Long tail keywords do flow can not know

I am in the process of optimized website, felt the importance of long tail keywords construction and optimization. It is recommended that you make friends can concentrate more on the long tail word mining and optimization above, not obsessed on the home page, once you do, there will be unexpected results Oh

why do long tail optimization? This is because of the limited number of keywords to your home page, you do first to bring traffic will be limited, so is the column page, but the difficulty is relatively large. And the long tail word makes the site get traffic capacity becomes unlimited. And the long tail word competition is low, it is easy to optimize up, a large number of long tail word brings flow can promote the optimization of the home key. You can make a vivid metaphor: the main home key is to optimize the site, while the main long tail word is optimized to a point.

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what is the long tail word, the so-called long tail keywords refers to the search volume is small and unstable but can bring traffic to the site of words. To some extent, as long as a word may be found, it can be called the long tail word. This may be more general, the author will make a detailed analysis of the long term, to help you better understand the meaning of the long tail word for the website.

features of long tail keywords is relatively long, often consisting of 2-3 words or phrases. Long tail words are generally more accurate, the competition is relatively weak, so there are basically 1 articles to do a long tail word, large portal of Shanghai dragon will planners in the optimization project for the site layout of a large number of long tail keywords.

are: long tail keywords can be extended, targeted, wide range. For example, Shanghai dragon of the word, to see that this is a popular word, directly on the home page are a bit difficult. If it is Shanghai dragon skills? Is not to reduce the difficulty? It can be done with the column page. If Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge Daquan, Shanghai dragon how quick start word? Is it can be placed in the page do? This is the long tail word. You can according to their own needs, by extending the word around Shanghai Longfeng, then the corresponding deployment, can achieve good results.

The basic properties of

Method of website to obtain the original article



1. digital library. We all know that the digital library inside the book is the PDF document, the contents of books can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, that is to say we can see the contents of the books, but can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, so that as long as the digital library in the content conversion to our website like it. Is an original article (the premise is that this article has not been other people). Of course, we all know that the PDF document is not copy and paste, if necessary will waste a lot of time we Yiziyizi hit, this time we need to use the tool PDF document converter, after the conversion of the individual as long as the wrong words and punctuation errors to modify, and then copy and paste is an original article. Here is to recommend a good digital library: superstar library. The use of this method for 5 minutes to organize a good article can still, relatively high efficiency.

2. pictures. The ideas and methods of digital methods actually obtained from the original content in the picture library had little difference, as everyone knows, the picture of the text and other information is not to be loved and grab the recognition of Shanghai and other search engines, as long as you find is consistent with the theme of the picture, and the picture contains text, then you can use the PDF document converter, the picture of the text into web content will also be a good original article. For example: your site is to make products such as relevant website, then you can find the relevant products from Jingdong, Taobao and other web site information, if there are a lot of pictures of this product introduction, there is a text and pictures, you can get a good original content from the content of these pictures. A consistent method and method of obtaining from the original content of digital library.



3. from the website to obtain original content. In fact, this method is already a long talk, a lot of people should be very clear, access to relevant content from the website, now there are many online translation software, obtained from foreign language website content through translation, which is not fluent and unreasonable statement to modify the translation software (after all, it is not perfect), copy and paste after forming a high quality of the original article.

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with the recent love Shanghai update frequently, the importance of website optimization is also more emphasis on high quality content and therefore, obtain the original quality content is very important, so we need to do to more easily obtain original content? Which has a knack for what, today Xiamen Shanghai dragon teach you a a convenient and practical method.

PDF document converter (function: to convert the PDF document as a Notepad document, so that it can copy and paste).

