting in various media resources;

(5) with local government background or traditional media background of the local news station, need to have a certain user awareness and influence in the local

must comply with the relevant national laws and regulations, no reactionary, pornographic, low quality, cheating etc..

(2) to solve resource scarcity: the exclusive original content provided scarce and lack of resources in the field of

good news site should have a certain credibility with traditional media background, government agencies or the good reputation of the famous website news and web site; at the same time the field match. Generally include the following categories:

(4) government and the organization’s official website news channel;

(4) to meet the good user experience: page open speed, clean and comfortable, reasonable layout, not a

(1) comprehensive portal news channel, such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu;

(3) jointly set up by a number of different forms of traditional media comprehensive news website;

1, the site features: categories;2, the content of ;

(6) original information content with high quality, vertical portals, industry information website has a certain user awareness and a certain scale in its objectives in the field of faithful reading group, including games, cars, real estate, education, fashion, science and technology, Internet, sports, entertainment, finance, military, health etc.

(2) the official publication of newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other traditional media based on the network version of the news website established;


news source refers to the search engine news station standard seed, station information for the first time by search engines and priority included, by the network reproduced in the media become the media news source network. The news source in the field of network plays a very important role, with credibility and authority, but also spread to the domestic media network radiation source. Different search engines to meet the requirements of different news included, love Shanghai news included does not meet Google news included.

two, love Shanghai news sources included the value judgment of


(1) to solve resource timeliness: update must be timely, will be the first time the release of the latest news and information;


Play SEO not to earn money is not a good webmaster webmasterThe real experience of an entrepreneur c


financing, playing heart

however, a family to communicate, millet received only rejected.

SEO is now popular, many people learn SEO, last year I wrote an article: novice learning 10 blog seo will, now find the 10 seo blog has closed, some now do not do SEO, do not update the blog! In fact, making money on the SEO service technology is the most tired, live, competition and big, so many people now rely on SEO. "

even if the two sides successfully signed the contract, but from the due diligence to play money to the account also takes 3 months, this time, millet company may have little left on the bill.

looked to gradually reduce the money in the bank, after a month wages, millet will sleep for a while, next month the fixed rent and wages also ah, she can not take salary to live very good, but employees are waiting to pay the rent and eat.

in the face of verbal commitment and a no echo BP, millet began to learn to silence.

but as soon as she took over, she found out that it wasn’t as easy as she thought. She wasn’t just paying for time and body, but she needed more, such as loneliness and stress.


What should !

she can’t remember why entrepreneurship, seems to be just beginning to prepare to help friends busy, however, help to help, bestie became pregnant, leaving a mess, looked at a lot of innocent colleagues, millet anti down.

Abstract: This is a financial times, many people would rather do not venture investment, because now the scenery, the real business is not Ma Yun and Liu Qiangdong on the contrary, the real business is a road of no return.

however, millet every day to go to the office full of confidence, and then brilliant face of investors.

in order to survive the company, millet began financing trip.

A few days ago

millet took over the company, the company accounts for only one million, ten of them only enough to support the team in the first half of the company’s products, but they are still in development, that is to say, millet financing to support the development of the company must.

talked about thirtieth, and finally some people interested in Millet company, however, at this time, 3 months have passed.

she went back with hope every day, disappointed.

then, millet began to sleepwalk into the state of entrepreneurship.

, however, those familiar with the wind before the millet, classmates and friends, dinner is laughing, yet when it comes to specific financing, the other as a change of expression, like millet owes much debt, they want to know, millet was good at school, she often help these people. However, there is no way, for the company, millet also must endure, to communicate, but in any case, arrogant, millet never forget.

speaking of this web site to make money, in fact I also earned thousands of dollars, that was 05 years, 06 years, was still in college, love the Internet mobile phone, then bought a Beijing mobile card, 15 yuan a month, not limited to traffic, it is free website rarely, the first contact is music hearing, and the WAP century, WAP century was launched a free WAP self-help Station system, I was the first batch of users, so I also built several WAP sites, respectively, picture station, station, bell game station, then as long as people download advertising pictures, ringtones and games, one is 1-4 yuan, half down, I found that my account was 2000 yuan, that excited ah! Then WAP anti vice, WAP century falls, there are 500 yuan in my account is not raised, depressed! 07 years CN domain started a yuan storm, I also registered A start, independent community station, space with the wow flutter net free space, this is all WAP advertising alliance appeared and began to do better, more honest, I do have a 300-600 download station January relaxed to 07 years of income, the second half of the year, all kinds of advertising alliance appeared. A lot of good faith, large advertising began to buckle, and WAP sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, too much, no way, I had to do a single click to click on ads, about 0.2 yuan, but on very few people, so I launched free COINS activities, is a member of every click on the ads to accumulate some integral, reach a certain integral can exchange coins, such advertising came down to more than 300, remove the exchange COINS, there are more than 200 income, to 08 years, oh, this is not good, remove a The monthly income of more than more than 100 less, only 50 yuan, plus they have a job, so I completely give up! 09 years of mobile storm, my station officially announced the game over


millet is not willing to recall the three years of entrepreneurial process, because a memory, she doomed nightmare.

