Novice webmaster discussion on how to avoid excessive optimization

attention to tactics, strategic defiance

third is the principle of non mechanized operation. Some owners may not optimize a website is not a keyword optimization, so in order to make the daily work more efficient, it has formulated strict tasks and forms, such as the daily provisions in how much a forum posting replies, provides blog update how many articles (with the number of the chain) and so on, once you made a habit, you can also make it easy for search engines to Cha Jue, you may think, a good website, which many parameters and indicators are gradual, naturally, but if you every day is in accordance with the prescribed mechanical operation good, or use some mass, it will let the search engine that you are in control of the rankings, have very strong regularity and human intention, perhaps it will backfire.


as a whole to natural unmechanized

often don’t have luck

second is an important principle is not have luck. For example, in the home to be hidden links, hidden H tags, hidden text, or deliberately interspersed keywords in the title, at the bottom of the site to do a lot of home page keywords as the anchor link in the chain and so on, or adventures in Shanghai love to know or left a large number of anchor Post Bar, especially Shanghai Post Bar in love, do not think that occasionally left one or 35 love Shanghai spiders will to the site more often. In fact, if you do a here today, tomorrow is exceed the standard excess, for a small website, is a dangerous thing, search engine is sensitive to some acts, penalties are more timely, so don’t challenge the search engine can tolerate the bottom line, or to ease a bit better.

many owners have been seriously to optimize your web site, want to have good keywords ranking, so we have to do external links, update the article, optimize the internal structure of the website, and even the accumulation of keywords, but suddenly one day, found your site included reducing, ranking dropped, even by the K. Suddenly found himself doing fire. In fact, these are not far away, sometimes a little attention will lead to accidents, so as to avoid the novice webmaster, if excessive optimization? Today to share with you the three principles he summed up, hoping to let everyone benefit.


first in psychology to have such thinking, is valued in the tactical, strategic defiance. Specific means in Shanghai dragon to grasp the details, to do internal optimization reasonable, but can not develop Shanghai’s psychological fear of love, don’t do things considered in the end will not be right down, will not be K, not as long as the tactics of the black hat, as long as the user has the advantage, have long-term benefits the development of the site, then do it boldly, don’t hesitate. Because the overall traffic site if it is depending on the search engine, it is a very dangerous signal, Mai Lisa thought it best not more than 40%.

Er talk about personal Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon training experience

is the most profound thing, the group can not Shanghai dragon master, as long as we will grasp the exchange of experience, familiar with some of the thinking of Shanghai dragon. Often some of the so-called Shanghai dragon master, mostly in the condition of empty talk. Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the actual combat, no execution, a good theory is not the search engine of reasoning. There are a number of Shanghai dragon felt it was almost stopped in Shanghai Longfeng learning, in fact there is no shortage of the Yangtze River in Shanghai dragon circles bring forth the new through the old people.

Although the

enrolled 80 students, as beginners, beginners must seize the opportunity, although there are more than 100 people in the group, but not everyone has the opportunity. After a period of time out, from the beginning of the 80 to 30 now, I think Shanghai dragon must hold on. If a person didn’t do the determination, it is difficult to estimate the chance of success.

wolf, or search Shanghai dragon training in love Shanghai inadvertently found his blog. How to search the Shanghai dragon training, because they feel it is necessary to learn the mystery of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon prompted me to study enthusiasm. Then one day, he posted on the website for free Shanghai Longfeng students, I will in accordance with the requirements of the information to their mailbox. Then, I will become a member of wolf in training.

also learned a lot of things as Shanghai dragon training, others seem very loose, in fact, to sum up, still a lot of things. Some people always want to learn what is the shortcut and Shanghai dragon skills, are usually some of Shanghai Longfeng thinking and data analysis of the accumulation of the humble. There is a right way of thinking, can according to the change of search engine to better grasp the principle of Shanghai dragon. Even if the algorithm changes, the total principle will not change.


wolf Shanghai dragon training of knowledge, in-depth, detailed explain the knowledge of Shanghai dragon. Since the study is Shanghai Longfeng, have let their website hot hand. I spent 200 yuan to buy a domain name and space, made a blog, website keywords Hangzhou Shanghai dragon is Hangzhou Shanghai dragon training _sem_ Hangzhou website optimization promotion service. Why do the training of the word, I feel more love and learning so much training, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, but also give yourself a better stage to show yourself.