Shanghai dragon master to teach you how to do the optimization ranking Shanghai Dragon



this course is mainly about how to use the Xampp server in the local environment. Website using ASP and PHP is more common, of course, for now, to build a web site using PHP webmaster. The need to create a PHP environment in the local environment, combined the equivalent of Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP. Apache is a Web server software, MySQL is our database, PHP is our development language, requires a PHP running environment. As for the specific overall environment how to get to Shanghai, direct love.

third: set the long tail keywords to the site

server in the local environment

website target keywords into the website main keywords, keywords in the article page and column page keywords. Generally speaking, the main keywords can set keywords higher index of greater competition keywords, followed by the column page keywords and articles within the pages of keywords to reduce weight. The search engine algorithm, keywords is not essential position, description becomes more important. Choose and set up the website keywords, website is the target keywords keywords website core, optimized by keywords on the site, a directional flow, about how to choose the target keywords, to do a detailed answer in the tutorial, here is not a repeat.

keyword tool

explain the details of this lesson are talked about relative to the absolute address address, 301 redirection, making 404 page set robots File >

second: to set the target keywords

The first section: how to build a explain the details of the operation


about Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of tutorials on the web. There are several tutorials about the more wonderful, such as love station network and Cardiff Shanghai dragon. Their website love station network and Shanghai dragon why will also be tested before, is full of dry cargo. In this article I will give you a rough outline and will share a full set of video tutorials to Cardiff Shanghai dragon to everyone, I hope that Shanghai can learn some experience of dragon lovers.

advantage of long tail keywords can be extended, targeted, a wide range of weakness is the search index is small, belongs to a more accurate flow. Set the long tail keywords website long tail keywords for the website weight lifting has played a significant role to the site, long tail keywords can bring a lot of traffic to the site. For example, " Shanghai dragon training which is a good " keywords, " Beijing scenic spot which is more fun and so on is the long tail keywords ". For the long tail keywords we can use keyword tools to mining, such as love station network keyword tools, such as the panda

Hitwise360 search for the first two weeks of September PV slow decline


360 search traffic share fluctuated between 9% to 10%, love Shanghai visits share rose, rose from 57.1% to 58.3%. Google Hongkong will continue to decline, fell from 6.5% to 6%.


Hitwise report, visit the page (PV) refers to the total number of users to access the site page browsing, access is refers to the number of user access to the site.

in September, the monitoring data from the Hitwise show, from September 1st -14, two weeks, 360 search PV share fell by nearly one percentage point decline from 7.1% to 6.2%, PV from 25 million to the highest decline in the number of 20 million, love Shanghai earlier PV share rose by one percentage point, up from 59.4% to 60.4%.


360 search on August 16th on the line, traffic increased dramatically, just a week to occupy 10% market share, become second only to the second largest source of search traffic to love Shanghai.

data access pages



Hitwise share

360 search PV

then 360 search and love Shanghai launched 360 of its own offensive and defensive war, search and browser navigation page (hao.360.cn) to replace the default search for their own search, love Shanghai is forced to jump through 360 search into love, know Shanghai Post Bar service page.


Hitwise visits share data

September 20th, 360 announced the opening of the so贵族宝贝 as the main domain name search service, before the use of 360sou贵族宝贝 and sou贵族宝贝 will jump to the domain name domain name. (Wood

September 24th morning news, according to the third party data Hitwise data released today show that the recent 360 search page (PV) showed a slow decline, September 1st -14, two weeks PV share fell from 7.1% to 6.2% over the same period, traffic share changes is not obvious, the fluctuation in 9% and 10%, love Shanghai edged up Google Hongkong continue to decline.

Each optimization personnel must learn how to create a key word

the key benefits of using Thesaurus Editing method When many

, 5 fumble search engine on the content sorting techniques, the key observation in the thesaurus by editing content, and user statistics search keyword Lailu, to study such a ranking of the editorial content in common use to analysis extracted, no tail word ranking, two edition, the effect is very good.

2, improve ZhengZhan correlation, because the key key words in the lexicon, are the industry users may search the word, the correlation is very strong.

in Shanghai Longfeng edit website content, do not know what to write here, we must learn to edit key thesaurus, the use is very large, a good webmaster, need to develop good habits, whether it is the latter for editing lexicon or personal webmaster full-time editor is Shanghai dragon a very easy thing.

as a qualified Shanghai dragon, don’t be afraid of trouble, trouble you don’t do the Shanghai dragon, to do the bidding. Shanghai dragon itself is a time after precipitation, and persistence and patience webmaster together, the effective period is relatively slow, but once done, through this period, later will be relatively.

key thesaurus said simply, is that all users of the industry could search words, even if there is no index words are organized into a EXCEL table, when editing the content to form, through the long tail word, this is very good, and editing content value is very large. For example, today around C keywords to write a note, the quality of the content and keyword density, can be very good to grab the long tail words, get traffic.

