How to use the money to open a restaurant – at least the whole

food and beverage industry has been a very popular industry, many people will consider the industry in the business time, entrepreneurship is not easy, to need to consider a lot of things, today Xiaobian tell you the nine strategy of opening a restaurant at the lowest cost, may have many shortcomings, I hope you don’t mind.

rental section

Strategy 1: peak

travel to stagger the peak, the rent to stagger high priced area. Site decision more than half of the passenger flow, so blindly seeking cheap is not a good way. read more

How to do the work circle analysis opened a jewelry store

jewelry stores all over the market, for the public favorite. Investment in such shops, how to do a good job site? In fact, the location of the work contains a lot of content, the first step is the need to join the business circle analysis. Many novice on this issue is not familiar with nature, it requires a lot of learning, come and see.

the reasons to join a successful jewelry store has three aspects: first is the place; second is the third place or places. Therefore, before the establishment of the store must be selected for the analysis of the business district. Its content is: read more

Spectators can also become the customer – Business

shops operating in the process, we can always encounter some customers to shop around, from time to time to ask the price, but there is no a willingness to buy, this is what we usually say. A special customer came in the store the other day. No matter how I greet warmly, she always does not respond to be neither hot nor cold. But did not leave, just in the shop to see the row to see the row.

my husband a little impatient, may feel that this is just an ordinary spectators, nothing to stroll. At the beginning of the customer also asked a question in the west, but did not purchase intention, more sure that we guess. Because I have a customer checkout at the cashier’s desk, the husband by the customer to see, nor how to answer her. read more

How much money is needed to join Arirang Korean barbecue

although the South Korean government affairs to do a lot of trouble, but this does not hinder us to eat Korean food watching this farce, seriously do we eat melon masses. Can eat what good? South Korea is a country with developed economy, people’s pace of life is fast, eat barbecue is a very popular choice, Arirang Korean barbecue is a brand of a barbecue is very rich Korean characteristics, has now come to Chinese, warmly welcomed by consumers.

Arirang Korean barbecue joins need how many money? read more

The three elements of fast food business is what all the business

since it is a fast food restaurant, you need to meet the "fast" and "meal" characteristics, so that they can attract diners who will be able to make the store to get a better operation. In short, if you want to make fast food restaurants popular hot business, but also need to meet certain elements. So, what are the three key elements of fast food restaurants?

fast food has become an indispensable industry in today’s market, the demand for fast food, with today’s pace of life is accelerating, but also get a relatively large increase; if we are to invest in a fast food restaurant, we need in the fast food business in the process. To grasp some key elements, let us fast food in the management process, bring more market share and development give us the opportunity. read more

Luzhou Lao Jiao gold brand strength wine cellar – Trusted

delicious wine, in our lives, there is no way to lack of. No doubt, for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice to join the wine market, is a very choice of market rules business opportunities. So, to choose gold wine cellar Luzhou Lao Jiao join? Brand wine worthy of trust!

Luzhou Lao Jiao Laojiao wine blending, gold master multiple harmonic, constant temperature storage, aging cellars and bearing Luzhou Lao Jiao production concept, heritage brewing techniques, with different cellar ages old wine wine was based, crystal clear, pure as the Qing Wang, cellar fragrant and sweet taste, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind and long aftertaste. How Luzhou Lao Jiao gold wine cellar? Everyone trusted. The strength of the brand liquor as the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, the Chinese people on the table is one of the indispensable drinks. read more

Pregnant women radiation-proof clothes ten brand list – the whole

does not say that many women in pregnancy has been stuck in the post, it is said that people’s daily life of electrical products, enough to cause the attention of pregnant women. In short, with the fast rhythm of life comes, rich in life more and more cannot do without all kinds of electrical appliances without more, although the appliance for human life has brought convenience, but all kinds of electrical appliances will also release certain electromagnetic radiation in the process of using, concerned about the health of the people all know, there is a potential threat to human body the health of electromagnetic radiation. read more

Why become a convenience store 24 hours of operations – net

relative to large supermarkets, convenience stores are indeed kind enough, may not have what promotional activities, but is convenient, in the fast pace of the life, the convenience store begins to attract more and more consumers. Because of this, when people want to buy a bottle of water to quench their thirst, most will go into the convenience store to buy. Compared to large shopping malls, daily life, small and beautiful convenience stores have more distance, time, goods, services and many other advantages, but also more and more popular. read more

