One hundred thousand yuan for the project which the whole entrepreneurial

one hundred thousand yuan for the project? Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are actively looking for suitable business projects, but limited funds, how to support the limited cost, to find the right investment projects? Many new puzzles. Xiao Bian provides a few points to share, hoping to meet the needs of investors, and quickly learn it.

one hundred thousand yuan for entrepreneurial project 1, greedy off a tooth powder

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Cultural and Creative ndustrial Park the hometown of Chinese lanterns Sichuan

said that the small lights can not help but think of the colorful scenery, colorful world, full of lights flashing, full of beauty. At present, in order to further play the characteristics of the region, Sichuan began to build the hometown of Chinese lanterns, and set up cultural and creative industrial park. The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

high starting point planning. The project is positioned as the lantern industry "production, learning and research" as the core, supplemented by the integration of the development of agriculture, rural tourism with the most geographical and cultural characteristics of the cultural and Creative Industrial Park, a total investment of 330 million yuan, covers an area of about 1200 acres. read more

2015 electricity supplier the key trends of the five online business tips

e-commerce industry in recent years can be said to have more and more fire, there are a lot of people have been through a network platform to achieve such a business and get rich, so, you know that in the online business electricity supplier will need to pay attention to what the problem?

to the electronic commerce industry, 2014 is a milepost meaning for a year, because last year the global electricity supplier sales reached a record $1 trillion and 300 billion. Alibaba has become the world’s largest IPO company, the vast majority of U.S. consumers have been accustomed to online purchase products. It is no exaggeration to say that last year can be described as the electricity supplier of the year. read more

Women easily earn investment

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial women choose to join the investment market, is very potential to join the brand project selection. Open their own brand of women’s clothing store, in fact, make money is so simple!

every woman beauty, women’s market since ancient times are very popular now, women’s market prospects are getting better and better, many entrepreneurs are like women’s clothing store, but now there are a lot of women to join in the brand market, but in a variety of brands, women to join what read more

The high cold beverage market popsicles popular brand

cold drinks are also very promising market, because the market demand changes so that consumers demand for cold drinks and the season has not been much of a relationship. Cold drinks in the current market is characterized by a strong seasonal food is gradually improved, the four seasons have good business types of food and beverage. High cold popsicles will be the most popular drink brought a present, colorful snow will feast, the highest price of the cold drinks market. High cold popsicle a professional quality drinks brand, excellent nature together more stores, will achieve the ultimate product, create the best service with high quality service, will certainly become the best brand in the market, choose the high cold popsicle join, best-selling products business is very hot. read more

Flaming Mountains barbecue gives you a different barbecue experience

said barbecue first impression of you is not the street clean tears DC Flaming Mountains barbecue stalls, you do not like to barbecue experience. Elegant environment, fashion taste, focus on barbecue so that your taste buds enjoy the joy of barbecue.

Flaming Mountains barbecue shop environment elegant, stylish and elegant decoration style, comfortable environment allows each customer to better taste the store dishes. A variety of dishes at the same time wake up your taste buds, so you feel the charm from the barbecue. Flaming Mountains barbecue weeks of the service with sincere, warm and elegant atmosphere, let you eat at ease, eat enjoyable! Delicious barbecue, fashionable delicacy, let barbecue become healthy and fashionable, more delicious, more healthy, well received. Delicious difficult to block, the market potential is great, unlimited wealth. read more

Four difficulties restricting the expansion of college students entrepreneurial team

management activities in the country to promote the fiery, will greatly increase the number of college students to participate in this year. However, in reality, compared with the overall number of graduates, the choice of entrepreneurship is not much, not to mention the direct suspension of entrepreneurship. Four difficulties restrict the expansion of college students entrepreneurial team.

"innovation" and "entrepreneurship" is undoubtedly the 2015 annual hot words. Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report referred to two times the public entrepreneurship, innovation, during the two sessions of college students is also a hot topic on behalf of members. In the face of constantly refresh the number of jobs, the Ministry of education, the Education Commission and the continued release of positive business college. However, in reality, entrepreneurship is still the choice of a small number of college students, the school is also starting to face multiple barriers: family opposition, follow-up security is not clear, college credit system, financing difficulties. In the face of reality, many students give up the suspension of entrepreneurship, switch to entrepreneurial enterprises, and the company has been hatched out of hope to grow together. read more

Open shop promotion skills is what Hot pot

food and beverage industry has been a major industry in the business when people consider, has a very high market demand, has been the public’s favorite, delicious food features eat, bring more delicious to people. Especially in the winter, people prefer the hot pot, bringing a huge consumer market. Many entrepreneurs, on the initiation of a new way to open a hot pot shop. Here to give you the initiative to open the hot pot shop promotion skills.

promotion method one: hot pot chain price promotions. If you encounter the threat of competitors in the industry, if it is hot pot chain in the off-season, if it is a major holiday, you can consider the price promotion! Among them, the price range is usually appropriate to 20~30%, low prices will not only hurt their image and vital interests, but also provoke vicious competition with the industry. Price strategy can be a comprehensive price, it can be a product price. read more