3, keep visitors, because of which the content is very good, the chain construction site, to guide the user browsing deeper, reduce the rate of jump out.

4, to facilitate the company performance management, according to the analysis of key vocabulary and statistical background traffic, can master a key to bring traffic flexible.

1, editors will not blindly, according to the key words to the combined content of

thus editors will have to write in, not too blind, around the keywords key in the lexicon to form a good title, then according to the keywords to collect or their own original content, so the weight of the site as a whole is very good, such as at present, only some of the large sites are in use. Many people ignore the station, afraid of trouble. I think, build a key thesaurus like this, end of their easy to use, not what the written content in the blind do not know, give yourself a direction and a goal post will be a lot easier.

6 and improve the consultation rate, because the key contents of the thesaurus are the industry users may search words, so the consultation rate will have a significant improvement.

How to make money online ah on some new WangzhuanInsist on the webmaster Wangzhuan insists there is

"focus on persistence, no bottom line."

5, for some there is no value, or very small things of value to know how to give up, know how to give up are likely to succeed, which is the online project you should give up toil, and spent time on the things above.

all right, let’s get back to business. Some of my words to Wangzhuan rookie, Wangzhuan newcomers are from the beginning of what is it? I want to make money online from the beginning, after he learned to make money online is really, began to contact to make money online, now in the Internet is flooded with too many projects, including large part or a liar project. But often these crooks on the new project is the biggest attraction, because they are written very attractive, and new friends because just contact, do not understand, and they dwell on the Internet can immediately make money, they all thought of making money online is easy. This gave the crooks great opportunities.

1, please make it clear that there is no easy money to make in the world, whether in reality or on the internet. So don’t think it’s easy to make money online.

2, the things you don’t know, you have to do is to understand him, how to understand, understand, you can sh419, there will be a lot of information on the Internet, you can generally understand what it is. Rather than being a childish child, ask someone else’s childish questions to let them know you’re easy to cheat.

4, you learn to use the knowledge to make money online, this is very important, we do not look at the eyes, look at the long-term, to consider the long-term, so that you can truly succeed, earn money.

imperceptibly rapidly over the past 2 months, the summer flashed on, do not want to own up to now, in addition to the day to update the site is to check the information, do Wangzhuan, boring is self-knowledge, just think of the station’s hard, tired! Stay up late every day to 2, 3 points, what is not understand what school. Do stand is because a Wangzhuan predecessors said, you really want to do Wangzhuan, best is a home on the Internet, which know this sentence to do good, time is not so good to do, can be very difficult, at least for me, a no do stop technology and experience people also eat well, ` ` bitter, now the biggest desire is the site to be healthy growth, so I love it, it is often said the first time is always the most beautiful.

well, I think this is more than something to say Wangzhuan, then think more new friends want to say, I will write.

some of the Wangzhuan new words, why to write some new words to Wangzhuan? Because I am coming from new Wangzhuan know the confusion and perplexity.

everyone wants to know what you’re looking for, sh419, shlf1314 can find a lot. I write this article’s purpose is not wordy these things, alas, everyone knows grassroots webmaster is not easy, just like this topic said:

3, you want to know how to make money online in the end, what you really want to do, this is very important, want to know to do, insist, to learn this knowledge, not what others say you what to do, it is very silly things, then you will be what do.

, here’s a sentence to say:

actually I’m new to myself now, but for a lot of friends who just heard about it and want to make money online, I’m older. I came all the way, go between many detours, also lost badly, you can see my blog on my Wangzhuan experience of being cheated this article about my experience. There are details of how I was cheated, and what fraud items are there.

I also know, do stand in your insistence, also know that have the supreme enthusiasm is not equal to success, to be a real webmaster, insist on, adhere to, there is no bottom line. For me this new webmaster, because of passion or curiosity and go on the construction site of the road, but because of lack of experience and patience, enthusiasm eventually slowly by time, it is a failure. In fact, the website construction is like making a house, especially at the beginning. The promotion of the website is very difficult, because it is not so easy for many people to know and accept your website. As a webmaster, this time should be dealt with the problem is to find ways to expand the spread of the site path. And on the promotion of the way, the Internet is too much, I say it is also at one’s own expense.

