Bee draggled

first_imgBy Dan RahnUniversity of GeorgiaHoneybees can’t seem to catch a break in Georgia. While thisyear’s frequent rains have brought welcome relief for people andmost of the state’s plants and animals, it’s just another toughyear for the bees.”It’s been a bad year for honey production in Georgia,” saidKeith Delaplane, an entomology professor with the University ofGeorgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.The main culprit, Delaplane said, is an excessively wet yearcoming on the heels of more than four straight years of drought.”When there’s too much rain, there’s too much dilution of thenectar,” he explained. Honeybees convert the nectar they extractfrom flowers into honey.Sweet harvestThe honeybee hive survives over the winter on the rich energyreserves stored in the honey. Humans harvest the surplus honey,when there is a surplus, as a sweet crop that eventually ends upon your breakfast table.When there isn’t enough rain, Delaplane said, the lack of waterhinders the buildup of sugars in plants.So for honeybees, this year’s “monsoon season” in Georgia has hadthe same net effect as the previous years of dusty drought: notenough sugar to make the honey they need.As if that weren’t enough, all the rains have led to anotherserious problem for honeybees: mosquitoes.Mosquito woesNo, mosquitoes don’t bite bees. But they bite people, andsometimes they transmit diseases when they do, like West Nilevirus, eastern equine encephalitis and others.When mosquito numbers are high, as they have been at times thisyear, people tend to use more insecticide sprays to reduce therisk of these potentially deadly diseases.And the No. 1 pesticide used to control mosquitoes, malathion, isdeadly to honeybees. “It’s very bad on honeybees if it gets ontothe plants they’re foraging on,” Delaplane said, “or if it’ssprayed directly onto them.”The ultra-low-volume sprays used in most urban areas, he said,lessen the damage to honeybee populations. But malathion in anyform is hardly helpful to the bees, adding insult to the injurybrought on by the quirky weather.(Dan Rahn is a news editor with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

William Boyle, Named Pediatrician of the Year

first_imgWilliam E. Boyle, Jr, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and of Community and Family Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) was recently honored with the 2003 Pediatrician of the Year awardpresented by the New Hampshire Pediatric Society.Since 1970, Boyle has been practicing his brand of family-centered,community-centered care at DHMC’s Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD).As both a general pediatrician and a subspecialist in long-term andchronic illnesses-like cancer, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis-he has seen aspectrum of conditions far beyond those of the average pediatric practice.In July of 1997, Dr. Boyle began a community pediatrics program whichteaches doctors in training about community care and the need for childadvocacy. The William E. Boyle, Jr., M.D., Community Pediatrics Programhelps young doctors connect on a compassionate level with children andtheir family. Families of sick children often suffer devastatingemotional, financial, and sociological difficulties that arise during -and long after – treatment of a serious illness. The Boyle Programadvocates a more comprehensive approach to care – an approach in whichpediatricians look beyond the disease and see the whole child.Boyle is a 1959 graduate of Dartmouth College and finished TuftsMedical School in l963. He returned to intern at Mary Hitchcock MemorialHospital from 1963-1964 and subsequently went to Children’s Hospital inBoston as a pediatric resident from 1964-1966 and a fellow from 1969-1970,sandwiched around military service, after which he returned to the UpperValley to stay.The New Hampshire Pediatric Society is the state chapter of the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics. Consisting of over 180 dedicated physicians fromacross the state, members serve on a host of local and state committees topromote health and health education for young people of all ages. TheNHPS advocates through the legislative process, where a pediatrician’sinput is enormously valuable when legislation comes up for discussion inthe Legislature. New Hampshire has for several years now been named thenumber one state for children to live in.CHaD is the only children’s hospital in New Hampshire. It serves all ofNH, much of Vermont and parts of Western Maine with state of the art,compassionate care for all children, regardless of a family’s ability topay. CHaD’s PainFree program has been recognized for its creativeapproach to making care and medical treatments less painful and anxietyridden for children and their families.last_img read more

