The white hat Shanghai dragon ultimate esoteric — forget Shanghai Dragon

written in the end, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is in order to occupy the search front, whether using white hat techniques and tactics of the black hat, I want to be able to achieve that goal, but one thing is that website with the ranking is not started, more will not end, for long stay in the desired position, they need to build a website for the most simple and effective way is to go along with the potential users, search engines have the value to help users find what they want to do, this point. If you want to use formal methods to do the white hat, Shanghai dragon, so best to achieve the ultimate, good website will have a good row.

if you want to make a website at design time please forget search engine problems, you need to be concerned about is your website itself: the website code is normal, it is normal to visit website, usability, website content, and to ensure that the website content can attract eyeballs. These will allow the search engine to give you a better ranking. Some of the Shanghai dragon likened the location of the shops, I think this analogy is very appropriate, even if you shop in the downtown area, but not the customer needs the goods, the clerk with a rude attitude to hate, so no one will patronize the shop. Step back and say, even if someone did not know, into the store, then they will be out.

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon is aimed to search for relevant keywords in the user can be as much as possible in the front row, and the search engine is designed to give the user when the user can quickly find related to the best website in the search related keywords. Please pay attention to is the best site instead of the "excellent" website. Shanghai dragon skills are divided into two kinds of black hat and white hat, the former is through some cheating, such as the use of multiple sites to deceive system, use the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities profit, black hat Shanghai Longfeng nature bad, but to be honest, now widely used for the white hat Shanghai dragon you or where not to go, because the most for the ranking effect too much, often put the cap into a gray hat.

In fact,

general services company has only one goal — to enter the mainstream website search engine keyword search results front position. They will not consider the issue of the content of the website, as long as the search engine can be included in web pages, they even available on the site do not have concerns. As for the website jump out rate, residence time more visitors in their consideration. If your website content with the user to search content actually has nothing to do, even if the ranking is high, the user will not nostalgia left in the sweep on several times, this site has good rankings will fall down.

white hat Shanghai Longfeng is to help us build a most "good" website, it should be the starting point to web designers like the starting point. Through some strategies that links Shanghai Longfeng simple and rich sense of structure, site navigation is clear, the content related to the theme and content easy to read, very readable discussion, with access to the user viscosity.

The use of information industry classification optimization industry Station Station

, second industry classification information station

well, today said here, but the station is on the disadvantages of classified information fast too fast, the only remedy is to often do, let the weight off.

1, if not sensitive words, classification of information station can directly use the keywords.

recently from the website optimization is tamper with the customer before the station, do what? In my previous post "about the network life of bored" mentioned. The focus is to optimize customer station. After all is ready for long-term customers, must be taken seriously. To write this blog about industry in optimization of grade two high weight classification information industry accounted for the home station, it is not allowed. Why don’t we use the

2, submitted content, to customer contact with website QQ, telephone and other information submitted effective conversion rate.

keywordsFirst of all we do

how to choose? This depends on your own brains to think, the most stupid way is to sort out the network classified information industry all stations. Analysis of the weights of the site and some of these circumstances, after the test to get inside the high weight site. But this method is time-consuming, sometimes a thankless task. I think the way is to analyze the rival standing, key words and love view in search of Shanghai, you can see the classification of the information industry the first few pages inside the station, which is on the home page is certainly high weight, this is just what we need. And then tidy up.


4, the appropriate layout, the best way is to check competitor, then copy, modify, add, pseudo original, submitted. The effect is very good.

, the first order

industry station, accurate keyword selection is a Shanghai based dragon, no search keywords, but no index key is lost. But we do Shanghai Longfeng most customers provide keywords index there is no index, no matter what, these keywords are required by the. For some long tail keywords for you have participated in the company’s Shanghai Longfeng work, for your company’s website optimization, and to the website customer service staff exchanges, understand that they and the customer directly chat. Sorting out the long tail keywords from chat in their. Long tail keywords flow is not disdain.

