How to optimize the static Public opinions are divergent without benefits

: then cater to more search engines crawl the site, in the official website issued a statement saying that noble baby can not static, baby spiders that have the ability to peer grab dynamic address, even said that the dynamic address is more conducive to the spider crawling, but this statement is only for the nobility baby itself search engine, so far besides the noble baby outside of the search engine in favor of more static. As long as the webmaster can make static website set up correctly, not in the setting of static pages, the Session ID into the static address, spider web crawling, will crawl to correct the static address in the web site. read more

Love Shanghai SEM account operations in which the set operation Will the


3, the area set up small area, did not put the meaning of

general regional setting is the traditional enterprise will set this up, the Internet or online education and can pass through the Internet to the virtual or physical products are the mode of delivery, unless the company is focused on a few or a designated area of investment.

? areaMost of the

Fifth, the proportion of mobile Set the

2, high traffic areas can focus attention but data transformation;

operation time, it is easy to understand on account! Can control the high flow point in time and get the conversion rate, so you can better determine the user access time and traffic into good time and focus on. read more

On 2014 Shanghai Longfeng trend

2014 rankings will be better? Good ranking is of course that meet user needs information query site, whether it is a single site or an introductory page or blog platform, shops. These rankings will than it is now easier to merchandise page ranking.

goods station will be eliminated? Because of the love of Shanghai is a query based on information platform, whether it is for what kind of commodity query data people and competitors is far greater than the purchase of users. But commodity site does not satisfy the user query information needs, this will affect the search needs of users, thus affecting the love Shanghai search experience. So why don’t love Shanghai these sites would be slowly eliminated? Love Shanghai don’t look at your website transaction whether, whether he cares about is money, your website can help him retain users. If your website is only to keep the purchasing needs of minority groups, and cannot keep the user query data then the algorithm will rank you back. From the beginning of the year to now search keywords in one specific product appear on the home page and the information platform shops and many independent site rankings, ranking is not good. These rankings in the platform information rankings better are the content of a more comprehensive and meet some information needs, in accordance with the truth should be the weight of product parameters are introduced and comprehensive information platform of the information ranking, rather than data to improve the information rankings better. For example, in search of "diesel generator price" home on some platform ranking. read more

How to give full play to the long tail keywords

website optimization is in order to get the ranking, or is the conversion rate, many sites have ranked without flow, one of the reasons is that there is no construction of long tail words. These ideas are useful for most of the long tail word, I hope useful for you as a reader.

has 3 kinds of methods:

1) long tail words as the title and content of writing, this is the best idea, because the more the number of long tail words appear likely to be ranked better, the greater the search to user. But in the long tail word layout needs some natural. read more

Long tail keywords do flow can not know

I am in the process of optimized website, felt the importance of long tail keywords construction and optimization. It is recommended that you make friends can concentrate more on the long tail word mining and optimization above, not obsessed on the home page, once you do, there will be unexpected results Oh

why do long tail optimization? This is because of the limited number of keywords to your home page, you do first to bring traffic will be limited, so is the column page, but the difficulty is relatively large. And the long tail word makes the site get traffic capacity becomes unlimited. And the long tail word competition is low, it is easy to optimize up, a large number of long tail word brings flow can promote the optimization of the home key. You can make a vivid metaphor: the main home key is to optimize the site, while the main long tail word is optimized to a point. read more

The website is love Shanghai punish what should analysis

E. keywords ranking drop, but the whole website search traffic without big changes (search engine rank algorithm constantly adjust, all website data are also in the change, the site keywords was up and down, as long as the rate is not very normal mostly);

B.domain is not the first home page;

H. the old content rankings included normal, new content can not only included (crawl log analysis is normal, check the website structure well whether the program bug spider, check whether the normal boiling extraction content); read more

Novice webmaster discussion on how to avoid excessive optimization

attention to tactics, strategic defiance

third is the principle of non mechanized operation. Some owners may not optimize a website is not a keyword optimization, so in order to make the daily work more efficient, it has formulated strict tasks and forms, such as the daily provisions in how much a forum posting replies, provides blog update how many articles (with the number of the chain) and so on, once you made a habit, you can also make it easy for search engines to Cha Jue, you may think, a good website, which many parameters and indicators are gradual, naturally, but if you every day is in accordance with the prescribed mechanical operation good, or use some mass, it will let the search engine that you are in control of the rankings, have very strong regularity and human intention, perhaps it will backfire. read more

