Analysis of diagnosis website right down

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm updates, many sites were affected, of course, the biggest impact is cheating super chain website. This it is very helpful to purify the Internet environment, but the green algorithms for many regular web site also affected. For example, our company website Fuzhou landscape decoration. The beginning is the keyword ranking dropped substantially, a few days after the site is down right. So why would be down right? What should we do?

in addition to the above aspects, there are many aspects need to pay attention to. For example, the site where the space is normal. You can view the space in the other site is normal, excluding space problems, and the punishment.

is the last love Shanghai update, always pay attention to the latest search engines love Shanghai. When the site problem without loss. Love Shanghai algorithm leads to a lot of normal site Scindapsus aureus have also been affected, if the site is operating regular, extraordinary first love Shanghai complaints complaints center. The new complaint center address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback love Shanghai in recent times the algorithm upgrade, there are a few sites are accidental injury, and restore the original search performance through complaints, complaints need to pay attention to is the description of the problem with the best pictures more persuasive. Finally, hope that the webmaster friends operating specifications, website ranking stability, and jointly safeguard the Internet environment, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of cheating.

Since February 19, 2013,

Links. Outside the chain, see the chain chain growth, whether everything in good order and well arranged. Rather than increased suddenly greatly. Used improper means; snapshot, snapshot back indicating the site problems. Should be carefully observed; of course content, content is also very important, generally not illegal words are not much of a problem. It is good to avoid sensitive words.

The Then the second step is to check the

website and affected the right to be reduced to nothing more than their own reasons. So do the first step we need is to check their website. From the access speed, whether to change the code to have been several large-scale horse dark chain so as to check. Site access speed for the user experience is very important, this is a standard search engine of the website evaluation. So an access speed stable website is a good website. But many people don’t feel what changes to the code, in fact, a large-scale change code, search engine will think your site is new sites, so that the weight reduction before. Fuzhou landscape decoration of the website preliminary examination of these data are normal.

How do individuals make a successful website originalNew Adsense talk about achievement net alliance

three: think about your competitors.
1: fewer opponents, the better.
      competitors are few or no competitors, is the best. Now many people create a new term, they can send a pen. For example, WEB2.0’s proposal made a lot of fire, because they didn’t have an opponent at the beginning. More opponents make it difficult.
2: Yes >

how to earn money, we like the students’ spare time or more, a friend introduced under the decision to start advertising, but before doing the filter or a lot, such as how to monitor data, reputation, advertising costs to support a number of things to pay, Xinlimeidi. But I think I’m still lucky. I think I’ve found a better alliance, that’s the results net advertising Union.

 : a website name easy to remember; 1: the name of the site in four words.
 : 2: domain name to be short, control in 6 words is the most ideal.

individuals how to be able to do a successful website? This is a question worth thinking about. My station is a web page, and it is not really a successful station. I talk about this topic with you. Maybe it’s a bit of an armchair discussion. Four main points: name, hobbies, opponents, updates.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

in the second year when exposed to Wangzhuan, do not understand what is heard that the students can make money through the network at the time, it sounds really good, because I will do some simple website and pictures, so we built a website of their own very simple

first look at the League where, when joined also don’t understand, then I discovered that the alliance’s back-end technology is good, can be very good to the monitoring data, such as advertising registration can timely return of each classification is very detailed, at a glance, can make us understand webmaster their advertising effect, there is a result of network advertising than other alliances more, and many of them are exclusive, this to our webmaster choice is very wide, can choose a suitable site to launch their own web sites, so the effect will be very good, just after they applied for that account. For some activities to put on the website, because it wasn’t what traffic is through friends such as registration, and stick around their own website, many update So, friends have returned to the registration, but some are not, it may be deducted the amount of Oh, but it is not found that the union does not deduct the amount, but still there are 70% certification rate, also said to take advertising links directly to the forum where such promotion can result in the net, not cheating, we can try, as long as to bring effective data should be recognized, but if it is through this method to promote deception caught would be the K, I have personally experienced, that wretched, so we don’t try, unless you’re cheating is very high of course. Not recommended, cheating, results of another big advantage is more timely payment, though the period is long but every month at the end of last month, the Commission will certainly fall in your account, if no payment is successful customer service will Contact you in a timely manner to supplement the exchange, which is very good, should be the current advertising Union in the credibility of the better!