Jamaican sprint queens looking good as the season begins

first_imgJamaica’s Elaine Thompson waves after a women’s 100-meter heat during the World Athletics Championships in London Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland) Thousands of Jamaica track and field fans turned out at the Milo Western Relays held at the alternative GC Foster College venue last weekend, and were impressed with the performances of top athletes like veteran sprinters and Olympic champions Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Elaine Thompson.New sprint relay record The two sprinters, running for their club MVP Track Club in the women 4 x 100 relay helped their team to set a new record of 43.23 seconds.According to reports Thompson ran the second leg brilliantly to giver her team the lead, which third leg runner maintained, handing over to Fraser-Pryce who took the baton home in what was described as a “resounding win”.Both athletes expressed delight at their individual performances, as well as the success they were able to enjoy as a group.Looking forward to successful 2019 season Thompson, 26, the defending 100 and 200 meters Olympic champion who was hampered last season with leg and foot injuries said she “felt great” after the race, and wants to pace herself for the long season ahead. Her target for the season is the World Championship to held in from September 27 to October 6 in Doha, Qatar. She said its her plan to maintain her health, take the season race by race and perform her bestA toe injury seriously Fraser-Pryce performance in the 2017 season, before she took time off from the track to give birth to her son. She has returned to the track determined to have a good, injury free season. She said her plan is to continue training hard and “have injury free races each time.” She is also looking forward to participating in international meets this season, including with Thompson, and is looking towards this year’s Penn Relays, and the World Championships.last_img read more

MOU layouts framework for LNG industry in B.C.

first_imgLiquefied Natural Gas facilities are major long-term investments, and their proponents want long-term certainty that these investments will be treated fairly and consistently over the term of the investment.“The benefits from LNG activity will be significant for British Columbia’s economy, and we want to help companies and communities make that happen,” said Minister of Finance, Michael de Jong. “These agreements will help provide LNG companies with the kind of certainty they need to make long-term plans to do business in communities across BC.”The PDA provides, through legislation, measures to ensure that Pacific NorthWest LNG will not face significant increases in certain specific taxes for the specified term of the agreement. It will be protected from adverse changes to LNG income tax, the natural gas tax credit, the carbon tax and key features of greenhouse gas emissions at an LNG facility. In addition, the government has already passed a long-term LNG taxation framework, long-term royalty agreements and measures allowing local government tax agreements with Pacific NorthWest LNG.- Advertisement -The agreement has provisions which guarantee that if the Province negotiates a more beneficial agreement with a proponent in a future PDA, the better element can apply to any PDAs which were signed and agreed upon earlier. This is ensure that no proponent is penalised for reaching an earlier agreement. It has also included compensation provisions in the event that the Province increases or changes the LNG tax, the natural gas tax credit, or the tax on greenhouse gas emissions.A new section in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act was introduced in 2015, which allows the Province to enter into long-term royalty agreements with natural gas producers. The first of these is with the North Montney Joint Venture, which is providing the natural gas to Pacific NorthWest LNG. Once ratified, this agreement will run from Jan 1, 2016 to Dec 31, 2038. As part of this agreement, NMJV must produce a minimum amount of gas per year, starting at 159.46 bcf in the first year, and climbing to 373.31bcf in 2038.The royalty rate is preset each year, starting at 6.06 per cent the first year, and rising to 13.36 by 2038. This provides the company with certainty, as their production and royalty rates are known in advance.Advertisementlast_img read more

Al Jazeera is to make its two new sports channels

first_imgAl Jazeera is to make its two new sports channels in France available for €13 a month, according to local reports. The price is one third that of pay TV operator Canal Plus’s service.According to daily newspaper Le Figaro, the price point is likely to provoke complaints from Al Jazeera’s rivals to the country’s competition regulator.Al Jazeera has acquired a package of French Ligue 1 football matches from next season, as well as European Champions League rights. It is also expected to offer €130 million for rights to the Euro 2012 and 2016 championships.last_img read more