Let venture investors immediately earn the first gold

venture for many investors, the market has a lot of good business options. But entrepreneurial project is good, how to get the first pot of gold in their lives is very important. How to earn first pot of gold?

"to start, first of all to the analysis of the trend of the times." Chen Zhaoyi believes that among the many conditions, the situation is the most basic work for young people to do. The integration of globalization and regionalization, the promotion of science and technology, the vigorous development of emerging markets, is an important factor in the progress of the world today. We have to closely follow the mainstream of the world to start the business. Especially in today’s science contains too many cutting-edge technology, and constantly change the renovation, such as 3G, Web2.0, GPS etc., in times of change, which inevitably contains huge business opportunities."

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s it feasible to open a pharmacy Online

is now a lot of people although there are a variety of venture capital plan, but because they can not find the right business opportunities, leading to the idea of entrepreneurship, but can not be put into practical action. So, here Xiaobian recommend an opportunity to open a pharmacy online feasible? And let’s get to know each other.

Is it feasible for

to open a pharmacy on the Internet? In the busy modern society, people’s work pressure, life pressure is great, which brings a series of psychological problems, set up some website, to carry out psychological counseling and treatment will be able to meet the needs of this group to a great extent. read more

Which projects are suitable for small business

now, especially on the market of the project, only to find the project is likely to find success, what is the general project and how investors should consider for the project before the start of the industrial market environment should have a comprehensive understanding of what the project for small business?

is related to the investigation, the market size of about 80 billion yuan, the maternal and infant baby souvenir market every year, as a branch of one of the market, the market prospect is very wide. read more

How to develop the characteristics of home products

Chinese specialty products number lot, vast territory and abundant resources, but many products have been just a nest in one place, can not be spread, there is no way to bring more profits to the local people. Such a background, it is necessary to carry out professional development. However, many people have the intention to pass home products, but do not know how to develop. Here, the small series on the successful development of a case to see if it is necessary to do this to help investors.

one afternoon in the summer, Zhang Silai’s office found me. He laughs, say you will, leadership, planning, help me think of a way, I want to do a little business. read more

Qinghai Ramen why so cattle

do you know the difference between "Qinghai Ramen" and "Lanzhou Ramen"? Is not the question asked silly, not locals, or Qinghai is not very familiar with the people really do not know how to answer. This question is a big ask, want to know what is going on? Let me have a look at it.

3 month 10 days, President Xi Jinping participate in the discussion of the Qinghai delegation, representatives about the precise poverty, the Qinghai poverty alleviation initiatives, including the export of labor services was formed in the process of economic Hand-Pulled Noodle like " " such a brand. General secretary also asked about the origin of Qinghai ramen, and the difference between the Lanzhou ramen, operating the situation of ramen personnel. read more

How to join the clothing store consumer groups

joined the clothing store, many issues to be considered, the first is the positioning of the consumer groups. Therefore, the positioning of the consumer groups, it is necessary to understand what is the customer we need, even if people who will patronize stores are not clear, to enhance the popularity will only thankless. So, when we join the clothing store should be how to locate consumer groups?

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Want to be an entrepreneur please follow the following recommendations

wants to be an entrepreneur, but it’s not a simple thing. If you want to be an entrepreneur, start a startup. The boundaries of responsibilities no formal company, you will have more opportunities to understand and operation mechanism of the organization, you can not only see the start-up enterprises are faced with the problem, maybe you can experience success and failure, and can learn from. Here is some advice for Entrepreneurs:

– with the breakthrough of thinking / />

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How to open a classic gift shop

The first step is to choose a

venture project has broad prospects, but many people are very confused, don’t know which one is good, in fact, open an antique gift shop may be very good, there are many places there have been such a store, how can a specific kind of prospects, let’s take a look together!

project contains the scope of classical arts and crafts gifts is quite broad, from combs, vases, plates, cushions, bags and other daily necessities, to screen, cabinets, dresser and other large pieces of furniture, to the Paperweight, Yantai, pen and other office supplies, including one by one. Whether it is a pure classical style, or the combination of popular elements of modern products, as long as the show of classical style, Oriental flavor, you can move into the classical gift shop.

