How to optimize the static Public opinions are divergent. without benefits

: then cater to more search engines crawl the site, in the official website issued a statement saying that noble baby can not static, baby spiders that have the ability to peer grab dynamic address, even said that the dynamic address is more conducive to the spider crawling, but this statement is only for the nobility baby itself search engine, so far besides the noble baby outside of the search engine in favor of more static. As long as the webmaster can make static website set up correctly, not in the setting of static pages, the Session ID into the static address, spider web crawling, will crawl to correct the static address in the web site.

: and improve the performance of web application, especially for some large website, the website using the dynamic address, the user enters the site with different entrance, will have a different dynamic address, such access will bring the burden to the website loading, but if to set static website, you can directly access to resources and then through the static database or data processing in the user before the visit, generating static pages, all the access to a static page, and static processing of the page itself to the dynamic page access speed is many times faster, so the program performance can be greatly improved.

forum often said see webmaster consultation: whether URLs need to be static website optimization, some owners will insist on site static, but also find that some large websites are still using a dynamic address, static website is really for Shanghai dragon Public opinions are divergent., it is one of the most static basically, from a certain extent, the static web site is more conducive to the spider crawling, Shenzhen, part-time to the webmaster about static benefits of optimization.

: the first spider fear grab complex links, now the web page is generated by the program in real-time, users access to a web site, according to the degree of access to the URL in the call database, generate the page content in real time, the URL contains much, with a question mark, or some messy as the following parameters, using ASP language to do the dynamic business website address: 贵族宝贝 jianzhi8贵族宝贝/news.asp? Cat_id=40& news_id=300, for complex long such connection address, spiders are very reluctant to grab, fear may encounter the infinite loop connection, or dangerous junk links, or a large number of duplicate content in the website so, for the website to be fully included, or suggest stationmaster to address URL dynamic into static URL address, Also reduce the spider crawling difficulties, at the same time the URL static address users are also more likely to be remembered and used.

is static or dynamic for the website, the Internet will be the Public opinions are divergent. anyway, the advantages and disadvantages of the two, here we talk about how to address dynamic static, static analysis to several different programs.

Love Shanghai SEM account operations in which the set operation! Will the!


3, the area set up small area, did not put the meaning of

general regional setting is the traditional enterprise will set this up, the Internet or online education and can pass through the Internet to the virtual or physical products are the mode of delivery, unless the company is focused on a few or a designated area of investment.

? areaMost of the



Fifth, the proportion of mobile Set the

2, high traffic areas can focus attention but data transformation;


operation time, it is easy to understand on account! Can control the high flow point in time and get the conversion rate, so you can better determine the user access time and traffic into good time and focus on.

fourth, and then set the

bid set

1, budget and more opportunity to show, to show the amount of





sixth, the other set

2, plans to set the budget is to prevent malicious and lead to waste;

this is a must, and will affect every set of budget accounts where to

settings are usually SEM operation how kind of effect?

account offered to how to control the mobile data terminal is what kind of? Can be controlled by the mobile bid;



this is one of the effective methods to recover a customer! This must be tested

3, network alliance unlimited budget is spent our budget early line;

is high;

SEM account set up a lot of my friends think that it is not very easy!! but otherwise! Each set will all account data and data fluctuation effects! General account settings is the foundation, but through the data set on high technology! So you can see a person of SEM operation people, then we will have what account settings? Below by the Internet dry cargo runs the Lu Yongguo do simple analysis for everyone to share with

!First, the budget set !

1, the more narrow the regional flux is small, or vice versa;

second, set the

third, time setting


On 2014 Shanghai Longfeng trend

2014 rankings will be better? Good ranking is of course that meet user needs information query site, whether it is a single site or an introductory page or blog platform, shops. These rankings will than it is now easier to merchandise page ranking.

goods station will be eliminated? Because of the love of Shanghai is a query based on information platform, whether it is for what kind of commodity query data people and competitors is far greater than the purchase of users. But commodity site does not satisfy the user query information needs, this will affect the search needs of users, thus affecting the love Shanghai search experience. So why don’t love Shanghai these sites would be slowly eliminated? Love Shanghai don’t look at your website transaction whether, whether he cares about is money, your website can help him retain users. If your website is only to keep the purchasing needs of minority groups, and cannot keep the user query data then the algorithm will rank you back. From the beginning of the year to now search keywords in one specific product appear on the home page and the information platform shops and many independent site rankings, ranking is not good. These rankings in the platform information rankings better are the content of a more comprehensive and meet some information needs, in accordance with the truth should be the weight of product parameters are introduced and comprehensive information platform of the information ranking, rather than data to improve the information rankings better. For example, in search of "diesel generator price" home on some platform ranking.