3, may be appropriate to the web link, can get good reverse link weight.

is that half a month did not update, heart is very ashamed. Emlog is not the existence of loopholes, always brush comments, every time tens of thousands of sad ah brush, so I opened the WordPress, but it can not be the reason I do not update the blog. The reason is not sufficient and not established.

third, the classification of the information industry station


Analysis of the lottery website optimization Shanghai dragon road from Shanghai to decline in market

1, from the 360 competitors

this is perhaps one of the most important reasons. Since 360 and turned the barbaric growth became the third largest search engine, and love all kinds of struggle in Shanghai between 360 and has never stopped. 360 to go all the way from the initial development of free antivirus software, then the search engine, then later commercialized, the old week ares sword at Shanghai love. In order to cope with the 360 attack, love Shanghai joint Jinshan Tencent and some other strong opponents to fight, but 360 of the momentum of development has not been weakened, and now has more than second domestic search engine become Sogou, in the search Chinese love Shanghai market is facing the pressure of competition is more and more big.

promotion is the network marketing mode of Shanghai’s first love, the love model in helping Shanghai profit at the same time, also to a certain extent affect the user experience of love Shanghai. Is mainly reflected in the entry threshold of marketing audit fee is not strict, resulting in many false information, but most consumers don’t really distinguish between pay promotion user and search engine optimization ranking users, resulting in the phenomenon of infringing the interests of consumers have occurred. Which is one of the most criticized is its many industries pay promotion marketing.

3, love Shanghai’s promotion of profit model

2, the rise of large electricity supplier website

The negative effect of

as the saying goes, There are no waves without wind. love, why Shanghai lost more than 10% of the market share.


in the past, the Internet is not yet universal, people are used to search all kinds of information on the Internet, but with the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, and the Internet is becoming more and more popular, people no longer need and can be accessed through the corresponding website directly to obtain information through search engines, such as domestic electricity supplier giant Alibaba group and Jingdong etc. large electricity providers have completely rely on their own strength to attract users without the need for drainage through the search engine.

however, the lottery software 贵族宝贝 website recently saw the news, as the search giant market, domestic and international search engines love Shanghai search engine giant Google search market share in China have varying degrees of decline. What is different, Google fell all in liquidation, after all, Google have to withdraw from the Chinese market for several years, but has been ranked the domestic search market dominance of the market share in Shanghai love unexpectedly from the peak of more than 80% dropped to less than 70% since the number in surprise at the same time but also makes people the reason behind this need to explore.

love Shanghai as a domestic search engine giant, occupy a very large market share, love Shanghai users accounted for more substantial. Many netizens said, used to love Shanghai, love Shanghai visible skill lies in your habit of a product, and cannot do without him.

Detailed through the promotion of website value for the web site weight and ranking

in addition to the title, the website program types also play a role, if someone else’s forum, you can use the system as a type of blog or website system. Because this is also a kind of experience, the forum can meet user communication, and can be seen with the personal blog fresh original, and the contents of the system is through the data sorting specification. So different systems have different values, but also satisfy different user experience. If a lot of similar sites using the Forum building, but you use blog, then your website may be search engine special promotion.

value influence website program types of websites, the content of the web site has deeply influenced the value of the site. If the same site title, the same type of site, if your site content is original articles, knowledge or authoritative articles. Your website is sure to rise above the common herd, some people prefer to make love for the original chain, but the content of the website itself goes, I think we should have the order reversed. He wrote the article, can not send you the entire Internet, this article is the one and only, it is the most valuable. If an article is very good, after 1000, will become monotonous, but lost their value. Long original go on your site, because of the accumulation of their own value, value will rise. Obviously, the weight will improve, including ranking.

maybe someone makes a mistake, they tried to send the chain, to achieve the "selfless" state, whether it is a person, or a variety of things, because the value of their own existence, please understand the value of the website. This site weight and ranking the decisive significance.

general, website value is reflected in the website of the "partial", highlights the value of their own. To avoid the homogenization of the site, because the world of all things different, have different values of the respective.

In addition to

website construction meaning, specific first can be reflected in the title, for example, someone’s website is "network promotion training", then you can use the "network promotion blog" and "original network promotion exchange" and so on, so for users, these are the focus of their hand, have different value that is a different experience for search engines, because to give users a different experience, will give priority to "receive" the different.

in addition, in the whole network, the website administrative nature of the nature of authority, have a natural weight, one of the most fundamental reason is that we are unable to escape from its natural universal service in reality, so they have a natural value. Rank and weight also has a natural advantage. Our website, need to step by step, and gradually explore, explore the potential to get admitted to the user and the search engine, the more people recognized, more valuable. Value >

Play SEO not to earn money is not a good webmaster webmasterThe real experience of an entrepreneur c


financing, playing heart

however, a family to communicate, millet received only rejected.