said a second network results shortcomings where it is relatively high threshold, my website was rejected several times, and then several customer only approved, there is the advertising review is relatively slow, the efficiency of the staff is not very high, if you could wait for many days of advertising review only through some activities, or more serious, such as some of the activities that the data time delay, data return time is too slow, there is a buckle, I think the amount deducted net results or some, only.

two: think about your hobbies.
1: you can stick to it until you love it.
      Chairman Mao said, "it is not difficult for a person to do a good deed; it is difficult to do good only for a lifetime; do nothing wrong; borrow and tamper with it.". It’s not difficult to update a website one day, but it’s hard to update it every day. So how can you make it difficult? One way. That’s love. Because you like, you won’t take him as a difficult thing, you will take it as a happy thing. A good scholar is better than a scholar.
2: you can become familiar with what you do only if you have a hobby.
        you love something, you will learn it, you know more. There is a saying that entrepreneurship starts with what you know. Only when you are familiar with this aspect can you know what other people want and what you can give them so that your station will develop.

! !The next step is

Do you really know the virtual host as a beginner (two)

so, look back, if you don’t consider the public route, you can choose a virtual machine that is good at operating systems and CMS, and take this route. In addition, you can consider the network editor, which you can use with the web editor service provided by the host. You can also choose a professional company or a free engineer to take the virtual host route. In all of these cases, you probably have to make a decision between one or more hosts, so how exactly do you know which is superior,


select the virtual host

actually, choosing a virtual host is like choosing a suitable professional website development company or freelance Engineer:

1., ask your friends and family and people who have studied in a certain field.

them in the field will have certain professional knowledge and experience, the best way is to ask those you know successfully overcome obstacles ultimately achieve the purpose of people? In the understanding of the situation, to create a website run. There is no more valuable experience than personal recommendation, whether through e-mail or any other means. As far as the successful experience of other people is concerned, personal recommendation allows you to explain your needs. I need this, but I don’t need that and that kind of need. For individuals who have been proven reliable, recommendation is the best way to select a host at this time.

2. browse internet forum

caters to the needs of the public and has a wide variety of websites on the Internet, especially the virtual hosting community. There are many forums about virtual hosting, and the groups involved are people who actively participate in the virtual hosting. Go into these forums and start asking questions, to get to know people here and get along well with them, and then get advice from friends or family. You can get them too. But there are also many companies competing for customers to walk among these forums. (the act is prohibited). But imaginative firms may be very creative in using these plates. Therefore, care must be taken. Your new found friends may try to get you to buy one of his (her) hosting plan! Usually, these people will be members of the forum easily identified, so in order to do this, you should always pay attention to the forum.

3. browse the web hosting site

again, there are many websites that use specialized virtual hosts. A lot of times, the most popular network boards are usually related to a particular website. Many of these sites often provide users with comments and opinions about the web hosting and its services. It is worth noting that, like many forums, some network hosts operate as a part of their responsibility to deal with those who support them or against them. This is like a bottomless pit. Some hosts manipulate their public opinion by changing their IP addresses, using fake e-mail accounts, and doing whatever they can.

Shop operators need to do safety management

because of a temporary check, leading to the outbreak of the security incidents shop, and some are caused by a lot of property losses, while others will have serious personal safety incidents. So, do a good job shop management, also need to pay attention to safety management. And some people through the place, there will be security risks. So safety management has become the primary concern of all walks of life, our retail stores are no exception.

we have a supermarket near the shop because of the marble shop, it seems to be the atmosphere, clean and refreshing, but to the rainy days, there is often a customer slipping and passing. To the supermarket owner did not seriously, when there was an old man in her supermarket door slip and cause the leg bones broken, the old man’s son of the supermarket owner reported to the legal department, all medical expenses and compensation for loss of working time, the boss did not know a mistake. Then know to take measures to buy a non slip mat shop in the supermarket door.

last winter, another supermarket boss for the evening to participate in a friend’s party, forget to unplug the heater plug. She just left the shop soon, there is thick ash from outside, found next to the neighbors called 119, and promptly call the owner himself. When the shopkeeper to open the store, found that all the goods are turned into dust, heavy losses. It turned out that the owner left the store, forgot to pull the plug, the mouse ran onto the shelves of combustible material fell to the heater and lead to shop fire. It can be seen from the two real things that safety management is particularly important.

