Stationmaster net portal construction substantial thing is very few

today, as usual, read the webmaster network, and saw some webmaster about local website construction article. I don’t know what to say, because I know there are some things I haven’t written in the webmaster net. Are just out of their own, seemingly is feasible, but also can not afford a little about, I might say a little about a bit wrong, but if the installation of these so-called stationmaster net webmaster local portal promotion to do it, I think the only one, that is a failure. read more

Zhuhai hi tech Zone the first venture to compete for more than half of the project investment

in the fierce market competition, who can get the public’s eyes, who won the starting point. Entrepreneurship competition has become an entrepreneurial project from peers to stand out, the competition on the quality of entrepreneurial projects will also be supported by the government and other aspects. For the development of regional economic development to provide new hot spots.

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On the optimization of website itself from the angle of conversion rate

When it comes to conversion,

believes that it should be a ratio between the number of independent visits and the amount of all visits that can be reached. For example, you do a cosmetics sales site, one day is 100IP traffic, turnover of 20 people, then your site conversion rate is 20%. Conversion rate is light, but it can be done by countless webmaster for their brains. Moreover, the conversion rate is closely related to SEO. Now let’s take a look at how to optimize the website from the angle of increasing conversion rate. read more

Talk about some experiences of Forum promotion

I have done my website for some time, and many sites compared, the forum is the most difficult to do, once done, sticky, and do better than expected to live Baidu. General site station SEO, continue to increase the chain station, "whether it is their own hair or grab the first volume, a basic station get over a thousand days IP is very easy, to do a forum, unless you do porn forum, or a few months are hundreds of loyal members, this is the effect good.

recently, the campus network, happy net is not raised, suddenly fire up, they caught a little break, probably the vast majority of people are the 2 website is only interested in playing time, the interest will not go, but they are left to rest on the part is very large the. Well, do not say they are, say we are small forums, how to develop it?. read more

Small and medium sized Witkey task type website analysis focus on industry segmentation users

Witkey wit English Witkey is the key of wisdom, key composed of two words, is the The key of wisdom abbreviation, is refers to through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people, they resolved on the Internet through science, technology, work, life, learning in to let the knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills reflect the economic value. In simple terms, Witkey means someone who sells his intangible assets (intelligence and creativity) on the Internet and gets paid. Whether any person has their own expertise and are proficient in some industries, some of which are familiar with the Internet be able to freely use network applications, their knowledge, wisdom, experience, in order to solve the problem in the form of "sell" to those in need of help enterprises or individuals. Witkey has sprung up on the Internet, and websites for Witkey tasks have also sprung up on the internet. read more

When micro blog meets online shop how to make micro blog realize the word of mouth effect of the sh

many people have said that now the shop is more and more well done, and investment funds are also more and more, although the free open shop, but the shop decoration, product promotion, enhance the online reputation and praise of the investment funds are more and more, especially related to online marketing, you need to spend a lot of free method time, charging method, price is not necessarily high! All affect the enthusiasm of the

shop manager operation!

but with micro-blog’s marketing function more and more powerful, the combination of micro-blog and store operations are becoming more and more obvious, through word-of-mouth marketing effect of micro-blog, it is easy to shop out of word-of-mouth marketing, but micro-blog marketing of the road is not easy, at least to many details that need attention, the author will analyze the online marketing needs three points, attention to details by micro-blog read more

Grassroots webmaster we use what capital to bring traffic to the site

China Internet after nearly 20 years of development, it can be said from the beginning is not mature now become mature; netizens from more than 10 years ago to now hundreds of millions of people, ordinary people, the number of Internet users reached 600 million. It can be said that today’s Internet market capacity is huge, it can be said that the prospects are bright. Similarly, the number of information providers with the development of the number of Internet users is synchronous, twenty-first Century domestic sites can be used to describe the scanty information provider, is the founder of the site are generally Internet pioneer and industry leader. Since the increasing number of information providers to enter after twenty-first Century, especially after 2005 with the computer especially the development of WEB technology, the release of various open source web application to the Internet, to build a part of ordinary people personal information publishing platform is becoming more and more simple, so that now the number of domestic active sites to the millions of many. It can be said that in the streets of the city, among the dozens of casual people, perhaps one person has his own independent website. read more

5944 worst service technology DC

5944 must have many webmaster in the use of their free space, there are many like me when they use VIP webmaster. Their free space is very popular, of course, this is not for a long time. They only sell a way. Now the free space is often called stop, reason you apply for VIP, or with their advertising services. So VIP is not what they buy, not much money, but the service quality is poor, the phone is not unattended, or call you. He’s out of the question to the door to a complaint, service personnel and their I say they have much room, how many employees, that I do not understand why so many people, why not 24 hours hotline! So many people why a problem nobody. You make money, nobody answered For you, did not pay ebullience and your QQ. is more hateful if you have problems in the 201 server, normally within 2 hours, maintenance is not good to the customer should change the server, they can say, we recommend that you open a VIP to transfer data in the past. Otherwise, the money is not many who! Why do you call the problem in customer money! please carefully before using study well, the company has no network license. This is the use of a little experience. I must China more on this station in operation, really nobody, nobody sanctions read more

ALEXA ranked more my website can play what role

now, let’s take a look at the website. We’ll look at its rankings on ALEXA regularly. If HAO123 is not in the 25 place around the world, I don’t think Baidu will buy it either. What’s the use of ALEXA,


for non commercial sites, ranking role:

1, meet the virtual heart

2, if someone wants to advertise on your website, Alexa ranking is an important basis for charging. (usually ranking is very high, will be someone looking for you into a small amount of advertising, it is necessary to earn some money. read more

