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How to write a

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secondsWebsite optimization

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure


website said many people have no what role, after inspection found that the website keyword is useful. Key words can let the spider know some core of your web site optimization, when the chain will be very useful, such as the Ed auction software website as keywords, a list of keywords and related products.


! Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: Keywords

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

special chain optimization:

with appropriate web site keywords, brand word, characteristics, contact. To do a good spot, concise and comprehensive, basically almost the same. Try to use reasonably fluent language to organize, the organization principle is that contains the main keywords and related keywords, website name, keywords and long tail keywords, advertising etc..

site title, description, key words better? And all small software for analysis, only do these three description and add, website ranking and optimization can be carried out.

ranking good web page title is not very long, generally controlled within 37 characters. Keywords bidding software, publicity is very important. The title contains both main keywords contain relevant keywords, the site keywords ranking is good, at the same time for the user experience or main business users can see the website and related business is doing what. The main keywords to the first position, the higher the weight of the front. To determine the main keywords, consider the keywords associated with their website product.

website right down topics:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience


solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked The title of

The internal website optimization website weight three method

1, title and description optimization, highlight key words


when you are in search of their own website will find the search engine show the title and description information is the site, so in the web page code head plus TITTLE and DEscriptION website is very necessary, but also on the website of Shanghai dragon is the largest, the weight of the title search engine ranking algorithm is the very high, many Title got the attention of the search engine in a great degree, the standard should be associated with the contents of the article, the meaning of the expression, but also with the main theme of the entire site, the article title sentence readability can be added to 2-3 words, but not malicious to add or direct lines of keywords stack.

site navigation optimization, facilitate the spider crawling

site internal optimization is really a very complicated and very fine work, the owners need to pay attention to many details in the daily work experience. So the chain and the contents of the article are equally important, but it is more in line with the content of user experience, the content would be a part of the user, and the user experience is good in the whole process of the website optimization, website internal optimization is the internal work adjustment work on the web itself and the corresponding code standard answer the station, but some friends will still occasionally change work plan, to achieve the optimization of the best

reflects the main site navigation into a directory, through which users and spiders can all access to the site into the deep layers of content. So the main part must be prominently on the website home page, and the text links instead of images more than flash navigation. If your website two level three many columns, please do not put into the navigation bar, should focus on the column in your navigation bar. Reasonable effective website internal circulation links, such as the commonly used home column content, keep 3, is very helpful for the spider crawling and indexing. Some key recommended products in home can directly link the past, although it belongs to.


site internal optimization is each do optimization, do Shanghai dragon friends do pre essential matters, and website marketing, network promotion, website internal optimization is not be questioned for some keywords ranking and website weight ascension, almost all of the site to achieve the marketing effect must optimize the internal working site internal web site optimization also aims to highlight some words more nuclear and related long tail words, to love the Shanghai spiders crawl and crawl, but also easy for users to read and experience, most of the site for long in the hands of the new station is one-time completely optimized, if there are few webmaster optimization excessive in the late follow up the progress of optimization, this is not feasible, we say the website internal optimization is a very fine work, for a net Station, optimization of the attitude of a good website optimization decision success or failure! The author will make a summary of internal website optimization techniques.

That chain of garbage NO love Shanghai refused to let the site outside the chain of tools get two be

two, let the website to see the Internet after the green sun

March 19th, rejected outside the chain of tools like Shanghai Webmaster Platform finally officially open to the webmaster, believe one thing this is many webmaster riweisuosai night thinking, at the same time after such a long beta version, Shanghai refused to believe that love will give me outside the chain of tools bring new features new. It is very easy to reject the operation of the chain, webmasters only need to log Webmaster Platform complete website verification can use the tool, but the author is not only a simple function, let the most happy is love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools can bring two benefits to the webmaster of the site, but also to complete junk the chain said NO

to outside the chain of tools, is to lower quality, such as false junk chain. If the webmaster found some junk links on your own website, can be the first time in the chain of the tool to refuse, so that you can directly eliminate the negative impact brought to the site outside the chain of garbage. Here I tell you that you love Shanghai refused to use the chain tool.

second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of

third step into the Webmaster Tools page, select the left to chain tools, and then enter the address you want to chain.

, a site of low quality, refused to false junk the chain


refused to appear after the chain, Shanghai love said, will encourage the site to bring more high-quality content, by improving the user experience and high quality natural links to optimize the website, so refused to launch outside the chain of tools will be more clear for the love Shanghai link optimization too much, and to remind the webmaster website optimization. With all the talk about the denial of the chain can be two benefits brought to the webmaster.