met a friend asked me to do a website, your website still does not engage in, it stood at the end of last year’s record storm hanging, left a friend to do, I think: the domain name if I had 6, only 4 of the station and asked me for a year how much money the domain name space, no? I Qiazhiyisuan domain name: 6 a year more than 300, the cost of some space for one year is more than 600, NND, such as the year 1000 oceans! Income of several stations with 0, because these are my own interest in building, has not hung over any advertising, did not consider the question of making money

Small day failure of the venture for 5 months, fresh electricity supplier O2O is a pseudo propositio

July 2013, the original barbecue and fruit cool story to me, I feel tempted heart surging, O2O era has arrived, fresh electricity providers have a brilliant future.

mode of marketing, products, customers, operating costs, investment risk and profit analysis, the future development prospects, my partner and I choose at the end of August 2013 we started our business trip.


see in many fresh is difficult, I think I can do not to regard it as right, a small but beautiful fresh.

in the face of numerous fresh precarious, difficult, investors are not optimistic about the prospects of the situation, whether the fresh electricity supplier O2O is really just a false proposition? The author is a 90 entrepreneurs, from the beginning of small and beautiful fresh confidence, to more than 5 months after the personal practice finally announced the failure, he encountered difficulties and setbacks? What is the feeling and experience to share with I to see the horse?.

highlights key details of Taobao’s website making money:

the choice of fresh products, because there is no better supply channels, I did not choose seafood, vegetables, but chose the fruit, ordinary fruit. According to my experience of selling small fruit partners, the gross profit margin of fruits can be about 60%, and the gross profit margin of 100% is also more normal. Just right, in our starting point is not far away, there is a fruit wholesale market, purchase channels also have.

3, add the sharing function to the content page of the web site,


is my personal analysis: fresh electricity supplier of the biggest cost is the cost of logistics, the logistics cost is the cost of manpower, if there is no stable order, single volume coverage area, the higher price, it is difficult to digest the cost.

since the Internet thinking to do fresh, personal feel that the most important role of the Internet is marketing, so we built a micro-blog, WeChat, but also cast money to shoot a promotional video. Internet marketing audience is not uncle aunt, is the young 80, 90. The most concentrated place for the group is inside the University campus. College students, almost everyone has micro-blog, all use WeChat, especially for the Internet marketing. In college, many girls like eating fruit very much. They consume almost every day. And a dormitory 4-6 people, dense dormitory area is the unit area of high order rate, and popular campus part-time, recruit some college students, can reduce labor costs.

Again consider the

shortly before the Qingdao SEO share with you dry cargo on several key details of the "breakdown" of Taobao money off of a text, this article mainly from the selection of products, product promotion perspective, this period also summarizes several key details of Taobao money off, I will do a good website user experience from how to talk to everyone share, is a supplement to the right, look at me and say whether there is truth, maybe your Taobao is off the low conversion rate, because ignore these very small details.

‘s website at the top right hand corner are set to "set home" "with" button for "set home" I feel no need to, but not essential, "collection" must have, and now many Amoy single product sites are personal development or modification to the many source do not normal, which through the search to our website users often computer knowledge is weak, some people may not know how to collect this website, only by adding a collection of "online youshangfang" to save the site, so the "collection" is to do some new people, the author "collection" is in bold letter, very eye-catching, as long as the mouse slipped here will pop up at the tips.


here is target=" _blank" this code. Why emphasize here that this "other pop-up window"? I found that if there is no link to your target=" _blank" the other pop-up window but directly into the Taobao browser, if the user clicks the "back" button, one click, even two clicks are back home, do not believe you can do test. So it’s easy to lose users. I think it’s a particular detail that needs to be paid attention to, but it’s often overlooked.

site selection, rent house, buy equipment, select software, establish order processing and finance system, standardize operation process, recruit part time, train staff and formulate distribution plan. I’m sure how big the heart is and how big the stage is. The public.

is now the hottest time, add this function is to make a website with a tight trend, allowing users to feel fresh and change the website; two is sharing a certain degree can indeed bring some effective users, if an article is beneficial to the user, so the user can share their own space or micro-blog and if the blogger.

