The article collected today gone tomorrow how to deal with BD’s aunt

this was done to allow BD to change the station included habit, before the author is around 9 in the morning every day to update the article, disappeared at night when the query, or second days site only home. Now I will update the time to adjust to the afternoon, from time to time to update the article, this time BD will also change the mode included. After changing the habit of great possibility is included on the day second days is not deleted, but there may be published articles not all be included in the. Reflect this process takes only 1-3 days to fix BD collected and delete problems according to users’ experience.

two, change the update time, disrupt the love Shanghai radio frequency;

you can use a variety of ways such as increased steadily in the chain, chain, chain exchange and love Shanghai snapshot of the new site, but don’t increase the chain, or is likely to be Baidu considered cheating.

On the afternoon of 14

site every day to the site, the strange thing is site at different time. The total is not the same. The biggest problem is just the update can be instantaneous, but at night or second days again site, found that the collection of articles disappeared again. Baidu such behavior has become a habit, repeatedly, let the owners encounter such problems cannot fathom Baidu mind. Although usually Baidu occasionally convulsions, which included, outside the chain, keyword ranking to a small fluctuation, but under normal circumstances, after a period of recovery. But this "collected today gone tomorrow" situation appeared almost half a month, really confusing. Arguably the site has been the assessment period, the weight is also slightly up, how can be found online BD aunt? There are a lot of people encountered the same problem, according to the views of most people reflect that weight is not high and the quality of site content. The reflection, the weight is not high, but the quality is absolutely no problem, not to be BD this play.

15 in the morning, 14 evening when the query included has dropped to 1 in the. Problems must try to solve, but also included is very important to the website, for this phenomenon, how to deal with

two, a modest increase in the chain, attract spider to your site;

The 9 point query of

the quality is always love Shanghai and not included the assessment criteria, the author of the article is through the pseudo original, when taking into account the content repetition, especially modified, in the quality of this problem will not be great. But some owners have the same problem, you can check your paper quality. Shanghai dragon from the point of view, the importance can not be underestimated, it can be said to be the cornerstone of successful optimization.

, to improve the quality, adhere to the depth of the pseudo original;


5 point query data as follows:

The search engine makes self generation actually your IQ low than expected

researchers warned, searching information on the web makes people have miscalculated their IQ, this will cause people in the decision of overconfidence.

at the same time, the popularity of smart mobile phone also exacerbates the problem, because the network search becomes so easy to reach. Fisher says the Internet makes people for "you know" and "what you think you know what the boundaries between blur. The decision making effect on people is very large, so to make people more aware of their level of knowledge is very important. Although the benefits of the Internet is very much, but the side effects of the hidden is far more than this point. Make people accurate understanding of their knowledge level is very difficult, but the Internet makes matters more difficult. (Bing Han


Yale University psychology Dr. Matthew Fisher said, "the network is so powerful, you can search for any problems in the network, as long as the fingertips can get all the knowledge. These external resources are easy to make you have a wrong understanding of the knowledge of their own. When people can only rely on their own, often have the wrong understanding of their knowledge, tend to ignore their own the dependence network."

Frank Keil said the study confirmed that the network search will bring a strong psychological hint, that he is more knowledgeable, even if they can’t search the correct answer is still so.

research shows that those who search for information on the network of volunteers and those by reading books or with the exchange of scholars to acquire knowledge compared to volunteers that they have more knowledge, more flexible mind.

NetEase Francisco April 3rd message, according to foreign media reports, a psychologist at the Yale University, said that the popular search engine makes people mistakenly think himself clever than the actual. Psychologists at the Yale University found that, such as Google or YAHOO search engines that makes people think they are more intelligent than the actual people, because as long as the fingertips will grasp the knowledge of the world.

A psychology professor at the Yale University

more than 1000 students participated in this study. In the course of the study, the researchers for this problem is how to work the zipper, provides a link to the network contains the answer web search group, and control group of volunteers is provided with the same information to answer a print out. After that, when the volunteers were asked to complete a not related to other issues, network search group thinks he is more knowledgeable, although they do not know the right answer.


