Beauty chat station keywords recovered after

this morning, I open the beauty chat station as usual, check the website, chat with the key words, beautiful girls, video chat, video chat, the whole search. I’m in a hurry. Although this station has not how to maintain, but also can bring me 1000 yuan of income every month, do not want to lose it. Then I site domain name, URL is still there. Direct search domain name is also in, and then check the small flow of keywords, and not completely disappeared. This proves that Baidu does not have K my station, but K some important keywords. read more

Service is the king of Web survival

has stood for nearly 3 years, countless times to give up, sober up, and confused ^^^^^^

maybe, this is the only way for the stationmaster. Hold on to where the road is and don’t stick to the road. Where


used to walk from the garbage station to the regular station, and now he wants to walk back to the garbage station, but he can’t walk again..

development of a website easier said than done


in the past, the flow is equal to cash, and now placed in the garbage station, it is estimated that the efficiency of conversion may be only 1%, and hard to grasp the flow of the times has passed, read more

The future and future of the navigation station are still bright with innovation

recently, the topic of navigation station has become more and more. This seems to be related to two domain names, and The former is Taobao’s recently launched navigation station, which is Baidu’s launch of another hao123 sister station. And before this, Baidu completely stopped and site navigation site promotion cooperation, between before and after seems to be a little connection, it seems that the navigation station muddy water is still someone stirring. In addition to hao123, 2345, 265, 114la, navigation station almost occupy most of the market share of the market for navigation, grassroots webmaster, navigation station seems to be a rotten in the hands of the garbage station, no traffic, but also the lack of means of profit. However, grassroots webmaster nor will certainly not eat this cake, Amoy navigation station, this year is the last year of the group purchase navigation, navigation station new mode emerged, many owners also benefited, now we have not expected to reproduce a hao123, but it can be innovative in navigation mode do, a small but dedicated navigation station, and the money is still a bright future. read more

Webmaster along the way bitter feeling, do stand in practice


tour website in March 2009, is the first top-level domain name I do website, when the site is called the establishment of Shandong tourism network, was also not what position, wanted to do a website to play, because he is a man of Hangzhou, and Hangzhou is a tourist city, so travel sites are more promising, so do the site, then do not know what SEO. Because it is the first station of their own, so the website design spent a lot of thoughts, the website template code is written by myself, because I think the interface style of a website is very important, including program selection, the final selection of the CMS empire. But after the establishment of the station site has not been what traffic, which is more easily depressed, and that time is also a person of my low tide, leaving the parents arranged for my work, because I was not interested in what the industry, his interest was always the site, and the work and the completely Never mind. But now looking for a job is not so easy to find, he is for his first job, and tell the truth he is not too much, will point "DIV+CSS code, the use of some Photoshop, so he is very confused, finally found a 1500 yuan / month, do the work but the work station a month later, the other gave up station group ideas do garbage, out of work and rest at home for nearly a month, this time to learn SEO, because SEO still feels the salary for this job is relatively high, and for each web site traffic is the lifeline, only then has the website traffic only the value, many websites, especially some of the big station, in fact, from the aesthetic aspect, it is not so, but there is traffic, so I began to subvert the previous thought, website traffic is Most importantly, art is less important than art. read more

WiFi master key sharing how do you make 6 million WeChat fans stay


WiFi master key, the WeChat public number, broke through 6 million fans in just 6 months. How come these 6 million fans, and how to retain, is now sharing the operation of dry goods.

how to turn users into public number fans

WeChat public number fans are proving difficult to grow. Some famous products WeChat operators face the boss’s question is quite helpless: "we have so many users, why WeChat fans only so few,


yes, the existing user is the most important source of WeChat fans, even if you only have 1 million users, but as long as the method is appropriate, can be converted into 10 thousand days live fans, it has great commercial value. Then the master key has 5 hundred million users, 6 months for 6 million fans, is how to do it? WiFi manneungyulsoi only a 90 beauty operator key key, through her own personal experience, about how to get 6 million fans, and how to retain these fans. read more

Site data such as life time, attention protection

Guangdong today in the early winter season is also slightly cool, windy I stood watching from the 7 floor ledge! Looking at people on the road to life. Feel the eyes is very vague, because this time the mood can not use language to describe! Just feel heart inexplicable pain, very painful, very painful…

morning or as usual to open their own website, found that a lot of garbage, initially identified as a SQL problem, I hurried to the space management background to see, MySQL gone! I know it must be finished, I searched my computer backup, but only to find a backup in September 16th read more

Over the past year review Webmaster gloomy policy suck

2010 has passed, the new year, for the webmaster concerned, sigh and regrets a lot. But still cannot bear to think of the past year-end summary.

