Love Shanghai SEM account operations in which the set operation! Will the!


3, the area set up small area, did not put the meaning of

general regional setting is the traditional enterprise will set this up, the Internet or online education and can pass through the Internet to the virtual or physical products are the mode of delivery, unless the company is focused on a few or a designated area of investment.

? areaMost of the



Fifth, the proportion of mobile Set the

2, high traffic areas can focus attention but data transformation;


operation time, it is easy to understand on account! Can control the high flow point in time and get the conversion rate, so you can better determine the user access time and traffic into good time and focus on.

fourth, and then set the

bid set

1, budget and more opportunity to show, to show the amount of





sixth, the other set

2, plans to set the budget is to prevent malicious and lead to waste;

this is a must, and will affect every set of budget accounts where to

settings are usually SEM operation how kind of effect?

account offered to how to control the mobile data terminal is what kind of? Can be controlled by the mobile bid;



this is one of the effective methods to recover a customer! This must be tested

3, network alliance unlimited budget is spent our budget early line;

is high;

SEM account set up a lot of my friends think that it is not very easy!! but otherwise! Each set will all account data and data fluctuation effects! General account settings is the foundation, but through the data set on high technology! So you can see a person of SEM operation people, then we will have what account settings? Below by the Internet dry cargo runs the Lu Yongguo do simple analysis for everyone to share with

!First, the budget set !

1, the more narrow the regional flux is small, or vice versa;

second, set the

third, time setting


How to give full play to the long tail keywords.

website optimization is in order to get the ranking, or is the conversion rate, many sites have ranked without flow, one of the reasons is that there is no construction of long tail words. These ideas are useful for most of the long tail word, I hope useful for you as a reader.

has 3 kinds of methods:

1) long tail words as the title and content of writing, this is the best idea, because the more the number of long tail words appear likely to be ranked better, the greater the search to user. But in the long tail word layout needs some natural.


3) to build high-quality content for the long term, specifically around the long tail words to write, such as "Shanghai dragon optimization course", the user needs in this area can be automatically to click on the. Most important is to meet the requirements of the search engine algorithm.

2 is determined according to the needs of users, the site positioning themselves to expand the long tail words, themselves as users;

2) to build the chain soft with long tail word. The long tail word was constructed with the aim to attract traffic, outside chain can attract traffic. If the long tail word distribution in the chain of high quality soft Wen, also can bring good traffic to the site.

simply said, according to the long tail keywords is the core keywords to expand out phrases or short sentences. For example, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the core keywords, and the long tail word is "which Shanghai Shanghai dragon company is the most professional, these long tail word is set according to the user’s search habits, so more in line with the user experience. When the user according to the long tail word search site shows better results.

is the first to understand what is the long tail keywords

1 is the use of tools, to determine the overall situation of the long tail word search;

the second is how to expand the long tail word

finally, the focus here, how to construct the long tail word to bring traffic to

website optimization to determine key words, according to the core keywords to develop long tail words, these words will be effective if the long tail word to the site to bring considerable traffic. The problem is, how to make the long tail keywords play? Shanghai dragon company optimization tricks.

3 can let professional Shanghai dragon company to help determine the long tail word.

K on the site was difficult to judge the situation must be observed for a period of time


and I have been on this site before the sea once fell in love with manslaughter home, but two days later came back home. Only the last K away home when I think confidence not half a month will come back, because I am not cheating. But also in the inside pages, the general page needs to be adjusted, in accordance with the user experience, you first have to analyze the reason of course. So I analysis is the cause of love Shanghai hurt, because the probability of error in the sea is very large, especially when some big update, this is great, but my site is just Thursday update (see the Chinaz webmaster tools to see). So I judge by search engine after injury, has not the dynamic website, wait for recovery, and not two days to recover.

and this love sea ruthless, even K to zero, it also makes people a little depressed. I still look at this point in time, you look at the picture above is just on Friday, before and after the update time. I still feel my way to use it is normal, there is no cheating behavior, even if there is a problem that does not allow Shanghai to love so hard, I think it should be killed, this time I really could not sit, not last so weak. To love Shanghai complaints about my writing is very real, do not know love Shanghai staff is not seeing my words from the bottom of the heart. My website to recover, estimate the possibility is very few, because we are not a celebrity, not big website, influence is not big enough to love Shanghai basically do not see.


