Zagreb rickshaws as storytellers and ambassadors of Croatian tourism

first_imgA little over a year ago, Zagreb was placed on the list alongside most of the world’s and European tourist metropolises where it is possible to get to know the destination with popular tourist rickshaws.Behind Zagreb PEDICAB are two young entrepreneurs with a vision – Emil Kirbiš and Filip Pribilović, who incorporated their complementary knowledge and many years of work experience in management, sales and tourism in the realization and development of this great tourist story. One of the main advantages that Pedicab offers is a tour of the city in a much faster time, of course with a new and different experience and the city of Zagreb, and currently ten blue “rickshaws” are circulating in the wider city center.As Emil Kirbiš points out, they are very satisfied with the work of the first years, the way in which people accepted them and recognized in them a new and interesting way of transport and touring the city. “The number of rides partly depends on the weather conditions, but given the warmer weather in the first year, there were more of them than we expected. We already have some regular customers, who have recognized our advantages in public transport, and when it comes to sightseeing, there are more and more of them, since we are constantly working on marketing and recognition.”Kirbish points out.Enthusiasts of foreigners for rickshaws in Zagreb are expected because rickshaws are already very well known, given their presence in all major and minor European and world cities, so they are happy to now have the opportunity to ride in Zagreb.In general, foreigners have a slight advantage, especially during the summer season, while for example during Advent in Zagreb we have more and more domestic guests from other parts of Croatia. Statistically speaking, tourists are in Zagreb for a very short time, just over a day and a half, so they like the opportunity to see the entire historical / tourist core of the city in two hours. Unlike traditional tours, at Pedicab they can bring coffee, ice cream, stop to take pictures wherever they want, and get a recommendation according to their interests. The people of Zagreb are also increasingly realizing the advantages of our ecological transport in the center, ideal for short city routes.. ”Says Kirbish.Zagreb rickshaws as storytellers and ambassadors of Croatian tourism                                  Because of its direct interaction with guests, Zagreb rickshaws tell stories about the destination and give the best local advice. Regardless of the power of various booking portals, applications and social networks, whenever you come to a new destination you always ask the locals where to eat best, what is the best beach, what to see and experience… Locals know best, right? Thus, Pedicab drivers, in addition to being storytellers, also become ambassadors of our tourism. On the other hand, imagine welcoming your guests with Pedicab at the bus or train station and driving them around town to your accommodation. An interesting and different experience, isn’t it?As Kirbiš points out, so far they have established cooperation with all relevant travel agencies, tour operators, hotel chains, hostels and private accommodation, which increasingly recognize the comparative advantages of transporting and accommodating people with luggage from railway and bus terminals, public parking lots, garages and Fig. “The key to success is in connecting and combining the specific advantages of each of the tourist services. In addition to our standard tours and tours that we offer through our partners, hotels and hostels are even more interesting because we are able to organize the pick-up of their guests upon arrival at the bus or train station or back, take them from the hotel to the desired restaurant or other cultural or gastro destinations in the center. In this way, guests do not have to look for the destination address themselves, but while enjoying the ride and sightseeing, they arrive at the destination quickly and with fun. It is a completely different experience when a guest is greeted by a driver with his name, helped with luggage and personal belongings, and along the way tells an interesting story or makes a recommendation. In addition, there will also be collaborations at corporate events, weddings, etc. ” Kirbiš pointed out and added that Croatia is a very small country, in the world, and Zagreb is a relatively small, charming Central European Mediterranean metropolis, and without a quality connection of all tourist facilities in the destination we can not compete in the European and world markets.Finally, Kirbiš points out that thanks to the great efforts of the City of Zagreb and the Tourist Board to organize tourist projects such as Advent in Zagreb, the Festival of Light and various cultural and musical events, seasonality has greatly decreased, and there is no classic “season” as in some “sun and sea” destinations. . “Zagreb attracts tourists with its quality facilities throughout the year, and Zagreb Pedicab is a great way to see it, get to know the local customs, see some hidden and romantic places, and get a recommendation for a concert or a home-cooked meal.”Said Kirbiš and added that they do not lack plans, and in the near future they certainly plan to expand to other destinations, but only with the condition of quality and standards as they set in Zagreb.Zagreb boasts excellent integrated public transport, in addition to connections by trains, buses, trams, SpinCity, NextBike Croatia, Segway, as well as now PediCab Zagreb have complemented each other. An excellent example of integrated public transport for all tourist destinations on the Adriatic.last_img

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