Love Shanghai web site included the real reason of the low and high

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love weight and more attention to brand

4. new sites included requires sustained stimulation of


love Shanghai or noble baby home is an important parameter for evaluation of a website, for general regularly updated website, Shanghai love the home on the patronage rate is very high, can reach every snapshot and the front page article seconds is not difficult.

Calculation formula of

to update a small amount of sites, such as the Shanghai dragon blog, there will be difference. Efforts to update the blog is generally not strong, may one day a few days or a high weight blog posted immediately after the noble baby included, the refresh rate is very fast, even if the weight is not high, the use of Ping mechanism, also can let the baby noble seconds. Love Shanghai in this aspect is just passable, as can be seen from the analysis of Web log, love Shanghai usually overnight will release the update, included speed is very slow. In addition, the search under the title of the article, love Shanghai is usually the result of the front page or directory page and the article page rarely. Love Shanghai more attention to web page content.

love Shanghai included fluctuated, indicating that the site contains articles placed included after the evaluation period, don’t release or included after the revocation. We do not have such a law on their website, see some weight high blog can. Shanghai dragon search blog, find a few observation on the blog ranking, you can find. In two weeks of the article, which is about half a month, love Shanghai in search of the title of the article, there are more or less content portal, covering keywords, and noble baby search, basic can get the content of the real. But more than two weeks of the article, the result is really love Shanghai content. Therefore, love Shanghai has the assessment period of the article, we can learn more about your site included changes.

see someone in Shanghai and analysis of noble baby love website included the difference that the webmaster have experience, is the most intuitive web directory for nobility baby dig deeper included faster, and feel it hard to love Shanghai feed, must also take indexed pages as far as possible on the key the location, such as home. Today focuses on the characteristics of Shanghai included in the love.

2. page assessment period is usually two weeks

3. Shanghai

Let love Shanghai included new >

PR most are familiar with Shanghai dragon Er, mainly through the reverse link transfer to the weight to calculate. Every day to keep the chain a certain amount of updates, have a good performance in the noble baby will. Love Shanghai in this area, usually on the portal and its products are given a higher weight, to see some of the gov website, the reverse link is very few, but have a high ranking, in some irrelevant articles on the page can also row at home.


TCL intelligent mobile phone justHow to start a business in the mobile Internet era

, director of Dongsheng information group, Changan Dongsheng, said: "big opportunities are getting smaller and smaller opportunities are getting bigger.". Do not always go after those already formed the opportunity of the platform, the thing that big company is doing, you do not go after, the entrepreneur must walk in front of big company. Therefore, entrepreneurs should consider the following three aspects when they start a business:

so, how to make use of the mobile network marketing to achieve the lowest cost, the highest conversion rate of business vision? In the face of such a huge market, mobile Internet entrepreneurs how to use existing resources, entrepreneurial

? in November this year, TCL Mobile Communication Co. warehouse delivery has been busy, intelligent mobile phone e757 – God’s code orders come in a throng so they had to work overtime, a car products sent to all parts of the country.

According to the

intelligent upgrade springboard

‘s first: I recommend paying attention to user habits, the influx of 300 million mainstream users this year, their users and last year’s 1, 200 million users may not be the same, pay attention to what user habits they have.

third: according to the development of Internet entrepreneurs should think more about some of the entrepreneurial direction: for example, how do some enterprise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, but also can consider the large enterprise how to use the mobile Internet to change the internal work flow, the slightly longer, but also not too early to start thinking about now.

mobile Internet era, traditional enterprises want to develop, we must conform to the trend of the times, change. However, when doing traditional industries plus mobile Internet, we must take into account that the past can not move all the traditional industries directly to the mobile internet. For example, it is not a yellow page that has been transformed into a mobile Internet APP. Today we see the most successful on many mobile media, not to print one by one to scan to the mobile Internet, but a completely different form: such as Sina micro-blog, it largely replaced the media, but it is the subversion of the traditional state changed the past.

second: the proposal is a combination of mobile Internet and traditional industries, that is, the so-called O2O. How to use mobile Internet to change the basic necessities of life, eat and drink?.

therefore, when the enterprise reform, its accumulation in the traditional industry contacts and knowledge, industry chain is very important, but we must abandon the past product form, to embrace the mobile Internet, the introduction of new technology and to get the user to believe that such enterprises will be the biggest success.

brand promotion with this recipe, since July minus 500-1000 yuan

with the development of the Internet, more and more people "touch the net", according to official statistics, as of March this year, China Mobile’s Internet users have exceeded 850 million. When the Chinese people have more than 500 million smart devices in hand, the mobile terminal inevitably become a new battlefield of marketing. "Denver fingertips business" is not a fantasy – WeChat selling mask 3 months to earn 180 thousand, the grass root more beautiful.