SEO is now popular, many people learn SEO, last year I wrote an article: novice learning 10 blog seo will, now find the 10 seo blog has closed, some now do not do SEO, do not update the blog! In fact, making money on the SEO service technology is the most tired, live, competition and big, so many people now rely on SEO. "

even if the two sides successfully signed the contract, but from the due diligence to play money to the account also takes 3 months, this time, millet company may have little left on the bill.

looked to gradually reduce the money in the bank, after a month wages, millet will sleep for a while, next month the fixed rent and wages also ah, she can not take salary to live very good, but employees are waiting to pay the rent and eat.

in the face of verbal commitment and a no echo BP, millet began to learn to silence.

but as soon as she took over, she found out that it wasn’t as easy as she thought. She wasn’t just paying for time and body, but she needed more, such as loneliness and stress.


What should !

she can’t remember why entrepreneurship, seems to be just beginning to prepare to help friends busy, however, help to help, bestie became pregnant, leaving a mess, looked at a lot of innocent colleagues, millet anti down.

Abstract: This is a financial times, many people would rather do not venture investment, because now the scenery, the real business is not Ma Yun and Liu Qiangdong on the contrary, the real business is a road of no return.

however, millet every day to go to the office full of confidence, and then brilliant face of investors.

in order to survive the company, millet began financing trip.

A few days ago

millet took over the company, the company accounts for only one million, ten of them only enough to support the team in the first half of the company’s products, but they are still in development, that is to say, millet financing to support the development of the company must.

talked about thirtieth, and finally some people interested in Millet company, however, at this time, 3 months have passed.

she went back with hope every day, disappointed.

then, millet began to sleepwalk into the state of entrepreneurship.

, however, those familiar with the wind before the millet, classmates and friends, dinner is laughing, yet when it comes to specific financing, the other as a change of expression, like millet owes much debt, they want to know, millet was good at school, she often help these people. However, there is no way, for the company, millet also must endure, to communicate, but in any case, arrogant, millet never forget.

speaking of this web site to make money, in fact I also earned thousands of dollars, that was 05 years, 06 years, was still in college, love the Internet mobile phone, then bought a Beijing mobile card, 15 yuan a month, not limited to traffic, it is free website rarely, the first contact is music hearing, and the WAP century, WAP century was launched a free WAP self-help Station system, I was the first batch of users, so I also built several WAP sites, respectively, picture station, station, bell game station, then as long as people download advertising pictures, ringtones and games, one is 1-4 yuan, half down, I found that my account was 2000 yuan, that excited ah! Then WAP anti vice, WAP century falls, there are 500 yuan in my account is not raised, depressed! 07 years CN domain started a yuan storm, I also registered A start, independent community station, space with the wow flutter net free space, this is all WAP advertising alliance appeared and began to do better, more honest, I do have a 300-600 download station January relaxed to 07 years of income, the second half of the year, all kinds of advertising alliance appeared. A lot of good faith, large advertising began to buckle, and WAP sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, too much, no way, I had to do a single click to click on ads, about 0.2 yuan, but on very few people, so I launched free COINS activities, is a member of every click on the ads to accumulate some integral, reach a certain integral can exchange coins, such advertising came down to more than 300, remove the exchange COINS, there are more than 200 income, to 08 years, oh, this is not good, remove a The monthly income of more than more than 100 less, only 50 yuan, plus they have a job, so I completely give up! 09 years of mobile storm, my station officially announced the game over


millet is not willing to recall the three years of entrepreneurial process, because a memory, she doomed nightmare.

met a friend asked me to do a website, your website still does not engage in, it stood at the end of last year’s record storm hanging, left a friend to do, I think: the domain name if I had 6, only 4 of the station and asked me for a year how much money the domain name space, no? I Qiazhiyisuan domain name: 6 a year more than 300, the cost of some space for one year is more than 600, NND, such as the year 1000 oceans! Income of several stations with 0, because these are my own interest in building, has not hung over any advertising, did not consider the question of making money

Not desperate plight of optimization link building should have a new idea

two, broaden their horizons and leveraging the link building for

although search engines continue to emphasize, website quality depends on the content of the site itself, and the judgment of website quality is a comprehensive consideration, the link is only a small element. But the website operators do not seem to buy it, the number of links has soared people can not help but some crazy. The fact is evidence which links a surprising number of sites, finally have obtained good website ranking. This strengthens the website construction and website optimization personnel crazy construction link determination, the author has observed an Internet company in Shanghai, the number of links within a month soared from more than 2000 to more than 30000. And whether these links come from, but the phenomenon we can feel the same link is very important.


