Celades took his character in the match against Barcelona

first_imgIn the almost five months that Celades has lived on the Valencian bench, it has been found that he is not an excessively temperamental person. The coach transmits tranquility from the band and in his appearances also exposes his calm character. Nevertheless, Last Saturday against Barcelona, ​​the most active Celades of the whole season could be seen.The game was key for the Valencianistas because they wanted to improve the image, in addition the rival favored a meeting with high pulsations. The master remained calm for much of it, but Gil Manzano’s decisions ended up causing him to show a character never seen before in Mestalla. In the 42nd minute the Catalan began to alter when the referee cut off Ferran’s counterattack Torres after having previously given the law of advantage. The technician, making fuss, he supported his people to talk with the referee shouting “tell him, tell him”.And when Gil Manzano annulled Paulista’s third goal, Celades no longer gave credit. Both he and Ruipérez Marín, the fourth referee, spent more than two minutes conversing intensely, although the explanations should not have convinced him since at the end of the meeting he declared in the press room that “there are times when there are doubts about things and it would not be bad to receive explanations.”last_img read more

Suso: “It is the perfect time to play in Sevilla”

first_imgEurocup: “The first thing is the club, if everything is done well then the selection is something that comes alone.”Close family: “For them it was very important, it is a great happiness that can be here. Copa del Rey? You had to win that game, it’s an ugly day and those games are the worst for not entering with the mentality with which you have to enter. We already look at LaLiga. ”State of form: “I don’t think the circumstances of three weeks change much. I am available to the coach and I have been playing almost always. I do not think that after four years playing this break is very noticeable. If there is a coach who knows me well, it is Lopetegui. He is the perfect person. ”Trajectory in Milan: “One stays with many things. Tactically I have learned a lot and have improved in the Italian league. ” Sevilla seeks to leave the chaos butler and presented today the signing of Suso Fernández as the last piece aimed at strengthening the power of the Julen Lopetegui squad. The player did not hesitate to highlight the importance of his arrival: “We were talking for a week and there was a great desire for this to happen. We all made an effort and what I wanted was to be here. ”Looking to the future and its intentions: “I played here in Spain with 19, it was another moment of my life. Now I arrive at the best possible moment, it is when I am better. There are perfect circumstances and I am in a great club with a coach who knows me perfectly about the national team, it is the perfect moment. ”He influenced his qualities for the team: “There are very good players, as in all the great teams. I come to help and improve in many ways to make the goal easier. ”last_img read more

Joselu and Lucas are the best couple of Spanish gunners

first_imgLast summer Deportivo Alavés announced the arrival of two strikers with a great reputation in European football. They were Lucas Pérez (A Coruña, 09/10/1988) and Joselu Mato (Stuttgart, 03/27/1990), who arrived from West Ham United and Newcastle respectively. Two gunners who came from trying their luck in a Premier League who, unfortunately, had not repeated the taste of their goals so regularly as other leagues of the old continent had done. The ‘7’ Coruña scored an unprecedented personal record in the League: 7 consecutive days scoring, something that only he has achieved with the shirt of two different teams in Coruña and Vitoria. A vertiginous figures from which a Joselu has not taken off, who with the goal of last Sunday at Sánchez-Pizjuán shares the figure of top national scorer of LaLiga Santander together with Roger (Levante UD) and Ángel (Getafe CF).The 9 and 8 goals of Joselu and Lucas place them as the Spanish couple that makes the most goals in the league championship. Of the 23 goals that the Vitorian team has achieved, 17 have carried the seal of one of the two. Some figures that approach, but do not exceed, the 16 goals scored by Gerard Moreno and Santi Cazorla, of Villarreal CF. This Friday, before SD Eibar, Deportivo Alavés faces a very important clash facing the goal of permanence. Joselu already knows what it is to score a goal to the armorer team, and that is that ‘9’ was the author of the two goals that marked the first home victory of the course in the Basque feud. Lucas could not travel to Seville last weekend because of discomfort in the pubis but today he has trained with the group normally. His seemed to be a fierce battle to take the position of striker of a babazorra squad who wanted to forget the Calleri and Borja Bastón last year, and the first to hit was a Joselu Mato who scored his first two championship goals in the matches against Levante UD and Getafe CF. A drought scorer of Asier Garitano during the 4,5 and 6 days made fear that the goal albiazul lost his reference, but soon Lucas Pérez joined the cause.last_img read more

Love: “Messi has been huge”

first_imgAnalysis: “The first part we played very well. Leo has been at a great level, has scored four goals. He has had the opportunity to score and has been huge once again. We played quite well. With 3-0, then it is normal that we have slowed down in the second part. “ Vidal: “He is not an extreme, but today he has played very open and has given us breadth. He has played quite well with and without the ball. He has been very involved, has played easy, gives a lot of work and helps a lot to the center of the field. you can say nothing against it because its performance is magnificent. “Braithwaite Debut: “He has played 20 minutes and has been very good. His movements, his unchecking. He has pressed up. They have been 20 minutes of many things and very good.”Real Madrid. “We depend a little on them, but we have to think about us. I hope he doesn’t win, but we have to think about our matches. Little by little, many points remain and it’s difficult for all teams to win every game.”last_img read more