Shanghai is a dragon needs confidence of the industry, like the premier in 08 years of financial crisis when the words that are more confident than gold is also important. Why should speak with you this? The reason is because it is a very controllable occupation or technology, in this society, some other technical changes will not be so big, but the Shanghai dragon industry is constantly changing, a good site yesterday may have gone for ever today. Sometimes feel that need a good attitude and ability, sometimes I feel like I do in Shanghai Longfeng for more than three years, a lot of K stand down right also see, think they are accustomed to, when a hard optimization technique with regular search engine site is K off, some will inevitably feel Xu is not happy.


especially for the novice webmaster, this big blow generally do not do this for the people it is hard to imagine that the confidence collapse in doubt what they are learning is not wrong. To optimize the site later do not know how to do, in fact, when we have something, the first time should think of the reasons, not dizzy, lose their cool. A few days ago I was a website search engine K, clear all that. The first time I though a bit depressed, but I thought the first time is what reason, recall that nearly a month of operation, may not be illegal.

Talk about my understanding of long tail keywords and long tail word advantage

I am engaged in the Shanghai dragon in 2010, when the first site is about NBA basketball, in the choice of keywords to the site did not consider the long term, that time also believes that as long as there is perseverance the index of tens of thousands of words make up what is not difficult, so when choosing keywords I basically is to use some very high index words, such as "NBA" and "NBA" video "Basketball" "NBA pictures" and so on, so the internal optimization of the website is a seamless heavenly robe on the line, started the optimization department long, go to the basketball forum posting, Post Bar post and so on, however a month later, the site has a great improvement, the site started trickling flow, every fifty or so, a careful analysis of it, the 50 of which 30 are flow Through the promotion in 20, the rest is through keyword search over, that is to say the web site keywords ranking, but when I checked that these flows are through the pages over, and we are some of the keywords to search the title of the page, such as the "2001 finals video" "outstanding basketball method" and "the 2008 All Star game" and so on, and these words are ranked in the home, I was surprised, not hard to do the optimization of the main keywords ranking, content title has been ranked, people really do not dare to believe.


first, the long tail word index is low, relatively easy to do rankings.

that’s probably when I began to understand the role of long tail keywords, began to be included in the key words I chose the site keywords key project, after these years of hard work, has continued to have a dozen stations, Shanghai Dragon technology is more mature, some optimization methods are also more and more understanding especially for the long tail keywords understand thoroughly, the author will share what are the benefits of long tail keywords

long tail keywords literally refers to those words keywords long, often is not only a word, but a descriptive phrase, such as "sprinkler price" and "sprinkler use" and so on, which is what we often say that the long tail key words, for those who just contact Shanghai dragon industry friends, often because they are not very understanding and to ignore the site long tail keywords, we do not know is not so, anyway, I didn’t care about the long tail keywords website.

long tail keywords words are more general search, fewer people, many owners will have the idea before I do that, even if the index is too low, it may not do what traffic, so it will be the long tail word as the key to treat, if we understand them this mentality, it is not difficult to that is more cost effective to do the long tail word ranking, we all know that the index and the difficulty of the ranking is proportional to, a conventional keyword for example 1000 of the index, so it is difficult to make up 1000, because for this word, as long as it is.