, change the concept of link building quality

good wind leveraging nine, drum mallet Saint farther! Do anything and leveraging the results the contrarian is obviously different. When all link building there appears to be no way out, when the site construction and web site operators have confused, the owners of such websites as in the past the door open. The author is A5 webmaster keen fans, and contribute hundreds of articles, found to contribute not only to expand the thinking, not.

disappeared suddenly in July and August last year, part of the website construction and website operators found that only one thousand or two thousand of many even hundreds of links on a website ranking is slowly rising, whether this is what a declaration of a search engine? To be sure, the search engine has been or is being changed to determine the way the weights of the website. It is also the time when links seem to look into the dilemma, the blog forum and some information portals have links to make different degrees of restrictions. This time, if we still are from the thinking, dreams of building links in order to win it, I’m afraid not. In addition the number of links, the quality of search engine has been the subject of attention, so, why don’t we build some high quality link weights of

almost all have a common feeling, website optimization has become more and more difficult. There are changes in the competitive environment, after all pay promotion guidance in the search engine, many small and medium-sized companies are paying more attention to the website promotion. Less expensive and more effective website optimization lasting, behoove is warmly welcome by. On the other hand, the search engine algorithm is also changing constantly improve themselves, so that the natural ranking more can reflect the value of the site, more fair. But we have to pay attention to is that a site link now seems to have entered into trouble. The first is the blog started plugging, then Donews also said it would punish writing community publicity and advertising for the purpose to optimize the soft, even to the webmaster keen A5 essay also slowly to link keywords injunction. Do site optimization really come to a dead end? The author thinks that the difficulties are not terrible idea of transformation is the key.

Farewell to the search engine website traffic still do loud

fate to search engine, search engine is dependent on the weather, give you much sunshine, you can produce less food. But for the industry group of promotion, but it is out of such a comfortable. You have done them in the most active industry groups, what position, then your promotion is the most effective. Directory as A5 webmaster network’s "Tuiyou network" (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝), in soliciting activities is not a brand for their own industry promotion? On such examples, in the promotion of the Internet staged every day. In addition to some industries in the advertising industry, QQ group promotion, soft Wen and so on, but do the promotion in the industry, in the course of time, direct access.

website construction to the whole, and the search engine the indissoluble bound, no way, who let the search engine users master the habit? Look things up, search engine seems to have become all users since the Convention, so webmaster website to get traffic, can only rely on the search engine of the carrier. However, mercurial search engine who is also unpredictable, today you rank the sky is clear, but tomorrow may have a thunderstorm is reduced flow. Don’t rank the station is an abandoned station? Even if there is no ranking and how, the life of the website in the hands of users, across the search engine, direct access to

two: for the industry group to promote

on how to get traffic across the search engine, we first need to understand the user channel from the Internet to browse information. The first search engine, search engine to occupy the vast majority of user traffic, so everything is for me". Second: direct input address, the composition of body: visit customers and attracted users, users pay for a website through memory or bookmark back again, attracted users when it is learned that the website address, interested in the type of access. Third other external links, such as soft links in forum posts links and so on, the user opens the active or passive link. This three points up a website all traffic sources, but basically the webmaster usually optimization is often the first point based, supplemented by other, which also led to the excessive dependence on search engine. The analysis below is a new binary "easou Links platform" source:

The development of traffic and not?

: a

is a main part of the website traffic must be "search engine"? On this point, the legend is the best explanation! Although it is a new station, but from the beginning of the main flow of binary will lead the industry to consolidate their own website traffic, but not all hope to search engine to decide. At the same time, the more you other traffic, is more conducive to optimization, the site quality is high, the user can directly input.


analysis of the flow of the background

Crazy love Shanghai related search

to know what the real crazy love Shanghai search, looks really scary, but I said ah, I’m definitely not software brush out, but sometimes in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking disturbance test with some figures behind the search keywords such as.



Hu Yang today is not to say, speak with the map simple. Do not know if anyone remember this article "Shanghai dragon optimization ranking disturbance test" 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120603/435443.shtml, I in the end of this article mentioned such a word: rankings rapidly when the user clicks on the ranking principle, can consider appropriate random combinations of words and letters or numbers. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon huyang贵族宝贝/ Hu Yang to give you an example here:

now we completely know what is love Shanghai search crazy now, don’t believe those hook ranking methods, if you really want to brush, like I do, their leisure time search keywords + number, easy to start to love Shanghai related search brush out. In fact, when we use the software brush search, we act as the head of the role more often, people are using their own IP, of course, this is also a bit too.