we usually do business in every corner of the shop layout of the goods, the goods should be placed to take into account the safety of the first. Small customers to buy things, the head is not high smoke counters, coupled with the child did not guard against consciousness, a little careless, the head will hit the corner of the counter. So we can put a few boxes of milk or drink next to the cigarette counter, as well as the display of goods, and to avoid the child close to the counter and touched his head.

a few days ago I will be a basket just in the egg to the milk, courier goods when picked up a box of milk, milk suddenly put off, slide into the egg case of milk box, a basket of egg arrived to blow up a half. It can be seen that the presence of the goods there are security and rationalization. To this end, we have to consider a variety of factors, not only for human safety, but also to ensure the safety of goods.

shop management process has a lot of detail, we have to do a good job of the details of the work, to be able to make their own business has a more likely. In short, in our usual business, at any time to find the problem, at any time to solve, rather than wait until things happen to know to take measures, which will cause unnecessary losses.

What are the errors in the cake shop location

cake shop is now doing a good direction, choose the cake shop can open a new window for their cause, which is a good choice. So, how to open a cake shop site? Xiaobian for everyone to carry out a detailed introduction.

what are the errors in the location of the cake shop? The first is the cake shop and customer types do not match, although the surface looks like traffic is large, because of age, occupation, level of consumption and consumer preferences and target customer characteristics do not match, the majority of people are not likely to lead to lack of effective source meal often. The characteristics of the customer in the cake shop business is the biggest impact of consumption level, low income if in crowded places, such as next to the small commodity wholesale market to open a high priced fast-food shop, cake shop outside the flow of people is very big, but because the consumption ability is not enough and rarely into the store shopping, cake shop business will not good. Location can not just look at the absolute number of passengers, more importantly, the type and quantity of target customers to see if it can meet the requirements.

what are the errors in the location of the cake shop? The second is the main store or business district is not mature, the source is too small, even if all the people can not achieve satisfactory sales. At present the country competitive baking bakery, the newly opened shopping center business is generally not too good, traffic is very small, generally need to raise some time to achieve good traffic and business level. New shopping malls opened in the mature values of the relatively short time, some of the new shopping malls as the main store opened in the new business district, the passenger training time will be longer, the risk is considerable. Customer sources are mainly dependent on the market. If the shop opened in the main store and not mature business circle, usually the same lack of tourists like shopping malls encountered problems, early opening the possibility of losing money greatly. The third is because the location is not good, the customer into the store or inconvenience because competitors intercept resulting in insufficient source, although outside traffic is large, but the actual contribution to the cake shop is small, a lot of bakery mistakes are of this type.

above is about how to choose the location of the cake shop, I hope you will pay more attention to this, only the choice of a good address, so join the shop in order to get a good income. To make the above content analysis, is aimed at this problem so that the cake shop must study well with the surrounding environment and bakery related factors in the location, make the right decision.

How to earn 300 a year salary of rural boys how to earn an annual salary of $1 million 500 thousand

before you start, learn more about the entrepreneurial path of others, for their own is also a help. After 80, this is known as the generation of the beat generation, in the entrepreneurial road, will have what kind of miracle? He is how, from a monthly salary of 300 rural guy, earn an annual salary of 1 million 500 thousand?

1990) -2002 years respectively in the small village and small town, town, town junior high school. With a pen. The system that is 18 years old, know no books, there is no way out, so I feel myself in that year to study ah, now is a misunderstanding, but also special thanks to the misunderstanding, the age of 18, at the age of 18, at least let their efforts, especially hard to afford.

2002 years of college entrance examination is very depressed, the three lines, but the three is very expensive, to 16000 a year (notably Zhejiang Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo 10000, then known as the noble school), was home to the house was not short of money (rent, no land development over it what is more, no small and hill Parish, now think of the original house is very wise).

second years, no, see, it is under the guise of distribution of graduates enrollment, the rise of this seemingly meaning is not very large, the university enrollment, undergraduate students are plenty, reading is not completely out. I can’t do this anymore.

Jiangsu Donghai Internet plus to promote college-graduate village official business

now many college students in our country are beginning to go to the grassroots level, college-graduate village official is actually a very typical representative, recently, in Jiangsu of Donghai County province to promote the college-graduate village official who advocated entrepreneurial activity.

