Three ways to obtain the high quality of the chain in Shanghai Dragon

, a weight high website released soft


have to say, now love Shanghai more fancy Links this, good correlation Links plays a great role, but many people do not know how to exchange Links, some is in turn Links >

two, industry platform release product information chain

now whether you run any type of enterprise website, and you always have some related industry website platform, such as Alibaba, from the B2B platform, there are some classified information platform and so on, as long as you can always explore seriously collected. Some industry platform allows you to publish product information with links, so you can rest assured to do, but there is need to review, this platform, you can not write the link in the product information pages, but to write on the web site in the contact, this is also useful. There are some classified information platform is to charge membership fees, membership every day can limit the release of information, free membership only one day issued a message, how to do? We can register some number, a number one, then you have 100 numbers, one day is 100 a? So, as long as willing to think, think, can always get outside of the chain. read more

The owners believe what a love Shanghai weight value

I find

A5 soft chain release: 贵族宝贝e.admin5贵族宝贝/content.php? ID=63

This is my

love Shanghai never provided a website weight information data and external query service. Third party Webmaster Tools data is not love Shanghai official data, does not represent the real situation of the website, love Shanghai on the use of such data and cause problems without any responsibility. Please do not take these webmaster "love Shanghai weight" as a true value to reference value.

  read more

How to apply the methods and steps of love Shanghai news source


, a news source definition


3, other

love Shanghai news news editors have included hope, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and a certain scale of the news site in its target domain.

(3): the distribution of scattered resources to solve the high value of collection and sorting in various media resources;

(5) with local government background or traditional media background of the local news station, need to have a certain user awareness and influence in the local read more

How to analyze the noble baby Analytics search engine traffic trends


Shanghai dragon or is the webmaster, we usually want to see a lot of data, such as: PV, UV, IP etc., today we focus on the data source of traffic IP. Traffic sources are mainly three types: introduction, direct, search engine. Different sites, these three types of flow ratio are not the same, when the third source of traffic has a higher proportion of traffic types or accounted for the majority, we can say that this site is mainly dependent on this type of traffic. But for some CMS content sites, typically, search engine traffic ratio will surely, be very dangerous, because once the Shanghai dragon problems or search engine adjustment algorithm, the total flow will appear very large. From the overall operation of the website, we hope that the various forms of traffic sources is equal, gradually reduce the proportion of search engine traffic, more referral sources entrance, and maintain a good proportion of new and old users. So if one of the antecedents of traffic sources appear large fluctuations, the site will not be affected too much read more

Love Shanghai web site included the real reason of the low and high

Pay special attention to the web page The

love weight and more attention to brand

4. new sites included requires sustained stimulation of


love Shanghai or noble baby home is an important parameter for evaluation of a website, for general regularly updated website, Shanghai love the home on the patronage rate is very high, can reach every snapshot and the front page article seconds is not difficult.

Calculation formula of

to update a small amount of sites, such as the Shanghai dragon blog, there will be difference. Efforts to update the blog is generally not strong, may one day a few days or a high weight blog posted immediately after the noble baby included, the refresh rate is very fast, even if the weight is not high, the use of Ping mechanism, also can let the baby noble seconds. Love Shanghai in this aspect is just passable, as can be seen from the analysis of Web log, love Shanghai usually overnight will release the update, included speed is very slow. In addition, the search under the title of the article, love Shanghai is usually the result of the front page or directory page and the article page rarely. Love Shanghai more attention to web page content. read more

Love Shanghai 2 on the line after the green railway station, how to make Shanghai Longfeng

used in the blog to share some of their own experiences in Shanghai Longfeng, today Shanghai Scindapsus 2 love line, see a little difficult optimization feeling many webmaster friends, so I’ll share some of their own experience of Shanghai dragon.