ER in Shanghai Longfeng 2013 reflect Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, and even a lot of Shanghai dragon Er has quit the industry. Shanghai dragon is difficult to do, or we do not keep up with the pace of updating algorithm? I think it is not keep up with the pace of the algorithm, it seems in many cases our Shanghai dragon is getting better and better to do. 2014 Shanghai dragon will be how to develop? We look at trends:

Why how to operate? What kind of

(1) providing information content inside the site, for example we search a word cutting machine, cutting machine type, appeared on the cutting machine cutting machine pictures, safety procedures, multi line cutting machine, cutting machine price in the drop-down box. The usual picture appears in addition to cutting machine and cutting machine price is conducive to the user’s transaction, now can not do so. Since the user has some other requirements so we provide on the website inside the cutting machine type, cutting machine safety operation procedures.

what is the commercial station? We all do business products belong to the goods station site, is to do the website display of goods turnover. Our company is the product pictures and home station performance parameters, and then connected to the inside pages, the products sold. The second is the single page introduction product function and effect, these all belong to the goods station.

Many of the

is our point of view: pure commodity rankings are also difficult to do, and the data query station rankings easily.

How to give full play to the long tail keywords.

website optimization is in order to get the ranking, or is the conversion rate, many sites have ranked without flow, one of the reasons is that there is no construction of long tail words. These ideas are useful for most of the long tail word, I hope useful for you as a reader.

has 3 kinds of methods:

1) long tail words as the title and content of writing, this is the best idea, because the more the number of long tail words appear likely to be ranked better, the greater the search to user. But in the long tail word layout needs some natural.


3) to build high-quality content for the long term, specifically around the long tail words to write, such as "Shanghai dragon optimization course", the user needs in this area can be automatically to click on the. Most important is to meet the requirements of the search engine algorithm.

2 is determined according to the needs of users, the site positioning themselves to expand the long tail words, themselves as users;

2) to build the chain soft with long tail word. The long tail word was constructed with the aim to attract traffic, outside chain can attract traffic. If the long tail word distribution in the chain of high quality soft Wen, also can bring good traffic to the site.

simply said, according to the long tail keywords is the core keywords to expand out phrases or short sentences. For example, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the core keywords, and the long tail word is "which Shanghai Shanghai dragon company is the most professional, these long tail word is set according to the user’s search habits, so more in line with the user experience. When the user according to the long tail word search site shows better results.

is the first to understand what is the long tail keywords

1 is the use of tools, to determine the overall situation of the long tail word search;

the second is how to expand the long tail word

finally, the focus here, how to construct the long tail word to bring traffic to

website optimization to determine key words, according to the core keywords to develop long tail words, these words will be effective if the long tail word to the site to bring considerable traffic. The problem is, how to make the long tail keywords play? Shanghai dragon company optimization tricks.

3 can let professional Shanghai dragon company to help determine the long tail word.

Long tail keywords do flow can not know

I am in the process of optimized website, felt the importance of long tail keywords construction and optimization. It is recommended that you make friends can concentrate more on the long tail word mining and optimization above, not obsessed on the home page, once you do, there will be unexpected results Oh

why do long tail optimization? This is because of the limited number of keywords to your home page, you do first to bring traffic will be limited, so is the column page, but the difficulty is relatively large. And the long tail word makes the site get traffic capacity becomes unlimited. And the long tail word competition is low, it is easy to optimize up, a large number of long tail word brings flow can promote the optimization of the home key. You can make a vivid metaphor: the main home key is to optimize the site, while the main long tail word is optimized to a point.

network teaching base of the original address: 贵族宝贝studynb1贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, jc/352.html

!This article source:

what is the long tail word, the so-called long tail keywords refers to the search volume is small and unstable but can bring traffic to the site of words. To some extent, as long as a word may be found, it can be called the long tail word. This may be more general, the author will make a detailed analysis of the long term, to help you better understand the meaning of the long tail word for the website.

features of long tail keywords is relatively long, often consisting of 2-3 words or phrases. Long tail words are generally more accurate, the competition is relatively weak, so there are basically 1 articles to do a long tail word, large portal of Shanghai dragon will planners in the optimization project for the site layout of a large number of long tail keywords.

are: long tail keywords can be extended, targeted, wide range. For example, Shanghai dragon of the word, to see that this is a popular word, directly on the home page are a bit difficult. If it is Shanghai dragon skills? Is not to reduce the difficulty? It can be done with the column page. If Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge Daquan, Shanghai dragon how quick start word? Is it can be placed in the page do? This is the long tail word. You can according to their own needs, by extending the word around Shanghai Longfeng, then the corresponding deployment, can achieve good results.