North District Finance Bureau actively participate in anti-corruption education activities warning

in order to further promote the construction of anti-corruption and clean government work carried out, three Xining County Finance Bureau jointly held the four district of Xining City financial system second "Golden Finance guards diligence song" the Culture Week activities in the town square, in charge of Financial District vice mayor Jiang collar I was invited to attend the World Alliance guide the culture week opening ceremony. The Culture Week activities to reflect the theme of the premise, form and content rich and colorful, throughout the body to the correct guidance of public opinion and figuring people with noble spirit, give full play to extensive penetration of clean culture, the theory of persuasion and strong appeal, the city’s financial education system of cadres and workers to firmly establish the cultivation of honesty, integrity of the law, diligence and integrity, loyalty, ideas, promote the construction of financial system of clean government and anti-corruption struggle. Pictured: Women’s prison in Qinghai province to visit, saying the scene read more

Attach great importance to careful deployment

— Datong County civil service management information system construction work started

7 25, Datong County, the county civil service management information system construction and training will be held, marking the Datong County civil service management information system construction work started.

according to the provinces about the spirit of the meeting, to ensure completion by the end of 2013, covering the central province, city and county, the national civil service management information system four, municipal organization department requirements in September 12th of this year before the completion of county level construction of civil service database. In accordance with the requirements of the building, each unit needs to collect more than 10 pieces of information, the individual needs to collect more than 120 pieces of information, personal information collection to the cadre of personal personnel files, civil service registration form shall prevail. The basic information database is completed, will realize the unit of civil servants and the overall situation, quantity, structure, distribution, intelligence preparation and vocational flow condition, the use of the query, statistics and supervision function. read more

Reduce accidents occurred in Xining recreational facilities failure emergency drills

4 tourists are sitting on the roller coaster up slowly along the track, suddenly, the roller coaster stopped. Someone exclaimed, "what’s going on, why don’t you move?"" June 30th, Xining people’s Park recreational facilities emergency rescue drill at 15 p.m..

According to the staff,

, said: the fault is a roller coaster ride to the machine to send the chain 15 meters to the accident when the power outage at 20 meters, visitors can not open their own safety valve, trapped in the car. For the safety of tourists, operators to enable emergency plans, with the standby power to open the safety valve, the tourists successfully rescued to the ground." read more

Xining environmental protection 110 noise pollution treatment in the first half of the admissibility

One night

in late May, the Xining municipal environmental protection 110 received a phone call, the other said, near the East District of Zhou Jia Quan, Huangnan construction site day and night by a construction company, seriously affect the life of nearby residents. In the evening, environmental law enforcement officers sealed off the excavator, and make relevant decisions.

it is understood that, from January to June, the Xining municipal environmental protection received a total of 110, and all types of reported 564 cases, of which 424 noise pollution, air pollution accounted for 75%, 98, 36 restaurants smoke pollution, 5 water pollution, waste pollution 1. Why is noise pollution serious? Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the person in charge, from the beginning of April, as the weather gets warmer, the construction site have been started, and the residents of the decoration of the house is more, so the night construction noise pollution complaints accounted for a large proportion. read more

72 classes from Xining new bus station starting

January 22nd, with the official opening of the Xining automobile passenger transport center (hereinafter referred to as the new bus station), the province’s major long-distance bus station bus station will also be adjusted. Which 72 lines of the 548.5 bus, will be from the new bus station transition. The existing 5 long-distance bus terminal will continue to use until the area of 4 passenger terminal station is fully completed and put into use, the existing 5 passenger stations will be transferred unconditionally and exit the stage of history. This is January 20th, reporters from the City Transportation Bureau of transportation management office was informed of the.

(Note: the names behind the figures, said daily from Xining to the bus class destination number, for example, Lanzhou high customer class 10, is from Xining to Lanzhou high off to 10 flights daily; and 0.5 classes, for every other day departure 1 trips. )

the provincial class line 34 class 51.5:

the state (city) where the interurban class line 8 class 197:

– Jigao line 3 class 144 class passengers:

100 in rape flowers scenic spot: Menyuan class 3;

read more

Moss flowers such as rice small peony also open

– the national top ten children’s Welfare Institute, Xining children’s Welfare Institute

what is the most precious emotion in the world? Do you know what they are most eager to get when you are faced with a child who has been disabled and abandoned? In Xining city children’s Welfare Institute, a group of dedicated workers, with their own understanding of life, with love, let children get a family like care and care.


is a 2000 snow in winter night, the police sent a "severe scleredema of newborn, due to multiple organ failure, intracranial hemorrhage, was immediately sent to hospital for two days, did not alleviate the condition, the hospital gave up treatment. In order to save the life of this young, the "mother" who decided to fight a fight and death, 24 hour special care, every two hours to measure temperature and humidity, every two hours with a syringe for feeding time, as time goes on, the child was a little bit back from the dead line. These young mothers not only depicts the moving picture of the maternal love; also with love, full of home workers to serve the people ruziniu style! read more

