Ali fourth assets of HK $2 billion 400 million in Hong Kong Stock Exchange gem asset purchase lotter

large enterprises such as Alibaba, naturally think about how the cake bigger and bigger, there is always a time to relax vigilance competition. Recently, Alibaba are eyeing fourth assets – to spend HK $2 billion 400 million in Hong Kong stocks gem lottery assets.

Following the acquisition of film and television (


AGTech said in a statement on March 4, 2016, the same origin of Baba and ant holding gold dress holding 60% and 40% respectively. The indirect company (hereinafter referred to as the subscriber or ALI) signed a subscription agreement, under the agreement, the subscriber will AGTech to invest 2 billion 388 million Hong Kong dollars, an all cash transaction.

immediately after the completion of the transaction, assuming the convertible bonds to the initial conversion price of HK $0.3478 fully convertible, the subscriber will have AGTech 6866317966 shares, which accounted for the total issued share capital of 146.59% and by the allotment and issue of shares and convertible shares enlarged issued share capital of about 59.45%.

discount of

subscribers of the subscription subscription price per share of HK $0.3478, less than AGTech on Friday’s closing price of HK $1.99 in 20%. AGTech technology above Friday’s closing price worth about HK $10 billion, the issuance of shares to the purchaser and the convertible bonds will be expected to expand to 1.5 times the market value will be 1, to HK $20 billion to HK $25 billion.


The total subscription amount of

AGTech through recommendation

One hundred thousand yuan for the project which the whole entrepreneurial

one hundred thousand yuan for the project? Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are actively looking for suitable business projects, but limited funds, how to support the limited cost, to find the right investment projects? Many new puzzles. Xiao Bian provides a few points to share, hoping to meet the needs of investors, and quickly learn it.

one hundred thousand yuan for entrepreneurial project 1, greedy off a tooth powder

one hundred thousand yuan for entrepreneurial project 2, integrated wall

Fulton manor integrated wall welcomed by the market, Fulton manor is moistureproof, mouldproof, integrated wall anticorrosive, mothproof, flame retardant grade B1, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no deformation, good performance. In terms of product technology and art are looking for innovation, but also continue to increase research and development efforts in environmental protection material, for our Home Furnishing life provides no harm, Fulton manor timely introduction of innovative products integrated wall decoration, not only conform to the market demand, innovation and development for our country industry also set a benchmark.

one hundred thousand yuan for entrepreneurial project 3, washing equipment

one hundred thousand yuan for entrepreneurial project is actually a lot, see you are interested in any industry, of course, the most important is to combine the local market investigation. Only after rigorous investigation and analysis, to know whether the project investment is appropriate, can control the cost, so you can easily start up, to investigate the market, to find suitable investment projects as soon as possible.

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Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, the hometown of Chinese lanterns Sichuan

said that the small lights can not help but think of the colorful scenery, colorful world, full of lights flashing, full of beauty. At present, in order to further play the characteristics of the region, Sichuan began to build the hometown of Chinese lanterns, and set up cultural and creative industrial park. The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

high starting point planning. The project is positioned as the lantern industry "production, learning and research" as the core, supplemented by the integration of the development of agriculture, rural tourism with the most geographical and cultural characteristics of the cultural and Creative Industrial Park, a total investment of 330 million yuan, covers an area of about 1200 acres.

accelerate project approval. Currently, the project has been approved by the municipal government land adjustment plan, the project has completed the first phase of the transfer of 860 acres of land measurement work, is stepping up the preparation of the project feasibility study, the EIA report, the cumulative investment of nearly 10 million yuan.

accelerate the construction of supporting. Ecological planting area of the project, Chinese Art Park completed investment of more than 280 yuan. To speed up the construction of production base for producing grass carving, fine grass carving completed more than 40 groups, to National Day this year held the "lantern" township of the first grass Sculpture Festival, land shaping, flower cultivation, tourism toilets and other facilities are under construction equipment.

in the process of economic development, to seize the local characteristics of the culture, the positive development of regional culture, but also to promote local economic development. Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in China to build the town of colored lanterns in Sichuan, the main introduction of three measures, including: a high starting point for the preparation of planning, speed up project approval, accelerate the construction of supporting. I hope that in the near future, we can show a more charming color of the rural style.