Taking the most effective path placed outside the chain of Secrets

blog chain. Here, one of the best ways —- blog sprocket, is to put a lot of own blog of the link, just like the Olympic rings, they get together, then one-way links to your ultimate goal to promote the site, but it is exhausting, need strong.

two, the chain. Links. Is similar to the content on your site "exchange, as between the two countries friendly to each other. But if the other site has more than 30 Links. Prove to give to your weight very little, so don’t exchange Links. Since it is Links, so friendship is very important. As everyone knows, the weight of link will according to this link existent time to calculate, so you need to exchange with each other to do something about communication, at least QQ add a friends, if friends others from your Links or other, do not cry to go. So I think when Links is best friends with a mind to do, only in the presence of long-term mutual benefit that can Links. As for the method, as we all know, join webmaster group, Links group, Shanghai Phoenix Group, such as the Shanghai dragon combat.

forum signature links. The signature chain chain and post, the effect is the same. Don’t silly have not signed, not to go to the post to stay outside the chain, to touch the provisions. Many forums can signature links, operation is as follows: click on the right person center angle – Edit Profile: personal data. This is a relatively easy way of the chain in the forum, but you have to quickly put on the fly general feeling, the best of XTEP to the front pages to late, there may be no food to eat.

‘s swing path most the most effective external chain secret in the cheating era, there is always survival tips too much makes us feel awful. Gao Shuaifu’s men always get the favour of beauty, white Formica woman will always be handsome worship. We are not rich handsome nor white Formica, we are Shanghai dragon ER, the most powerful weapon is the chain we get popular, so we must understand the secrets of the chain, understand the chain of secrets, can beat gaoshuai rich and white formica. This paper from the following several parts to comprehensively expounds the related knowledge of the chain: the chain definition and its importance, methods of the chain, the chain is the most simple and effective method, the chain notes.

The The commonly used method of

, a chain definition and its importance. Only anchor text or hyperlinks can be called the chain. And if single stranded, namely single target station point to your site. As for the importance of website ranking within the chain chain + =. It’s like if you own condition is not good enough, four or five meters tall, primary school diploma, rural household, not rich handsome than white Formica, you can only go through the streets, dressed like Fan Bingbing or Sister Lotus, so people will pay attention to you, pay attention to you much, the popularity of the natural will go up, website ranking reason vice versa.

How to analyze the noble baby Analytics search engine traffic trends


Shanghai dragon or is the webmaster, we usually want to see a lot of data, such as: PV, UV, IP etc., today we focus on the data source of traffic IP. Traffic sources are mainly three types: introduction, direct, search engine. Different sites, these three types of flow ratio are not the same, when the third source of traffic has a higher proportion of traffic types or accounted for the majority, we can say that this site is mainly dependent on this type of traffic. But for some CMS content sites, typically, search engine traffic ratio will surely, be very dangerous, because once the Shanghai dragon problems or search engine adjustment algorithm, the total flow will appear very large. From the overall operation of the website, we hope that the various forms of traffic sources is equal, gradually reduce the proportion of search engine traffic, more referral sources entrance, and maintain a good proportion of new and old users. So if one of the antecedents of traffic sources appear large fluctuations, the site will not be affected too much


general, direct search engine traffic flow ratio is the highest, search traffic and referral traffic is relatively low. Relative to this case, we can think of the overall operation of the website or the need to continue to improve.

set up a custom report, and then click on the newly created custom reports, according to the ascending order to date.

in the actual operation and analysis, we can generate different forms according to their own needs, the different dimensions of the data table, data analysis strategy, in order to better

then we specifically said, how to analyze the noble baby Analytics search engine traffic trends. We assume that the site has been in operation for 1, 2, 3 and three months, if we want to know the search engine changes the proportion of traffic, first need to select the date of January, see overview report under the traffic sources, write down the percentage, then the same method to see also the case for 2 months.


source: public -www.021networks贵族宝贝 network copyright, please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

we also can create a custom report, according to the date dimension, select access number as an index to analysis of 1, 2, 3 and three months of search engine traffic changes.

A brief summary of recent changes in Baidu

2: now Baidu on the website ranking area.

3: now Baidu drop-down list box of human search habits. Each computer search habits were recorded, each person will search keywords to the drop-down list box in the front row of some. But the ranking rules and hope that we carefully observe changes.

(3): click on the location of the IP website ranking area.

6: now Baidu through different browsers, their ranking is not the same.

