The first province folk Hehuang farming culture museum in the North District completed

day before the first province Hehuang village farming culture museum in the north area of Xining City Xiang Qu Yuan was completed, the Museum covers an area of 2600 square meters, a total investment of 6 million 800 thousand yuan, is divided into eight sections, about two thousand pieces of collection items.


museum is completed, will provide valuable historical records and image data for the development of our province Hehuang farming culture, and fill the blank of our province no rural farming culture exhibition hall, our province will become a model for the integration of culture and tourism development, to promote our province rural tourism and cultural development inject new vitality so, more and more tourists and the public to enjoy the great beauty of Qinghai magnificent scenery at the same time, feel the beautiful Hehuang Valley farming culture of massiness and charm. read more

Russian circus performances for the audience applause over 50 times

As the Russian circus in Xining people’s Park staged, even on the number of admission, the people’s Park is constantly performing venue of the audience is very full, All seats are occupied. Bring together by tigers, lions, bears and other animal actors from Russia, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, the actors’ novel, thrilling, exciting circus made every audience applause is not less than 50 times.

yesterday, the circus venue All seats are occupied. even sitting on the audience, some of the stairs on both sides of the channel. The circus staff told reporters that the past few days, the circus performance field attendance is very high, "did not think so fond of the people of Xining circus, many parents with children even came to see the show, which makes us very moved." read more

Provincial Party committee issued on the implementation of in-depth study and implement the spirit o

recently, the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee issued the "opinions" on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech, from the 6 aspects of 32 specific measures to make in-depth study and implement the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai important speech comprehensive arrangements.

the "opinions" pointed out that the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai fully affirmed the new achievements of our province undertakings made clear the strategic position of Qinghai in the overall work, pointed out that the current and future periods in our province the development direction and focus. Speech, profound ideas, rich sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, and the General Secretary Xi in an important speech at the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the Qinghai delegation is continuous, and comprehensive in-depth, Qinghai is promoting the future development of the basic and follow the guide to action. read more

Golden Lotus will be in full bloom in Xining

the afternoon of August 15th, the city held the second session of Chinese · Xining International Dance Festival and the ninth China dance "Lotus prize" classical dance contest press conference. Municipal Standing Committee, propaganda minister, Wang Haihong, chairman of the Federation of trade unions presided over and spoke.

Wang Haihong said at the press conference last year, we successfully held the first China · Xining international original dance and modern dance festival, feel the magic of the original ecological dance and modern dance elements collide and merge with each other, different culture, different dance art mutual dialogue and communication and exchanges to build a broad platform, also to show the image of Xining, to enhance the visibility and influence of Xining has opened up a new channel. This year, in support of China and China Association Federation, Chinese dance world’s highest award – "Lotus prize" landing in Xining, and decided in Xining held three consecutive years (every two years), which is Xining’s trust and love. With the help of "Lotus Award" of the social influence, Xining International Dance Festival will become an important window for the art of Dance Festival and show the image of Xining, the outside world will also go through the dance festival platform to Xining, into Xining. read more

2016 315 slogan

2016 315 propaganda slogans Daquan, by the whole network Xiaobian collected!

1, safeguarding the interests of consumers, building a socialist harmonious society

2, safe consumption, harmonious consumption

3, advocating honesty, create harmonious consumption

4, to create a safe and harmonious consumption environment, and promote sound and rapid economic development

5, good consumer education, improve the quality of consumers

6, improve consumer dispute settlement mechanism to create a harmonious consumer confidence environment read more

Good people can not train good cadres

July 14th, the central held a forum to study the selection of outstanding young cadres under the new situation. The central leading comrades at the meeting put forward an important proposition, "good people can not train a good cadre", meaning profound, thought-provoking.

from the 80s "knowledge oriented" drop not sticking to formalities talent, bold appointment of young people, to today’s "practice oriented" "the prime minister will be available at the State Department, the strict training of young cadres, our party has always been high hopes for the young people. If we say that those younger cadres policy, greatly promoted the reform and opening up, today has many new historical features of the great struggle, also cannot do without placing children and young people break up, cannot do without a wide range of sources, sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, high-quality young cadres. read more

Creating a city – volunteer training (1) understanding self

is self cognition: self understanding is his own opinion of himself, is through the observation of their behavior, but for their own image and psychological state of knowledge, including the verification and evaluation of their motivation, intention.

in order to better adapt to the needs of voluntary service, have a clear understanding of their own, should be on their own physique, desire, motivation, intention, thoughts, feelings, intelligence, personality characteristics. But to remind himself is more easily influenced and restricted by their cognitive framework, as the saying goes, "A bystander is always clear-minded., Those closely involved cannot see clearly." So when you need to ask their friends around, a more comprehensive understanding of their own. read more

