The white hat Shanghai dragon ultimate esoteric forget Shanghai Dragon

written in the end, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is in order to occupy the search front, whether using white hat techniques and tactics of the black hat, I want to be able to achieve that goal, but one thing is that website with the ranking is not started, more will not end, for long stay in the desired position, they need to build a website for the most simple and effective way is to go along with the potential users, search engines have the value to help users find what they want to do, this point. If you want to use formal methods to do the white hat, Shanghai dragon, so best to achieve the ultimate, good website will have a good row. read more

The use of information industry classification optimization industry Station Station

, second industry classification information station

well, today said here, but the station is on the disadvantages of classified information fast too fast, the only remedy is to often do, let the weight off.

1, if not sensitive words, classification of information station can directly use the keywords.

recently from the website optimization is tamper with the customer before the station, do what? In my previous post "about the network life of bored" mentioned. The focus is to optimize customer station. After all is ready for long-term customers, must be taken seriously. To write this blog about industry in optimization of grade two high weight classification information industry accounted for the home station, it is not allowed. Why don’t we use the read more

Analysis of the lottery website optimization Shanghai dragon road from Shanghai to decline in market

1, from the 360 competitors

this is perhaps one of the most important reasons. Since 360 and turned the barbaric growth became the third largest search engine, and love all kinds of struggle in Shanghai between 360 and has never stopped. 360 to go all the way from the initial development of free antivirus software, then the search engine, then later commercialized, the old week ares sword at Shanghai love. In order to cope with the 360 attack, love Shanghai joint Jinshan Tencent and some other strong opponents to fight, but 360 of the momentum of development has not been weakened, and now has more than second domestic search engine become Sogou, in the search Chinese love Shanghai market is facing the pressure of competition is more and more big. read more

Detailed through the promotion of website value for the web site weight and ranking

in addition to the title, the website program types also play a role, if someone else’s forum, you can use the system as a type of blog or website system. Because this is also a kind of experience, the forum can meet user communication, and can be seen with the personal blog fresh original, and the contents of the system is through the data sorting specification. So different systems have different values, but also satisfy different user experience. If a lot of similar sites using the Forum building, but you use blog, then your website may be search engine special promotion. read more

Play SEO not to earn money is not a good webmaster webmasterThe real experience of an entrepreneur c


financing, playing heart

however, a family to communicate, millet received only rejected.

SEO is now popular, many people learn SEO, last year I wrote an article: novice learning 10 blog seo will, now find the 10 seo blog has closed, some now do not do SEO, do not update the blog! In fact, making money on the SEO service technology is the most tired, live, competition and big, so many people now rely on SEO. "

even if the two sides successfully signed the contract, but from the due diligence to play money to the account also takes 3 months, this time, millet company may have little left on the bill. read more

Not desperate plight of optimization link building should have a new idea

two, broaden their horizons and leveraging the link building for

although search engines continue to emphasize, website quality depends on the content of the site itself, and the judgment of website quality is a comprehensive consideration, the link is only a small element. But the website operators do not seem to buy it, the number of links has soared people can not help but some crazy. The fact is evidence which links a surprising number of sites, finally have obtained good website ranking. This strengthens the website construction and website optimization personnel crazy construction link determination, the author has observed an Internet company in Shanghai, the number of links within a month soared from more than 2000 to more than 30000. And whether these links come from, but the phenomenon we can feel the same link is very important. read more

Farewell to the search engine website traffic still do loud

fate to search engine, search engine is dependent on the weather, give you much sunshine, you can produce less food. But for the industry group of promotion, but it is out of such a comfortable. You have done them in the most active industry groups, what position, then your promotion is the most effective. Directory as A5 webmaster network’s "Tuiyou network" (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝), in soliciting activities is not a brand for their own industry promotion? On such examples, in the promotion of the Internet staged every day. In addition to some industries in the advertising industry, QQ group promotion, soft Wen and so on, but do the promotion in the industry, in the course of time, direct access. read more

Crazy love Shanghai related search

to know what the real crazy love Shanghai search, looks really scary, but I said ah, I’m definitely not software brush out, but sometimes in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking disturbance test with some figures behind the search keywords such as.