BBS, a special forum site for the record filing, remote camera, the individual is no longer allowed.CN domain name registration and business website must deal with ICP SNS website, ten million registered capital threshold policies so that small owners move difficult, coupled with the recent site verification storm, IP address changes will need to re submit the request, access providers website also needs to re change for, let the webmaster scorched by the flames. read more

Review Reflections on the network recruitment practitioner for three years give friends


era is progressing and developing, and the modern technology civilization is updated every day. The Internet is the best development trend in all the developing things. The development of the Internet makes a lot of new things in people’s lives, the network recruitment is one is currently the most popular way this kind of recruitment than traditional recruitment convenience, the amount of information is more complete than the traditional way. Network recruitment in domestic enterprises, enterprises can in the shortest possible time of its own enterprise recruitment information displayed on the web page, so that candidates can be through the web page in the first time to see the recruitment information, for enterprises and candidates who are able to save time; the network recruitment recruitment website to win profit for the network; recruitment in candidates, regardless of which is located in the city, they are able to find their desired recruitment information, and their electronic resume in the past, thus saving the layers of interview application and trouble, in short, the network recruitment is an indispensable part of modern people’s lives. read more

The five step, easy to do website data analysis and collection work

website and product operation can not talk without foundation, on paper, to use real data to speak. If we have a hand in our needs perfect data words, that for us in the promotion, will have the goal, targeted to save a lot of work, also can let us know very well the competitors, to achieve a mutant, control the overall objective. Great oaks from little acorns grow., then the perfect data analysis is established on the basis of the data, analyze the data only in the basis of enough, to get a more accurate and convincing data analysis report. This shows the importance of data collection. read more

What should I do to save you from my website

SEO, chief, synonymous with bitter work, now Baidu murder means more and more. This is also really too horrible to look at, so many webmaster, SEO did not use force, of course, small is the bitter one of the webmaster. For Baidu metamorphosis is that SEO is deep, mother each month there are always a few days is that what, but every week Baidu there is also a period of time there is abnormal, and the limited time of random ventilation, which is really what cheating too. But there are still people who envy SEO work, I do not understand, every day sitting in front of the computer to coax the mother happy, what good envy?. And make good will give you candy to eat, no good that is the end of the world, this life body is not tired but sooner or later will be tortured Baidu injured all over the body. read more

With the whole point of Warcraft game player rookie make only superficial changes.

I’m a rookie, and at the same time, I’m a World of Warcraft loyal gamer.

a few days ago, World of Warcraft finally closed F, many bored friends asked me whether I want to play a World of Warcraft, I feel tired, so I refused them. Perhaps it was a flash of thunder at that time, and Kung Fu novels often seem to say so. So I have a flash of insight, I intend to do a World of Warcraft web site, because those days always have friends, I recommend World of Warcraft. Why don’t I just make this kind of distribution station and make it easier for my friends, read more

Stationmaster wants to learn website from Google China Incident

since May 18th evening, when Google China was exposed by CCTV, news of it came out in an endless stream. Netizens are sympathetic to Google China, and now discuss the benefits of Google china. Look at things should be dialectical look, although CCTV exposure, but virtually made a big publicity. Both netizens and non netizens have impressed Google, and Google China has gained publicity in CCTV exposure, and has gained more potential users in this exposure.

from Google China this is CCTV exposure, as well as the "Green Dam" and many other network events can be seen, personal website force, and even large portal, in the face of conflict of interests with the relevant departments will be affected. The relevant departments of laws and regulations, there is no room for discussion, only obedience, or else it is suppressed. In this can not change social environment, personal website only comply with the relevant regulations of the Internet, will have "good" prospects. read more

The website to attract users quirkology mosquito trapping operation method

website how to attract users, many webmaster for this non-stop efforts. Of course, the site to get higher flow, cannot do without the promotion, how to promote, how to promote the most effective psychological characteristics, the most important thing is to seize the user, a method of attracting users today to talk about the website: mosquito trapping technique.