2, external links must be "pop-up window"

ran quickly and became a scar I would never have uncovered.

1, the site prominently, to have "add favorites" button

020, fresh electricity supplier, 90 after entrepreneurship, vivid labels but can not conceal my inner sadness.

is a successful web site must be a user experience good site, and most search engines and web users love, so, as long as we can make the user experience really good, so naturally good website ranking, website profit will continue steady rise.

How to effectively add external links to your web site

The benefit of

external links is not how much direct access you can give your site, but rather that it allows search engines to include more of your web pages. According to authoritative survey, 80% of the world’s Web site, their access to 70%-90% is from the search engine, therefore, let the search engine included more web pages, is to improve the number of visits to the site the most effective way. Link popularity, that is, links to the site’s number of sites, is the search engine rankings to consider a very important factor. Therefore, high-quality external links are conducive to the promotion of search engine rankings.

first talk about the definition of external links: external links, referred to as the outer chain, also known as reverse links, that is, other web links to their own site links.

below to introduce to you the method of increasing external links.

one, find ways to find your relatives and friends to help. Ask them in their own site with your site links, but you don’t have in your station and their link to do so, because this kind of one-way links, compared with Links, the effect will be better.


two, Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines to search your site’s theme, (for example, I do see is the webmaster Statistics website traffic statistics, you can search the site webmaster statistics, statistics and other keywords) and then find the top-ranking website, the website of the query links (backlinks, such as query my site is Baidu, Google and then contact the front rank with the link to your website to exchange links, if you can do the one-way links, the effect will be better. This may require some money.

three, released soft: if you have the time and ability to write articles, you can according to the station’s theme, write some soft Wen (bring your station, URL) and then released to some weight high community website, when you only need to Baidu next update these sites, this article will be included, outside the chain it also increased. If your article does have some value, but also makes some people reprint your article, so that your station will increase a lot of the chain. This method is indeed a good way, but your writing level is very demanding.

four, add personalized signature, in the personalized signature of the BBS, add your website keyword links. And then more replies, multiple posts. Every time you send a topic post or reply, it will increase your link, which is also likely to become the chain, but it will take time. Please be patient.

five, blogging. Go to some search engines, update the fast portal community, open blog, and then add articles. Be sure to remember to add articles, links to your station, keywords, links, and so on. This method is not urgent, not a day to open N blog, the best one to two weeks, and always remember to update.


What should I do to save you from my website

SEO, chief, synonymous with bitter work, now Baidu murder means more and more. This is also really too horrible to look at, so many webmaster, SEO did not use force, of course, small is the bitter one of the webmaster. For Baidu metamorphosis is that SEO is deep, mother each month there are always a few days is that what, but every week Baidu there is also a period of time there is abnormal, and the limited time of random ventilation, which is really what cheating too. But there are still people who envy SEO work, I do not understand, every day sitting in front of the computer to coax the mother happy, what good envy?. And make good will give you candy to eat, no good that is the end of the world, this life body is not tired but sooner or later will be tortured Baidu injured all over the body.

recently small station can be said to be a problem again and again, is Baidu torture is the need to scorched by the flames, but Tian Zhelian is forced to do this. For the previous degree, she gave me the impression of high-end atmosphere, so that I could easily take care of the type. But only a few months time, the mother changed, I go, just let us do not see the coffin side endlessly ah. Although it is difficult for us to take care of the matter, we have just entered the line, it has already heard, but now this situation can be said to be indefinitely, then what, this is really a sense of collapse ah. But we can give him? The answer is no, not so we have to spend more time and energy to take care of her, let him eat well in the warm water of the incense, so that he will not torture us the bitter webmaster.

but for those who are in the long run, what we have to do first is to get to know him. What changes have taken place in his temper and personality?. First of all, for the web site, the chain is essential, before the degree of the chain for the crackdown is not too much, many of the SEO are in the use of spam links, in the BBS inside replies, with signature link. And now Baidu for these links can be said to be the tartutic, once the site of the long-term use of the chain, Baidu is absolutely not be softhearted. For the chain, like walking to the site of the road, before the degree of mother is not to ask the way, the scenery, as long as you can go to your house, he is all right. But now the year began to care about is the scenery along the way, once the chain do not so good is unpleasant, so Baidu blow is to maintain good can hardly be avoided, so their way home for their website is good, it also requires us to create high quality links Baidu, let more love to your way home.

followed by the station updates and the use of various labels, and the mother has always loved the original, high correlation strong article, this is like you for the master of the mother for the guest. Baidu came as guests should have your home to hospitality, if you go to someone’s home for you to eat the leftovers and you will be glad to Baidu? Now, this point is particularly important, so the internal articles and.