Because many new concepts in In fact,

, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion, network promotion is Shanghai dragon, so what is the impact of the new policy once the Shanghai dragon appeared, the industry will There were many discussions. Although mouchangqing is writing network promotion blog, but about Shanghai dragon is not too much, because I always think I am doing network promotion, rather than professional Shanghai dragon. There are a lot of network promotion techniques, such as soft Wen promotion, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing promotion, Shanghai dragon is not the only way. read more

Method of website to obtain the original article



1. digital library. We all know that the digital library inside the book is the PDF document, the contents of books can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, that is to say we can see the contents of the books, but can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, so that as long as the digital library in the content conversion to our website like it. Is an original article (the premise is that this article has not been other people). Of course, we all know that the PDF document is not copy and paste, if necessary will waste a lot of time we Yiziyizi hit, this time we need to use the tool PDF document converter, after the conversion of the individual as long as the wrong words and punctuation errors to modify, and then copy and paste is an original article. Here is to recommend a good digital library: superstar library. The use of this method for 5 minutes to organize a good article can still, relatively high efficiency. read more

Reason analysis and solving measures of the site right down to a large collection of

4, web page included only home page: just under the deep depth of this one page.

3, spam links

In fact, these

3, website keywords ranking drop: original website keyword ranking dropped.


save money, bought some informal space to build the site, causing the site often not open or open very slowly, so the space due to the unstable site is down right is also the case of many.

All of the page

website right down

this method the effect is obvious, as long as you change.

2, web page included substantial reduction: the site is included in the page to reduce a lot of. read more

Stability is an important influence on stability of Shanghai gold experience website optimization of

Two, The chain

, a stable web content update

site outside the chain is stable and normal


is one of the main contents of love Shanghai decided according to the website search rankings and the weight, quality of the original or false original content for quick access to love Shanghai favor, let site quickly increase weight and ranking effect. For the website snapshot update, continuously updated every day, especially high quality content particularly, and have a negative impact on the site is bad. I had a personal experience because the updated website content did not last, love Shanghai to reduce the number of web crawling spiders patronize, resulting in more and more low frequency crawling, first stop snapshot update content increase included, while ranking also will continue to back, very big. After I began to pay attention to this problem, a number of pseudo original content, pay attention to daily fixed centralized updates in most of the Shanghai spiders love time, keep the amount of increase law, after a week or so to finally make snapshots, rankings included and gradually improved, so I could not help feeling the love of Shanghai algorithm maybe there is a "stability" rule. read more

The article collected today gone tomorrow how to deal with BD’s aunt

this was done to allow BD to change the station included habit, before the author is around 9 in the morning every day to update the article, disappeared at night when the query, or second days site only home. Now I will update the time to adjust to the afternoon, from time to time to update the article, this time BD will also change the mode included. After changing the habit of great possibility is included on the day second days is not deleted, but there may be published articles not all be included in the. Reflect this process takes only 1-3 days to fix BD collected and delete problems according to users’ experience. read more

The future of search search engine search engine optimization – the only way which must be passed

there are many websites that do this word, you can try to tap into the potential of key word search volume in the occupation, you can try to harm the main word >

The future of

search engines throughout the network the only way which must be passed a new situation, change every day, search engine is the same, every day for a continuous change. Your website once touched the search engine rules, then you should bear certain risks, optimizing the traditional search engine, has not been recognized by most webmaster, to optimize the key word most moment is in the promotion of the weight of the home page. Most of the webmaster think, only the homepage weight promotion, our website can be upgraded all the weight. Search engine changes, we also asked about our optimization method can not only stand in situ, it has also been updated. Is a good choice. read more

Shanghai Longfeng novice how to send the chain format text


second is my website

today, my website for almost five months, began to contact the Shanghai dragon and not too high expectations, anyway idle is idle, do a play station, the first female bag website so I, so on-line. I have not participated in the training system of Shanghai dragon, all knowledge is taught, but really difficult, Shanghai dragon is not in Shanghai Longfeng itself, site, content, outside the chain of these basic work and don’t believe how long you can learn, but in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, there are a lot of things alone the experience of others is not enough, especially now soft everywhere, a lot of people do not have through their own practice, in order to make a soft Wen aimless code, but also some pseudo science on the inside, it will be a big misleading, for the novice, for example, there is a saying in Shanghai Dragon circles, "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, how many people really understand. read more

Er talk about personal Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon training experience

is the most profound thing, the group can not Shanghai dragon master, as long as we will grasp the exchange of experience, familiar with some of the thinking of Shanghai dragon. Often some of the so-called Shanghai dragon master, mostly in the condition of empty talk. Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the actual combat, no execution, a good theory is not the search engine of reasoning. There are a number of Shanghai dragon felt it was almost stopped in Shanghai Longfeng learning, in fact there is no shortage of the Yangtze River in Shanghai dragon circles bring forth the new through the old people. read more

A knife the replacement of three website domain name note

301 redirect

search engine updates on new domain name included, rankings, flow. In general, after the 301 from the old domain to the new domain name, 1 months later, the new domain name will gradually get some weight transferred from the old domain. But note that each site work time is not the same. May the more important site, faster onset time. In other words, if an ordinary general website, website, if you are not frequent crawling. It’s hard to say, the new domain name will soon switch over. read more

A brief summary of recent changes in Baidu

2: now Baidu on the website ranking area.

