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, a Shanghai based Phoenix professional service work, the most bitter counter –

three, Shanghai Longfeng Advisory Services – >

this is the most hard work, if want to find a more bitter than the work, that is the chain commissioner. No matter how bitter, how tired, at this stage, at least to stay for 3 years. Without these accumulation, to the next stage, halfway dumped very pain, some people may continue to climb up, some people may not come again. Why do we need three years? The first year to master the basic knowledge, and began operations to combat. Second years needs a large number of orders, learn to communicate with customers, improve sales ability, this is a senior adviser to prepare for the Shanghai Phoenix, after a large number of actual combat, in addition to do, will make you have more examples and experience. In Shanghai dragon industry, is the most valuable experience. For third years, is the most crucial year, the need for their actual combat experience were summarized, with a large frame, the best form of his own theoretical system. These are fix, please enter the following link.

The Shanghai dragon

training process, the need to exercise is eloquence and emergency ability, of course, at this time, our own theoretical framework will constantly improve. This is for the transition to Shanghai Longfeng senior adviser to prepare.

two, Shanghai dragon training service work, most likely to be called

these days there is a part of the group of friends and private chat, asked me: "Wang Shifan, I’m so bitter life to what Shanghai dragon will it end?" in the face of such problems, Wang Shifan can only say "boil boil, standby transition!" every person working in Shanghai dragon encounter such impetuous occupation, how to face and solve? Wang Shifan believes that the only way to solve the people themselves. Sometimes a good opportunity, seize the opportunity, will develop very quickly; worse, need only Zhang wing off day accumulation. Following Wang Shifan introduced to the Shanghai dragon direction to everyone, you can according to their own situation, prepared for the transformation of


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hope you follow the order to do: Shanghai dragon professional services – Shanghai – Shanghai dragon dragon training senior adviser Shanghai Longfeng perfect combination products.

Shanghai dragon training has two kinds: the low-end and high-end points. In comparison, high-end training, will be a little less right and wrong. Compared with the threshold where students will lose some poor quality, poor ability of shielding virtually. While the low-end training is mainly for quasi entrepreneurs, this kind of skill learning, a different level is a major feature, so in the training process, impossible 100% praise rate, we need to do their best to do every lesson preparation, let students see their own efforts, only in this way, even if they did not well, will feel very seriously and are responsible for training teachers, the main reason is not to learn.

Wangzhuan industry for more than two years with the couple talk about experienceMirror mirror tells

The !

storm’s listing did not make founder Feng Xin look relieved, because the market he faced has become more brutal.

, you’re all partners,

he admitted that the mirror’s mode of operation seemed risky. In this regard, Feng Xin gives the logic is that the company’s respect for the cost of time, more than performance appraisal. It is reported that the storm mirror is collecting 210 virtual reality content partners in the country, including 100 panoramic shooting team, 100 VR game studios and 10 software and hardware vendors. This means that the whole team will be in the next half

mirror is a separate company operating in storm technology, which carries many of Feng Xin’s vision of the storm’s future business model. Feng Xin sets two 10% incentive mechanisms: first, give the team a 10% stake each year, no option maturity; and second, each round of investment requires investors to acquire 10% stake in the partner team’s hands. Moreover, every time the company increases its capital, the partners can sell their shares without any restrictions.

summarizes storm gains and losses, Feng Xin thought he had made three mistakes, one is financing without experience, dare not take too much money; the two is the only product opportunity, strategic pattern is not big enough; the third is the management problem. Management is born against freedom." He says, "so it gives me this chance, let me re create a new organization, although the organization has a large risk, but I was more worried about not faster so that more talented people."

remember when I first contact Wangzhuan, like many newcomers to some Wangzhuan station and forums to find Wangzhuan, have also attracted some of the so-called "day to earn hundreds of thousands of" advertising, so once fantasized "good" in the future, then I would like to: the original Wangzhuan so easily. Now think then the idea is very naive, here are warned that the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" confused new friends, in fact, the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" Wangzhuan project although it is logical, but is in fact outdated Wangzhuan project, that is to say once can indeed money really can earn hundreds, but at that time no one will be open these secrets, because any business opportunities, more people do, the more intense competition, the more difficult it is to make money. As the saying goes: "there is no leak wall.". The project has been more and more see and use the Wangzhuan master, to the last day to earn a few hundred to become once brilliant. At the end of the day to earn a few hundred "projects are being used to sell" Wangzhuan cultural relics".