Change from civil servants to the webmaster, just for EntrepreneurshipThe failure of the experience

or ignore the promotion, always think that with rich content, they will be someone, and the result of doing half a year, always can not break through 1000IP, and closed. Repeatedly, and made about 15 sites, registered the domain name should have 30, sometimes at the same time in four or five sites, people are tired of death, there is no natural results through the website

1. Choose a web site that you love


I remember the first to make money!

five, try hard to update the website must insist

six, keep every day to promote a few outside the chain more to adhere to

nine, study website promotion knowledge,

, 3 years ago, I left school, got into the civil service, a month’s salary of 1600., in all University classmates, I am still better!


time flies… Shua Shua Shua, over the past 2 years… It seems a little faster..

site was built in 2005, when using a free space, free domain is also used, so excitedly opened my first site. But the free stuff doesn’t last long, and in a few months it stops.

just got two months, found that the site traffic has been, his thinking thinking, feeling may be their choice of website industry is a wrong, as do two endlessly, the domain name change, again started a new plan, as well as in the previous step, the results showed that the server is not stable, often can not access, then think if this continues affirmation will lose a lot of users, so they spend money to buy a good space.

a college reunion, so I completely feel like a frog! And sit for 2 years


ten, enough to do one or two sites you’re an individual after all, and probably still have work, so take care of it

seven, do not start advertising to retain user base, but also the need for loyalty practical accounts

although I still do not open BMW, live in the villa, reliable efforts, basically people can live on, I can live. Of course, I’m still trying to start, at present only a little success! A lot of people join the site are very inconsistent, in fact there was relatively good information, can get him out, this is a test of your ability even if you! The authenticity of the information are judged not to come out, you want to success, it is very difficult to


four, select a program that you are good at easy to change, chosen by web site

3 years ago, in the middle of my classmates, I was better, and everyone admired me for finding a steady job with a low salary. Because at that time, just graduated, everyone in distress for finding jobs, are worried about the livelihood. This 2 years, because of work reasons, with less contact with students, so I still live a safe and comfortable life. Although the money is not much, but may not be hungry cold. But this university party, I’ve got my eyes open. In a short span of 2 years, many people have turned out to be bosses from poor people who have been worried about their livelihoods. The former two wheeler drivers have now hired drivers to drive their own cars. Look at yourself, sad! these two words describe themselves as real! imagine how uncomfortable I was sitting among my classmates on the day of the party. Then, I began to make up my mind: "I want to quit my job and can not live in such a comfortable life. I want to start a business!

so far I have received the reflection, and I hope to share with you:

three, choose a good space provider for web stability, don’t change it


eight, meet an industry Friend you can learn a lot of experience

two, choose a good domain name the best one to register for more than a few years, is certainly good

at that time, I seem to have a feeling of addiction to the website, so I went to buy a 100M space and top-level domain name, not to build the site. The beginning of the energy of all the rich web content above, increase the function of the website, the website to beautify the interface, and the promotion of the website is completely ignored, no one will not achieve the purpose of success in making money online.

because the civil service work is relatively idle, and come home from work at night, there is not much, so often rely on watching TV to pass the evening time. By chance, I saw an advertisement for a business venture on tv. Fuwa, venture investment Fuwa please! This advertisement interesting website is more interesting. People are Fuwa, he is Fuwa, this is especially attractive to me. Then I open a computer, typing the URL: Wow, not so much to join the information?. What, "three months return 1 million", "open the door of wealth", "want to make money with me" and so on, there are too many advertisements, too attractive…

eleven, finally must strive to adhere to at least two years because at least one or two years to see the effect, do not hurry to make money, have one or two years of solid foundation, with loyal users, after making big. "

Taobao money off the way do station will do three stepsSome ways to make money online

here is an example of the Wangzhuan site to say, for example, the domestic net Wangzhuan it is mainly rely on the recommendation of members, to operate the project and the sale of advertising to make money, the monthly income of a lot. It is good to do Wangzhuan station, in the sh419 keyword ranking is the first one, can be said to be the boss. This is also a way to make money online, suitable for personal adsense.

online Commission is the highest electrical appliances, but most people are promoting slimming products, skin care products, beauty products and so on, by the beauty of women psychological make money, but this is also the most competitive products, many stations have done a long time, it is not easy for a new station to compete. But it’s really good to make money, and that’s not flattering.

Taobao is indeed a lot of money, but Taobao also have guest a unique vision, not what products to make money doing what products, to learn that the blind spot of the market, competitive small, money and more goods. Now many people only know to do such as weight loss, some of these products in the sh419 station are very mature, very hard to compete with them, not to mention Taobao customers mostly rely on sh419 to eat, can be said that now many web sites are to rely on sh419 to eat, you are not in sh419 efforts can be said, Taobao guest do you have no income for a year.

generally speaking, now relatively large companies are going to the site, there are built portal, the company’s product introduction of the site, there are search engines, and so on. Of course, these are powerful companies to do, and individuals are unlikely to achieve. Usually these sites have a good flow out, many needless to say, in addition to the company’s website is on the order of class to make money or make money selling services, like other portals, search referrals main revenue comes from advertising fees, now it is the most profitable Internet advertising and this is a method of making money online, big companies for route.

do station, the first is not to stop doing. Here is to say that Taobao has become the guest must do three steps:

There are many ways and means to make money online,

passenger is not difficult, now there are many kinds of Taobao, but I said there are limitations, only suitable for those who do stand friends or you can ask someone else to do stand friends, if what you are not, I advise you not to do Taobao customers, Taobao is on sh419 eat, sh419 this one you have to waste their brains.

at home and abroad Wangzhuan more, click advertising to make money, hang up, have participated in the survey, money play yards, post and so on, many of them are free to join, for the individual operation, each project can earn money is certainly less, but can find some line together to help you do it much more easily, a lot of things to you to find out.

money online project are good, but there is a risk of the project, so to remind everyone to be careful, for the credibility of the project to do, after all, the individual is not easy to make money ah, don’t do it after a period of time has not received the money, it is a waste of time. This is another kind of online earning


, a new term, in 2010 on the Internet especially loud, especially in the webmaster of the ear, a monthly income of over 10000, there are people earn over 10000, but how many webmaster know, There are plenty of people who do not make money.

found some small competitive, commission appropriate, easy to do, good sales promotion, >

is it easy for Taobao to earn money,

Taobao customers how to make money?.


the first step is to explore the blind spot of the market and choose a good product promotion.

customers rely on the promotion of commodity money, but some of the competitiveness of the goods is very large, many stations have done a long time, it is difficult to compete, originally very popular blog to make money, then the forum is popular for a long time, many people have made a lot of people I know, a monthly income of thousands of large There are plenty of people who, later forum Taobao blocked off, let a lot of people especially those without All thoughts are blasted., technology Taobao guest.

, and today I’ll talk about some of the more practical methods. Here is just a small explanation for them, and I won’t judge too much. Money online, everyone knows, is to use the Internet to make money. So in the network have very much to go the way of making money, also summarize, cover and contain everything, in a word, they all cannot do without the Internet, this is the most important, eventually, so we have to take advantage of the network and how to use it to create wealth for us.

if you do Taobao,

Taobao customers is a subsidiary of Taobao alliance, "Ali Mom" alliance, in Taobao above the seller issued a certain commission to promote product people, known as Taobao customers, in fact, promotion staff.

personal webmaster should how to go through the Internet to make money? This is also my most concern, but also many webmaster the most headache thing. Owners generally do not have a lot of money to invest in website, also have a relatively small personal website only, the website has all walks of life, the way to earn money also compared to large sites, each one has its own merits, income is very small.

?Do a Taobao Taobao

there is a person how to use the network to make money? Personal money needless to say, there is no capital investment to basically build a station many people will not do, can only rely on their own hard work to get the income of Hanjiang river.


API website to make money off their Taobao, sh419 since June K station after no what improvement in the original IP on day one hundred thousand of people now IP poor, the original income over a million, now a monthly income of hundreds, and some even eat every day zero.

80, porn webmaster was caught reflection

in A5 yesterday to see "after 80 college students do porn was arrested may be the jailed for 10 years, my heart could not help shuddering, once I also like this porn station," porn station ", to attract traffic by pornography, my station also put a lot of obscene pictures (here that points the way, what is called pornographic pictures? People’s Republic of China criminal genital Exposure pictures called pornographic pictures, this is I from our city supervisor battalion learned the long), if not that happened the webmaster can end today is my ending. Let’s go into details about what happened.

first briefly introduce myself do stand experience, I was 08 years from September started, my occupation is a software development engineer (hey, there are some self improvement means, it is a programmer), then work free, so it is you want to do a website. SEO, did not know before this thing, do not know what website optimization, search engine keyword ranking these results could only, the first station for more than 2 months is not a little improvement, poor little flow, so will give up. I believe many webmaster friends choose to do pornography station, because the flow to fast, click rate is high, and I am no exception, also is the value of these two points, so also began to choose to do pornography edge site. Do stand in the process of gradually learned SEO, A5 love to see other webmasters writing experience, experience, I also know that it is very important to choose the keywords to do stand, I began to use Baidu keyword to determine the index and Search Ranking, then determine the key words to the young woman station, the word although not a woman is popular keywords, Baidu attention index is about 5000, and the competition is relatively small, so I chose the word.

website was built quickly, the main keyword is "young woman", a beautiful website, picture station type. Remember the Baidu station soon included, after about 4 weeks the site keywords ranking began to rise, at first I upload pictures are some of the more traditional, beautiful pictures, the exposure is also a bit like three swimsuit. Slowly, I found this kind of picture is not very attractive, the website’s PV is very low, only about 1:3 or so, PV is low, the advertising rate of all websites is very low, almost no income. I began to upload the leak pictures, is called the network monitoring unit of pornographic pictures that this move really get great results, the website put ads and click on the CPS advertising revenue will also be a big step up, his heart is also very happy. May be due to the site every day to update a lot of content and do a lot of outreach, the site’s ranking is rising every day, finally after a big update Baidu, I checked my keywords ranking in Baidu keyword, this woman I rankings to Baidu for the first position, and the young woman related keywords for example the young woman pictures, sexy young woman words on my website ranking in the top 3, the website traffic also.