How do small and medium-sized websites solve the problems in website operation

in recent years, the rise of electricity providers, too many people want to get a share, mainly including some just graduated, carries the dream of entrepreneurship of college students, many e-commerce sites appear as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, and then there are numerous electricity supplier website continued to collapse. So today we’ll talk about the topic of Web site operators, maybe your site does not have superhuman strength, but as the station how to maintain long-term profit? Let’s explore small sites in the operation of the problem.

site construction is not standardized, resulting in user experience is not good,

some small station will be extended online site process is very simple, online to find a fixed template, good will do simple modifications, and then on the line. Such sites are often lack of user experience, the site has not formed its own style, but more important is the site optimization, because initially did not pay attention to this, in the construction of the chain of late, website content update and other aspects are very convenient. The correct site construction process should be the first to do keyword mining, determine the overall site target keywords and long tail keywords, and set up the station outside the station and set the link specification, URL specification, title, description, keywords standard. Some web sites are even browser compatibility problems have not been resolved, or the site is open super slow speed, which in the final analysis is the user experience problems.


Firefox plug-in HTML Validator can help solve browser compatibility issues.

team management loose, lack of executive ability,

mode of operation of small workshops led to the site operations team in the division of labour is not reasonable, early may do a detailed plan, but do 100% tasks are assigned to supervise the execution is very difficult, some inefficient team even 50% also difficult to complete, and this will inevitably lead to the initial target at. So the difference between a big company and a small team is the difference in management ability.

promotional lack of sustained


team may do some network promotion plan carefully, may be due to the problem of capital chain, or is the lack of effective communication channels, and ultimately cop-out hastily. Large billboards, the price is relatively high, most of the small team can get promotion way is likely to distribute leaflets and put up posters, and in this way only brand name will be implanted into the brains of people, it is difficult to establish the brand trust, which requires effective follow-up, perhaps it is a promotion, perhaps a propaganda lectures. Some teams will be able to take into account all the publicity methods are taken into account, while ignoring the funding problems, a lot of early foreshadowing work done, there will be no funds to support after recruiting.

profit model is not good enough,

looking to the international and domestic, bigger and stronger power >

Webmaster navigation for users, not just webmaster

recently made a "webmaster navigation" web site, literally understood, seems to be for personal Adsense service site navigation station. But more than 3 years of experience with traditional Internet companies, many of the people who work on the site need tools like "webmaster navigation". Although they are not individual stationmaster, but the content that does a few work and individual stationmaster are a lot of also same. "Webmaster navigation" is a green hand for these people, better to solve some difficult problems.

himself has been hovering between personal websites and commercial sites, has touched many grassroots personal webmaster, and many commercial sites BD personnel, product personnel have dealt with. Therefore, these 2 types of people are more understanding. Found that their online habits and access to Internet information is very different channels.

business website staff are mixed business cooperation QQ group (which are major sites based on market personnel), see IT information is generally go to DONEWS or Techweb, play SNS is generally 5G and colleagues recorded. Individual stationmaster all mix stationmaster Q Qqun (individual stationmaster and a few small company employee is given priority to), see IT information is to stationmaster net and Chinese stationmaster station mostly, the SNS that plays is KDD, also have a few people to play home. Although all rely on the site to survive, but the content of the Internet and understanding of the information is very different.

many new people working on the web are all college graduates who have no experience in the web. But when the company comes in and lets them be responsible for the promotion of the website, they will feel very confused, have no way to start. If you just go to DONEWS and Techweb, you certainly can’t see much experience in promotion. But people who work on websites, especially those who are graduating, simply don’t know where the webmaster, the webmaster, the web site are. I wonder if you can see a lot of promotion experience at these sites. Don’t mention these new people, many of my colleagues who have worked for years have no idea of the existence of these websites. So the gap between personal websites and business sites is very large.

because my promotional articles often go to DONEWS, Techweb, and these places. Many people from here found my article, a large part of the graduate students, what do not understand, the company arranged to do website promotion. Whenever they ask me how to promote, I always suggest that they go to some webmaster nets, look at those above grassroots Adsense write promotion experience.