has been more than two years, from a higher rookie to now, experienced frustrations, and also won the progress and achievements, there have been some words to talk about a couple of new hope, people don’t follow my steps and avoid some mistakes made due to lack of experience and take some detour.

from the broad sense, the concept is through the Internet to make money online. The above mentioned types of Wangzhuan often associated with online advertising, but also a higher type is: electronic commerce; also can be said that the network advertisement is e-commerce services on the Internet, so to venture out their own piece of heaven and earth, suggest that you know more about e-commerce projects, but the difficulty of e-commerce is not to be underestimated, do e-commerce funds tend to be higher than do wangzhuan. And the need for network promotion, human resources >

Two more than

to do Wangzhuan, exercise a solid basic skills is a must. The process of Wangzhuan methods is a mental process, so we’re used to thinking of some Wangzhuan, including some outdated Wangzhuan can also be used to obtain anatomical analysis, principle, some Wangzhuan from the rule, method, method for Wangzhuan new research may have some enlightenment, the real master is Wangzhuan. Their research project, brought from the hands of others, can only earn some pocket money.

as we all know, the storm technology listed on the road is not flat. After initial venture investments such as IDG, like other Internet companies, the storm sought the VIE framework a variable interest entity to market in the United states. 2010 storm reorganization, the U.S. dollar capital withdrawal, the introduction of HUAWEI investment, investment and other domestic gold stone, the direction of domestic listed. During this time, the storm was transformed from a well-known video player into an online video platform.

March 24th, 8 years of entrepreneurship Feng Xin finally got it, led storm Technology hereinafter referred to as storm on the gem of the red carpet, issued 30 million shares, issue price of 7.14 yuan per share, want to raise 510 million yuan of funds. The listing is likely to make the storm have a good turn over in the video industry may be, the situation is not optimistic. The copyright of film and TV shows has gone up rapidly, and the copyright packaging fees of the satellite TV variety show have reached hundreds of millions. In this situation, the storm how to take the next step? The current storm technology company CEO Feng Xin said, their thinking is offensive to the mobile Internet, because PC is not worth more efforts "; at the same time, the video becomes more extensive entertainment, including music, games and performances. Guided by this train of thought, Feng Xin’s two pioneering project, the storm mirror, began to take shape.

Do Wangzhuan

with friends to talk about it can be seen that a property of higher project, that is the time. That is to say, Wangzhuan can let some people earn money in the short term as, but often are difficult to develop flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, for a long time, that is to say, do Wangzhuan must be industrious, constantly thinking, constantly looking for, continuous operation, to get long-term income, in fact, under the net to do business is the reason, there is no unearned income, pie in the sky, the pie, the trap is as big

Are you ready for the 10 job of the station

do stand, do station, more and more people began to flow into the industry to do the station, I from my 3 years of experience in the station to share some experience for you, perhaps some content is already commonplace. But, if you haven’t seen it, then you have to be careful, because these are the basic things to do. I like to start with basic work and do it firmly. There’s so little talk. Let’s get to the point right now:

wants to make a website, so 10 of the things you should prepare:

begins with the start of a web site:

1, are you ready to give your website for the record? Do you want to make a station, you should know the website is need to record, the record of the time is relatively long, you have to wait patiently, but if you know some skills, will let you enjoy a month to use period. That is until the record and then go buy the space, this space can get general space service for 13 months.

2, you are ready to choose what kind of domain name suffix, often asked me if I can register.Cc/.info domain name, I said yes, but I do not recommend. We all know that the mainstream domain name is.Com/.cn/.net. These domain names have been recognized and trusted by all, so if you register another type of domain name, you can imagine it is very difficult to do big.