1.: suggestions on management technique, the full flavor is one of the classical gifts a big appeal, only the classics can evoke a strong desire to buy gifts. read more

How does a clothing store boss approach a customer


can be close to the customer, obtain the trust of customers, so the sale of clothing store is a lot easier, can quickly promote the transaction, this is a skilled job, here and share some basic skills close to the customer:

"three meters" principle that their time with three meters to greet customers and customers in the distance, smile, eye contact. If you do not pay attention to this, and ignore the customer, it will lead to the loss of 3 single business every day, if the average of $300, then a year of up to more than 320 thousand. So I hope all of you here, can take the initiative to greet customers. read more

The current survey of Chinese College Students Entrepreneurship unprecedented enthusiasm for Entrepr

for the latest batch of college graduates in 2015 launched a comprehensive business survey to understand the current situation of college students entrepreneurship. The report shows that the current college students in the eastern part of the love of Western love technology catering.

75 directly under the Ministry of Education recently announced the 2015 college graduates employment quality report (hereinafter referred to as "report"). Among them, the majority of colleges and universities have announced their own school graduates in 2015 to start their own business. Chinese Youth Daily reporter found the following conclusions: through combing the Eastern University Entrepreneurship and a higher proportion of the industry is slightly different, education, information technology, cultural and creative entrepreneurship is the main field of college students, most college entrepreneurship guidance curriculum is becoming mature. read more

Do business also need to pay attention to the news

shop really really hard work on it? I would like to have the relevant business experience should be aware of, if the current affairs, do not understand the news, which is also very detrimental to the business of the store business. I usually do not drink, do not play mahjong, the only hobby is watching news. Business is not busy, I can sit in front of the computer to Sina, Tencent news page to see two or three hours.

this is not enough, CCTV 1, CCTV2, CCTV13 these three with the political, news, economic channels, it is my favorite. I think it is important to look at the news, hot news, the party and the government issued a major policy, which has a business, there is a chance, and even related to our small business jobs. I remember one night in December of that year, when I surf the Internet to see a cow milk was found on the news of carcinogens. read more

t is not good by what can attract customers

now people know if you want to successfully operate a shop, also need to store a better location. However, there are many shops in the shop is not good. This shop is not in the main street, but the guests are always in an endless stream. What does it attract consumers? In the visit, I learned that the store does have a good practice:

adhere to honest business, taking into account the diversity. This shop’s boss and the boss are young, with a young energetic, in business, you insist on genuine goods at a fair price. Tobacco, snacks, beverages, daily calls, everything neat, colorful goods are attractive. read more

What is the basic premise of entrepreneurship is not investment mentality

no matter what to do, the state of mind is very important, especially entrepreneurship, especially so. Now popular online business, because of its virtual sex, sometimes in the online store to meet a buyer, communicate with worn-out lips for a day, they disappeared. At this time, a huge sense of loss often frustrated some people’s hearts.

44 years, numerous domestic and foreign teachers use various Marshal training methods, all can not China to the World Cup soccer hall. Magic coach Milutinovic, "Happy football" concept, for the first time in 2002 to lead our team out of Asia, to the world. A taut string may be hard to play read more

Jiangsu how to deal with the phenomenon of large grain production losses

in our lives, there are many large grain, we commonly known as the big farmers, but due to the harsh natural environment this year, resulting in a large number of large grain loss. Jintan District, Changzhou Town, Luo Village large grain Wu Zhiming, contracted 600 acres of farmland transfer, rent per year $800 / acre, the average loss of more than 400 yuan per mu in the first half of this year, a total loss of $200 thousand. He said that this year’s summer grain all surrounding large grain losses, many large fields do not want to return. According to the Yangzhou Municipal Commission for agriculture and Industry Office of the survey, the first half of the city’s largest grain losses reached more than half. read more

The two families will see how retail retailers

time is different, the operating conditions of each store will be different, and in order to make the business of the shop is better, no matter what kind of special holiday, naturally also need to do a good job of stocking. The passage of time, time shuttle, blink of an eye, the golden nine silver ten, but also to. The farmers are busy with the autumn harvest, while the retailers are busy storing the goods they need. Be well prepared for the double. As a retail household, most of us are looking for a holiday income. So we’ll have to get this bucket of gold. read more