Lang earn!

Jin to all too hard and fighting in the grassroots, to parents to eventually return, anything for my own!! my station www.loonglo one of the most cool net Wangzhuan, Lang earned net, ha ha, let my dream come true, we are happy! Please indicate the source thank you

Personal experience, tells the novice to do the attention of the station

A5 friends Hello, I am a pure novice, from the beginning of April to do so in the whole station, April, the website will change many, excluding, was officially launched in early May. In this month’s time, I was a lot of emotion, but also deeply appreciate the "elders suffer in the eyes," the meaning of this sentence, I come up with some do stand experience today, to share with you, if there is insufficient, also hope you master the exhibitions. I do stand on the "computer knowledge" as the key words, just on the line, the name of the web site is "computer school", later put keywords don’t feel something wrong inside, then changed to "computer knowledge Park", with "|" behind the separation, with four or five auxiliary keywords not to hate, all the words are put in the title. An article after seems to be at A5, said this approach is wrong, that title as far as possible and concise, and minimize the use of punctuation, it will have some positive significance to the weight of the website, so I was changed to the present form of "computer knowledge Park – computer knowledge park".

before changing the name, I actually know that it may bring about the consequences, but think of their station just on-line, was down the right point does not matter, so bold changed two times. As expected, these two changes on the site’s ranking is still very large, from the line just on page more than 40, was easily raised to twentieth pages, after such a change, immediately returned to understand before release. Last night after the Baidu update, I stand and have some changes, the main keywords ranking rose nearly 50, to the thirty-third page, the auxiliary keyword "computer learning" up to the Baidu page fifth, natural ranking forty-second, make me very happy.

The keywords

computer knowledge can fluctuate so large, and the ranking is not good, so the phenomenon is also the main reason for himself, had two times to change the title, the weight is lower, want it back or further enhance the need for a period of time to rest. The website is on the line for a month, and here is a little bit of a feeling of self, to share with you:

one, frequently change website title. Two changes in the title of the website, so that every day his careful care into the water. Once again realize the importance of a website title to a website, think it over before you do it, and you’d better not change it.

two doesn’t make full use of blogs and forums. Tried to deliver a high quality articles in the blog, then your website at the end of this article, note the link can not only guide the spider to climb up my station, but also bring a lot of IP, the effect is good; also tried to each big forum post, if not what you want to send it. Of course, the premise is the thread, the thread behind the content with their website information. In order to allow their domain name easily be remembered, but also played a "is the master" slogan. These two methods are all good results, for two weeks, anti chain added to 689, but the intensity is not enough.

three, >

Disadvantages of using mass software

believe that many webmaster have used mass software, whether it is charge or free. Software is a kind of automatic release to tens of thousands of websites on the software information, such as the area of industry website, portal, blog forum and message board website software, increase the reverse link spam, it is easy to search spam links, that is cheating, thus causing the site to search engine drop right following, group of software defects.

1 mass chain reaction. When the garbage information sent to some search engine that cheating sites, including your website information is also a joint responsibility, you also will be search engine that is cheating, along with the search engine, will be serious when the K station.

2 mass causes search engines annoying. The search engine to deliberately create a large number of links pointing to a web site also included in the category of cheating, Baidu can automatically filter many suspicious links, the relevant content, not sent to the same site, for example, you are selling space, the space to sell drinks on the table do not sell, but no one will buy it. Inappropriate, you also get the information out of order to the website, irrelevant, search engines also dislike such behavior as cheating.

3 mass information basically can not pass the examination. When the first mass software to many B2B sites, local portal site, some sites without audit can be successful, but after the release for you for a long time, their management information will be removed, they also for their better development site, no relevant information as to delete. Secondly, now most large sites will be released through the audit to many areas, only for the website service area, the field of information charge can be approved, but there is always a lot of people use garbage mass software, put out of order ads posted to the site, after all be deleted without any effect.

welcome to reprint, please indicate the source http://www.wonyu.com.cn/article/art_dtl.asp, nid=10000173

2010 travel website operation keyword joint operation

with the arrival of 2010, now the Internet is full of analysis on 2009 and 2010 summary of the trend, so we at this time is 2010 tourism site operators to do a simple analysis and description, we will talk about "the practical application of joint operations in the tourism website in.