The basic guarantee of entrepreneurial success self assessment

if you are a person, a personality like, a kind of idea, are not clear, then suddenly choose a project, investment funds, to do business, this is certainly not a great chance of success. In fact, to do anything is the same, only a real understanding of their own, will be more likely to succeed, let us look at the pioneering self assessment!

1, can you write down your business ideas and business plans?

2, do you really know what you’re doing,


3, have you ever seen anyone use this method?

generally some of the success and the large-scale operation method is more realistic than those special thoughts. Experienced entrepreneurs in the popular such a famous saying: "not yet been implemented good ideas may not be implemented."

4, do your ideas stand the test of time?

A plan

5, do you think for yourself or for someone else?

you have established a long-term business plan and long-term development plan if you devote yourself to the implementation of the plan.

6, do you have a good network resource?

began to do business is actually an organization such as suppliers, contractors, consultants and employees. In order to find the right person you should have a personal network that serves you. Or you may find yourself in unreliable or just those people.

7, understand what is the potential return?

everyone venture investment and its main purpose is to make the most money. But in the idea of becoming rich as soon as possible is not implied in the money. You also have to consider the potential rewards of achievement, love, and value. If you are not aware of this, you must reconsider your plan.

Stepping on the brakes 1 hours to protect the life of the car should always pay attention to safety

drive all the time there is the danger that every driver should strengthen the skill, in times of crisis to ensure that will minimize the damage. Recently, there is a more thrilling car accident, because the driver stepped on the brakes 1 hours to protect life.

3 3, a mini car in the mountains on the fast turn, nearly half of the body out of the roadbed, hanging outside the cliff. The driver was stuck in a rickety mini car, stuck on the brakes for an hour and was finally rescued.


Rescue workers told



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Qinghai Ramen why so cattle

do you know the difference between "Qinghai Ramen" and "Lanzhou Ramen"? Is not the question asked silly, not locals, or Qinghai is not very familiar with the people really do not know how to answer. This question is a big ask, want to know what is going on? Let me have a look at it.

3 month 10 days, President Xi Jinping participate in the discussion of the Qinghai delegation, representatives about the precise poverty, the Qinghai poverty alleviation initiatives, including the export of labor services was formed in the process of economic Hand-Pulled Noodle like " " such a brand. General secretary also asked about the origin of Qinghai ramen, and the difference between the Lanzhou ramen, operating the situation of ramen personnel.

heard that now there are 2.8 ramen shop in Qinghai, there are 180 thousand people across the country engaged in the operation of ramen, many people have thus become entrepreneurs, the general secretary of this affirmative.

a bowl of noodles to promote 180 thousand employment

18 million people in the eastern region is nothing, but a total of about five million people in Qinghai, the number of people is not a small number of 180 thousand. Especially, there are a lot of these 180 thousand people are from Qinghai Longhua County, a total of only tens of thousands of people in this county.

Longhua harsh natural environment, the annual average temperature of 2.2 degrees, the average rainfall of 470 mm, drought, hail natural disasters frequented, is a state-level poverty-stricken counties. Can be such a county, in the past 30 years, the Ramen business to do all over the country.

at first, the people of Longhua family leave the hometown, pull noodle shop just to make a living, a name also called Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle. Later, the greater the reputation of Lanzhou ramen noodles, simply put on the "Lanzhou beef noodles" signs, business is growing, "Lanzhou beef noodles" has become a household name brand.

a clerk from Longhua, they were three brothers and sisters at home, can not afford to read high school graduation, followed by fellow learned to do ramen, are now in Beijing.

" when I was a kid, it was too hard. Now we can make a lot of money for three people. " this is less than 20 years old young man said, in the future to learn the skills, we have to set up their own shops, there are so many places in China, you can shop.

Qinghai Ramen how so cattle


Qinghai Ramen success of course, inseparable from the sweat and efforts of the people of Qinghai, but also behind the government’s economic support.


Zhengzhou Central Plains to provide help for college students entrepreneurship

employment problems of college graduates every year will cause concern. In recent years, the state vigorously promote entrepreneurship to promote employment policies to encourage college students to solve the employment problem through entrepreneurship, and achieved good results.

to effectively do the work of employment and entrepreneurship, the Central Plains area Duocuobingju, open channels, tap the potential, to create a good employment environment.

The Central Plains area >

through various initiatives, the employment pressure has been eased to some extent. But there are still low success rate of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship more obstacles and a series of problems, in the practical work, the community will increase the strength of investment, employment for university students to create a harmonious and active atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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