Let venture investors immediately earn the first gold

venture for many investors, the market has a lot of good business options. But entrepreneurial project is good, how to get the first pot of gold in their lives is very important. How to earn first pot of gold?

"to start, first of all to the analysis of the trend of the times." Chen Zhaoyi believes that among the many conditions, the situation is the most basic work for young people to do. The integration of globalization and regionalization, the promotion of science and technology, the vigorous development of emerging markets, is an important factor in the progress of the world today. We have to closely follow the mainstream of the world to start the business. Especially in today’s science contains too many cutting-edge technology, and constantly change the renovation, such as 3G, Web2.0, GPS etc., in times of change, which inevitably contains huge business opportunities."

Yichang high tech Zone to lead the public Entrepreneurship

good entrepreneurial environment is one of the main reasons to attract the majority of entrepreneurs to invest, especially in such a public venture period, so far, Yichang is trying to promote public innovation and entrepreneurship.

in Yichang high tech Zone, like Li Chune chase young entrepreneurial dreams hundreds. Young entrepreneurs to attract the influx of entrepreneurial opportunities in addition to the era of innovation in Yichang, as well as high tech Zone highland effect and innovation platform.

Surging wave of

sail, multi-creation space very warm

into the Yichang arts and the national science and technology business incubator, a creative eye-opening let reporters. Returnees entrepreneurship, college students entrepreneurship, science and technology research and development, have brought together Alibaba Yichang Industrial Zone, College Students Network Entrepreneurship Center, Taobao characteristics of China Yichang Pavilion, their dream from here to sail.

the beginning, high rents had let them off. At this time, by the Yichang high tech Zone Administrative Committee, the Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau jointly created the first college students in Yichang zero cost entrepreneurial center, opened the door for them. Center for the enterprise to provide free office facilities, free of charge to provide 500 square meters of warehouse, photo studio, multi-functional conference room. Business center is also actively matchmaking, contact business, agriculture and other departments to carry out business matchmaking, help the company to expand the business, declare support policy.

Is it feasible to open a pharmacy Online

is now a lot of people although there are a variety of venture capital plan, but because they can not find the right business opportunities, leading to the idea of entrepreneurship, but can not be put into practical action. So, here Xiaobian recommend an opportunity to open a pharmacy online feasible? And let’s get to know each other.

Is it feasible for

to open a pharmacy on the Internet? In the busy modern society, people’s work pressure, life pressure is great, which brings a series of psychological problems, set up some website, to carry out psychological counseling and treatment will be able to meet the needs of this group to a great extent.

Is it feasible for

to open a pharmacy on the Internet? In the online store is a picture with a different picture, customers see only ", in which the users can choose their own name, to purchase the number of drugs, if not for the medicine, also can give the site responsible for the pharmacist consultation.

to facilitate customers to buy the network to take 1 weeks, 7 days, 1 days, 24 hours working mode. The website has opened a shopping Q & a column, with 24 hours of dedicated phone calls and answering questions from customers. Commendable is that, for many people the traditional mode of consumption, the network station cash on delivery of the scope of the opening to the domestic 450 cities.

is now a lot of people have encountered such a problem, a little wrong, but because the surrounding life no pharmacy, or because of the busy work does not have the time to go to the pharmacy, or some is not too embarrassed to say something, then, is an online pharmacy that can meet the nature to the needs of more people, so as to be able to have a good development of popular.

Which projects are suitable for small business

now, especially on the market of the project, only to find the project is likely to find success, what is the general project and how investors should consider for the project before the start of the industrial market environment should have a comprehensive understanding of what the project for small business?

is related to the investigation, the market size of about 80 billion yuan, the maternal and infant baby souvenir market every year, as a branch of one of the market, the market prospect is very wide.

color consultant studio

color consulting is based on "color seasonal theory", the people born with the skin color, hair color, eye color and other characteristics of the human body scientific correspondence, for different people to find the most suitable color group, complete harmony costumes and personal natural conditions collocation. According to the customer’s appearance, shape and character, professional characteristics, to find the most suitable style. Because the color consultation is not universal, so the price is higher, the color consultant is best to refine the service split, charge fees for different services. As for the promotion strategy, according to financial resources, you can choose TV, newspapers and other means, but the activities of the scene to start some better.