1. What is joint operation


, the so-called joint operation, I just searched through Baidu and Google, and didn’t find a complete definition, so I’ll share my understanding and blow here:

joint operation is a kind of website operation method that maximizes the use of network resources and integrates them so as to better operate their own websites.

on the site of joint operations at the same time we also have to mention here in 2010 whether the tourism integrated marketing, website or other websites will be the integration of resources, who can integrate the resources and effective utilization, so that he could succeed in 2010.

two, why do joint operations,


want to know why we have to combine operations, we can here to the golden road travel agency website as an example to illustrate the joint operation can bring benefits to the site, see the following analysis:

1. joint operation is the effective integration of network resources;

2. Golden Road Travel Agency official website is at the end of 09 was on the line focus Macao hotel reservation and travel around service one-stop vertical electronic commerce website, the website at the beginning of the unknown, but do not want to talk about what order, but by carrying out joint operations with other websites, the website every day dozens of successful orders, become a online hotel Macao hotel reservation field influential booking website.

3. joint operation, with the help of other people’s success to help themselves quickly go on the road to success, you can save time, cost, labor costs and so on.

three, tourism website how to carry out joint operation

passed in front of the joint operation of the concept as well as the benefits to carry out joint operations to explain, you also want to use their own methods of joint operations to try to operate its own website, the following will introduce several common patterns of joint operations (in the hotel booking website for example):

1, and search engine joint operation:

, for example, buy Hotel keywords in Baidu and Google, so that potential customers can quickly access to your hotel introduction and booking page by searching for a business key.

2, and the industry website or portal travel channel cooperation:

for example, on the 163 tour channel, there is a hotel ticket booking inquiry interface on the right of your home page. Then, if you can provide hotel reservation information in a certain area, you can combine with 163 travel channels

With the whole point of Warcraft game player rookie make only superficial changes.

I’m a rookie, and at the same time, I’m a World of Warcraft loyal gamer.

a few days ago, World of Warcraft finally closed F, many bored friends asked me whether I want to play a World of Warcraft, I feel tired, so I refused them. Perhaps it was a flash of thunder at that time, and Kung Fu novels often seem to say so. So I have a flash of insight, I intend to do a World of Warcraft web site, because those days always have friends, I recommend World of Warcraft. Why don’t I just make this kind of distribution station and make it easier for my friends,


was a bit excited to think about doing the website. Usually see other people’s Web site, do these websites really can not do anything. Although it’s all about school at school. World of Warcraft (but know too much, truancy. Nothing was learned. ) so I spent almost 2 hours in the Baidu search ah search, finally know now do not have to find someone else to do the program, the direct use of CMS content management system can make an entire station! I took a look at him very good dedecms. thinking.

that morning, I plan to do a website, and at noon, I played the "no eating, no drinking" style in the Warcraft, and spent a whole day pondering it. Finally, I’ve figured out some of the basic features within Dede and the most important modifications to template functionality. Perhaps at that time the brain is hot, always feel oneself how to say, also learn CSS birth, with the default page is not good. Even if not entirely designed, to learn other people’s pages to design a new page, or ah. At least don’t let friends see the website and know it’s Dede’s.. So I made it on the homepage style page that night. To be honest, the page was pretty simple at first. But many places don’t fit in with Dede’s background tags. Many imaginary functions Dede can’t help me achieve. Without any experience, I spent a lot of time in many of the modified page is above, hope that the webmaster take this as a warning.

ok. Here comes the page. Began to integrate with the Dede template function to integrate the home page. It was an imaginary difficulty. My way is to find the index page, find the head and body, insert all the body code I in between, and then refer to the Dede default code, which is found in Dede specific label code, copied instead of my own code to get a static page. One of the biggest lessons I learned during the process was to back up. Otherwise, accidentally delete some important code, really want to cry without tears. I’ve tried this, and I’ll have to reinstall the Dede system and start all over again.

This process is the integration of

template and said I was so simple, in fact many details of the place, I will not detail here. As a matter of fact, once I get familiar with some of the labels in Dede, I can guarantee that you’ll get started soon.

home integration end >