Suso: “It is the perfect time to play in Sevilla”

first_imgEurocup: “The first thing is the club, if everything is done well then the selection is something that comes alone.”Close family: “For them it was very important, it is a great happiness that can be here. Copa del Rey? You had to win that game, it’s an ugly day and those games are the worst for not entering with the mentality with which you have to enter. We already look at LaLiga. ”State of form: “I don’t think the circumstances of three weeks change much. I am available to the coach and I have been playing almost always. I do not think that after four years playing this break is very noticeable. If there is a coach who knows me well, it is Lopetegui. He is the perfect person. ”Trajectory in Milan: “One stays with many things. Tactically I have learned a lot and have improved in the Italian league. ” Sevilla seeks to leave the chaos butler and presented today the signing of Suso Fernández as the last piece aimed at strengthening the power of the Julen Lopetegui squad. The player did not hesitate to highlight the importance of his arrival: “We were talking for a week and there was a great desire for this to happen. We all made an effort and what I wanted was to be here. ”Looking to the future and its intentions: “I played here in Spain with 19, it was another moment of my life. Now I arrive at the best possible moment, it is when I am better. There are perfect circumstances and I am in a great club with a coach who knows me perfectly about the national team, it is the perfect moment. ”He influenced his qualities for the team: “There are very good players, as in all the great teams. I come to help and improve in many ways to make the goal easier. ”last_img read more

New MST3K Trailer Gets Us Hyped for the Not Too Distant Future

first_imgNetflix is not letting up with the trailers today. The streaming service just put out the trailer for the long-awaited return of Mystery Science Theater 3000. So far, it’s everything we could hope for. That essential low-budget charm is on display, with every exterior shot and special effect being constructed from cardboard and plywood. It’s such an important part of the show’s aesthetic, and it’s exciting that whoever cut this trailer understands that.While the new human test subject, Jonah Ray isn’t Joel or Mike, I have no doubts that we’ll grow to love him just as much. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop debating over who was the best host, of course. There’s just a scrappy new contender now. The new Mads look wonderful, though. Patton Oswalt is everything we hoped he would be Son of TV’s Frank, and Felicia Day is hamming it up as Kinga Forester.The real stars of the series will, of course, be the movies. And man does it look like we’re in for some stinkers. That dragon one looks particularly terrible. I mean that in the best way possible of course. It’s possibly a little concerning that no black and white movies are shown. For whatever reason, those were typically some of the best episodes of the original series.The series’ return is thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that became one of Kickstarter’s biggest success stories. Original series creator Joel Hodgson led the campaign to bring the show back, which ended up raising more than $5.7 Million. That’s how much this show means to people. Whether you’re a Mike fan or a Joel fan, whether you watched it during the Comedy Central years, the Sci-Fi Channel years, or you’ve been watching since the local Minnesota TV days, there’s plenty of reason to get excited about this series.Maybe I’m getting too over-excited here. Deep breaths. Repeat to yourself, “It’s just a show. I should really just relax.”last_img read more