Part of the store in front of the three packages, the package is not in place with the responsibilit

  December 13th afternoon, Xining City Health Inspectorate checks in Xining District Four "in front of three" the implementation of the responsibility system is found, although some stores signed "in front of three" letters of responsibility, but in front of the store’s environmental health has the "package" is not in place.

master, you store at the entrance of the pits how full of ashes?" In a beef noodle shop door west of the train station, see the pits filled with ashes, a staff member asked. At the train station and Qilian Road on the road, a lot of them have not the same amount of ashes, "in front of three, is to protect and manage our own storefront door that a small local environmental health, if others, it should be the first time to stop, rather than let the furnace ash wantonly filling to the pits." A member of the east city law enforcement unit said. In the inspector panel in the village, Xing Hai Road, lane, Lane mutual Qaidam Road, some units along the street, shop, in front of the households are still pouring ashes, garbage, sewage poured phenomenon. It is understood that in front of three management responsibility system has achieved initial results in the implementation process in Xining, but as the degree of attention is different, under the tight loose problems still hamper the effective implementation of the responsibility system. read more

Ministries and leadership 81 on the eve of our special visit

the afternoon of July 2nd, the provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Wang Liping, in the special care at the back stand taller led all retired army cadres and other 6 people in support for the District Civil Affairs Bureau Gou Fujun, office director and Town Office accompanied by leaders, and visit the small village bridge office in my district Xiang veteran Li Quan Mao Sheng Si Cun Li Shengzhen, Chaoyang the office of Zhang Bingxiong Zhang Honglu Qi Jia Cheng Cun, four special, extended festival greetings to them. Every special home, ministries and leadership to extend holiday greetings and respect to each entitled groups, and kindly ask their current life status, health status, there are no difficulties and needs, and sent condolences to Kim per person 4800 yuan and gifts, to the party and the government’s deep concern and greetings. The leaders took the ministries sent condolence payments and gifts in rural demobilized old soldier Zhang Bingxiong moved to say: "thank the party and the government about us". read more

2013 adult college admissions 16 to 27 days

In 2013 the province’s adult college enrollment will be from December 16th to 27, in the provincial examination management center. From December 16th to December 20th according to the enrollment plan, professional volunteer candidates Toudang admission, from December 21st to December 27th is subject to the swap Toudang admission.

college entrance examination and enrollment of adult college entrance examination, as well as the establishment of admission leading group, under the discipline inspection and supervision, publicity and consultation, University liaison, planning and control, network technology, five functional groups. And the implementation of computer remote online admission. Before December 10th, the provincial admissions professional on-line candidates count, admission system remote login username and password to register the enrollment of colleges and universities according to the professional on-line plan ahead to adjust the admission scheme, in December 15th by the Ministry of education management system online adult college enrollment plan transfer plan to adjust the professional admission scheme, implementation of Toudang province Zhaoban through the audit. read more

Do not mistake the wrong time to strengthen the farm services

in March the plateau earth temperature warmer, farmers began a year of hard work. This year’s soil moisture? Land preparation for spring sowing preparation is ready? Agricultural products supply is in place? The afternoon of March 18th, mayor Wang Yubo led the Municipal Committee, Datong county Party Secretary Song Chenxi, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen and relevant departments, in-depth Changning Datong County Rural Town, the field view of soil moisture, understand the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural products supply situation, investigation and inspection of the city land preparation for spring sowing work.
in Datong Qiaotou county seed station, Wang Yubo asked the county must ensure good quality grain supply. He stressed that a year’s plan is in the spring. The spring season farming day can not miss the District, the relevant departments must strengthen the service consciousness, smooth rural rural services channels, strengthen the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and agricultural material dispatching reserve, strict quality of agricultural materials, so that the farmers to facilitate the timely use of "assured", "assured fertilizer", "entactogen".
into Huang Datong County Zhaizhen agriculture supply and marketing cooperatives in the shop, Wang Yubo asked in detail about the purchase channels, sales etc.. He pointed out that farmers do not serve the wrong day, not wrong farming. Supply and marketing cooperatives is an important carrier of government services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. City supply and marketing cooperatives should strive to achieve full coverage of the supply and marketing cooperatives, in ensuring the basic needs of farmers at the same time, and actively expand the business space, in the service of the content of the three rural areas, form further. The county government, Datong city supply and marketing cooperatives to borrow on the province of Datong County identified as the province’s comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives County in the East, go all out, push forward the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, and strive to make a demonstration in the province, the supply and marketing cooperatives development in our city to boost to a new level.
  read more

Let people see the new changes in the National People’s Congress

February 21st, the Municipal People’s Congress party held the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting, the Standing Committee of the party and the government to make arrangements for educational practice.