The main function of One of the main functions of

, the webmaster can open the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform registered and logged in Webmaster Platform.

The love of Shanghai refused to

outside the chain of tools can be said to add a pair of wings for the webmaster, let the webmaster of the foreign chain management has also been released, most of the time I worked with some new Adsense chat when they found a problem, the site is down right outside the chain, every day to do there is no good rankings, not only but also has been in the fall, the website for the purchase of some problems in the connection is scindapsus. Why do not the chain every day? The garbage outside the chain to do more, why the site is down right? There’s a reason, too much garbage outside the chain of the site. Why my site is Scindapsus? Know the website to buy links. But love can make these tools in Shanghai disappeared, although there are certain differences in time.

to the two outside the chain of tools, you can make some purchases of website links are Scindapsus again see the Internet sunshine. But love Shanghai or a reminder, if you have to buy links, group >

The first step of

Farewell to the search engine website traffic still do loud

fate to search engine, search engine is dependent on the weather, give you much sunshine, you can produce less food. But for the industry group of promotion, but it is out of such a comfortable. You have done them in the most active industry groups, what position, then your promotion is the most effective. Directory as A5 webmaster network’s "Tuiyou network" (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝), in soliciting activities is not a brand for their own industry promotion? On such examples, in the promotion of the Internet staged every day. In addition to some industries in the advertising industry, QQ group promotion, soft Wen and so on, but do the promotion in the industry, in the course of time, direct access.

website construction to the whole, and the search engine the indissoluble bound, no way, who let the search engine users master the habit? Look things up, search engine seems to have become all users since the Convention, so webmaster website to get traffic, can only rely on the search engine of the carrier. However, mercurial search engine who is also unpredictable, today you rank the sky is clear, but tomorrow may have a thunderstorm is reduced flow. Don’t rank the station is an abandoned station? Even if there is no ranking and how, the life of the website in the hands of users, across the search engine, direct access to

two: for the industry group to promote

on how to get traffic across the search engine, we first need to understand the user channel from the Internet to browse information. The first search engine, search engine to occupy the vast majority of user traffic, so everything is for me". Second: direct input address, the composition of body: visit customers and attracted users, users pay for a website through memory or bookmark back again, attracted users when it is learned that the website address, interested in the type of access. Third other external links, such as soft links in forum posts links and so on, the user opens the active or passive link. This three points up a website all traffic sources, but basically the webmaster usually optimization is often the first point based, supplemented by other, which also led to the excessive dependence on search engine. The analysis below is a new binary "easou Links platform" source:

The development of traffic and not?

: a

is a main part of the website traffic must be "search engine"? On this point, the legend is the best explanation! Although it is a new station, but from the beginning of the main flow of binary will lead the industry to consolidate their own website traffic, but not all hope to search engine to decide. At the same time, the more you other traffic, is more conducive to optimization, the site quality is high, the user can directly input.


analysis of the flow of the background

A station site optimization experience 5 years Adsense summary

(a) and the implementation of the correct planning website.

(two) high quality original content users really need.

(three) continuous innovation to improve our work in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

in 2013 this day in Shanghai on various websites ranking requirements is very high, but the Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly now the lowest cost optimization of Internet marketing strategy, and it can make the rapid development of an industry, can effectively increase the attention of people, let more people to understand the information content of our website brings. We believe that such benefits are also known, but now the search engine to fight Shanghai dragon is great, so it also needs to pay attention to the optimization in some more, improve their own website optimization strategy continuously, so that today I share with you my years to do some summary stand wise remark of an experienced person the hope that useful to you.

said, I believe a lot of pseudo original, acquisition of the website this is deep, because in the past two years, the search engine or continue to fight against this type of website, and pay attention to and support those who pay attention to the original content of the webmaster. Especially some Adsense always feel your website is poor, spiders don’t grab, the reason may lie in the quality of website content. So a website wants to have a good development, high quality original content of power is essential. And when we write the content of the contents of the layout editor is also need to pay attention to, as www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 is the user’s perspective in writing. In addition after writing a good article. Not for such a spider to grab the Oh, we’d better keep some blog or platform account, whenever we publish some good content on the site, and immediately through their own blog or some other platform to promote and bring the link, so it can it is effective to attract spider crawling.