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2015 electricity supplier, the key trends of the five online business tips

e-commerce industry in recent years can be said to have more and more fire, there are a lot of people have been through a network platform to achieve such a business and get rich, so, you know that in the online business electricity supplier will need to pay attention to what the problem?

to the electronic commerce industry, 2014 is a milepost meaning for a year, because last year the global electricity supplier sales reached a record $1 trillion and 300 billion. Alibaba has become the world’s largest IPO company, the vast majority of U.S. consumers have been accustomed to online purchase products. It is no exaggeration to say that last year can be described as the electricity supplier of the year.

this year, perhaps electricity suppliers will strive for further improvement, because the expected growth rate will reach 6.4% of global electricity supplier. In order to achieve this goal, many e-commerce companies are trying to improve their customer experience, as much as possible to reduce the friction between merchants and customers, driving and supporting sales growth.

1, the implementation of more responsive design

2, online support

If the

responsive design emphasizes the seamless user interface and experience, by changing the size, mobile graphics and page roller help users more convenient to read and navigate content. But as of now, only 9% of electricity providers recommend

Women easily earn investment

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial women choose to join the investment market, is very potential to join the brand project selection. Open their own brand of women’s clothing store, in fact, make money is so simple!

every woman beauty, women’s market since ancient times are very popular now, women’s market prospects are getting better and better, many entrepreneurs are like women’s clothing store, but now there are a lot of women to join in the brand market, but in a variety of brands, women to join what


do women’s clothing business, product quality is the basis of business, women’s clothing is no exception. In the choice of clothing to join the brand must first look for the product quality, because the future competition is the competition of product quality, low price, quality rough, no guarantee of the quality of products is destined not to market.

also want to start to attract a lot of people of all ages, women are now financially independent, have the ability to buy their own love of things, especially clothing, so I want to do the clothing business, women will join investment is a good choice.

in fact, we all know that the women’s market, updated quickly, women’s market has been a very hot market. So, to choose to join the women’s market, is a very wise choice!

The high cold beverage market – popsicles popular brand

cold drinks are also very promising market, because the market demand changes so that consumers demand for cold drinks and the season has not been much of a relationship. Cold drinks in the current market is characterized by a strong seasonal food is gradually improved, the four seasons have good business types of food and beverage. High cold popsicles will be the most popular drink brought a present, colorful snow will feast, the highest price of the cold drinks market. High cold popsicle a professional quality drinks brand, excellent nature together more stores, will achieve the ultimate product, create the best service with high quality service, will certainly become the best brand in the market, choose the high cold popsicle join, best-selling products business is very hot.

is not cold popsicle factory production, all products using fresh ingredients are now sold, consumers can witness the fresh every day. The store can be flexible and small, simple operation, small investment, high profit, rich taste, changeable shape, visual beauty, nutrition and health, instant processing and sale, to ensure the taste of fresh. Product price range of 6 yuan -15 yuan / branch range, suitable for any age group.

not only have the traditional cold cold popsicles, South Korea and Europe and the United States will introduce the trend of the streets hot drinks. Not only the unique taste, healthy and delicious, but also the formation of a strong impact, visually stimulating consumer! Dreamlike scenes plus attractive shape, forget the taste, absolutely. From the inside out of the visual marketing, so that consumers are willing to happy consumption!

delicious beverage market with a huge business opportunities, catering operation and management experience of high cold popsicles have many years, to help you easily touch the dream of wealth, it made the market for a cold drink, drive a popularity, this is one of the most promising projects, your career in this sail.

Flaming Mountains barbecue gives you a different barbecue experience

said barbecue first impression of you is not the street clean tears DC Flaming Mountains barbecue stalls, you do not like to barbecue experience. Elegant environment, fashion taste, focus on barbecue so that your taste buds enjoy the joy of barbecue.

Flaming Mountains barbecue shop environment elegant, stylish and elegant decoration style, comfortable environment allows each customer to better taste the store dishes. A variety of dishes at the same time wake up your taste buds, so you feel the charm from the barbecue. Flaming Mountains barbecue weeks of the service with sincere, warm and elegant atmosphere, let you eat at ease, eat enjoyable! Delicious barbecue, fashionable delicacy, let barbecue become healthy and fashionable, more delicious, more healthy, well received. Delicious difficult to block, the market potential is great, unlimited wealth.

at the Flaming Mountains VS sizzied barbecue barbecue shop, colorful dishes, barbecue style encounter tongue! Let you fully feel the charm of the barbecue, wandering in the world of delicacy to extricate themselves. Fashion fish, grilled shrimp features. The store has a unique style of decoration, welcome to the young fashion you come to Flaming Mountains barbecue shop to enjoy delicious barbecue.

join advantage:

1, assist the Flaming Mountains barbecue franchisee on-the-spot investigation to find the site investigation of buildings, merchants, customers, evaluate the possibility of shop. Including turnover estimates, operating profit and loss estimates for the franchisee location reference.