, or I directly suggest that they try their own website, not for money, interest, at least know the site of the entire process, so that their own improvement will be very fast.

because of their own articles, what types of IT sites are released?. From Admin5 to DONEWS to Sina IT blog, so it faces a wide variety of Internet work crowd. I hope they pass my article, through "webmaster navigation" more

Creative wealth story on behalf of the payment of fines to achieve a million lives!

many people are thinking about when the opportunity arises, but often missed opportunities in the waiting! In fact, business opportunities in everyone around! Recently, in addition to selling drinks, selling phone cards, small grocery TanQian still put up a sign: payment of fines. A chance to take the opportunity to pay the ticket, so he found the opportunity".


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How to join the clothing store consumer groups

joined the clothing store, many issues to be considered, the first is the positioning of the consumer groups. Therefore, the positioning of the consumer groups, it is necessary to understand what is the customer we need, even if people who will patronize stores are not clear, to enhance the popularity will only thankless. So, when we join the clothing store should be how to locate consumer groups?

1) gender factor. To open a clothing store to determine whether the men’s clothing store or women’s clothing store. According to the differences in consumer preferences, men pay more attention to the quality, once the fancy will not care about the purchase, while women will bargain, but the higher the frequency of purchase. Men and women’s gender is inherent, can not be avoided. The beautiful woman complex made generous, the pursuit of elegant manner that men spend money like water. Investment projects clothing is a good choice.

2) age factor. In fact, what age, there is what kind of consumer grade, what kind of personality characteristics of the people, to match the style of clothing are not the same. Taking this into account, the target group of clothing stores may be more extensive than the individual store. However, it is important to note that the risk factors of goods in the store.

3) income factor, which is a critical factor, is aimed at the purchasing power of customers. Because the income is different, even if the sex, the same age, it can withstand the price of clothing is also different. The definition of customer’s income level, directly affect the clothing pricing level, white-collar workers as the main customers and to pink as the main customers, the price difference will be greater.

the general direction of the business, to more peace of mind. Before you join the clothing store, you must first do a good job of positioning, set a clear goal, know who are their customers, who have come to the store shopping, the clothing store business has great marketing.


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What business taboo

There are a lot of people after

in the choice of entrepreneurship is often put all of the money, but because of the lack of attention to something in the business, eventually lead to ruin, and even ruin, really sorry. So, what should be paid attention to when starting a business? Here, Xiao Bian will analyze one by one.

1, avoid excessive trust in others, do not personally conduct market research.

2, avoid eager to get returns.

Wenzhou home private business owners, see others because of some production of plastic products to earn money crazy, but also to raise funds up burning with impatience, and decided to invest on this project as soon as possible. At this time, a technician for his advice he said: "boss, you will start time postponed for 4 months, we will be able to install a good debugging equipment the most advanced production of this product, the product is much more than the existing equipment to produce better products, that will be more popular." Unexpectedly, the boss was very unhappy and said: "postpone the start of 4 months? Do you know what it means to postpone the start of the month, which means that we will lose millions of dollars in profits in the 4." And orders start right now. But not the technical staff expected, the factory started a few months, because the supporting technology obsolete, the product technology content is too low to make the product into slow-moving. The boss had to invest heavily in the factory before the start of the technical transformation. Entrepreneurs in the early investment, vulnerable to the immediate interests of driving, while ignoring the long-term interests, take short-term action quick, do.

How to open a profitable foot shop

now many people like to do foot, because foot is very healthy. This also allows many investors to fight the idea of opening a foot shop. So, how to open a money foot shop? The following small series for the majority of investors in detail the operating skills of pedicure shop.