Analysis of the new year grassroots webmaster will face several major difficulties

last week, I took stock in 2009 grassroots Adsense ten news, detailed inventory of the Internet, what has happened and grassroots webmaster closely related, affecting people’s events news, review the past, looking forward to the future. 09 years have passed, history has turned a new leaf, 2010 has arrived. Maybe in 09 years at the beginning, no webmaster can expect 09 years of the last few months of the Internet will be through such a "catastrophe" grassroots webmaster have such a big loss, with such pessimism, meet in 2010. But at the beginning of 2010, grassroots webmaster can predict that this Internet "havoc" or change will continue, in this "no smoke" of the war, the individual webmaster will continue to face many difficulties. It seems that the first few days of the year are calm, but this often signals the coming of more storms. Therefore, the webmaster should be fully prepared to meet the new year, the new test, let us take inventory of the new year, grassroots webmaster will face what difficulties?. read more

20 days new station how to get 1000P a day was included

Hello, we all want to in Baidu and GG with a good keywords ranking, today I say how fast the keyword ranking to the first page of GG and Baidu, spend less time, update frequency and amount of labor is very small, advocate happy station.


this article is an experience and experience, mainly for some want to the railway station, about 1000 IP in more than 30 days a friend thought and reference, only this, I do stand I have two before planning to consider:

first: the program (code search optimization) and the interface (Design – user experience) should be as concise and beautiful as possible. read more

Do personal feelings of standing for 6 months

1, insist, do stand for at least 3 months, this is my personal experience, of course, less than 1 years you can not see the traffic, I now flow from YAHOO and GOOGLE. Also, although after a GOOGLE drop right, but for the moment, the content is too few believe that along with the increase in content and original increase, ranking will be improved, and we do not have to worry about, a new station right down again how? The flow is not reduced to hundreds of thousands, but dozens of dropped to single digits, ha ha, I’m not afraid to do their own thing. read more

How do know the site has been punished by Baidu

should first make sure your website is completely blocked or just ranked down. or search directly:, if you are sure that all pages on your website have disappeared from the search engine database, the possible reason is

A., the server on your site is unstable and is temporarily removed by Baidu. After stability, the problem will be resolved,

B., your content is not in accordance with national laws and regulations of the place,

C., your web page does not conform to the user’s search experience, or has been detected serious cheating, was blocked read more

How do small and medium sized websites solve the problems in website operation

in recent years, the rise of electricity providers, too many people want to get a share, mainly including some just graduated, carries the dream of entrepreneurship of college students, many e-commerce sites appear as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, and then there are numerous electricity supplier website continued to collapse. So today we’ll talk about the topic of Web site operators, maybe your site does not have superhuman strength, but as the station how to maintain long-term profit? Let’s explore small sites in the operation of the problem. read more

Demand analysis of nternet community of nternet users

The demand of

Internet users is the foundation of Internet innovation. Under the background of Internet socialization, the demand of Internet users keeps pace with the times, so as to carry out a framework discussion on the demand of Internet users in this context.

1. Change in access to information

Internet in the society before the Internet users access to information content is the way to visit the major portals, forums and through search engines, users need to obtain active access to information content. Where information is usually valuable, web sites are pooled. At this point, the website’s competitive advantage is content and channels, control the two elements, basically mastered the Internet users resources. read more

How to effectively add external links to your web site

The benefit of

external links is not how much direct access you can give your site, but rather that it allows search engines to include more of your web pages. According to authoritative survey, 80% of the world’s Web site, their access to 70%-90% is from the search engine, therefore, let the search engine included more web pages, is to improve the number of visits to the site the most effective way. Link popularity, that is, links to the site’s number of sites, is the search engine rankings to consider a very important factor. Therefore, high-quality external links are conducive to the promotion of search engine rankings. read more

How to make community website live new home do community promotion a few misunderstandings

nail website, pet supplies website, community service website…… With the socialization of Internet marketing become mainstream, many webmasters increasingly pay attention to the development of local resources, the site construction vision to localization, community. The U.S. group, public comment, Baidu rice network, is located in the local community, since the Internet giants are the value of this field, then sitting on the local advantages of the owners, the community area is subdivided, the formation of brand reputation, will bring good returns for the website. read more

Hotel website 100P monthly revenue 2000


website for a few years, people began to build a website, just to get promotion, but did not know they point out what the website, classified information station, station, station, part-time advertising stations are engaged in basic novels has not persist, flash or a few years will have passed, although the overall feel belongs to the network but has no root, has been unstable.

took a chance this year to build a hotel booking site for a client, whose website is mainly engaged in Hotel reservations. During the construction period is studied at the station of the hotel’s profit model, found that there are several general models, one is the hotel’s own website, this is not much to say; two is the hotel intermediary, now like Ctrip, eLong, the same way mainly is such a pattern, have their own call center and customer service staff. We cannot do this long station; three is the league, eLong, the same way they actually are doing alliance, registered their accounts directly to the hotel to order and query their address, then the actual transaction to the commission. read more

Local talent county level city to maintain

please note: if you want to reprint this article, please do not remove the link. In spite of clutter, keep the text intact.

has written a course and thought about my local talent network. It was written in June 07, and the website was established in April. Time is a look back even after nearly a year.

sets up the website to give an identity and a review of the year.

website, this domain name, origin and so on have already said before, this time only said other aspects of

Although read more

2010 travel website operation keyword joint operation

with the arrival of 2010, now the Internet is full of analysis on 2009 and 2010 summary of the trend, so we at this time is 2010 tourism site operators to do a simple analysis and description, we will talk about "the practical application of joint operations in the tourism website in.

1. What is joint operation


, the so-called joint operation, I just searched through Baidu and Google, and didn’t find a complete definition, so I’ll share my understanding and blow here:

joint operation is a kind of website operation method that maximizes the use of network resources and integrates them so as to better operate their own websites. read more