said the site, I believe every.

we all know, no matter before what we are doing things prior to planning, and then to implement, in fact for the site is like this. So the line on the site before we need to understand what we have to do is express the following website, so as to carry out the planning, this is undoubtedly in the search engine after we have laid a good foundation for the optimization. And we also have early on in the selection of the purpose of the website keywords, because our days after the site is a large part of the need to rely on search engine users, but the user is through this keyword to find our website, so the choice of keywords is very important. And we also need to pay attention to some of the tabu search engine optimization and affect the user experience in the early work, for example, the design of the web page, as far as possible to be static, or not conducive to spider crawling. There are websites advertising adjustment, should be reasonable and clear, a series of notes will not affect the user experience and so on.


Software website is suitable for website alliance product recommendationVenture bumpy road grasp the

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

innovation works, senior investment manager Sun Zhichao on "the choice of financing opportunity, develop effective financing strategy, after the completion of the financing problems are" unique interpretation; nine Xuan Capital Partners Liu Yizhou, bluerun partner Chen Weiguang and Kay Vantage Capitals Ltd founder Wang Ran, is wary of "A, B, die die round round round C death gives his own views.

entrepreneurship is a bumpy road, you need to start from the initial N ideas to choose the most appropriate or most successful one, we must continue to select the most suitable person to form a team, product landing, promotion marketing…… In these processes, money is especially important.

, the current domestic software website is mainly suitable for advertising, sh419 search, and some monthly advertising.        Skype desktop map; mainly for advertising on the site should be in Skype advertising must be registered with the account registration. Members of the association of the same, and if the union members have more than one website must use different accounts on. If your website does not match the system registration address, please contact customer service or send mail, we will help you to make changes.

m.union.kingsoft/    Tom Skype software; promotion     wps   ; Kingsoft dominate     heard WPS do 2000 a month, there are more than two websites.

www.lianmeng    Skype voice;     Jinshan WPS active use:     small I boot registration MSN group     DHC; Chinese user registration

The average amount of


financing is estimated by operating costs for 12-18 months, but there is no unique solution or optimal solution, just a range". Finance >

Sun Zhichao: a few vital

then, internally, identify a framework for financing. The number of shares sold, how much to finance? Whether or not to accept the stage? Whether to accept the bet? You need to re adjust the option pool? All of these need to be settled in the official financing before, in the current board of directors has internal consensus, if the founder of autocratic, could eventually will lead to naught.

in addition to the macroeconomic situation, there are some other possible birth of financing time points, such as: companies need to have a strategic plan to increase investment, rapid expansion, to seize the market; competitors are already financing or financing, and in areas where the funds will rapidly improve the competitiveness, etc..

what time is best for financing, there is no perfect answer, but scientific judgments are good and harmless. Economic situation, industry dynamics, capital market and so on will influence the investment intention of the investors at that time. Therefore, understanding the status of these important economic engines is an important reference for choosing the best financing time. What areas are hot this year? Can the heat be maintained next year? When the industry is in good shape, financing is easy, and vice versa. The entrepreneur must take advantage of the opportunity, if the environment is not good, you need to quickly financing, do not blindly wait for a more favorable opportunity.

2, fully prepared, financing strategy

can not know the financing

Abstract: for start-ups, successful financing is the first step in their success. Successful financing does not mean success, but also may die in the A round of financing, B round of financing, but also may face C round of death.

, for start-ups, successful financing is the first step in their success. And successful financing does not mean success, start-ups may die in the A round of financing, B round of financing, even after crossing the threshold before, may also face the death of C round.

1, election timing, money also financing

Commercial websites are businessOn-line 4 years, 60 billion valuation of 550 million users today hea

this article by webmaster interactive information network www.6B9G peak write the first www.admin5, when you reprinted, please indicate two web links, thank you for cooperation   the next part of the website property relations clear,

not only that, let us look at the headlines of the market feedback, although the headlines of the users daily living place in order under the Tencent news, but in the first half of 2016, according to the Ai Rui report, today’s headlines user stickiness and user satisfaction reached first. In such a result, the headline 60 billion of the RMB valuation seems to be no surprise.

says, "hundred is you want to understand how to make money, really earn money?".

finished, let’s take a look at the headlines from 0 to 1. With the popularity of smart phones, the demand for information is second only to IM instant messaging in the mobile world. Traditional information is also changing from the web portal era to the mobile phone era. These traditional portals such as Sina, Tencent and Sohu have also rapidly responded to market changes and introduced corresponding mobile phone App.