How much is the cost of opening a snack bar


of our country a lot of snacks, life is a very happy thing in this land, simple snacks are also good business sectors, easier said than done open snack bar, although the shop is small, but perfectly formed, sustained and stable operation so as to. So, how much does it cost to open a snack bar? Here are some of the data analysis, if you are interested in joining the snack business, and there are plans to shop, may wish to follow the small series to see.

is the first to open the snack shop location, a large part is spending on rent, if the company is snack shop election office area, the rent is about 3000 to 8000, so our customer base is in the vicinity of white-collar workers in the restaurant, snack shop environment elegant, consumption price to book should be based on their "level" to "tailor-made", if the lack of corresponding environment decoration level, may cause some loss of customers, the decoration is relatively good. read more

Assining, morality and the construction of the garden – Xining Municipal Corporation xiadou love the

To further promote the work of our city to create a national civilized city, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of our city, the majority of members of the youth volunteer force, actively promote green civilization in the public, improve the quality of public culture and the awareness of environmental protection, leading the whole society everyone concerned, everyone involved, love the green garden, good atmosphere, maintenance of city environment recently. The municipal Party committee, Municipal Youth Volunteers Association volunteers in the Qaidam Park love green green volunteer service activities read more

North District Women’s Federation take measures to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and i

in order to carry out the women’s legal education deeply, let more people understand the women’s knowledge of the law, and earnestly safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the District Women’s Federation and many departments jointly, take various measures to effectively do the work of women and children rights. First, strengthen the legal publicity and education, optimize the social environment of women’s rights. To carry out a wide range of legal publicity and education activities, make full use of "38 rights", "6.26 weeks" International Day against drug abuse and other favorable opportunity to carry out advocacy activities, through the issuance of promotional materials, lectures, on-site consultation services, expanding social influence, and further enhance the people and young women learn law, usage, the law consciousness, improve women’s rights according to law, and actively create a good atmosphere of the whole society to respect women, protect the legitimate rights and interests of women. The two is to give full play to the role of women’s rights stand, increase the intensity of women’s rights. Joint District comprehensive management office, bureau of Justice issued "on Further Strengthening and regulating the notice" North District Women’s rights service station, towns, streets and re adjust the women’s rights station staff, unified issued people’s mediation agreement, give full play to the protection of women’s rights, patience and meticulous work of women petition cases. The three is the establishment of women’s rights volunteers, providing multi-channel rights for women and children. Launch area female judges, procurators and legal workers and staff enthusiastic women work to join, the establishment of women rights organization network more widely, the organization and coordination of all sectors of society to care and support for women’s rights, and for the masses of women to provide legal, policy, psychological counseling service and help to promote family harmony, maintain social stable. Four is to increase the intensity of case mediation, play the advantages of women’s federations and the role of judicial assessors, and actively participate in a number of women repeatedly petition or must be resolved through judicial means to resolve the case and audit. To help poor women in need of timely contact with the district Judicial Bureau to provide legal aid. The major or serious family violence cases combined with comprehensive management, judicial process. At the same time continue to improve the quality of human rights advocates, to persuade the petitioners through rational and legitimate way to express the interests of the demands, to better protect the rights of the masses of women. Five is the establishment of the court of women’s rights in the district court, composed of civil, juvenile court judges. In the case of infringement of the rights and interests of women and children in the trial, the judge to the principle of mediation priority, efforts to reduce the cost of litigation, simplify the proceedings, for women living in poverty reduction of litigation fees. Efforts to resolve conflicts and disputes through mediation means to effectively maintain and build a harmonious family relations and social relations. Six is to play the role of petition window, effectively resolve social conflicts. The District Women’s Federation adhere to the one hand, a hand grasping rights "approach, first, the petition work as to resolve social contradictions, making the petition reception system, earnestly implement the basic functions of women’s rights, and actively resolve the unstable factors, and properly solve the problem of channel access, to maintain social stability. In the first half, the District Women’s Federation received a total of 20 cases of letters and visits, of which there are 10 cases of domestic violence, the other for family conflicts, child support disputes, treatment rate of up to 100%, mediation success rate of 95%. read more

Xining City Board of education to start the school barrier free facilities renovation project

To promote the city to create a national civilized city work carried out in depth, the city government plans to invest in schools to improve the barrier free facilities

to promote the city to create a national civilized city work carried out in depth, the city government plans to invest in schools to improve the barrier free facilities. For the implementation of the project, in March 1st, the city Bureau of Education organized Juzhu 20 schools of public building barrier free facilities will start the implementation of barrier free facilities renovation project of the significance, content, methods, transformation of school reform in time arrangements. Meeting the requirements of the implementation of the project of school early in the project to strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, strengthen project supervision in the construction process, to ensure the safety of teachers and students, to ensure the normal school teaching order, coordination of barrier free facilities for the completion of the task at the end of June. read more