How to deal with the decline of the website constructor keywords ranking

domain name is registered for 09 years, is not old nun meters, from 2010 the construction of L-carnitine as the theme of the content, the chain has barely increased, but basically rely on the quality of Links in support, is in jeopardy when love Shanghai update, it is easy to be together go out, but this is the adjustment of the algorithm, but also the site of integrated data evaluation, expert webmaster see at a glance, the construction of Amoy products website is not being optimistic, because the guest promotion of the website basically no what aspect, so the user will not produce reproduced behavior, can be said to do not have the user experience the site, therefore in the Shanghai dragon, in addition to increasing the chain resources effectively, the basic. read more

How to write the site title description keywords

How to write a

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

secondsWebsite optimization

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure


website said many people have no what role, after inspection found that the website keyword is useful. Key words can let the spider know some core of your web site optimization, when the chain will be very useful, such as the Ed auction software website as keywords, a list of keywords and related products.

Keywords read more

K on the site was difficult to judge the situation must be observed for a period of time

and I have been on this site before the sea once fell in love with manslaughter home, but two days later came back home. Only the last K away home when I think confidence not half a month will come back, because I am not cheating. But also in the inside pages, the general page needs to be adjusted, in accordance with the user experience, you first have to analyze the reason of course. So I analysis is the cause of love Shanghai hurt, because the probability of error in the sea is very large, especially when some big update, this is great, but my site is just Thursday update (see the Chinaz webmaster tools to see). So I judge by search engine after injury, has not the dynamic website, wait for recovery, and not two days to recover. read more

Google Panda officially launched the transformation of Shanghai dragon algorithm workers need to do

Panda algorithm

1, to improve the quality of the contents of

Google earlier this year, also launched a "page layout algorithm", not much lower quality content website ranking, this algorithm is for the April algorithm to pave the way for the garbage behind the website ranking algorithm to update us more for Shanghai Longfeng workers, formal and can continue to make the user experience the Shanghai dragon skills to give more support to only know the punishment from the web search engine optimization method and user access. But we said regular Shanghai dragon white hat Shanghai dragon, but how to do search engine optimization guide, which are talking about is very shallow, the specific operation is not a definite standard, but each algorithm revolves around a concept: to provide high quality search results for search engines, to provide a good search experience for the user. This is the essence of the white hat Shanghai dragon. read more

Share the experience of ascension love Shanghai experience through some experience rate

, you need to have a high level of id



and other products like Shanghai, want to be in love Shanghai experience more simple chain, first you need to have a high level of ID, it can improve the survival rate of the link. As in Shanghai love to know do the chain, the level of more than four grade left link success rate and decrease the level of ID has a great difference. We first raise their love experience in Shanghai ID.


Shanghai dragon Er would know if you do the high quality of the chain, then the preferred platform is love Shanghai products, like Shanghai, Shanghai, Encyclopedia of space love love Shanghai quiz, Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love experience and so on are the Shanghai dragon Er love the quality of the chain platform. The construction of the chain of high difficulty, but also makes a number of Shanghai dragon Er "chain" can only hope helplessly, but the construction of the chain as long as we seize the key, to be a little income. read more

Analysis of diagnosis website right down

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm updates, many sites were affected, of course, the biggest impact is cheating super chain website. This it is very helpful to purify the Internet environment, but the green algorithms for many regular web site also affected. For example, our company website Fuzhou landscape decoration. The beginning is the keyword ranking dropped substantially, a few days after the site is down right. So why would be down right? What should we do?

in addition to the above aspects, there are many aspects need to pay attention to. For example, the site where the space is normal. You can view the space in the other site is normal, excluding space problems, and the punishment. read more

Shanghai Longfeng new station for space related problems brought by


as the saying goes: no excuses for failure, only to find a successful way. So I decided to figure out exactly where to flow to let me have this more than 30 dollars? I checked my only several IP through statistical tools. Because this is a new Taobao passenger line, I saw someone wrote in A5 and some stationmaster forum, new station before the content is not rich, the number of the chain must be controlled. I didn’t know right or wrong, but after all the elders suffer in the eyes. I still choose to believe. I’m just a tentative in love Shanghai Post Bar left in a small advertisement. But later analysis, that small advertising brings the amount of income. read more

Delete Sogou Sogou search drop down words and Related words explain the negative information recom

here to fill in the phone number, Sogou will quickly give you feedback messages, to tell the truth in the great search engine processing efficiency is very fast.


