How to make your cold drink shop stand out

do business in the summer, or open a cold drink shop the best. Scorching summer, the market demand for cold drinks every day, which contains a lot of business opportunities. Many franchisees to see the business opportunities in this industry, have joined them. The cold drink industry is very competitive, so how can you make your cold drink shop stand out?

beverage store name:

regardless of company or shop, named is very important. The name of mediocrity and eye-catching, absolutely related to the future of the business is good or bad. Therefore, the name must not be let down. The store name should be easy to remember, easy to understand, read to the best catchy, have good moral, is not uncommon, and do not have the ambiguity of word homophonic, two to four words. To know the way to sell products surprise is to arouse public curiosity, encourage them to explore new products to sell you. This is the first and most important step in your success. Naming is one of the surprise means, in this work under the foot, will bring great benefits to your business.

100 square shop as an example: sealing machine, disposable cups and Straw, capping, Straw box (package for takeout), tap water filter (filter to direct drinking that it will find to save a lot of time and cost for you), 1 freezers, ice machine, cups (1 high body glass, coffee cup, goblet……), ice machine, teapot, (drink tea with a small tea pot with the guests, some of the relatively large put in the water or in the kitchen to cook tea with boiling water bile) 10 sets of water table, chairs around 1. If you are going to make some special drinks or coffee tea or coffee machine (even if you do not have a coffee machine also want to use an induction cooker to boil water or coffee)

> two for decoration

Our feelings brother is Zheng brother inspirational Entrepreneurship

Zhengzhou University a "brother feelings" in snowy night night singing, bring them warmth. Playing in the evening of the campus, seems to be a very lonely thing, in fact, the feelings can not. He was brother, through business earned 2 suites 3 cars in three years.


11 23, Zhengzhou ushered in the first snow this winter, the minimum temperature dropped to minus 2 degrees, the night, the new campus of Zhengzhou University Houde Avenue intersection, a boy holding a guitar, attracted many students listen. "So sentimental song, listen to the whole people warm!" Student Sun Lijin recorded this scene with a cell phone.

this winter is the senior song with

together to see the snowThe

"an umbrella can not cover all of his shoulders, arms are covered with snow, the feeling so that this winter is not cold." Micro-blog, a student made a picture of Yiren and snowy night pictures, many students comments forwarded.

@fireorflyer: This is the University, you will never forget the good memories.

@ Xiangyang one fool: after graduation, leave, love.

@zzu small Qi son: this winter there are seniors singing together to see the snow.

@ sang static: sing time, sing the youth.

I said I

@ Liu Binyu: this feeling let snow is more beautiful, the feeling that we don’t fear the cold. As a senior Yiren point a praise, heard playing behind the fingers are not perception, but a song. Good warm!

"is the spur of the moment, think of snow is a particularly romantic moment, should share with you, thank you very much for students in the snow to accompany me, listen to me sing." The snowy night singing sparked heated debate on micro-blog, Zhang Yiren someaccidents.

12 months, Zheng He is going back to a livehouse shop, providing live music and providing free musical instrument teaching for each activity. This store is not profitable, I just want a more intense atmosphere of music to his alma mater, providing a place for love to dream together music alumni."

Human resources and social department cancel the series of professional qualifications to reduce the

in order to decentralization, to guide entrepreneurs into all walks of life innovation, the Department issued a notice to cancel a series of occupation qualification, to remove unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation.

issued the original labor security department in 2000 of the "employing skilled workers" (the Ministry of labor and social security provisions of Decree No. sixth, hereinafter referred to as No. 6) regulations 90 to occupation qualification certificate of employment occupation. With the deepening of the reform of the administrative system and the transformation of government functions, the provisions of the State Council does not meet the requirements of the relevant provisions of the administrative examination and approval and clean-up of professional qualifications.

country according to the market changes and the needs of the community to actively promote the occupation reform, stimulate market supervision and elimination mechanism, so as to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and construction. Resolutely strict standards, procedures, will be illegal, non-compliance, unreasonable qualifications to shut out.