3, are you ready to choose what kind of domain name? Here is a combination of skill, the domain name itself, you want what combination of their own domains, there are several main ways: either the Pinyin or Pinyin plus numbers, or the first letter, or is English…… There is no way to say the best, but from my experience, the shorter the easier to remember, and can be associated with their own web site domain name is the best.

4, you are ready to use what website database? Use website database directly restricts the development of your website traffic, if you are targeting a million IP website, then you also use the access database, then you just wait for the tragedy of the website. This is my personal experience, I have done before an industry station, is the beginning of using access database, and then a big flow, the site paralyzed, and later I changed to SQL site to return to normal.

The domain name registration time and space

5, you remember site? Site domain name and space is the need to renew, and some companies will promptly inform you, if you don’t remember the time, there was probably a renewal period, the website domain name was registered. I’ve seen this tragedy too, and quite a few.

6, you choose a reliable website space providers not in IDC products, I personally feel that the price is proportional to the quality, must choose good reputation, reliable space providers. If something goes wrong, no one answers the phone

Demand analysis of Internet community of Internet users

The demand of

Internet users is the foundation of Internet innovation. Under the background of Internet socialization, the demand of Internet users keeps pace with the times, so as to carry out a framework discussion on the demand of Internet users in this context.

1. Change in access to information

Internet in the society before the Internet users access to information content is the way to visit the major portals, forums and through search engines, users need to obtain active access to information content. Where information is usually valuable, web sites are pooled. At this point, the website’s competitive advantage is content and channels, control the two elements, basically mastered the Internet users resources.

After the rise of RSS, Facebook and micro-blog, the ways of obtaining information for

users have changed. Internet users only need to pay attention to the information sources of interest, and they can receive various kinds of information. Internet users do not have to run for information, just set a good source of information, you can wait for information to flow in front of your own screen. From the Internet users passively move around the information, and to the information organization around the Internet users, this is a major way to obtain information evolution.


two, the relevance of information

Under the socialization of

, Internet users are the producers, disseminators and users of information, and the status of "three in one". In an information content, users have their own perspective on the interpretation, and may in the form of comments or forwarding performance, so an information how many people involved, there are many of the interpretation of information attached to the information, the original information is an introduction, which after the long chain of information derived extended information. For Internet users, what they see is the information system that contains this original information.


through social search engine, users can search the information and review information source (author), when users are not satisfied with the existing information, but also can find the author in-depth exchanges, get more information.

three, the information needs of Internet users

socialization provides a wide range of information, and information can be automatically displayed before the Internet screen, and ultimately show that users can easily access a large number of related information. The information is re organized around the Internet users.

After the release of

deny the famine of the micro-blog in the people’s daily Gansu bureau chief Lin Zhibo, a short span of 2 days, the relevant information to the ground Zhong, history data, survey of local history, the reporter, later recalled, the findings of the scholars, Lin Zhibo Cayenne, restaurants, marriage, academic fraud, phase the association is thick position and other information automatically jump to micro-blog before, and I did not take the initiative to search the information. The series’s information is still being updated.


How to develop the characteristics of home products

Chinese specialty products number lot, vast territory and abundant resources, but many products have been just a nest in one place, can not be spread, there is no way to bring more profits to the local people. Such a background, it is necessary to carry out professional development. However, many people have the intention to pass home products, but do not know how to develop. Here, the small series on the successful development of a case to see if it is necessary to do this to help investors.

one afternoon in the summer, Zhang Silai’s office found me. He laughs, say you will, leadership, planning, help me think of a way, I want to do a little business.

during my work in Chishui, the division of tourism development. Four is the Chishui Tourism Bureau temporarily employed drivers, out of the rural young people, more than and 20 years old, medium tall, very sturdy, round face, dark, not much, good temper, Hanhan thick appearance, said a laugh, people are diligent, eat bitter.

what did I do for him?