A, the store management depends on the brand, brand reflected by vector

Each branch of

(brand) enterprise culture still exists, but no carrier of culture, is the carrier of well-trained staff, some stores operating for a period of time, students take not only technology, but also the culture. New employees do not have a new round of brand culture training. Guests: ask: "you ‘foot shop’ three words well!" Student: "we are joined, the whole country has our shop." Guest: "you are a lot of stores." Employee: "I don’t know. I’m new here." Guest: "your technology is the same." Staff: "no, in the past, XX, came here on the mount, we come together with several." This answer is undoubtedly a failure of the propaganda, foot shop culture spread, guest impression of foot shop is not good, again the possibility is small, brand culture (enterprise) is caused by the lack of implicit store management problems.

decoration style is the foot store brand (enterprise) is an important condition of cultural heritage, but some shop decoration is too luxurious or too modern, resulting in visual perception is not sufficient, resulting in the lack of culture enterprises (brand).

two, store operating in investor relations

Interpersonal relationship

three, store manager

1, the store buffer, if investors to directly face the employees, direct management, there will be "fairness", this fair judge convicted of crimes like friends, he always has a shield, investors invested in this project is recommended

How to choose to join the noodle shop how much money to join

we have a variety of food choices in life, since ancient times, people are very concerned about the food, modern people are not only satisfied with the food, but also the pursuit of food. Three meals of rice no longer meet the needs of people’s food and beverage, and occasionally to the noodle shop to eat a fragrant spray noodles, which is a lot of consumer habits. Now the noodle shop is also more and more, a variety of different flavors of noodle shop is also a new choice to bring food and beverage, then the noodle shop to join how much money to join what kind of noodle shop in order to have an advantage?

how to choose

to join the noodle shop

select private thhc beef noodle noodle shop to join such is they have a more mature brand operation, and the layout of the environment of food tastes and restaurants is more distinctive. Be able to provide a richer choice of pasta, the supply of products to the production is also relatively easy to master, which is also a better business. In the private thhc beef noodle shop location, can choose in shopping malls or commercial center of the lot, try to grasp the cost of rent at the same time, according to the tastes of consumers to determine food varieties, make operators more simple and professional, it can also make business more popular, in return is can bring more lucrative returns.

join noodle

in private thhc beef noodle franchise, which is already in the market has a certain degree of brand awareness, joining processes and services is also more perfect, after joining can provide advantage is far higher than many noodle market, long-term policies to help the franchisee to obtain business and better development so, in the early days of the opening also will bring greater help in franchise management will provide more quality services, for how much money is recommended to join the noodle shop

The shop has seven strokes – net purchase

now many people start to face the development of Internet, many entrepreneurs choose online business, the investment of small businesses to open shop is very good, when the open shop in the business, the purchase problem is a critical problem, small hope that through the introduction of the above, entrepreneurs can master certain purchase skills, management and in order to better development, lay the foundation for entrepreneurs.

A firm belief,

if you know that you are not 3 minutes, if others in the online shop to earn a lot of money, you suddenly want to open a store in the online play, if you are afraid of tired, I suggest you do not spend unnecessary money, if you will, to eat ready to suffer, so please continue to watch it.

two, clear oneself want what to sell

1, make sure you want to open what kind of shop after the decision of the shop, what to sell goods, don’t look at the others that sell well, also follow to purchase, it is best to lock a theme, buy electronic products don’t have to buy clothes, selling clothes don’t sell what food… All roads lead to Rome, what can be sold (of course, there are losses)

2, the Internet search, to see what is popular on the Internet. Large demand (of course, many people sell, but China has more than a billion people, how large the customer)

3, if you are a novice. Not sure, then I suggest you do their own familiar with the interest, such as my personal favorite dress, have their own style of dress and vision, so I do is clothing, but also a little jewelry what

three, the stability of the price advantage of the source

determine what to sell, to find sources, one is the agent, one is to purchase each have advantages and disadvantages, low risk agent, not afraid of goods, but the goods directly to the customer, you do not know the quality of the guests in consultation with you when you have to get information through your agent, the price also has *, I own to the wholesale market purchase, take clothing purchase for example

1, seeing the money not just started a few days early in the morning I will (be sure to go early Oh, probably more than 8 points to 11 points this time is the peak time to purchase, to detect situation is most real, especially novice friends, want to know the price) up to clothing wholesale market look, take a few more laps, but not to purchase, because a novice, there are a lot of manners, but also fear of dirty boss kill

2, ask more, look, do not look at the fear of asking not to buy, buy it, of course, to be appropriate to buy slightly

3, multi comparison, quality and price comparison of goods, there are two cases, one is the same style but different workmanship (some original, some popular models do manual spinning very poor), another is the same quality but the price.