"we can now base for normal operation, to expand the scale of planting, the introduction of more varieties of demonstration, we need more financial support, raise the public network to help."   Donghai County college-graduate village official flower planting demonstration base "flower" Hao Dabao said happily.

as the base gradually mature, traditional farming production and sales model has been unable to meet the business needs of village, have the county village business combined with the Internet, to further broaden the sources of funding and sales channels, stimulate entrepreneurial activity, better play demonstration effect.

In fact,


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Female college students do not apply for home sales

does not work hard, it is better to go home to sell sweet potatoes. It was a laugh joke, but now it has become a reality. Many young students after graduation did not choose to apply for employment, but returned home to start their own boss. After graduating from Sichuan college students on their own business, open chain stores selling pork.

now chain store business is getting better and better, Liu Yi said it cannot do without the support of her family.

in the interview, Liu Yi told reporters that she was still young, so there are a lot of dreams to realize, entrepreneurship can let her learn a lot of experience, exercise. "After all, still young, I just wanted to gamble, see if you can do the job, you can do what, come to what extent, to exercise their own, improve themselves, realize their greater value of life."

According to the 2015

Analysis of western restaurant chain stores operating point

Xiaobian noticed a new restaurant near the residence of the chain has closed down, the store opened less than a year, it can be described as a failed investment case. If you want to do business, how to practice? What skills do you need to learn? These businesses are concerned about the problem, Xiao Bian summed up a few points, come to learn about.

A, "skill", do not sell goods

Chibian days – West restaurant chain management must have a better mousetrap, let customers remember things, for the customer to produce fresh, attractive. Due to different geographical characteristics, climate, customs and other different dishes in the raw materials, taste, cooking methods, eating habits have also formed their own different characteristics.

in the restaurant features scored the field, will meet with the local taste the dishes. To survive, it is necessary to carry out the development of innovation, reasonable collocation and innovation so that local people can eat the characteristics, but also to eat local dishes.

two, not luxury, to

relative to the luxurious decoration of the shop, in the feature, you can save 40% of the cost of renovation, and the effect is much better.

three, service to "homely", do not regulate

for the shop, the waiter was "homely" to take the initiative to greet is very effective to attract guests. For example, some of the guests into the dining room, is considering whether to eat here, then if there is a smiling waiter take the initiative to call "Welcome", at the same time. The passenger seat, recommending the main characteristics of dishes, under normal circumstances, even if the guests dining environment is not very satisfactory will not quit.

four, do not emphasize what are sold only a feature of

five, word of mouth is much more important than advertising

Spectators can also become the customer – Business

shops operating in the process, we can always encounter some customers to shop around, from time to time to ask the price, but there is no a willingness to buy, this is what we usually say. A special customer came in the store the other day. No matter how I greet warmly, she always does not respond to be neither hot nor cold. But did not leave, just in the shop to see the row to see the row.

my husband a little impatient, may feel that this is just an ordinary spectators, nothing to stroll. At the beginning of the customer also asked a question in the west, but did not purchase intention, more sure that we guess. Because I have a customer checkout at the cashier’s desk, the husband by the customer to see, nor how to answer her.

boss, how much is this quilt?" The customer finally spoke. "Price tag on the price, you see it." I did not wait to go, the husband threw out the sentence. "Didn’t you see? Where is it?" I called my husband came to the cashier, he walked toward the back of the bedding area.

"elder sister, is going to look at 2 meters or 1.8 meters?" "How much is 2 metres?" "88 yuan, pure cotton." "Oh, let me see it again." Sister put down bedding, and came to the front of the electric fan.

"how to sell this fan ah?" To see which brand, how much, each brand is not the same price." Even if the elder sister is just a spectator, I did not have a trace of impatience, but several brands of electric fans are introduced to her one by one.

is perhaps the service attitude touched sister, sister bought a desk. This business tells the author a truth: treat every customer we should be enthusiastic. Even if he is even a spectator. Because even if the spectators do not buy things, but he can give you the store has brought a certain degree of popularity, the prosperity of your scene.

there is a point, and now many of the owners are easily ignored in impatient, always feel that the customer does not want to buy things. However, even if he is just a spectator, can not guarantee that he will not take care of your business next time. Maybe our warm attitude touched the spectators, let him become our real customers.