Hu Yang today is not to say, speak with the map simple. Do not know if anyone remember this article "Shanghai dragon optimization ranking disturbance test" 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120603/435443.shtml, I in the end of this article mentioned such a word: rankings rapidly when the user clicks on the ranking principle, can consider appropriate random combinations of words and letters or numbers. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon huyang贵族宝贝/ Hu Yang to give you an example here: read more

Following the overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon teams see the true face of Shanghai Dragon

second, buy a lot of negative connection is because someone can do on the rankings, but please similar to your Shanghai Longfeng agency or company not to mislead the novice, from all walks of life in Shanghai dragon means are different, so buy a large number of connections just for your personal thoughts or what you think is love Shanghai search engine rules. Love is not the people of Shanghai machine. If you do not bid keyword promotion, there is no manual intervention, and you think that love will keep an eye on your site in Shanghai every day to see if you have the chain? Found outside the chain to see Google’s link value. The chain is really in love will not affect the site ranking of Shanghai, the chain of query results and love Shanghai, are included in other pages in your site links, so that is the chain. The chain and Links buy can not pass. If you think that people are buying links IQ problems, then I want to ask you, why do people a day income tens of thousands, and your income is not up to it, reflect on their. The chain of investment is venture investment, is not useless. read more

Hitwise360 search for the first two weeks of September PV slow decline


360 search traffic share fluctuated between 9% to 10%, love Shanghai visits share rose, rose from 57.1% to 58.3%. Google Hongkong will continue to decline, fell from 6.5% to 6%.


Hitwise report, visit the page (PV) refers to the total number of users to access the site page browsing, access is refers to the number of user access to the site.

in September, the monitoring data from the Hitwise show, from September 1st -14, two weeks, 360 search PV share fell by nearly one percentage point decline from 7.1% to 6.2%, PV from 25 million to the highest decline in the number of 20 million, love Shanghai earlier PV share rose by one percentage point, up from 59.4% to 60.4%. read more

A station site optimization experience 5 years Adsense summary

(a) and the implementation of the correct planning website.

(two) high quality original content users really need.

(three) continuous innovation to improve our work in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

in 2013 this day in Shanghai on various websites ranking requirements is very high, but the Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly now the lowest cost optimization of Internet marketing strategy, and it can make the rapid development of an industry, can effectively increase the attention of people, let more people to understand the information content of our website brings. We believe that such benefits are also known, but now the search engine to fight Shanghai dragon is great, so it also needs to pay attention to the optimization in some more, improve their own website optimization strategy continuously, so that today I share with you my years to do some summary stand wise remark of an experienced person the hope that useful to you. read more

360 love the Sea disputes is bound to affect the future search pattern


search listed low-key, but on the second day of the listing will occupy 10% market share in search for all to see it low-key! From 360 search listing in August 16th to love Shanghai No. 22 to No. 25 announcement algorithm to update the search rankings change love Shanghai, love Shanghai this a series of movements not to the 360 declared: Hey! Dude, come on, I am ready to fight

! !The hidden

3Q war lasts long, fierce, the 360 eventually lost, but let many people see the resilience and perseverance of 360, the Tencent to get is weakened, is no benefit. Today 360 turns to love Shanghai, and domestic search to work, must have their own set of tactics, then we will analysis 360 what are their advantages: read more

How do you know the domain name is registered or K

for the domain name ever been K problem. He is not the first confirmed previously been registered, if it is registered to be careful of course. Query a domain name is K, is the general method of inquiry of the chain:

? The first step of

special chain optimization:


then you can judge, if the first step is to record, second steps are also recorded, can be assured of domain name registration; if the first step has no record of second records, the domain name is K a great possibility.

