Marketing people must see the routines and rules behind a great article



as a marketing person, especially the network marketing, writing ability should be said to be the basic skills, is the ability of each marketer should have. Whether it is planning to write a marketing plan, write soft, public relations, or planning events, promotional copy, writing skills are required. However, a considerable number of marketing people are not good at writing, writing a headache.

in fact, writing is not difficult, there are rules and rules can be followed. Today and share with their actual more than and 100 routines and rules in writing the article summed up, regardless of your writing is good, after the completion of this routine, you can write at least a medium level of the article. The applicability of this routine is very wide, not only for the article, for the program, promotional copy are applicable.

write a good article, can be summed up in a few words, "outline; refining center". Below I take the writing process of this article, for example, elaborate.

two, outline

Before the

to write an article, the first step is to outline, this is a prerequisite for writing well (you are not always write all feel unable to start, because you do not have to reason, outline first outline, anyone can not start).

What is the

outline, outline the purpose is to split the article, the article is divided into different parts, each part is relatively independent; each small part after the split, the split can continue to split a layer.

this way, writing is clear and write. To do this step, we must use strokes outline, or ideas will not keep up.


the outline of this paper is shown in figure

, for example, this is my first step. The article is divided into several parts, each part of the main content, and then listed.

1, introduction: the main content is to explain the importance of writing, the topic;

two, text: the main content is a detailed description of the writing method; this part is divided into three parts, namely

outline; refining center; filling content;

three, outside the laws of "law": the non technique part, write the internal part of


four, conclusion: summary, leading the article;

this down, an article becomes four small articles, and each small article is also very clear theme, but also relatively independent. The four small articles finished, combined, an article came out, and the whole article clear thinking, clear structure. The next step is one by one to write a small article, this is not a pen.

three, >

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