The basic properties of

The website is love Shanghai punish what should analysis

E. keywords ranking drop, but the whole website search traffic without big changes (search engine rank algorithm constantly adjust, all website data are also in the change, the site keywords was up and down, as long as the rate is not very normal mostly);

B.domain is not the first home page;

H. the old content rankings included normal, new content can not only included (crawl log analysis is normal, check the website structure well whether the program bug spider, check whether the normal boiling extraction content);

Analysis of the

G. home page snapshot backwards (refer to the Shanghai official love love Shanghai snapshot, or according to the query condition shows different versions of a snapshot, or for the love of Shanghai draft);

F. home page snapshot stagnant or slow update (the general and punishment has no direct relationship, check the page updates and quality is normal or too weak);

we will love Shanghai punish site was divided into 4 ways: 1. not for punishment; 2. is indeed the 3. penalty punishment; reason and solution; 4. after punishment mentality, for each of the following. the number of results and the index volume greatly increase or decrease (as long as bring traffic effectively included page number unchanged, other changes do not have to worry too much, may be the search engine algorithm changes or convulsions, pay attention to other website);

is a

website is love Shanghai punish what should, for the domestic circle of friends, the operation of hard site is love Shanghai in recent years the punishment seemed It is quite common for already, so a lot of time site traffic, or ranking is included a small amplitude wave, the station will be that the site was punished. In fact, many are just too sensitive to the owners themselves, to introduce the analysis method of website is love Shanghai punishment, let you in the face of punishment is not lack of method.

D. title, description, batch change website, keyword page template by web search rankings and flow of small amplitude change (and some important factors related to the ranking changes, will certainly affect the search results ranking);

website is.

not to punish is not the first home page;

I. without any abnormal operation, to a certain extent the change of search traffic (small changes are a normal phenomenon, not flow down a little rise is punishment, one is right, Shanghai dragon ER does not need to give yourself over gold, do not blindly blame);

as long as the natural search traffic, natural ranking or search engine included changes in the volume is not large, it is not love Shanghai punishment. Not for punishment mainly in the following aspects:


Novice webmaster discussion on how to avoid excessive optimization

attention to tactics, strategic defiance

third is the principle of non mechanized operation. Some owners may not optimize a website is not a keyword optimization, so in order to make the daily work more efficient, it has formulated strict tasks and forms, such as the daily provisions in how much a forum posting replies, provides blog update how many articles (with the number of the chain) and so on, once you made a habit, you can also make it easy for search engines to Cha Jue, you may think, a good website, which many parameters and indicators are gradual, naturally, but if you every day is in accordance with the prescribed mechanical operation good, or use some mass, it will let the search engine that you are in control of the rankings, have very strong regularity and human intention, perhaps it will backfire.


as a whole to natural unmechanized

often don’t have luck

second is an important principle is not have luck. For example, in the home to be hidden links, hidden H tags, hidden text, or deliberately interspersed keywords in the title, at the bottom of the site to do a lot of home page keywords as the anchor link in the chain and so on, or adventures in Shanghai love to know or left a large number of anchor Post Bar, especially Shanghai Post Bar in love, do not think that occasionally left one or 35 love Shanghai spiders will to the site more often. In fact, if you do a here today, tomorrow is exceed the standard excess, for a small website, is a dangerous thing, search engine is sensitive to some acts, penalties are more timely, so don’t challenge the search engine can tolerate the bottom line, or to ease a bit better.

many owners have been seriously to optimize your web site, want to have good keywords ranking, so we have to do external links, update the article, optimize the internal structure of the website, and even the accumulation of keywords, but suddenly one day, found your site included reducing, ranking dropped, even by the K. Suddenly found himself doing fire. In fact, these are not far away, sometimes a little attention will lead to accidents, so as to avoid the novice webmaster, if excessive optimization? Today to share with you the three principles he summed up, hoping to let everyone benefit.


first in psychology to have such thinking, is valued in the tactical, strategic defiance. Specific means in Shanghai dragon to grasp the details, to do internal optimization reasonable, but can not develop Shanghai’s psychological fear of love, don’t do things considered in the end will not be right down, will not be K, not as long as the tactics of the black hat, as long as the user has the advantage, have long-term benefits the development of the site, then do it boldly, don’t hesitate. Because the overall traffic site if it is depending on the search engine, it is a very dangerous signal, Mai Lisa thought it best not more than 40%.

How to deal with the decline of the website constructor keywords ranking

domain name is registered for 09 years, is not old nun meters, from 2010 the construction of L-carnitine as the theme of the content, the chain has barely increased, but basically rely on the quality of Links in support, is in jeopardy when love Shanghai update, it is easy to be together go out, but this is the adjustment of the algorithm, but also the site of integrated data evaluation, expert webmaster see at a glance, the construction of Amoy products website is not being optimistic, because the guest promotion of the website basically no what aspect, so the user will not produce reproduced behavior, can be said to do not have the user experience the site, therefore in the Shanghai dragon, in addition to increasing the chain resources effectively, the basic.