1, first in the address box to enter "贵族宝贝sogou贵族宝贝" into the Sogou search interface, then click on the bottom of the "feedback" as follows:

as the negative information of an enterprise will inevitably spread peer or user reputation, especially the popularity of the Internet in the case, the majority of users have increasingly focused on product experience, I also occasionally encountered this problem, related problems never involved in the negative suppression of this field, so the "lost little reptile" started to play their own advantages in the search, finally, hard work pays off, to organize a search engine drop-down word or delete negative information related words recommended strategy, this article introduces the Sogou search (Sogou), the subsequent "lost little reptile" will continue to give you the open. To everyone, every week is expected to. read more

Shanghai Longfeng well station connections to improve the keywords ranking optimization

on the page of the spider crawl depth is limited, the website page to more easily to be included, click on the page from the home page depth is not more than 5 layers, then the breadcrumb navigation is very important, each page to set the corresponding breadcrumb navigation, reducing the depth of the page from the home page. Many webmaster accumulation keywords in the breadcrumb navigation, so do not recommend Adsense optimization, breadcrumb navigation is more for the user experience and a spider to grab the page, let the spider accumulation keywords will be considered cheating optimization. read more

Talk about my understanding of long tail keywords and long tail word advantage

I am engaged in the Shanghai dragon in 2010, when the first site is about NBA basketball, in the choice of keywords to the site did not consider the long term, that time also believes that as long as there is perseverance the index of tens of thousands of words make up what is not difficult, so when choosing keywords I basically is to use some very high index words, such as "NBA" and "NBA" video "Basketball" "NBA pictures" and so on, so the internal optimization of the website is a seamless heavenly robe on the line, started the optimization department long, go to the basketball forum posting, Post Bar post and so on, however a month later, the site has a great improvement, the site started trickling flow, every fifty or so, a careful analysis of it, the 50 of which 30 are flow Through the promotion in 20, the rest is through keyword search over, that is to say the web site keywords ranking, but when I checked that these flows are through the pages over, and we are some of the keywords to search the title of the page, such as the "2001 finals video" "outstanding basketball method" and "the 2008 All Star game" and so on, and these words are ranked in the home, I was surprised, not hard to do the optimization of the main keywords ranking, content title has been ranked, people really do not dare to believe. read more

Taking the most effective path placed outside the chain of Secrets

blog chain. Here, one of the best ways —- blog sprocket, is to put a lot of own blog of the link, just like the Olympic rings, they get together, then one-way links to your ultimate goal to promote the site, but it is exhausting, need strong.

two, the chain. Links. Is similar to the content on your site "exchange, as between the two countries friendly to each other. But if the other site has more than 30 Links. Prove to give to your weight very little, so don’t exchange Links. Since it is Links, so friendship is very important. As everyone knows, the weight of link will according to this link existent time to calculate, so you need to exchange with each other to do something about communication, at least QQ add a friends, if friends others from your Links or other, do not cry to go. So I think when Links is best friends with a mind to do, only in the presence of long-term mutual benefit that can Links. As for the method, as we all know, join webmaster group, Links group, Shanghai Phoenix Group, such as the Shanghai dragon combat. read more

Shanghai Longfeng every day to do what you are doing

, 1, the chain that is certainly essential (in fact, the two is the most difficult, what kind of article? What kind of the chain can drive the two rankings? You need to constantly sum up thinking),


mining 2, daily value (the long tail word);

6, how to improve the level of their own, to Shanghai dragon WHY often go; these things enough you busy;

recently, I saw a quiz website inside, there is a very interesting question is, "as the Shanghai dragon you every day to do what work? I’ll own simple talk, I just started to learn Shanghai dragon every day doing what work; I remember very clearly, turn on the computer every day the first thing is to look at the collection of my site, change the weight of the website and the page. Then, I will go to see the website which dead links and so on, these up to now feel very boring; feel have no fun. But learning a period of Shanghai dragon, I began to pay attention to the overall optimization of a website now; not every day to love Shanghai included and ranking, all in all, at least not so diligent. read more

Rich enterprise website promotion way micro blog to make the website more wonderful

what is the old growth on micro-blog, micro-blog’s role here Xiaobian no more comments, simply look at sina, micro-blog is divided into three kinds of users, a user is not verified, a user authentication is personal, another is the enterprise user authentication. Behind the micro-blog name of a blue "V", to prove that this is the micro-blog enterprise certification. We must carry on the enterprise website promotion of micro-blog, micro-blog is the first enterprise to carry out certification. read more