Zagreb’s Advent is breaking attendance records this year as well

first_imgZagreb’s Advent surpasses Vienna’s on social media as well. More than eight thousand posts in which he is mentioned on Instagram indicate the greatest popularity of that channel, followed by the web, Twitter, Facebook, and finally YouTube. Whether in the media or on social networks, the term “Advent in Zagreb” has reached audiences since 38 million people across the Earth. In the 25 days of December, it was visited by 12 percent more guests than last year, who spent 16 night in Zagreb more than in 2017. Most guests are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia and Italy, but also Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. According to estimates, last year’s consumption generated by Advent amounted to more than half a billion kuna, and this year growth is expected in this segment in line with the increase in visitors. Generated consumption of over HRK 500 million According to the analysis of the Zagreb technology company Mediatoolkit, Advent in Zagreb has become recognizable as a great place to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and far beyond the borders of our beautiful country. This is supported by the fact that the term is mentioned on all continents of the world and more than 12 thousand times in the last month, which marks an increase of 860 percent over the period before the start of Advent. Zagreb’s Advent is setting new records this year as well. Zagreb’s Advent is mostly mentioned in a positive tone, especially on Sundays when there is a significant increase in the number of publications. These data coincide with the number of visitors, which is highest on weekends, when public transport is free and the offer of entertainment and children’s content is the richest. The favorite destination of the “locals” are Gornji grad and Maksimir, and foreigners spend more time on Advent in Donji grad. Still, despite the great results, there is still room for improvement “It seems to me that, in some places, we will try to influence the noise to be a little less, to try to reduce some crowds with an even greater reduction in the number of restaurants. These are, both according to our results and according to the criticism we receive from fellow citizens and guests, something that needs to be seriously worked on next year.. ” concludes Bienenfeld for HRT. Cover photo: TZGZ Apart from the real world, Zagreb is also great in the virtual world, he points out HRT Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld: “We received an analysis that as many as 38 million people around the world googled or researched the term Advent on the site in Zagreb. Much stronger than in Vienna or any other city that organizes Christmas fairs or events. Really great thing and very positive. ” Source: TZGZ / Author: S. Kaštelan And that is the best proof of the thesis that the organization of events is not a cost but an investment. Last year, Advent in Zagreb achieved 36.380 (growth of 11%) arrivals of domestic tourists and 74.327 foreign tourists (growth of 30%), while of the total number of overnight stays, domestic tourists realized 61.078 (growth of 15%) and foreign 138.674 (growth of 27%) . Most foreign arrivals were from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, and overnight stays from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Germany.last_img

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