The highest level of

marketing is "don’t sell the steak, only sell the sizzle!" winter potato flavor hauntingly, hot baked sweet potato sweet and warm, enough to leave a good memory, and "spicy string"? Especially the street spicy string, if the choice of materials and condiments, I am afraid it is difficult to let people have a good appetite. In the sale, the merchant is the most intelligent, and some consumers, in their eyes is just "mosquito", from which a few years the food problem, a lot of food after adding something delicious, health is the biggest killer of a modern man. read more

Website Ali mom and GG ban on how to restore

in recent days, were completed on the same site two times by Ali mother and GGAD has blocked and unsealing operation, was sealed in detail here to record and release of the steps, I hope to give you some help, recovery of blocked sites in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary loss of.

of course, there’s a premise that my website doesn’t actually have any intentional cheating,.

first said Ali Mama, I was last year registered the Ali Mama, just started is also big buyers to buy a bag, week 400 dollars (seems to be specific, can not remember), then no to sell advertising, so I put billboards removed during the mom, there are several tests of advertising revenue, which is the billboard hanging out for a few hours or a few hours, then second days to see income, but it is also helpless, after all, compared with GGAD and Baidu, Ali mother on income is relatively low, but because the traffic is relatively high, so there will be suddenly one day tens of thousands of IP traffic, and then a few days without any traffic situation, may be the cause of " not the scope of cooperation in Ali mother in ", the emergence of this tip last year, I did not seriously, After all, I didn’t cheat, but Ali mother’s income is not high, not worth to take, and I was very angry, but was because I didn’t cheat, then angrily, all on the website of the Ali Mama advertising removed entirely. But later want to come in, this is not entirely to blame Ali mother, after all, any anti cheat system can not be a hundred percent accurate, but their flow fluctuation is larger, even if it is also suspected of youqingkeyuan. read more

Webmaster navigation for users, not just webmaster

recently made a "webmaster navigation" web site, literally understood, seems to be for personal Adsense service site navigation station. But more than 3 years of experience with traditional Internet companies, many of the people who work on the site need tools like "webmaster navigation". Although they are not individual stationmaster, but the content that does a few work and individual stationmaster are a lot of also same. "Webmaster navigation" is a green hand for these people, better to solve some difficult problems. read more

Pay attention to user opinions and ignore user behavior, Internet products, users of the 4 major mis

recently talked with some of the people who did the research and found that many of the people in the industry were confused about what they did. The report wrote a lot of data and analyzed a lot, but it felt that the actual operation of the product is not helpful, and even the analysis of the results and the actual situation than a great deviation. In fact, the user research is not an emerging field, in many traditional industries, user research has played a huge role for the development of the industry. read more

Say the way the blog runs

have seen a lot of Daniel’s blog site to make money, feelings, I have to talk about the blog running way today, money will not say, flow can earn money flow, depending on how you run

!What is the so-called

blog? Unlike other sites, as a platform for the development of individuals from the media, blog is more personal blog concept is like-minded, as you open the casino gamblers Zhuang, more you can make money! Blog operation is not difficult, there are a lot of people do very well, but why more and more people don’t do well, online for one or two years running the blog is mostly a weight, two, but one hundred or two hundred traffic. The following is my analysis, please tell me what you read more

Webmaster, don’t let the impetuous drown your heart

recently in the A5 forum to see a lot of people can not find a valuable post in that there is water paste, advertising stickers, rarely see valuable, others complained that the forum is getting worse, A5 is getting worse and so on. In fact, many people complain about the forum and ask whether the water paste, you made a number of valuable posts, you carefully read a few valuable post? Complain about others bump at the same time, whether you are a


webmaster network May 3rd reported an old domain name to do new sites: in April I made three thousand and seven hundred yuan, personal experience sharing article, one day hits rate of 2370, high hot news first. The author summed up all day, how much, how many month article will always be readers, and some of the feelings of the reflection, but cannot resonate with readers. What does this show? Modern society people have extraordinary desire for money, and the pursuit of accumulation of money desire too much, few people stop to reflect on their own, impetuous thought has spread to the hearts of everyone. read more

Stepping on the brakes 1 hours to protect the life of the car should always pay attention to safety

drive all the time there is the danger that every driver should strengthen the skill, in times of crisis to ensure that will minimize the damage. Recently, there is a more thrilling car accident, because the driver stepped on the brakes 1 hours to protect life.

3 3, a mini car in the mountains on the fast turn, nearly half of the body out of the roadbed, hanging outside the cliff. The driver was stuck in a rickety mini car, stuck on the brakes for an hour and was finally rescued.


read more