Zou Jiansheng, director of the NPC Standing Committee Party Secretary

pointed out that to recognize the significance of seriously in the education practice, practical thinking and action to the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee requirements, general requirements, accurately grasp the education activities of the main content, a key force and key links, do in-depth understanding of learning, thinking deeply understanding, action on the comprehensive practice, take this important political task. Municipal People’s Congress Party and government organs as the second batch of educational practice in the unit, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, high quality, in strict accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party committee in an orderly manner, to conscientiously implement the general requirements, always adhere to the leadership, accurately grasp the methods and steps into consideration four measures to promote the work of the carefully organized and implemented to ensure effectiveness of educational practice activities, to improve the quality of representative, to play the role of deputies, on behalf of the people will see results. At the same time, to grasp the main task of rectification spirit to resolve outstanding issues, efforts to find and rectification of the outstanding problems in all aspects of existence, the disadvantages of the style, the behavior to a large scale investigation, overhaul, cleaning, targeted to solve the outstanding problems four winds, and truly let the people and the National People’s Congress see the new changes, the NPC organs on behalf of the new Congress cadres of the weather. read more

Great beauty Qinghai tourism promotion group to carry out publicity work in East China

5 month 8 days to 28 days, the Provincial Tourism Bureau organized the province part of the city’s tourism department and key scenic spots, travel more than 20 people, 9 City in East China’s Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Wuxi held the 2016 "100 city tour for the · Damei Qinghai" series of promotional activities.

in the promotion of the meeting, the Provincial Tourism Bureau of the province’s tourism resources were introduced, the scenic spot on behalf of preferential measures were introduced, the travel agency on behalf of the product line is described. Travel agency launched the province’s self driving class, riding class, photography, hiking products line favored by local travel agencies. Every place, the local travel in the community after the step with the provincial travel agency on behalf of the exchange. During the Wuxi International Leisure Travel Expo, our province to 200 domestic and foreign tourism industry with the 50 tourism resources and product line promotion, received good results. read more

City Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision within the agency for adjustment

Recently, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to implement the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection focused on the center, highlight the main spirit of reform, adjustment in accordance with the total adjustment, duties, increase administrative preparation and leadership positions of the principle, completed the reform of internal organs adjustment. After the reform, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau has the function of handling the case to reach 70% of the total number of internal organs, the total number of cases to reach the total number of cases of investigators to reach 70%.

through reform and adjustment, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau responsibilities more clearly, institutions set up more optimized, the discipline inspection organs to further implement the transfer functions, transfer mode, turn style, strengthen supervision and discipline accountability functions, to further promote clean government and anti-corruption work to provide a strong organizational guarantee.  
read more

Million people on foot passion staged 20

July 15th, the Chinese water tower in Xining in 2014 to cool the Chinese dream Valley Cup International foot Festival press conference held in our city. Reporters at the press conference that the current international walking festival sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the State Sports General Administration of mountaineering management center; Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, Qinghai mountaineering management center contractor, will be on the morning of July 20th at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center opened, more than 10000 people attended the hike. read more

Begonia park this cultural feast staged forest of Xining beautiful summer photography exhibition in


forest in Xining, the beautiful summer "art photography contest outstanding works today on display in the province north of Begonia Park district. The photography contest by the Xining City, the establishment of the National Forest City Leading Group Office, the Xining Forestry Bureau, Qinghai Province Artists Association, Qinghai Photographers Association and the West Sea city newspaper jointly organized. The next ten days, the tourists can enjoy the 400 paintings reflecting the summer capital of Xining ecological culture art photography. read more

Operating brain to retain more repeat customers

When it comes to repeat customers, almost every

owner wants to have, however, want to have such a kind of guests can not casually say live can be achieved, we also need to do the work. In short, business is inseparable from a flexible mind. In the market competition, the retail customers can be described as "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong, all in their own fields and give full play to their ability and cleverness. "A brave man", "survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest". read more

City Health Bureau in Yushu post disaster reconstruction activities of the clinic

According to the unified arrangement of the health department of Qinghai Province, the city arranged the first people’s Hospital and the second people’s Hospital, respiratory, urinary, digestive selected oral professional specialist in August 16, 2012 went to Yushu town to participate in the clinic campaign

according to the unified arrangement of the health department of Qinghai Province, the city arranged the first people’s Hospital and the second people’s Hospital, respiratory, urinary, digestive selected oral professional specialist in August 16, 2012 went to Yushu town to participate in the clinic campaign. read more