The secondsWebsite optimization read more

Eliminate hidden dangers high repetitive links love Shanghai included the same content

A: at the beginning of construction site standardization good website URL, whether it is foreign or internal links, unified selection of static page, all possible dynamic link dual or multiple all static generation. In this way, the website basically to avoid duplicate URL links.

just found a Links. In fact, this article is only a just, but why be included so much? Is because the site in the optimization process, ignoring the shielding of some links, leading to the same content there is more irregular URL links were included. But it was collected, but also be eliminated sooner or later, but very easy to bring the search engine will power to punish, so people don’t learn how to increase your page, to do is to optimize the check erroneous ideas at the outset. read more

Each optimization personnel must learn how to create a key word

the key benefits of using Thesaurus Editing method When many

, 5 fumble search engine on the content sorting techniques, the key observation in the thesaurus by editing content, and user statistics search keyword Lailu, to study such a ranking of the editorial content in common use to analysis extracted, no tail word ranking, two edition, the effect is very good.

2, improve ZhengZhan correlation, because the key key words in the lexicon, are the industry users may search the word, the correlation is very strong. read more

From the road of the development of Shanghai dragon operation angle of vertical portal

second, vertical portal Web2.0, reflects the interaction between users. The general vertical portal interactive columns reflect more is the forum, now also popular quiz platform. If you want to find a rental information, if you go to the comprehensive portal website or forum for public, may look for a needle in the ocean can not find their own, really want information, and to the vertical portal, you can quickly find really want information, and more professional, more credibility and authority. I think the forum ONLYLADY operation is very perfect, the gradual development of Master, mining holding red Master potential model, including the information station, their welfare agency, have stimulated the interaction between users, improve the adhesive. The author thinks that some characteristics of the vertical portal, can read more

Change from civil servants to the webmaster just for EntrepreneurshipThe failure of the experience

or ignore the promotion, always think that with rich content, they will be someone, and the result of doing half a year, always can not break through 1000IP, and closed. Repeatedly, and made about 15 sites, registered the domain name should have 30, sometimes at the same time in four or five sites, people are tired of death, there is no natural results through the website

1. Choose a web site that you love


I remember the first to make money!

five, try hard to update the website must insist read more

From the treetop to the tip of the tongue respect for business laws bloom in human feelingsThe most

this article originally from nbnew, reprinted please indicate the source.

is already in a "lemon market" in the environment, how to build a transparent tunnel between producers and consumers, in connection with the natural agronomic planting fruit farmers, people in the pursuit of quality natural life? This is our practice since June 2015. On both sides of the supply and demand, there are about 150 details, "process" need to be revised, confirmed and coupled. Please forgive me for using the word "process", which has been working in the manufacturing industry for 18 years. It is easy for CIO to project past experience in the process of starting a business. Fortunately, it is effective. These processes of mutual connection, support, constitute a light shop operating system, you can light the origin of the operation of thousands of acres of orchards, so that more small and micro brands can be appropriately enlarged by faith, continue to supply. read more

s it so hard to make moneyshlf1314 AdSense ad optimization advanced techniques blank space

, this is a very popular article page, we can choose two kinds of advertisement configuration way:

is not difficult to make money, website positioning is very important, your website’s target group is those people, why they go to your station, why pay you, these want to clear. This is also called business model,.

to do more, feel that they want to make money, then you to your visitors what value, can provide value, the money you can earn. Some stations every day only a few dozen IP everywhere put advertising, that can earn money for > read more

Software website is suitable for website alliance product recommendationVenture bumpy road grasp the

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

innovation works, senior investment manager Sun Zhichao on "the choice of financing opportunity, develop effective financing strategy, after the completion of the financing problems are" unique interpretation; nine Xuan Capital Partners Liu Yizhou, bluerun partner Chen Weiguang and Kay Vantage Capitals Ltd founder Wang Ran, is wary of "A, B, die die round round round C death gives his own views.

entrepreneurship is a bumpy road, you need to start from the initial N ideas to choose the most appropriate or most successful one, we must continue to select the most suitable person to form a team, product landing, promotion marketing…… In these processes, money is especially important. read more