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How to earn 300 a year salary of rural boys how to earn an annual salary of $1 million 500 thousand

before you start, learn more about the entrepreneurial path of others, for their own is also a help. After 80, this is known as the generation of the beat generation, in the entrepreneurial road, will have what kind of miracle? He is how, from a monthly salary of 300 rural guy, earn an annual salary of 1 million 500 thousand?

1990) -2002 years respectively in the small village and small town, town, town junior high school. With a pen. The system that is 18 years old, know no books, there is no way out, so I feel myself in that year to study ah, now is a misunderstanding, but also special thanks to the misunderstanding, the age of 18, at the age of 18, at least let their efforts, especially hard to afford.

2002 years of college entrance examination is very depressed, the three lines, but the three is very expensive, to 16000 a year (notably Zhejiang Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo 10000, then known as the noble school), was home to the house was not short of money (rent, no land development over it what is more, no small and hill Parish, now think of the original house is very wise).

second years, no, see, it is under the guise of distribution of graduates enrollment, the rise of this seemingly meaning is not very large, the university enrollment, undergraduate students are plenty, reading is not completely out. I can’t do this anymore.

Zhengzhou City, the selection of one hundred selected models received a prize of 5000 yuan

The role of

model is endless, not only to the spirit of the latter’s inspiration, in the practical experience can also be used to learn from more examples later. You create a guest in Zhengzhou who pay attention to, Zhengzhou will be named one hundred models, who can receive 5000 yuan prize.

it is reported that the outstanding entrepreneurial project requirements of small investment, small risk. The unemployed, self occupation veterans, urban self employment of demobilized cadres, within two years of graduating high school students and college graduates to serve the grassroots, the migrant workers and other eight categories of personnel of individual industrial and commercial households or small and medium enterprises are eligible to participate.

registration Tel: 0371-86056588, 86033699; registration address: Business Incubator Park No. 299 Zhengzhou Road, Songshan.

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The means of using social media to sell

Internet marketing campaign constantly, thousands of businesses in order to quickly make the brand well known is the tricks, and can effectively carry out sales in social media, let visitors into the store consumers really need some strategies and methods.

about how social media tells the story of the brand, develop sales strategy and attract users to pay, here are some precautions you need to carefully study.


if your existing customers have encountered some problems or difficulties, you will have to overcome these difficulties: the purpose of the content, 3-5 kind of way to solve problem for them. Think of yourself as a bridge, let the customer with your help to success.


don’t the same again using fixed-point automatic release. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s not good enough. You need to publish real-time content for specific events and interact with the audience. In the Internet world, people want to communicate with the other end of the line is a living person, not a machine.

is the promotion of the product at the same time or share, don’t forget to pay attention to the user to publish content. Interact with fans, do one of the ways.

The candle gallery into business good business opportunities


said now need less blackout candles, but special occasions still can not be a lack of candle existence, so small a candle, the original investment is undoubtedly a very good choice for investment in specific circumstances, and let us see!

before, in most people’s essentials, just a tool for lighting candles, but with the progress of society, people’s quality of life is more and more high, now, enjoy the life of high quality concept has been very common, candle art has become an indispensable part of life in fashion. People gradually found that it is simple, but it is life.

the candle’s history can be traced back to thousands of years ago, this is the crystallization of human’s ability and cleverness. Whether it is in the past or present, the most basic feeling of a candle is hope and romance. So, "passion" became the name. I want to make this kind of human beings can appreciate the unique beauty and warmth to every one who loves life. Choose a quiet place, especially in the evening, there are still a lot of quiet street and the villa. Or choose a more luxurious commercial street.

there is a candle shaped candle sized so thick, cylindrical, rectangular, also have tapered. The surface is decorated with different decorations, there are dried flowers, wheat, starfish, shells, apples, oranges, and even coffee beans, coffee beans lit candles, but also smell the aroma of coffee! The flower candle flower shape candle can win the girl’s favorite. Pink, purple, made of rose or camellia, on a candlestick, more charming.

Two good ideas for Rural Entrepreneurship

want to be successful in rural entrepreneurship, we must learn to tap the unique entrepreneurial resources in rural areas, the development of the economy, can be faster and more smoothly on the road to get rich. The following are two very suitable for rural areas to develop a good idea of entrepreneurship, interested in creating a customer can try.

