Remiro and Oyarzabal did not remember the date of the final

first_imgAlex Remiro and Mikel Oyarzabal acknowledge that they did not remember that this Saturday, April 18, the great final of the Copa del Rey should have been played between their Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao, that Basque derby as unprecedented as it is historical, and that all the fans are already remembering on their balconies. “If I tell you the truth, I had not even remembered that the final was this Saturday, because right now it is not essential, football is in the background and focus on getting this back to normal, because this is a very serious thing, a lot of people are dying and, When everything ends and we achieve it, we will find a date so that everyone can enjoy the final, “says the Eibarrés forward.” Well, I hadn’t remembered either, “added the Cascante goalkeeper. Both shared confidences in the talk with which Real recalled the last game they have played in this Cup, the return of the semifinal in Anduva, from which it has already been a month and 14 days.Oyarzabal couldn’t help but remember Miranda’s game. “The team, the people, the club, the way everyone took it, made us think that we were 90 minutes away from reaching a final, from doing something historic. We had already seen in the first leg the illusion that there was and it was a beautiful game to play, and we faced it with the seriousness and professionalism that it deserved and needed, the same as in the Bernabéu, giving credit to what Mirandés did, “he points out. the eibarrés, who also did not forget the pressure they had in the semifinals. “Being two games away from the end gives you a responsibility and a weight in your body that there are times when you notice. And, after the reception and the good start, it may still weigh you a little more, but it was more not having our day, not being 100% correct. “ That Miranda semifinal is so far the most important game in the realistic captain’s career. “As for what it means, yes. Perhaps personally, in the sense, the debut, the first goal, the first derby, you give them a different significance, but it is obvious that being 90 minutes from playing a final makes you to be in front of a special game. And it was nice, to see how people had turned to us. ” For Remiro the key to the final, when he arrives, is to leave with the same concentration as that day in Miranda. “In a match like that you have to go to death, to leave everything in the field, because that is a matter of attitude and predisposition, so with the quality that we have above having to take advantage of the occasions “. Both remember the anecdote that happened to them with the shirts of that day against Mirandés. “I threw both of that day, of the first and second part. I hope I can save the one for the final, then win it. Hopefully!“Oyarzabal dreamed out loud. The Cascante goalkeeper doesn’t have the semifinal jerseys either.” One I kept and the other I gave to my father. “I’m sure he also dreams of keeping the one for the final that should have been played today. It would be a good sign.last_img

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