Hangzhou Shanghai dragon home work every day, is the study of Shanghai Longfeng, data analysis, competitor analysis, try to write some soft Wen Shanghai dragon. The Admin5 website also made a small article, hope that their experience can help Shanghai Longfeng more beginners. While learning, while optimizing, this will soon grow up. Before the envy of others to write soft, now I can finally do it, although there is no molding, but believe that our efforts will succeed in that moment.

Eliminate hidden dangers high repetitive links love Shanghai included the same content

A: at the beginning of construction site standardization good website URL, whether it is foreign or internal links, unified selection of static page, all possible dynamic link dual or multiple all static generation. In this way, the website basically to avoid duplicate URL links.

just found a Links. In fact, this article is only a just, but why be included so much? Is because the site in the optimization process, ignoring the shielding of some links, leading to the same content there is more irregular URL links were included. But it was collected, but also be eliminated sooner or later, but very easy to bring the search engine will power to punish, so people don’t learn how to increase your page, to do is to optimize the check erroneous ideas at the outset.

what kind of link is repeated

links? links? In terms of the

in general, a lot of program design is not perfect, even if Discuz also have high repeatability link part. Such as: www.Xxxx/1.html is a web page, and at the same time there are www.Xxx/view.asp? Id=1, which is a typical URL, but caused the content of highly repetitive links. For this, the spider climb to the page will feel depressed, which is a link to this content link? Ate so many links, how are the duplicate content? Between this, then you love spiders independent of the original, a long time will also be a scare. The following is a typical example:

B:Robots.txt, most of the Shanghai dragon Er were used here to carry out the phone or page. Such as setting (Disallow: / *? *) to tell the search engines do not access the.


general website program, there are always three generation methods: dynamic pages and static page, pseudo static page generation. However, owing to the formation of many ways lead to different URL display the same content in the resulting index index when the same content search engine to address different URL connection. But don’t feel much be included, highly repetitive content search engine is not love, not to mention the same station, for such content if too much, not by right down to remove the contents, then is the closure of the station. So the webmaster should pay attention to it, to avoid being search engines with a high repetition link content.

This is a binary

discovered a problem, we will solve the problem. For the above problem, in general we basically in two ways: first, URL, second: Robots.txt shield.

how to avoid duplicate URL

Is it so hard to make moneyshlf1314 AdSense ad optimization advanced techniques blank space

, this is a very popular article page, we can choose two kinds of advertisement configuration way:

is not difficult to make money, website positioning is very important, your website’s target group is those people, why they go to your station, why pay you, these want to clear. This is also called business model,.

to do more, feel that they want to make money, then you to your visitors what value, can provide value, the money you can earn. Some stations every day only a few dozen IP everywhere put advertising, that can earn money for >

as a regular reader, when we look at these two pages, I think we feel a lot different. A choice of two square advertising, but also retains the advertisement frame, give people the feeling that the web content is very rich, the layout filled very "full", when readers after finished browsing articles, but also facing the advertising information coming, it is easy to cause the user antipathy and psychological pressure.

in the layout and layout of web advertising, we can also learn from the traditional media blank space skills, to provide readers with the pressure to release information space. The following example is illustrated in detail.

1. ad configuration one:

station, I think that money is not easy, the three stations, each station also has entered thousands of yuan / month, no more and no less, can live on the line. For those who want to make money not to visit their compatriots, first consider the location, my site, I the target group is that their needs, I can provide those values, how can I convince people who want to through my website, I want to make money, it is not difficult to

blank space is a technique that is often used in paper media. For example, when the layout of the newspaper is configured, it is not filled with the better, the appropriate leave some space, not only beautify the layout, but also to ensure a high quality user experience.

I site also has seven or eight years, beginning just for fun, to make money or not is not generally considered. Have also done a variety of money Union, but really did not earn what, even if there are only a few hundred dollars, not what.

2. ad configuration two:

in short, a good user experience is an important prerequisite to ensure the effectiveness of advertising. The technique behind the white space is our effort to improve the user experience. Only good service users, the site will continue to grow, will attract high-quality advertisers, will create a virtuous circle. Therefore, we hope that partners in advertising configuration must always be based on user experience, to create a relaxed and friendly environment and space for users.

and the second program, is to remove the frame, the advertising unit of a 300×250, both sides left more blank, this seemingly irregular configuration, adding more lively and rhythm, to provide users with sufficient information and release the pressure of space, make the advertisement more easily accepted by the reader and reading.