3: now Baidu drop-down list box of human search habits. Each computer search habits were recorded, each person will search keywords to the drop-down list box in the front row of some. But the ranking rules and hope that we carefully observe changes.

(3): click on the location of the IP website ranking area.

6: now Baidu through different browsers, their ranking is not the same.

9: now Baidu increase on the website of the old domain name and website content review. General new sites to get good rankings in the months before, unless the old domain name. At the same time on the website as long standing rankings and content have included the optimization of the right. read more

Different thinking sites included less than the increase is more favorable

a site in each life cycle, the death is that we often can see.

do not know if you have not seen the optimization guide to love Shanghai, if so, I believe that you will know the guidelines clearly marked a page when there are other different URL links, search engine spiders will be selected as a primary standard, and the other the same page of the URL link responsibility it will be included, but these repeated indexed pages for search engines are not friendly, even let the search engine that are cheating on your website. Of course, this is also a lot of problems, for example, say we can then repeat shielding address URL using robots files, do not let it tell the spider crawling, can also use the form of the jump jump URL series to set their own page can be. read more

From the Association Committee of the news article on Shanghai Longfeng soft quality requirements

today to see the news, journalists network news reports here have to have a clearly defined "to eliminate false reports, enhance social responsibility, strengthen the construction of occupation moral news". From here has some experience and inspiration to Shanghai dragon marketing side, may all teachers and friends understand the strength and effect of Shanghai Longfeng marketing, so how should we marketing? Especially for soft Wen creation, here in Yangzhou Shanghai dragon has some experience. read more

The search engine makes self generation actually your IQ low than expected

researchers warned, searching information on the web makes people have miscalculated their IQ, this will cause people in the decision of overconfidence.

at the same time, the popularity of smart mobile phone also exacerbates the problem, because the network search becomes so easy to reach. Fisher says the Internet makes people for "you know" and "what you think you know what the boundaries between blur. The decision making effect on people is very large, so to make people more aware of their level of knowledge is very important. Although the benefits of the Internet is very much, but the side effects of the hidden is far more than this point. Make people accurate understanding of their knowledge level is very difficult, but the Internet makes matters more difficult. (Bing Han read more

The user experience is never out of date the Shanghai dragon secret

four, do regular station regular station

, do stand as do everyone do well site is not likely to do

do dumpster era has gone, we don’t want to rely on garbage station to obtain a point of advertising revenue, Google has made it clear that if the garbage station on the Google ads, Google will close the account, the Internet user experience era has come, if you are not aware of the importance of user experience, then you it is best not to do, because there is no user experience.

with the rapid development of the Internet, now more and more websites and search engines to the user experience as the center to carry out construction, it can be said that a good site without a good user experience, there is no development of the premise, the Internet is filled with the human can not read the garbage station, this is browsing and the search engine first needs to eliminate the website, if the webmaster didn’t realize user experience in the construction site of the status of his website even if there is no good traffic and ranking will not develop for a long time. read more

The website of three essential goods JS code function

share a key code

An analysis of

, a statistical code

second JS code — share a key code. Now the Internet is advocating open and transparent. If you still think that possession will eventually be eliminated. The current mainstream JiaThis, Passit share a key code, the JS code by calling the data to the web site, and then by calling the content of the website in the form of links forwarded to other websites, so that users can share links to your site, so as to improve the site traffic. And put on the website allows users to share their love of content to friends and colleagues to share code, allowing users to pursue stationmaster spontaneous promotion website is not to such effect? So, increase traffic, attract more users and increase the popularity of the website, a key share code must be installed to the site, but also because the search engine to share code is also regarded as friendly relations, so do not worry because the share code is JS format and will affect the site optimization, in turn, a large number of users share code reproduced website content, website only for good reasons, you know. So, share a key code in the current era do stand, must be installed, the effect will be greatly. read more