of course, we do not deny that some personal websites have created "fairy tales" that have successfully transformed into commercial websites". However, these stories are all produced and then the background and behind those transient opportunities, you may not know, now many successful commercial websites are first took the money and plan to start doing, there is no investment and investment effect is different. Not the fairy tale as life to fame bone dry, transformation in these aura of success, more is the personal website transformation of commercial website failures, suddenly out of the story, there are a lot of personal websites mainly rely on advertising to maintain their livelihood.

sometimes, you may find that your business, no website can do very well, and the website does not bring much benefit to your business. Why do you spend money on a business site? Personal website is also very good!


traditional >

76 minutes. What’s the concept? I give you a set of data for your reference. Displayed in the Q2 alliance data in 2016, news and information to users of the class average length is about 26.6 minutes, the user video playback using a class is 40 minutes long, the use of these two data are less than the sum of the headlines of a App length.

runs a business web site, and all the resources on the site revolve around your business purpose. Included, shlf1314 offers many excellent free services, and everything he does is inseparable from the charge. The more the search engine, the better the advertising effect, the more advertising revenue. It seems free, but it costs

it is a basic principle of business to do as little or no work as possible.

and personal website, the starting point is not for profit model, the establishment of personal website is often out of personal interest, many personal web site tragedy is that in the beginning did not want to, in the end whether to make money. But when the site visits more and more when they found no income ". When you want to make money, you find that there is nothing on the web that you can charge, or that the user is resisting the charge. You have to blame yourself for that. Who let you start with so many free users?!!

do it purposefully and without purpose, and then find a way out, and the cost is very different, because the commercial website is business.

I started with the headlines about the financing and valuation background. As early as 2012, when headlines didn’t come out, the Beijing byte jump company, A, whose headlines were affiliated, had won millions of dollars in financing. Then, every year, it is very robust to get a boost in the amount of investment.

in 2014 June, C round of financing is up to $100 million, led by Sequoia Capital, micro-blog conducted with the cast. By 2016, headline valuations had been as high as $9 billion 230 million, equivalent to 60 billion yuan.

headlines on what basis to get such a high valuation, we can look at these data, I participated in this year’s September headline number of the latest data creators conference. Online four years ago, today’s headlines have reached 550 million cumulative users, living over 60 million, the average daily reading of more than 1 billion 800 million, the average length of use of users is as high as 76 minutes.


commercial website is business, and the Internet can not be separated from this principle. So, if you want to make money on your website, what’s your business strategy? The website can do business strategy. Then, put in more energy to do it so that you can focus on the limited resources and do what works best.

Abstract: by 2016, today’s headlines search index has exceeded Tencent news, on-line 4 years, the accumulation of 550 million users, live more than 60 million… These huge data behind, have delivered to us today’s headlines, through the algorithm + social to win the first domestic determination.

‘s headline CEO discovery found that the media simply increased the distribution of traditional portal content, but the essence of content distribution is that nothing changes, what editors recommend, and what we see. What is on the portal, and what is the content on the App?.

5944 worst service technology IDC

5944 must have many webmaster in the use of their free space, there are many like me when they use VIP webmaster. Their free space is very popular, of course, this is not for a long time. They only sell a way. Now the free space is often called stop, reason you apply for VIP, or with their advertising services. So VIP is not what they buy, not much money, but the service quality is poor, the phone is not unattended, or call you. He’s out of the question to the door to a complaint, service personnel and their I say they have much room, how many employees, that I do not understand why so many people, why not 24 hours hotline! So many people why a problem nobody. You make money, nobody answered For you, did not pay ebullience and your QQ. is more hateful if you have problems in the 201 server, normally within 2 hours, maintenance is not good to the customer should change the server, they can say, we recommend that you open a VIP to transfer data in the past. Otherwise, the money is not many who! Why do you call the problem in customer money! please carefully before using study well, the company has no network license. This is the use of a little experience. I must China more on this station in operation, really nobody, nobody sanctions