Craft gift shop to choose the brand is the key to success

craft gift industry as an important commodity market classification, the implication of market opportunity is huge, the investment to do such a project is a good choice to create wealth. Venture capital to open the craft gift shop to succeed, choose the brand is the key, then how to choose the brand, the following aspects need to pay attention to:

craft gifts to join the way for those who have limited funds, the lack of experience and want to invest in business people have a strong appeal. To join partners, owners without having a certain technology and experience, can be directly applied to the headquarters of the successful experience and management technology, long-term guidance and services to support from headquarters, is quite important to join partners can use the successful franchise system, "borrow a ladder, building their own development board" create a personal career, thus eliminating the need to explore the time. read more

The shop has seven strokes net purchase

now many people start to face the development of Internet, many entrepreneurs choose online business, the investment of small businesses to open shop is very good, when the open shop in the business, the purchase problem is a critical problem, small hope that through the introduction of the above, entrepreneurs can master certain purchase skills, management and in order to better development, lay the foundation for entrepreneurs.

A firm belief,

if you know that you are not 3 minutes, if others in the online shop to earn a lot of money, you suddenly want to open a store in the online play, if you are afraid of tired, I suggest you do not spend unnecessary money, if you will, to eat ready to suffer, so please continue to watch it. read more

Small business Miss Luo Ya preferably join

When the

season, we always missing a clothes closet. It is our nature to love beauty, and it is our nature to wear new clothes. Small venture capital investment market, no doubt, is a very wise choice is not it? How Miss Luo Ya? High quality women’s joining the project, the success of entrepreneurship is worth choosing!

Miss Luo Ya ladies and more than and 100 well-known clothing brands have a multi-faceted cooperation, maintain a close relationship with the country nearly 3000 garment enterprises, new products, the explosion of sell sell! Miss Luo Ya’s mix of European style new pop elements, factory direct supply, 70 percent off of the wholesale price, let the consumer can make the public accepted by the huge profits in the hands of the whole. read more

How to improve the fashion female shoe store the whole popularity

is the day we have to wear shoes, shoes for women, the importance is not to say, as the main symbol of fashion, to female shoe store business is hot, must have the source, this can let you profit, gain of wealth. So, for the first time entrepreneurs, how to run a fashion female shoe store to gather popularity? Friends who are interested, go to see it with the small series.

first, fashionable things: fashionable goods, is a woman’s choice forever. Female shoe store fashion shoes, jewelry boutique, fashion handbag, toy bear knitting wool shop, daily necessities, packaged snacks in the supermarket is a woman’s love. read more

Have a retail store supermarket how to do all the airborne

a place if only retail stores, under the protection of a certain amount of traffic, business should be good. However, if the "airborne" big supermarket, business will undoubtedly be a considerable impact. In this context, so that many retail stores encountered problems. For example, we are here in the township market is monopolized by the chain, as our small supermarket, how to survive?

the main symptoms of super large penetration of customer diversion good

the main flavor gradually collapsed in front of prescription only slowly to raise read more

Beijing CQ returned a batch of certified snoring artifact

stop snoring artifact can bring more protection to people, to win people’s recognition, in the minds of consumers, it is a magic weapon to sleep. However, import products need to be tested by China Customs department. Beijing CIQ according to the relevant provisions of the above-mentioned goods issued by the "inspection and Quarantine Treatment Notice", and supervise the returned treatment, this is the February 1, 2015 ventilator products included in the statutory inspection since Beijing port for the first time that related products without obtaining medical device registration certificate. read more

Feita coffee give you different leisure experience

what kind of coffee shop is your favorite, store decoration style? It’s coffee. It’s just as important. For most consumers, coffee shop environment and coffee taste is very important, good store style can attract consumers to visit, a good taste can attract consumers to visit again, unified Feita coffee shop image, are fresh and natural style, collocation is also very diversified products, such as coffee, bitter coffee, coffee, coffee Feita elegant, each with distinctive flavor, providing a variety of choices for consumers. read more

Nanchang Yudai River Sewage nterception Project people dissatisfied with the whole

Nanchang Yudai River, Nanchang has been the people’s memory, there is a unique memory for many older people in Nanchang. Now Nanchang, Hebei branch of serious pollution. Nanchang City, the relevant departments of the pollution effect of the beautiful description. However, now the project near the end, jade Hebei branch interception effect to the surrounding residents to accept, in addition to smell or smell, a little water has not introduced."

11, who lives near the Magi Lake Park Mr. Xiong, the Nanchang development and Reform Commission official website to see a report on the "Nanchang jade river across the landscape upgrade approved the project feasibility study report", that Nanchang Yudai River sewage interception project basically completed, is after the garden landscape construction. It is understood that the current landscape department is bidding. read more

Lanzhou a teacher with a sick old father class

a love and dedication of good teachers will win people’s respect, but also by the people’s love, in Gansu there is such a teacher with their own actions to tell the students what is filial piety. Taibai town of Gansu Lanzhou County Water nine year school physics teacher Chen Lanjia is for students in class, physics courses he taught first in Heshui county.

after a burst of bell ringing, students and teachers in turn to line up to rescue a seriously ill student donations, grade two class teacher Chen Lanjia with a smile toward the donation box. read more