"Bobo" urban boutique

"Bobo" group (Bobo) is the second Hippie (hippise), yuppie (yuppies) after a group of the most fashionable modern city. Now some shops for Bobos do business, selling exquisite cups, slippers, ornaments and other necessities of life. These products price is very high, a common good Kylix tens of dollars, but they are still willing to buy bobo. First, operators must have the "Bobo" view. Secondly, Bobo boutique decoration simple, location is the key. Again, the classification of goods to be fine, to taste.

"animation" store

car accessories shop

surge in private car ownership leads to rising car accessories. Many motorists (especially female owners) are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to decorate their car. How to invest in car jewelry store service is very important, as far as possible to create a warm feeling for customers, because today’s customer service requirements are higher. Second shop location should be selected in the traffic flow is relatively large sections, store decoration to attract customers to attract personalized fashion. Investment mode

How to develop the characteristics of home products

Chinese specialty products number lot, vast territory and abundant resources, but many products have been just a nest in one place, can not be spread, there is no way to bring more profits to the local people. Such a background, it is necessary to carry out professional development. However, many people have the intention to pass home products, but do not know how to develop. Here, the small series on the successful development of a case to see if it is necessary to do this to help investors.

one afternoon in the summer, Zhang Silai’s office found me. He laughs, say you will, leadership, planning, help me think of a way, I want to do a little business.

during my work in Chishui, the division of tourism development. Four is the Chishui Tourism Bureau temporarily employed drivers, out of the rural young people, more than and 20 years old, medium tall, very sturdy, round face, dark, not much, good temper, Hanhan thick appearance, said a laugh, people are diligent, eat bitter.

what did I do for him?

I said, the Chishui scenic spot inside, visitors to the farmhouse meal, farmers are not free to use insect tea to entertain guests? On Chishui market at present did not see you to sell insect tea, where to buy farm, to sell the package, is a rare thing? Currently estimated acquisition price is not high. Come, grading packing up and sell various products, pricing, packaging grades are not the same. To design gifts, general tourist goods, as far as possible more styles and varieties. If done, earn a little money no problem.

this way, rent a store, your wife monopoly Chishui boss dung. You, is responsible for running outside of the business, coordinate relations, how good! As for the starting capital well, there are tens of thousands of dollars is enough.

listen to me to say, four Zhang Jin, Han Xiao, said the leadership, anyway, to help people to help in the end, what packaging design, product name, advertising ah, what what, you have to help me to think well, you know, I do not understand the low culture, anyway, all on you the. I’ll do what you say.

so I talked to him about it. It is named as "product, Chishui longevity, advertising language, insect tea" is designed to: "Chishui longevity insect tea essence". Packing, I introduced a friend of Zunyi opened a printing plant, you can help him design. Zhang four went away happily.

although reading less, culture is not high, but this guy has a little savvy, strong execution, fast action. Product packaging design version soon played out, brought to me, very good, and the market price of the product is very coordinated positioning. Zhang Si said he was talking to the advertising agency in Chishui to discuss the price. I recommend

Qinghai Ramen why so cattle

do you know the difference between "Qinghai Ramen" and "Lanzhou Ramen"? Is not the question asked silly, not locals, or Qinghai is not very familiar with the people really do not know how to answer. This question is a big ask, want to know what is going on? Let me have a look at it.

3 month 10 days, President Xi Jinping participate in the discussion of the Qinghai delegation, representatives about the precise poverty, the Qinghai poverty alleviation initiatives, including the export of labor services was formed in the process of economic Hand-Pulled Noodle like " " such a brand. General secretary also asked about the origin of Qinghai ramen, and the difference between the Lanzhou ramen, operating the situation of ramen personnel.

heard that now there are 2.8 ramen shop in Qinghai, there are 180 thousand people across the country engaged in the operation of ramen, many people have thus become entrepreneurs, the general secretary of this affirmative.

a bowl of noodles to promote 180 thousand employment

18 million people in the eastern region is nothing, but a total of about five million people in Qinghai, the number of people is not a small number of 180 thousand. Especially, there are a lot of these 180 thousand people are from Qinghai Longhua County, a total of only tens of thousands of people in this county.