New English station earns more than old Chinese station (Continued)

The last time the

finished the "new English station earned over the old Chinese station" when forecasting myself will write promotion! After a lot of friends in the group does not stop me! Let me send promotion tutorial! I think it is not a good phenomenon! English station of China stationmaster is new the field often heard!! but is not done! Think your English is not done! But those who do it all is the net stock design site on Warren! All is the designer? Impossible! You should try to do more! Only do in you can really learn something! Even if you can’t Warren, at least you have become more understanding of the stock market, even if you can’t become a designer, at least you can become more aesthetic, even if you can’t be the winner of the English station, at least you can also be A few English speakers, so encourage people to do a little more of their own, because language is not a problem (because we have online translation), space is not distance (you can find me to buy),

want to do English station friend, must believe me this sentence, as long as to do, there will be harvest!


is now connected to a say! Tell you how to use with its own website advertising, since I said this website, many of my friends asked me about this website, my answer is that I see in the Admin5 of the next tutorial! Now the full range of the we analyze this website! This website Alexa is ranked 38, a total of 9 languages, and should be more friendly to the China website, is the first stage to do English station! Is a very powerful but we don’t need to go to this website!! we only find it can give us the


began to send advertising before (straighten out your thought, not Chinese of foreigners in advertising so offensive to advertise their general information provider when you are, so your ad to be bold, they are generally not delete advertising, so you have to send the advertisement would have been placed in that. They also do not limit the posting time interval, it can tell you that all the hair on the hair to the dead hair)

After entering the web site,

first changes the site language into simplified Chinese (if you are good at other languages),


is registered (the other can truthfully fill in the mailbox, is the best for foreign brands such as Yahoo Gmail, QQ mail and I can’t seem to register)

then do is upload a picture with you promotion content related photos! If you’d better put a promotion of beautiful pictures more energy-saving do your head! If not good pictures also put a beautiful picture as avatar! I love beauty is point posted feel so special! Convincing


, just press my link, and then click the group, and see that there is no line below

Grassroots webmaster, we use what capital to bring traffic to the site

China Internet after nearly 20 years of development, it can be said from the beginning is not mature now become mature; netizens from more than 10 years ago to now hundreds of millions of people, ordinary people, the number of Internet users reached 600 million. It can be said that today’s Internet market capacity is huge, it can be said that the prospects are bright. Similarly, the number of information providers with the development of the number of Internet users is synchronous, twenty-first Century domestic sites can be used to describe the scanty information provider, is the founder of the site are generally Internet pioneer and industry leader. Since the increasing number of information providers to enter after twenty-first Century, especially after 2005 with the computer especially the development of WEB technology, the release of various open source web application to the Internet, to build a part of ordinary people personal information publishing platform is becoming more and more simple, so that now the number of domestic active sites to the millions of many. It can be said that in the streets of the city, among the dozens of casual people, perhaps one person has his own independent website.

Of course,

is now building a website of their own platform, increasing the threshold is low, so today you can not because they have an independent website said he is an Internet person, because most of us independent website is not big enough. Using the 80 principles of management, that is, 20% of the website occupies 80% of the Internet market, but for the Internet, may be far more than 80%, or even more than 90%. Many webmaster so we have our own independent website especially personal webmaster can only be called the Internet grassroots, and cannot be called the Internet; the latter is to do a special appellation of successful people in the Internet, and now our efforts is to can be called the Internet people".

I believe all grassroots engaged in Internet motivation is nothing more than to one or more of the following three situations: first, in order to improve their lives, hope that through the Internet second, Denver; I love the Internet, want to realize their dreams in the Internet; third, to civilians and Internet information transmission fast etc. the characteristics and let more people know and respect yourself. Regardless of whether the implementation of one or more of these had enough success, and the criterion of success is nothing more than a website to earn money, good reputation, website website user and more active and so on; all this is fundamentally flow with the flow have you realized the foundation of these. Why stand most of the grassroots Internet practitioners only access to one of very few to harvest it, because we are not really play I can do, just don’t understand what the capital can bring traffic. Today I would like to share with you, I think we grassroots can bring traffic to their website capital.

first, we love our web site more than the corporate big web site. Mention this point many friends may feel a little hypocritical, but in fact. You can think about it, whether we work as a grass root webmaster on the Internet, no matter what you’re all

These four points teach you how to choose the right brand

for many early entrepreneurs, their venture capital is not much, lack of experience in business, so choose a suitable project to enter the market in the early stage is very important, Xiaobian that small businesses choose tea shop. The current market, large and small milk chain brand, in order to be more successful in creating the wealth of milk tea stores, brand choice for the operator is the first step of success. So, how to choose a good chain milk tea to join the brand?

join tea shop how to choose the brand, these four points to teach you how to choose the right brand.

first, the performance of brand strength

The more mature the

franchisees have the strength, the lower the risk the investors will take.

judge brand strength can look at several aspects:

1. create time, time is the best test of a brand of law.