Braithwaite, the burning nail

first_imgMeanwhile, in Sport he talked about the Camp Nou reception: “I don’t feel like my soccer looks like Larsson’s, To be honest. But we are similar in one thing: he was a tremendously intelligent player. I don’t know what his mentality was and his way of being, because I haven’t met him personally, but he’s a legend. When I entered the Camp Nou I felt amazing because the atmosphere was fantastic. But I don’t know if that environment is normal here. “ Martin Braithwaite, Last minute signing at Barça after the long-lasting injury of Dembélé, appears as great animator and hope azulgrana for the last twelve days of the League. As oblivious to the pessimism surrounding the club and the messes that arise every day around the team, Braithwaite lives in a bubble and claims to be “one hundred by one hundred” convinced that Barça will win LaLiga. This Friday is the cover of sports newspapers in Barcelona. In the interview with Sports world, it falls apart in praise Messi: “He’s a great boy, He is waiting to help the players. It is helping me to join the team and in the countryside, of course, it’s amazing, it’s nice to see you. I’m sure that as we get to know more and play more time together, Our connection will improve. If it is amazing to see him play in games, enjoy him in training every day, it is even more incredible. I try to learn from him. “last_img read more

Betis change face with Pier

first_imgThe Betis not the same since the arrival of the coach Pier Luigi Cherubino, who replaced in office Antonio Contreras. The former Verdiblanco player has managed to change the direction of the team, which was in decline, to get it out of the red zone and change the feelings completely. “This team is trained to be higher. You have to keep squeezing the girls because they have room for improvement, “Pier said in a recent interview with the Betis media. The numbers speak for themselves. Under Contreras’ mandate, the Andalusian team added eight points in thirteen games played in the League, with seven defeats, five draws and only one victory. Figures that have improved substantially under Pier’s orders. After eight league games since joining the coaching staff, the Andalusian team accumulates twelve points, with three wins, three draws and two defeats. It is worth noting the important points added against direct rivals such as Espanyol (2-1) or Valencia (2-2) and the team’s great participation in the Cup: they eliminated Atlético on penalties and brushed the semis, falling in the quarterfinals against Logroño (1-0). The Verdiblanco coach was very satisfied with his work on the team, which has returned to work after a few days off due to the team break. The Bacon and a derby await the Baetics against their great rival, Sevilla, in the next days of the First Iberdrola. “The work we are doing is being received well. It is improving. The important thing now comes in the final stretch, which is where you have to press the most and improve those numbers. I am convinced since I arrived. I’m not satisfied with saving ourselves and that’s it and more seeing the players out there. We have to aspire to win games, “said PierThe former Betis player stressed that upon arrival he saw that “there was a lack of joy” in the team and has tried to recover that essence, which was also characteristic of Betis de María Pry. “When I arrived, what I did was change my mind and I wanted them to come to train with joy. If you don’t get inside and you know what they feel, you can’t get all their football out, “ Pier stressed, who also confessed to having been forced to change the way he played to get the most out of his players. The Canarian coach seems to have found his ideal system at Betis at 4-1-4-1. “My way of playing is different. I like to play more vertically. I tried it in the first games … But I think that to be a coach you also have to be smart and you should not be closed in a style of play and a way of playing football. You have to focus on what you have and the characteristics of each player, “he said.last_img read more

Raúl de Tomás postpones his arrival to the National Team

first_imgEven top Spanish filmmakers this season, both with 11 goals, are under the average parakeet attacker. The Levante Roger Martí dial every 151 minutes, while Gerard Moreno, from Villarreal and former Espanyol, spends 187 minutes on each target. And the rest are also light years away. No one would say that came from writing down a single official goal with the Benfica in mid-season (since he paid 20 million for his purchase to Real Madrid until he received the same amount from Cornellà-El Prat) a Raúl de Tomás who as a parakeet in LaLiga averages one target every 135 minutes, in an Espanyol on the verge of eviction that does not exhibit the most appropriate playing pattern for its characteristics. Only a Spanish striker in the domestic championship exceeds his average, and is Ángel Rodríguez Getafe with ten goals and one every 105 minutes. Debut and goal in the Copa del Rey, before the Sanse from his brother Rubén. The same in the garter belt premiere, before him Villarreal. And again in the following three days, against Athletic, Granada and Mallorca. Against Atlético de Madrid, he did not score strictly but an auction of his did impact on Stefan Savic to go up to the scoreboard. And the streak ended with Osasuna. Since he landed at Espanyol in January, Raúl de Tomás practically counted his goal matches, a cruising speed that this forced stop Due to the expansion of the COVID-19 it brakes dry in every way.center_img Was a open secret that, with such sharp aim, he could enter at any moment RdT in Luis Enrique’s plans for the Selection. Four goals in 540 minutes played in LaLiga were enough argument, without going any further, to to have summoned in view of the friendlies already suspended next week against Germany and the Netherlands. And all this, in a normal scenario in which the Eurocup He was waiting around the corner. The striker’s first minutes with Spain I would have cheered as much or more than he himself Spanish, since by contract it has stipulated that, in case of play with the national team, its termination clause will go from 60 to 70 million euros. A little further from their suitors or, in the worst case, a little closer to the club to materialize an astronomical sale.last_img read more