Look at the top of this map you

here is a point, Hu Yang is not a general name, the name name for such a lot of people really, love Shanghai index keywords Hu Yang index in about 100, although some people may say this word is not what competitive. But I want to say is: I do not have the ability to do not have the energy to do those competitive particularly strong words, I say is just a method and idea.

Following the overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon teams see the true face of Shanghai Dragon

second, buy a lot of negative connection is because someone can do on the rankings, but please similar to your Shanghai Longfeng agency or company not to mislead the novice, from all walks of life in Shanghai dragon means are different, so buy a large number of connections just for your personal thoughts or what you think is love Shanghai search engine rules. Love is not the people of Shanghai machine. If you do not bid keyword promotion, there is no manual intervention, and you think that love will keep an eye on your site in Shanghai every day to see if you have the chain? Found outside the chain to see Google’s link value. The chain is really in love will not affect the site ranking of Shanghai, the chain of query results and love Shanghai, are included in other pages in your site links, so that is the chain. The chain and Links buy can not pass. If you think that people are buying links IQ problems, then I want to ask you, why do people a day income tens of thousands, and your income is not up to it, reflect on their. The chain of investment is venture investment, is not useless.

third, if you want to say, not so much money, please ask a Shanghai Phoenix or Shanghai dragon team to optimize a website for a year how much money? Any merchant or boss.

first, you said not to be able to do single page website home page. I can do this for example, any search results is less than ten thousand, less than 20 of the Shanghai love index index, as long as there is a single page keyword to the second, and the first row. The single page does not affect the user experience, any single page can create reputation and benefit, just the way you are narrow, so you go wide you can see. Once a crazy legend, SP and so on, I believe that these old Shanghai dragon can contact er. The National People’s Congress single page daily income of more than hundreds of thousands of people in. Perhaps you will say that this is the edge or grey areas. Then I’ll give you mention, Amway and the United States some necessities or Taobao, are single page. The site without core, there is still profit. If you do stand still rely on love Shanghai or other search engines, then you will fail. The user experience is not empty, not only ranked user experience. Depending on the search engine users click to enter, you can really remember domain name not be more than thirty percent people also believe that if you do experience is to cater to the search engine, then you should think about how to do the station just cater to the user, for the user to read, but do not look to the search engines. The user that single page value, it is valuable, you made 163 as the portal, no one or no one. Experience is that whether the user demand, rather than the rankings.

before an article has been a lot of controversy, but also hurt many so-called Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training heart. Since some people to distinguish, I am not vague, you will have to explain why, it is really sad. The original article: an overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon team, Shanghai dragon company, Shanghai dragon worker article against defense

Hitwise360 search for the first two weeks of September PV slow decline


360 search traffic share fluctuated between 9% to 10%, love Shanghai visits share rose, rose from 57.1% to 58.3%. Google Hongkong will continue to decline, fell from 6.5% to 6%.


Hitwise report, visit the page (PV) refers to the total number of users to access the site page browsing, access is refers to the number of user access to the site.

in September, the monitoring data from the Hitwise show, from September 1st -14, two weeks, 360 search PV share fell by nearly one percentage point decline from 7.1% to 6.2%, PV from 25 million to the highest decline in the number of 20 million, love Shanghai earlier PV share rose by one percentage point, up from 59.4% to 60.4%.


360 search on August 16th on the line, traffic increased dramatically, just a week to occupy 10% market share, become second only to the second largest source of search traffic to love Shanghai.

data access pages



Hitwise share

360 search PV

then 360 search and love Shanghai launched 360 of its own offensive and defensive war, search and browser navigation page ( to replace the default search for their own search, love Shanghai is forced to jump through 360 search into love, know Shanghai Post Bar service page.


Hitwise visits share data

September 20th, 360 announced the opening of the so贵族宝贝 as the main domain name search service, before the use of 360sou贵族宝贝 and sou贵族宝贝 will jump to the domain name domain name. (Wood

September 24th morning news, according to the third party data Hitwise data released today show that the recent 360 search page (PV) showed a slow decline, September 1st -14, two weeks PV share fell from 7.1% to 6.2% over the same period, traffic share changes is not obvious, the fluctuation in 9% and 10%, love Shanghai edged up Google Hongkong continue to decline.