2, in order to ensure the headquarters of a unified image, the design of the Flaming Mountains barbecue restaurant designed by the headquarters of the designated design paid to provide a complete renovation of the drawings, by the headquarters of qualified engineering team bidding construction.

3, in order to ensure quality, Flaming Mountains barbecue restaurant equipment unified by the headquarters.

4, before the shop to provide human resources recruitment and personnel system reference information for the Flaming Mountains barbecue franchisee, management team, the team set up the corresponding courses, the total time of 2 months.

5, shop, Flaming Mountains barbecue investment headquarters dispatched to support personnel for business support, and provide the post training kitchen.

6, before opening the shop, the headquarters for the Flaming Mountains barbecue franchisee, management team, restaurant manager, management team, staff and reception were set up the corresponding courses, qualified before passing.

7, after opening the shop, Flaming Mountains barbecue investment headquarters will continue to set up the corresponding education courses for each level of management, not a regular meeting will be held to strengthen communication with the franchisee.

Four difficulties restricting the expansion of college students entrepreneurial team

management activities in the country to promote the fiery, will greatly increase the number of college students to participate in this year. However, in reality, compared with the overall number of graduates, the choice of entrepreneurship is not much, not to mention the direct suspension of entrepreneurship. Four difficulties restrict the expansion of college students entrepreneurial team.

"innovation" and "entrepreneurship" is undoubtedly the 2015 annual hot words. Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report referred to two times the public entrepreneurship, innovation, during the two sessions of college students is also a hot topic on behalf of members. In the face of constantly refresh the number of jobs, the Ministry of education, the Education Commission and the continued release of positive business college. However, in reality, entrepreneurship is still the choice of a small number of college students, the school is also starting to face multiple barriers: family opposition, follow-up security is not clear, college credit system, financing difficulties. In the face of reality, many students give up the suspension of entrepreneurship, switch to entrepreneurial enterprises, and the company has been hatched out of hope to grow together.



worry not normal suspension after graduation

Director of Beijing Language and Culture University admissions office


can not explain the failure to worry aboutMany students think that

, and academic entrepreneurship is not contradictory. In their view, entrepreneurship is the emphasis on opportunity and resource oriented, and blind because of entrepreneurship, it is not rational. If you fail in the end, you may not only lose the valuable time of reading, but also can’t give your family and yourself an explanation.

Open shop promotion skills is what Hot pot

food and beverage industry has been a major industry in the business when people consider, has a very high market demand, has been the public’s favorite, delicious food features eat, bring more delicious to people. Especially in the winter, people prefer the hot pot, bringing a huge consumer market. Many entrepreneurs, on the initiation of a new way to open a hot pot shop. Here to give you the initiative to open the hot pot shop promotion skills.

promotion method one: hot pot chain price promotions. If you encounter the threat of competitors in the industry, if it is hot pot chain in the off-season, if it is a major holiday, you can consider the price promotion! Among them, the price range is usually appropriate to 20~30%, low prices will not only hurt their image and vital interests, but also provoke vicious competition with the industry. Price strategy can be a comprehensive price, it can be a product price.

promotion method two: hot pot chain coupon promotions. Under what circumstances is it appropriate? When the store turnover is declining, you can send coupons. Meet the competitor’s low-cost attack, in order to keep the old customers, you can send coupons. Brand hot pot shop has just opened, in order to expand the influence, you can offer coupons in the surrounding area. In order to improve customer loyalty, you can also give the appropriate concessions to the old customers.

promotion method three: hot pot chain store gift promotion. Gift gift shop Hot pot also has targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. Gift not only to build brand awareness, but also to consider the promotion of brand reputation, with their own brand image closely linked.

promotion method four: hot pot chain service promotion. Hot pot restaurant service is critical. Therefore, to do a good job of service, the relationship between the hot pot restaurant business! In the holidays, you can also send a greeting card, etc., and with some coupons.

Hot pot has been a delicacy of people love, are very popular in every season, start Hot pot shop, a lot of problems need everybody to pay attention to business, Hot pot shop, in many cases, also need to do some promotional activities, to bring affordable price, which can bring long-term the development of. Want to open a hot pot restaurant friends, you can seriously consider these.

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