, a rural cottage rental or sale of

So now that

they are easy to accept, hut for tourists pastimes, such as accommodation, dining, leisure and entertainment etc..

such small house materials are our rural wood or bamboo do, the cost is not high, the key is to design the small room to the novel, just enough features. The market price is good.

two, rural wedding and event venue management

in a meadow, a long carpet to the wedding scene, with ornaments, flowers, there are many guests, yes, this is many people want the wedding scene.

in fact, in the rural areas is possible, to find a relatively flat, turf, build some beautiful facilities.

A novel small house,

In addition, the wedding wedding reception:

There are a lot of

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The investment budget and marketing suggestion

retro fashion trend now the most popular fashion notes, especially in accessories, jewelry, it seems that more attention and favor of handmade products, such as the most popular hand embroidered what. So open a handmade jewelry shop is a good investment projects. Here is an analysis of how to open a handmade jewelry store specific situation?

handmade jewelry shop

if you open a handmade embroidery shop, on the one hand to sell their own production of embroidery, on the other hand, you can also open an embroidery club, looking for some simple tricks for girls to learn, collect the appropriate membership dues.

handmade jewelry shop investment budget:

a 20 square meter room, the decoration is noble and elegant, has the thick Chinese cultural atmosphere. Rent and renovation costs should be controlled in less than 30 thousand yuan. 3 good at embroidery workers (to find suitable candidates in some of the poor performance of the silk factory), conditions should have the spirit of innovation, and has good literary accomplishment, so that we can according to different customers design different embroidery, embroidery shop full of taste and value. Start-up funds of about 40 thousand yuan.

handmade jewelry shop marketing recommendations:

1. embroidery varieties not too single, there should be a variety of trees, flowers, and form the myriad people, animal and so on, and is guaranteed with thread stitch traced, a riot of colours reliable quality, quality first;

2. pay attention to after-sales service. For example, the customer for a long time because of embroidery problems, to help them free repair; when I was browsing the shop in the embroidery of the customers, marketers can tell customers how to maintain the embroidery and how to select suitable to the contented embroidery embroidery shop reflected little knowledge, humanity;

3. can open up club activities, etc.. Pottery, knot in the domestic popular model is worth learning.

how to open a handmade jewelry shop, in fact, the specific scope of the jewelry store specific products, such as embroidery, pottery, what is now very hot. The above summary on the opening of a handmade jewelry store simple budget and marketing recommendations, the investment can refer to and in accordance with their actual preferences to make decisions.

Encountered embarrassing things might use opportunelyhumor to ease the whole

daily life are likely to continue to encounter embarrassing things, not to mention doing business, embarrassing thing is more common. However, if there is such an embarrassing thing to do? If not resolved, I am afraid it will have an impact on the operation of the business. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce a skill for everyone, this is to use humor to solve.

boss, does this sunscreen work?"

, of course!"


"you see my face every day, delivery of the wind and rain tree, not black? Besides, you’re such a beautiful woman!"

"you’re funny……"


shop so far, with the number of such small humor to let customers happy shopping, can not remember.

customers around me that I am very funny, and I am willing to do business. The ancients said, "a man without a smiling face Hugh shop", I think, in addition to the smiling face, to see the customer, as the owner of the shop you need to have a sense of humor, to bring you happiness, it can not only resolve some embarrassments, embarrassing things, also left a deep impression to the customer remember.

a few days ago, an old aunt came to the store to buy things, nothing to talk about a few years ago, a few years ago, the people to laugh over……

that was the day of the fall of 2010, I went to the new countryside where the aunt to deliver, because the rice to be received, I will take some cotton gloves to buy. After delivery, I opened a stall at the entrance of the village to the big tree hem, shouting —

"busy to wear gloves, do not hurt the hand, durability is good! The gloves of the novel are coming!"

a moment, before the stall on a lot of big sister aunt aunt.

a look so many people, I am more spiritual, and picked up a pair of gloves in his hand, and waved —

cheap, reliable quality……"

at this time, only to hear "coax" a burst of laughter.

I see everyone staring at my hand, hurriedly put on a look.

originally, the middle finger of the glove is scattered, and the finger is pointed out. What is "reliable"?! Of course, to get everyone burst out laughing.