Pay attention to user opinions and ignore user behavior, Internet products, users of the 4 major mis


recently talked with some of the people who did the research and found that many of the people in the industry were confused about what they did. The report wrote a lot of data and analyzed a lot, but it felt that the actual operation of the product is not helpful, and even the analysis of the results and the actual situation than a great deviation. In fact, the user research is not an emerging field, in many traditional industries, user research has played a huge role for the development of the industry.

Internet industry users in fact and the traditional industry is very different, but many of our researchers still follow the traditional market research concepts and methods, the result is not good. Here, the author summed up a few common mistakes, hoping to engage in the Internet industry users study friends play a reference role.

misunderstanding one, aimless user segmentation and user portrait

to do this thing is actually a portrait of the user from the FMCG do user research mode inherited, through qualitative and quantitative way, their users into one or more types of groups and find their typical features, such as male, 25~24 years old, 4000~ income 5000 yuan,…… FMCG industry is a certain value to do such research, because this industry product homogeneity is more serious, the market of different products, or the same company in different sub brand products, in fact, not much difference in function, who are difficult to monopolize the whole market.

so each product has to find its own market position and strengthen its position in this position through advertising, pricing, and other means. It’s important to find a niche for users at this time. But for Internet products, there is basically no cost and pricing issues, the main difference is that the user experience. The user experience is good or bad, there is basically a unified standard, not because of the difference between groups and what is the big change.

therefore, it’s not very meaningful to do user segmentation and segment the group at this time. Even so, a large number of Internet users research team of enterprises (including their market research provider) still user segments and user portrait as an important work, writing a large number of fine, rich user portrait report, but the report results cannot be obtained by.

error two, the product’s loyal users as the core user of the product to study

what are the core users? Different Internet Co have different definitions. Considering the convenience of operation, many companies will study their loyal users or active users as their core users. These loyal users are the basis that the product can rely on. Many times, such assumptions are not a problem. In the traditional industry, in-depth study of loyal users, to find their common features, and then in a similar group

The opening of a paint store chain 3 marketing strategies


launched a business to join the rich climax, to many small investors has brought new opportunities and opportunities, Xiaobian to recommend a good entrepreneurial project here is to open a paint store, Unlimited Business Opportunities rich market, more secure.

this measured, it is simply a major problem? Professional course is very important, network marketing personnel chains can be said of the whole process are very clear, can introduce very professional marketing in a short period of time to plan, but if the professional from the actual situation of enterprises, professional will the evolution of "systematic errors".


How to shape the external image of the overall wardrobe chain

now the brand are very focused on the external image design, I hope more brand information, such as consumers, so that consumers impressed. If you open the whole wardrobe chain, you can pay attention to this aspect. Brand logo design must be integrated into the concept of development and characteristics of the brand and other information, if you do not understand, you can learn about.

whole wardrobe stores in order to make the public to deepen understanding of the enterprise can be designed with the characteristics of art logo consists of a specific color symbols, graphics, image as a whole wardrobe store mark. The overall wardrobe chain logo repeatedly appeared in the whole wardrobe chain inside and outside the various occasions, thereby deepening the public impression of the enterprise, to achieve the purpose of establishing the image. Environmental facilities, building is the appearance of the overall wardrobe chain stores, in architectural design, to have the characteristics, to have a distinct personality, pay attention to the overall appearance of the chain store aesthetic characteristics.

overall wardrobe chain to design a unique CI enterprise identification system. CI enterprise identification system in addition to the name, logo, the most important is the color. The experiment of psychology has proved that color plays an important role in the perception of things and the understanding of images. To this end, the whole wardrobe stores should choose a representative color for business places in the main colors, the whole wardrobe store logo, building decoration, packaging bags, clothing and other aspects of the staff, formed a unique overall wardrobe store color image. Create a whole wardrobe store image is refers to the enterprise staff spirit, temperament, attitude and other aspects, especially to the pursuit of the ideal shape of all members of the enterprise was high to form a whole wardrobe store image.

in the operation of the overall wardrobe chain, we should pay attention to the external image of the store display, a good overall wardrobe chain image is a major factor to attract customers into the door. In addition, the need to grasp the overall wardrobe industry chain management methods, a good grasp of these, in the opening of the overall wardrobe chain, will achieve good development.

the external image of the whole wardrobe chain also contains a certain intrinsic, consumers can be based on the identity of the brand to get to know. Want to attract more attention, you need to do a good job of feature design, so that more people can be attracted to come and learn how to do it.

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