Zhengzhou Central Plains to provide help for college students entrepreneurship

employment problems of college graduates every year will cause concern. In recent years, the state vigorously promote entrepreneurship to promote employment policies to encourage college students to solve the employment problem through entrepreneurship, and achieved good results.

to effectively do the work of employment and entrepreneurship, the Central Plains area Duocuobingju, open channels, tap the potential, to create a good employment environment.

The Central Plains area >

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Small series of proposals to female entrepreneurs

in recent years, in the army of entrepreneurship, we found that more and more female entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs have their unique advantages, entrepreneurial success examples abound. So what do women entrepreneurs need to pay attention to? Here are ten tips for female entrepreneurs.

1, do not start to set their own position is very high, it is necessary to slowly. For example, to open a small commodity store, store location, the items are in line with the tastes of the market, it is not difficult to make money. Of course, the premise is that you have to have that vision. read more

Wuhan employee loans ceiling raised to 100 thousand yuan

now together among the employees by the government to encourage entrepreneurship, in many places for some employees are given a lot of business facilitation measures in Wuhan, recently raised some workers business loan amount.

28 day, the Wuhan Municipal Federation of trade unions issued a series of real estate workers entrepreneurship incentive policy, the loan amount of not more than 70 thousand yuan, up to $100 thousand.

it is reported that, according to the new policy, the business loan amount never more than 70 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan. Partnership or the establishment of small businesses, can be no more than 100 thousand yuan per person, the total amount of not more than $500 thousand of the amount of bundled loans, giving the maximum amount of interest for the longest 2 years. If you can repay on time, you can give second venture guarantee loans, loan period of up to 2 years, the full discount. read more

The prospect of environmental protection industry has a broad prospect of joining the brand

today, a lot of people are very want into the environmental protection industry, but no matter what kind of business are, first we need to make many visits, and a very important day. The location of the shop is also very particular about, then join the environmental protection projects should be how to choose?

to select the residents gathered and population concentrated areas, not less in residents and slower growth in resident area


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Open a pasta fast-food franchise business skills

pasta in a large proportion of China’s traditional food culture, food and beverage industry is also small investors willing to invest in the market, now with the Chinese fast food is popular at home, pasta fast-food stores also quickly hot up, because the investment is small, but everyone can do, so also attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, then pasta fast food stores how to operate? The whole network introduces some skills. />

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What business taboo

There are a lot of people after

in the choice of entrepreneurship is often put all of the money, but because of the lack of attention to something in the business, eventually lead to ruin, and even ruin, really sorry. So, what should be paid attention to when starting a business? Here, Xiao Bian will analyze one by one.

1, avoid excessive trust in others, do not personally conduct market research.

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Energy-saving join future

now, in the food and beverage market, the small business investment in the choice of food and beverage industry, is a very wise choice of business. Delicious snacks to join the project, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. Heard that join the energy-saving project, is very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner!

now the catering market business is very good, but the food is one of them, all kinds of types of snacks, energy-saving is one of the classic. Energy-saving projects, it has a unique product characteristics and taste, so by the majority of customers are love and. The franchise has obvious advantages, has become a small business in the field of meat and potatoes read more

Alliance to join the chain to solve the three major contradictions

many novice entrepreneurs in the industry after joining agent into the floor, will soon feel the pressure, in fact, the main pressure comes from the following contradictions: contradiction, stores and dealers in the factory and distributor contradiction, factories and stores, stores and consumers contradiction conflict throughout the development process of the whole industry in the current situation, how to improve and enhance the industry, I think the key is to coordinate the relationship between the parties to achieve a win-win situation. read more

How to open a profitable foot shop

now many people like to do foot, because foot is very healthy. This also allows many investors to fight the idea of opening a foot shop. So, how to open a money foot shop? The following small series for the majority of investors in detail the operating skills of pedicure shop.

A, the store management depends on the brand, brand reflected by vector

Each branch of

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How to improve the customer experience of the layout of the dry cleaners

for a dry cleaning shop, earn is the return of the money, how to attract more repeat customers? This is a lot of people are thinking about the problem. Dry cleaning business is very good interpretation of the word, people rely on clothes shop on the facade, today to share with you the dry cleaners how to enhance the customer experience through the layout.

in the dry cleaning shop in the overall layout, large and medium-sized fast stores, to subdivide the various regions, reception, reception, laundry laundry area, ironing area set apart. Small franchise, generally only the washing area and reception area can be separated. read more

Cake shop promotion Bluetooth help

operating cake shop, promotion is the key to help you open the market, open up business opportunities for you to enhance sales! Now the cake shop promotion, promotional methods more, Bluetooth allows you to better, faster and more economical, more effective way to achieve sales promotion! Cake shop promotion, Bluetooth help a lot, let you profit higher!

Daring vanguard

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Shop operators need to do safety management

because of a temporary check, leading to the outbreak of the security incidents shop, and some are caused by a lot of property losses, while others will have serious personal safety incidents. So, do a good job shop management, also need to pay attention to safety management. And some people through the place, there will be security risks. So safety management has become the primary concern of all walks of life, our retail stores are no exception.

we have a supermarket near the shop because of the marble shop, it seems to be the atmosphere, clean and refreshing, but to the rainy days, there is often a customer slipping and passing. To the supermarket owner did not seriously, when there was an old man in her supermarket door slip and cause the leg bones broken, the old man’s son of the supermarket owner reported to the legal department, all medical expenses and compensation for loss of working time, the boss did not know a mistake. Then know to take measures to buy a non slip mat shop in the supermarket door. read more

The first China business liaison office has been completed town foreman

China’s entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, we all know, and therefore, people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is getting higher and higher. Recently, the first Chinese venture factory town was successfully completed in beijing.

2016 in April 6th, the first Chinese business liaison office Beijing Township foreman officially completed, deputy general manager and general manager rob Locke Home Furnishing group chief business platform Ms. Zhang Yuan, rob foreman platform marketing director He Zhengdong to attend and participate in the opening ceremony, Zhang in his speech expressed her expectation of foreman Village Liaison Office the. read more

Join Taobao shop need to pay attention to what

the Internet really make our life has changed a lot, I believe many people have bought something online, online Taobao store a lot, a lot of people have a heart to join the Taobao shop, how he is a novice, do not understand the lack of experience, join the taobao.com shop need to pay attention to matters what, so Taobao shop this plan was shelved, today Xiaobian to let everyone dream again, look carefully below, you will be harvested.

joined Taobao shop need to pay attention to:

first: establish a positive and healthy attitude read more

How to shape the external image of the overall wardrobe chain

now the brand are very focused on the external image design, I hope more brand information, such as consumers, so that consumers impressed. If you open the whole wardrobe chain, you can pay attention to this aspect. Brand logo design must be integrated into the concept of development and characteristics of the brand and other information, if you do not understand, you can learn about.

whole wardrobe stores in order to make the public to deepen understanding of the enterprise can be designed with the characteristics of art logo consists of a specific color symbols, graphics, image as a whole wardrobe store mark. The overall wardrobe chain logo repeatedly appeared in the whole wardrobe chain inside and outside the various occasions, thereby deepening the public impression of the enterprise, to achieve the purpose of establishing the image. Environmental facilities, building is the appearance of the overall wardrobe chain stores, in architectural design, to have the characteristics, to have a distinct personality, pay attention to the overall appearance of the chain store aesthetic characteristics. read more