I said, the Chishui scenic spot inside, visitors to the farmhouse meal, farmers are not free to use insect tea to entertain guests? On Chishui market at present did not see you to sell insect tea, where to buy farm, to sell the package, is a rare thing? Currently estimated acquisition price is not high. Come, grading packing up and sell various products, pricing, packaging grades are not the same. To design gifts, general tourist goods, as far as possible more styles and varieties. If done, earn a little money no problem.

this way, rent a store, your wife monopoly Chishui boss dung. You, is responsible for running outside of the business, coordinate relations, how good! As for the starting capital well, there are tens of thousands of dollars is enough.

listen to me to say, four Zhang Jin, Han Xiao, said the leadership, anyway, to help people to help in the end, what packaging design, product name, advertising ah, what what, you have to help me to think well, you know, I do not understand the low culture, anyway, all on you the. I’ll do what you say.

so I talked to him about it. It is named as "product, Chishui longevity, advertising language, insect tea" is designed to: "Chishui longevity insect tea essence". Packing, I introduced a friend of Zunyi opened a printing plant, you can help him design. Zhang four went away happily.

although reading less, culture is not high, but this guy has a little savvy, strong execution, fast action. Product packaging design version soon played out, brought to me, very good, and the market price of the product is very coordinated positioning. Zhang Si said he was talking to the advertising agency in Chishui to discuss the price. I recommend

The original pig two generation by entrepreneurs realize their counter attack

if not to go on the road of entrepreneurship, Yu Jiawen may be in the pig now, but he resolutely embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, reversing its life, has become a successful entrepreneur.


more than | Gavin

is such a few people, became the founding team super curriculum. In fact, at that time, I did not want to start a business, I intend to be law-abiding, after graduation to find a job just fine. I have tried to start a high school, but it was purely for fun, do not care about success or failure, but also to get some small success. But that is not called entrepreneurship, just entertain yourself. I know that the real business is not easy, a close call. But because of a turning point, we changed our minds.

A month after the

The candle gallery into business good business opportunities


said now need less blackout candles, but special occasions still can not be a lack of candle existence, so small a candle, the original investment is undoubtedly a very good choice for investment in specific circumstances, and let us see!

before, in most people’s essentials, just a tool for lighting candles, but with the progress of society, people’s quality of life is more and more high, now, enjoy the life of high quality concept has been very common, candle art has become an indispensable part of life in fashion. People gradually found that it is simple, but it is life.

the candle’s history can be traced back to thousands of years ago, this is the crystallization of human’s ability and cleverness. Whether it is in the past or present, the most basic feeling of a candle is hope and romance. So, "passion" became the name. I want to make this kind of human beings can appreciate the unique beauty and warmth to every one who loves life. Choose a quiet place, especially in the evening, there are still a lot of quiet street and the villa. Or choose a more luxurious commercial street.

there is a candle shaped candle sized so thick, cylindrical, rectangular, also have tapered. The surface is decorated with different decorations, there are dried flowers, wheat, starfish, shells, apples, oranges, and even coffee beans, coffee beans lit candles, but also smell the aroma of coffee! The flower candle flower shape candle can win the girl’s favorite. Pink, purple, made of rose or camellia, on a candlestick, more charming.

The three elements of fast food business is what all the business

since it is a fast food restaurant, you need to meet the "fast" and "meal" characteristics, so that they can attract diners who will be able to make the store to get a better operation. In short, if you want to make fast food restaurants popular hot business, but also need to meet certain elements. So, what are the three key elements of fast food restaurants?

fast food has become an indispensable industry in today’s market, the demand for fast food, with today’s pace of life is accelerating, but also get a relatively large increase; if we are to invest in a fast food restaurant, we need in the fast food business in the process. To grasp some key elements, let us fast food in the management process, bring more market share and development give us the opportunity.

at this stage of the fast food industry, although the market demand is relatively large, but appear on the market the brand more, it also makes the industry for investors is a more challenging industry, because too many risk factors, brings more difficulty to our business, so if we to operate their own fast-food restaurants, what are the factors that need attention?


fast food industry has to be made today’s high position in today’s market, in fact the most important is it brings to consumers quickly because of people’s work experience, the pace of life so that they work in life or, have very little spare time, even a lot of people to make themselves can be obtained more time to the cause of their own hard work, the Party chose to eat instant noodles that can help them save more time for food, even many people choose not to eat. While fast food in the shortcut, although not able to achieve the point of instant noodles, but it can give people a relatively fast experience, which is one of the main sources of its competitiveness.