Analysis of the new year, grassroots webmaster will face several major difficulties

last week, I took stock in 2009 grassroots Adsense ten news, detailed inventory of the Internet, what has happened and grassroots webmaster closely related, affecting people’s events news, review the past, looking forward to the future. 09 years have passed, history has turned a new leaf, 2010 has arrived. Maybe in 09 years at the beginning, no webmaster can expect 09 years of the last few months of the Internet will be through such a "catastrophe" grassroots webmaster have such a big loss, with such pessimism, meet in 2010. But at the beginning of 2010, grassroots webmaster can predict that this Internet "havoc" or change will continue, in this "no smoke" of the war, the individual webmaster will continue to face many difficulties. It seems that the first few days of the year are calm, but this often signals the coming of more storms. Therefore, the webmaster should be fully prepared to meet the new year, the new test, let us take inventory of the new year, grassroots webmaster will face what difficulties?.

earnings difficult

personal website has been difficult to profit is the main reason to do stand, technology is not the biggest obstacle to the success of the webmaster, Adsense roadblocks will hinder the success is not a viable long-term profit model. Last year, the first "personal webmaster survival Chinese report" issued, the survey shows that 60% of the individual owners (individual operation construction site, not the company website) has been profitable, the profitability of the main way for electronic commerce and service charge membership fees, the average monthly income of 2661 yuan, and the most profitable types of Web sites and industry respectively. Is the electronic commerce website and the automotive industry. There are 40% individual stationmaster no earnings data show that the average monthly income of the owners profit but also the average level of traditional industries, but the company can work and promotion and salary raise, the webmaster want more money is not so easy.

personal Adsense profitable way is mainly advertising Union and other display advertising. Selling products and having their own fees and services is, after all, a minority. Advertising unit price is the main reason for personal Adsense can not earn money. Although fraudulent advertising can bring some benefits to the webmaster in the short run, the biggest victim of fraud advertising is a personal webmaster for a long time. Now, with the tightening of policies, all kinds of illegal advertising unions and small advertising alliances will be destroyed, and the poor advertising alliance will make it harder for the owners to make money. However, the Chinese Internet advertising market is not really mature, with the re shuffle of the market and Internet content remediation, advertising Union will be more standardized, the owners insist, there must be a return. In addition, the webmaster active transformation and upgrading, and strive toward e-commerce, industry website direction development, bigger products and services, there will be more advertisers initiative to find you.

charging difficult

in Chinese to charge users simply prohibitively difficult, from the operating system to the music, film and television, China Internet users have become accustomed to free download things from the internet. It seems that Chinese Internet users have formed the Internet, that is, free thinking. Although online games can be used >

Say the way the blog runs

have seen a lot of Daniel’s blog site to make money, feelings, I have to talk about the blog running way today, money will not say, flow can earn money flow, depending on how you run

!What is the so-called

blog? Unlike other sites, as a platform for the development of individuals from the media, blog is more personal blog concept is like-minded, as you open the casino gamblers Zhuang, more you can make money! Blog operation is not difficult, there are a lot of people do very well, but why more and more people don’t do well, online for one or two years running the blog is mostly a weight, two, but one hundred or two hundred traffic. The following is my analysis, please tell me what you


one, originality of the article.

we all know the importance of the original article, not only for SEO, to improve user stickiness, is essential, the blog is mainly to what is Bo main blog, SEO what are the clouds, writing is to win in you, as you wrote home the comment says, the blogger said heart, the blogger said it very well. You resonate with everyone. It’s easier for you to remember you, an article that resonates, and you might have one hundred, two hundred hardcore fans. That’s a hundred times more important than seo.

two, blog targeted.

I have seen many blogs, some blogs is also has a long history, the flow is too horrible to look, with a blog that I have seen it, this blog has two years of time, flow rate of less than one hundred! This blog to write what, a few novels, is probably the original writing! This novel opened a blog, if it is good, so good starting point, and the platform you don’t go, where you will meet more people, after a fan of you open a blog that is not easy. Don’t write well, some people will not go to your blog, no blog! There is one, the blog is also good, but also a few years, there should be a few hundred IP days! This blog where the trouble is no sympathy, no content?. Marketing is done well, is a very hard blog webmaster, analyze, this station webmaster tools, blog Daquan, outside the chain of tools resources is very good, content!! Title: in the end there is no love of life. Title: what should you do after exercise? Things like these. Brother, can cock point, this website you do some webmaster resource type you write the contents of what significance! Your user group has marketing persons is the webmaster, what do you want to stick to your users, it is important for


three, the readability of blogs!

original content is a must, if you can write original words every day, you can not look at these third points, the readability of the resources is an important aspect to the user. The value of a blog is reflected in what your blog can bring to others