webmaster circle appeared a lot of new words, what is the most awesome, ranking is fleeting, leisure, can actually be seen keywords owners are most concerned about is your site’s ranking, the first thing is to get up every day to open the computer, check the website included, the chain website, and the website keywords ranking, and then release the content of timing quantitative update site, moreover is the release of some soft chain increases, or find Links, interchange with the circle of webmaster, I believe most of the webmaster is to do so, although very hard, but at least ranking in his efforts to gradually surfaced however, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, every update means an examination, every time they are frightened to accept the test, Web site keywords ranking up, my heart than eating honey, happy, good rankings, flow up, money is also up; on the contrary, the rankings off, my heart than love brokenhearted and suffering, even some desperate, A5 webmaster forum there are so many people, can be seen the webmaster is not really easy ah, I have mentioned in the previous article "personal webmaster website is not easy to get, it is not easy, not to mention the need to rely on the site to maintain their livelihood, is even more difficult, although there are many ways of website marketing promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, soft Wen promotion, word of mouth, but the most is Shanghai dragon once and for all, in fact, Shanghai dragon is the most physical and mental things, and the results tend to be quite different, hard to do Actually, can the keyword ranking fell to thousands of miles away, in Luoping as a webmaster, on the website optimization, appeared keywords ranking drop, but not updated snapshot, today on the other, about the analysis of the site keywords ranking drop individuals, with the hope that we can exchange study a:

said that although the site keywords ranking is a index, but long for love Shanghai SEO webmaster have its own set of optimization methods, through a variety of signs included from the love of Shanghai, can be an easy job to do to find out all kinds of unfavorable factors in the construction site, so as a website builder, how to deal with the website keywords ranking drop the


How to write the site title, description, keywords

How to write a

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

secondsWebsite optimization

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure


website said many people have no what role, after inspection found that the website keyword is useful. Key words can let the spider know some core of your web site optimization, when the chain will be very useful, such as the Ed auction software website as keywords, a list of keywords and related products.


! Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: Keywords

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

special chain optimization:

with appropriate web site keywords, brand word, characteristics, contact. To do a good spot, concise and comprehensive, basically almost the same. Try to use reasonably fluent language to organize, the organization principle is that contains the main keywords and related keywords, website name, keywords and long tail keywords, advertising etc..

site title, description, key words better? And all small software for analysis, only do these three description and add, website ranking and optimization can be carried out.

ranking good web page title is not very long, generally controlled within 37 characters. Keywords bidding software, publicity is very important. The title contains both main keywords contain relevant keywords, the site keywords ranking is good, at the same time for the user experience or main business users can see the website and related business is doing what. The main keywords to the first position, the higher the weight of the front. To determine the main keywords, consider the keywords associated with their website product.

website right down topics:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience


solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked The title of

K on the site was difficult to judge the situation must be observed for a period of time


and I have been on this site before the sea once fell in love with manslaughter home, but two days later came back home. Only the last K away home when I think confidence not half a month will come back, because I am not cheating. But also in the inside pages, the general page needs to be adjusted, in accordance with the user experience, you first have to analyze the reason of course. So I analysis is the cause of love Shanghai hurt, because the probability of error in the sea is very large, especially when some big update, this is great, but my site is just Thursday update (see the Chinaz webmaster tools to see). So I judge by search engine after injury, has not the dynamic website, wait for recovery, and not two days to recover.

and this love sea ruthless, even K to zero, it also makes people a little depressed. I still look at this point in time, you look at the picture above is just on Friday, before and after the update time. I still feel my way to use it is normal, there is no cheating behavior, even if there is a problem that does not allow Shanghai to love so hard, I think it should be killed, this time I really could not sit, not last so weak. To love Shanghai complaints about my writing is very real, do not know love Shanghai staff is not seeing my words from the bottom of the heart. My website to recover, estimate the possibility is very few, because we are not a celebrity, not big website, influence is not big enough to love Shanghai basically do not see.


Shanghai is a dragon needs confidence of the industry, like the premier in 08 years of financial crisis when the words that are more confident than gold is also important. Why should speak with you this? The reason is because it is a very controllable occupation or technology, in this society, some other technical changes will not be so big, but the Shanghai dragon industry is constantly changing, a good site yesterday may have gone for ever today. Sometimes feel that need a good attitude and ability, sometimes I feel like I do in Shanghai Longfeng for more than three years, a lot of K stand down right also see, think they are accustomed to, when a hard optimization technique with regular search engine site is K off, some will inevitably feel Xu is not happy.


especially for the novice webmaster, this big blow generally do not do this for the people it is hard to imagine that the confidence collapse in doubt what they are learning is not wrong. To optimize the site later do not know how to do, in fact, when we have something, the first time should think of the reasons, not dizzy, lose their cool. A few days ago I was a website search engine K, clear all that. The first time I though a bit depressed, but I thought the first time is what reason, recall that nearly a month of operation, may not be illegal.