Remiro and Oyarzabal did not remember the date of the final

first_imgAlex Remiro and Mikel Oyarzabal acknowledge that they did not remember that this Saturday, April 18, the great final of the Copa del Rey should have been played between their Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao, that Basque derby as unprecedented as it is historical, and that all the fans are already remembering on their balconies. “If I tell you the truth, I had not even remembered that the final was this Saturday, because right now it is not essential, football is in the background and focus on getting this back to normal, because this is a very serious thing, a lot of people are dying and, When everything ends and we achieve it, we will find a date so that everyone can enjoy the final, “says the Eibarrés forward.” Well, I hadn’t remembered either, “added the Cascante goalkeeper. Both shared confidences in the talk with which Real recalled the last game they have played in this Cup, the return of the semifinal in Anduva, from which it has already been a month and 14 days.Oyarzabal couldn’t help but remember Miranda’s game. “The team, the people, the club, the way everyone took it, made us think that we were 90 minutes away from reaching a final, from doing something historic. We had already seen in the first leg the illusion that there was and it was a beautiful game to play, and we faced it with the seriousness and professionalism that it deserved and needed, the same as in the Bernabéu, giving credit to what Mirandés did, “he points out. the eibarrés, who also did not forget the pressure they had in the semifinals. “Being two games away from the end gives you a responsibility and a weight in your body that there are times when you notice. And, after the reception and the good start, it may still weigh you a little more, but it was more not having our day, not being 100% correct. “ That Miranda semifinal is so far the most important game in the realistic captain’s career. “As for what it means, yes. Perhaps personally, in the sense, the debut, the first goal, the first derby, you give them a different significance, but it is obvious that being 90 minutes from playing a final makes you to be in front of a special game. And it was nice, to see how people had turned to us. ” For Remiro the key to the final, when he arrives, is to leave with the same concentration as that day in Miranda. “In a match like that you have to go to death, to leave everything in the field, because that is a matter of attitude and predisposition, so with the quality that we have above having to take advantage of the occasions “. Both remember the anecdote that happened to them with the shirts of that day against Mirandés. “I threw both of that day, of the first and second part. I hope I can save the one for the final, then win it. Hopefully!“Oyarzabal dreamed out loud. The Cascante goalkeeper doesn’t have the semifinal jerseys either.” One I kept and the other I gave to my father. “I’m sure he also dreams of keeping the one for the final that should have been played today. It would be a good sign.last_img read more

Toni Nadal: “The best athlete in history is Messi”

first_imgToni Nadal, uncle and coach for a few years of his nephew Rafa, throughout which period he obtained a lot of the titles of his profession, went by means of the microphones of Radio Villa Trinidad in Argentina to assessment numerous matters. Nadal, 33 years outdated and 19 Grand Slam on his document, is at the moment quantity 2 in the ATP rating after Novak Djokovic. We assessment probably the most excellent phrases of his uncle Toni on the Argentine station:Rivalry with Federer: “They each did factor for the game. I can’t think about rivalries past the sphere, nor hatred of the rival. I believe that each Rafa and Roger put into observe the essence of the game, which is to have most rivalry in the monitor, however when the sport ends, it ends. It occurs with River Plate and Boca Juniors. Do you wish to see your most rival in the second division? Usually, you wish to beat him, however not see him destroyed. ” (statements collected by La Nación. Right here, the audio of the total interview).Rafa’s future. “He can have three or 4 simple years of tennis so long as the accidents respect him, he feels motivated and the conviction to maintain on profitable. I can’t think about Rafael enjoying to play on the circuit and that it doesn’t matter to him to lose. Federer continues to play his age (38) as a result of he is aware of he can nonetheless win necessary titles. “ Messi and Nadal: “Up to now, younger individuals outplayed you, however immediately I believe they find yourself missing some dedication. They’re good the day they play properly. Once they play badly after a sport they are saying ‘see you subsequent week’. Nadal, Djokovic and Federer after they play properly They win, and after they play badly too. That is the distinction in a terrific event: having to win when it is not your flip to win. Within the case of Messi, I’ve not seen anybody do what he does. My youngsters are followers and I all the time they watch movies. He is the best athlete in history. “With out excuses: “I’ve by no means preferred individuals who complain in life as a result of I discovered that who does it are people who find themselves much less keen to do one thing to alter the scenario. People who find themselves keen to maneuver ahead don’t normally complain a lot. I all the time I used to be saying this to Rafael. An excuse won’t ever win you a sport. “last_img read more