2. brand size, including the number of outlets and franchises;

3. brand positioning, the need for clear industry positioning.

two, store image and service standards

good store image is associated with the consumer groups of the product

such as: milk tea shop audience groups located in the younger, fashion, personalized product design and packaging is more suitable.

in addition, the quality of staff training is very important, standardized services, from the details to create a brand image

three, product differentiation

product differentiation is a chain of tea shops in the market with a strong competitive performance

distinguishes itself from other beverage stores, creating a sense of hierarchy in a unique style and improving customer loyalty. Improve customer’s first impression. At the same time, it also enhances the brand’s influence and promotes the brand culture. Tea shop will follow the quality (Q), service (S), health (C), efficiency (E), in the direction of food research and development, economic and affordable, diversity, health, food oriented efforts to obtain sustainable management.

four, complete solution

chain brand can be successful, a very comprehensive management solutions and training system is its killer. Excellent >

Details of mountain city Yu Chongqing small investment

Chongqing small noodles in recent years the hot degree in a day, but in the snack food business boutique show, a delicacy of a regional feelings. So join the industry to join the Chongqing side of the problem is particularly small. The following small series targeted to make the following introduction.

Details of

mountain city Chongqing flavor Chongqing investment

How to join the

Chongqing small noodles? Chongqing small noodles join good? Headquarters training? How to find and join a good Chongqing small noodles? With this question, Xiao Bian summed up the relatively hot city to join Chongqing small noodles Chongqing flavor Chongqing small noodles mentioned above, to answer questions.

1, Chongqing small chain to join the chain of what conditions?

for this problem, the company Liu said: the city of Chongqing Chongqing flavor Chongqing joined the chain conditions are very simple, as long as you love Chongqing noodles, love food, like to do a good food to everyone. No technology, we can teach.

of course, in addition to the Chongqing small noodles to join the enthusiasm, but also to have a comprehensive understanding of their own before joining assessment about whether they can afford to store management and operation, whether there is sufficient economic capacity to invest, to bear the possible risks and losses, and make a they can accept the investment budget.

2, Chongqing small to join which good?

choose the franchise, we must look at the store’s brand strength, the strength of the Chongqing side has a variety of security. City, Chongqing city to join the headquarters of the Chongqing side to join the chain work for nearly twenty years, has a strong technical and capital input, professional operating experience and promotion, mature late support.

3, will headquarters training?

joined the mountain Chongqing taste Chongqing small noodles that headquarters will provide professional training for free, each store the whole staff of tracking service, help the franchisee store location, store decoration to the store into the normal operation, let you truly worry free shop. Here no matter you have no experience, through the combination of theory and practice system of teaching and training, can let you quickly grasp the "shop skills", for example, the first preparatory and business in supervision, closing arrangements, will conduct training, let everyone go round a dream.

4, mountain city, Chongqing, Chongqing noodles which are a few join model?

at present, there are mainly three kinds of franchise model, the single model, contains a multi store brand model, city operator model, based on the

Entrepreneurs need to know the 7 business advice

entrepreneurs in order to achieve the success of entrepreneurship and there is no way to crash, but learn from the experience and lessons of some successful people, but you can take a lot of detours. The following is a small series of entrepreneurs to sum up some suggestions for entrepreneurs. You can first try to do business before the

A, entrepreneurship, but must not choose a well paid and recruiting a salesman of the company, because the former is not good to do business, the salary is high, the demand is not being recognized or not. A well functioning company must have its own marketing system, how much money you can take depends entirely on the market capacity and occupancy, coupled with your hard work and effort, which often has a ratio, that is, commission. So, you want to find can tell you how much effort to get how much money the company, which is not to go, that is luck, a person a person to luck, because a good operation of the company must have its own financial system, more people more personal wages however, the market is limited, for many people, the boss hearts are.

2015 Bazhong City, Pingchang County, the successful return of 650 projects cited

rural construction is not only the construction of infrastructure, but also focus on the development of potential economic industry. In order to achieve the development of Bazhong City, Pingchang to take back to start business, attracting hundreds of venture capital investment projects to solve the employment problem of local people.

The implementation of the "back to the

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