Longhua harsh natural environment, the annual average temperature of 2.2 degrees, the average rainfall of 470 mm, drought, hail natural disasters frequented, is a state-level poverty-stricken counties. Can be such a county, in the past 30 years, the Ramen business to do all over the country.

at first, the people of Longhua family leave the hometown, pull noodle shop just to make a living, a name also called Qinghai Hand-Pulled Noodle. Later, the greater the reputation of Lanzhou ramen noodles, simply put on the "Lanzhou beef noodles" signs, business is growing, "Lanzhou beef noodles" has become a household name brand.

a clerk from Longhua, they were three brothers and sisters at home, can not afford to read high school graduation, followed by fellow learned to do ramen, are now in Beijing.

" when I was a kid, it was too hard. Now we can make a lot of money for three people. " this is less than 20 years old young man said, in the future to learn the skills, we have to set up their own shops, there are so many places in China, you can shop.

Qinghai Ramen how so cattle


Qinghai Ramen success of course, inseparable from the sweat and efforts of the people of Qinghai, but also behind the government’s economic support.


Jewelry store how to attract good business

open a jewelry store is not difficult, but in order to attract more good business, or need to spend a lot of thought in terms of business skills. But if a shop does not operate well, then may make money, but the latter will slowly decline. How to operate jewelry store? Let’s take a look.

jewelry stores the second is to if not high-grade areas of high quality and inexpensive, jewelry stores, things will be cheaper, people live people from everything, if things are too expensive, some people buy once, will not go to your store. But it is necessary to complete the goods, the grade is complete, but according to the level of consumption of the district to determine the amount of each class of goods.

now join the national jewelry industry market competition pressure is very large, more than the need to pay attention to the hand, investors can also consider the shop to make some breakthroughs. Generally speaking, jewelry stores in the online business is not subject to space constraints. Through the network platform to further explore the market. Jewelry store operators can be used to join the national jewelry shop and jewelry stores in conjunction with the way to operate. Be able to do a good job in the development of the network market, not only can improve sales, publicity, but also to bring their own store revenue.


How to join the clothing store consumer groups

joined the clothing store, many issues to be considered, the first is the positioning of the consumer groups. Therefore, the positioning of the consumer groups, it is necessary to understand what is the customer we need, even if people who will patronize stores are not clear, to enhance the popularity will only thankless. So, when we join the clothing store should be how to locate consumer groups?

1) gender factor. To open a clothing store to determine whether the men’s clothing store or women’s clothing store. According to the differences in consumer preferences, men pay more attention to the quality, once the fancy will not care about the purchase, while women will bargain, but the higher the frequency of purchase. Men and women’s gender is inherent, can not be avoided. The beautiful woman complex made generous, the pursuit of elegant manner that men spend money like water. Investment projects clothing is a good choice.

2) age factor. In fact, what age, there is what kind of consumer grade, what kind of personality characteristics of the people, to match the style of clothing are not the same. Taking this into account, the target group of clothing stores may be more extensive than the individual store. However, it is important to note that the risk factors of goods in the store.

3) income factor, which is a critical factor, is aimed at the purchasing power of customers. Because the income is different, even if the sex, the same age, it can withstand the price of clothing is also different. The definition of customer’s income level, directly affect the clothing pricing level, white-collar workers as the main customers and to pink as the main customers, the price difference will be greater.

the general direction of the business, to more peace of mind. Before you join the clothing store, you must first do a good job of positioning, set a clear goal, know who are their customers, who have come to the store shopping, the clothing store business has great marketing.


related recommendations

Want to be an entrepreneur, please follow the following recommendations

wants to be an entrepreneur, but it’s not a simple thing. If you want to be an entrepreneur, start a startup. The boundaries of responsibilities no formal company, you will have more opportunities to understand and operation mechanism of the organization, you can not only see the start-up enterprises are faced with the problem, maybe you can experience success and failure, and can learn from. Here is some advice for Entrepreneurs:

– with the breakthrough of thinking / />

set exciting vision of entrepreneurs must be able to grasp the overall situation, can lead the organization in focus on the long-term goals and flexible response to short-term tasks.

– good at selling their own entrepreneurs must be able to successfully sell his ideas to the team members, customers, investors and even the whole world.

– create accept failure errors and failures of

– do set an example of integrity of all team members should work hard, consistent, respect for others. Team leaders should lead by example, to achieve their own expectations set for the team. Remember, the reputation is persuasive and investors want to be able to invest confidently.