so we are operating their own restaurant, you need to pay attention to build their own stores to consumers with fast experience, if we want to get the store ang development speed is quick, quick aspect must is more prominent, just let me have the opportunity to be able to from the fierce competition in the market talent shows itself.


health of these elements are essential for the existence of the catering industry of all projects, people now demand for healthy eating more and more high, a food store if it is not able to get the recognition of consumers in terms of health products, so basically this brand is not consumer acceptance. In order to keep the stores in the process of development, unable to get support from the market, so that the store can not get a rapid development.


Xining City Board of education to start the school barrier free facilities renovation project

To promote the city to create a national civilized city work carried out in depth, the city government plans to invest in schools to improve the barrier free facilities

to promote the city to create a national civilized city work carried out in depth, the city government plans to invest in schools to improve the barrier free facilities. For the implementation of the project, in March 1st, the city Bureau of Education organized Juzhu 20 schools of public building barrier free facilities will start the implementation of barrier free facilities renovation project of the significance, content, methods, transformation of school reform in time arrangements. Meeting the requirements of the implementation of the project of school early in the project to strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, strengthen project supervision in the construction process, to ensure the safety of teachers and students, to ensure the normal school teaching order, coordination of barrier free facilities for the completion of the task at the end of June.

Barrier free facilities function

implementation of the project will improve the school, provide convenient for the majority of students with disabilities, also let the school created a "equality, participation in learning and living environment for special populations, promote social civilization and progress.



49 thousand and 800 party members into the community to do the work of bright identity

cumulative investment of 3 million 557 thousand yuan for the masses to do practical things good

Qinghai news network, Hello, old man, we come to see you." June 30th afternoon, the provincial quality supervision and inspection of the 10 members of the party, to the area of poor households to carry out condolences to the activities of the 5. This is this year, the province’s party members into the community where they work, report to the community, make friends with the masses, for the masses to do the true portrayal of practical things.

I adhere to the working party report to the community service work for the masses, as an effective starting point for the party’s mass line of educational practice, as an important measure of the construction of service-oriented party organization, and promote the orderly organization. After the party members into the community, claiming service posts to help the needy, by the masses. 71 approaching, the party members of the province in line with the mass line of educational practice, this activity will lead to in-depth.

June 25th, Cold Lake Road Community Party branch 90, invite the community with Liu Ernian old party party member for 48 years, a vivid lectures for the community working party. Liu Ernian’s life is closely linked with the fate of the party and the country, he used his own experience about the party’s loyalty and love of life. The old man’s simple words, set an example for everyone, his story reflects an old party members adhere to the faith and always adhere to the party’s faith.

this year, to promote the working party members into the community as bright things, based on the actual distribution of the working party and members of the community, I take a single, pair, expertise, team four ways to carry out services, a specific work to resolve the practical difficulties of the masses.

Xining Longtai community to carry out "a small wish, for you to achieve" activities, organize regular working party members focus on the difficult people claim, put forward "to a refrigerator" want to buy an electric wheelchair grandma "wish by the whole establishment report of the Party branch members together to help complete the Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture state organization; in Maqin County, party and government organs and institutions serving more than 1200 party members to the 6 communities of Dawu town report, to take one or more of a way, by serving members of households with a relatively fixed helping pair," a "help" helped "; Xining new bridge community organization public security, industry and commerce, taxation and other service units of the working party, carry out" for the masses as a member of the agency "activities, the masses moving mouth, 71 West Community Party cadres errands; for working Party members into the community activities to build a service platform, so that they can claim their services according to their own expertise, apply for referees, staff, volunteers and athletes. These activities, so that party members continue to integrate into the community, to understand the community, community care, and enhance our sense of community identity, sense of belonging, to enhance the participation of community voluntary service consciousness.

reporter learned from the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, as of now, the province has 49 thousand and 800 party members to report to the community, accounting for 32.7% of the total number of Party members in the province, claiming service;