9: now Baidu increase on the website of the old domain name and website content review. General new sites to get good rankings in the months before, unless the old domain name. At the same time on the website as long standing rankings and content have included the optimization of the right.

1: now Baidu on the website www and not www their weight are not like, built with 301 or the chain to the same domain.

7: now Baidu ranking will take the content of the website as the title of the site ranking. Mainly through the website next to the beginning of the two paragraph of content and search keyword ranking as the title of the content. This must be careful observation can be found at Baidu is not particularly obvious.

(2): site title, keywords, description and the same volume of regional rankings.

8: now Baidu on their own sites were ranked adjustment. Mainly Baidu will be placed in the home and in the debug keyword cable which columns are. At present, Baidu has its own channel dozens, but some still in constant adjustment, mainly for search and user experience. This is the so-called box algorithm.

5: now through Baidu search out the key contents of the list, but also in accordance with the amount of clicking habits from top to bottom are arranged, but is not that obvious. To be careful observation.

10: at the present stage of Baidu news

Internet marketing is more and more difficult, unless you have too much money for advertising. Before now make a website and what not easy, now need more manpower, material and financial resources to support the. No matter how hard we in life in order to have to think of more ways to make up the website. The 7 camel network according to their own recent observation on baidu. Analysis of the basic change in the case of Baidu:

(1): ranked server address corresponding areas of the site.

4: now Baidu the search out of the menu bar is artificial search habits. Each computer search habits were recorded. Each person search keywords will row to the left, from left to right and is in accordance with the order from top to bottom.

From the Association Committee of the news article on Shanghai Longfeng soft quality requirements

today to see the news, journalists network news reports here have to have a clearly defined "to eliminate false reports, enhance social responsibility, strengthen the construction of occupation moral news". From here has some experience and inspiration to Shanghai dragon marketing side, may all teachers and friends understand the strength and effect of Shanghai Longfeng marketing, so how should we marketing? Especially for soft Wen creation, here in Yangzhou Shanghai dragon has some experience.

3, the original article creation content view: the contents of our original articles of the soul, if news articles, there is a corresponding requirement, objective, and close to the society "; if it is technical articles, also can have a" technical content, readability, value". The content of the article is the quality we should pay attention to where the entries clear, content of illustrations, of course if you can do a crackling, and it is better to discuss. But the content must meet the reading, we only well expressed our view of the article, the reader will meet the requirements to maximize the benefits.

two, the original article reference finishing

1, a reasonable reference to do the ISM: creation is to reference, but we should reasonable reference, according to their own situation to read reference article. Combined with the technical direction of their own, do a reasonable reference, is to promote the development of our technology, the.

1, original soft Wen creation objective values: a clear objective is to write essays on our souls, but our original soft, not only to take care of their own interests, or to consider the interests of readers. The original value to have multiple reflect "social value and community value, the value of technology". Considering the social values is a major direction of our original articles, the reader must technology we essays, then there will be more people to read our article, which also reflects the social value. Only take care of the interests of various stakeholders we will play to do more, so people think the original article must have "innovation, technology innovation".

, the original soft value creation

guide 2, the original creation of soft concept: we do original orientation is the purpose of the paper, take care of the interests of various stakeholders, considering our own interests is oriented, so we guide the original articles should be clear "soft import". So when we write the content of the article is to consider his way of speaking, a Bonzi killed a group of people; talk to pay attention to your discretion, to be low-key, so writing. As the 80 after we should have experience deeper, for example, a lot of people comment on our 80 of people "decadent generation", the "Beat Generation" point of view, but when Wenchuan earthquake, when the Beijing Olympic Games, our generation with practical action like that most people in our society after 80 is responsible, is able to bear, is to respect the society, environmental protection.

On the psychological analysis and Countermeasures of different customer’s question

6, I find a friend — since there are people in the optimization optimization, why not? Nothing is impossible to get a good return on the

7, I find the local, local security, or worry about being cheated. You have to make them believe you.

5, how do you understand the optimization? — asked for optimization technology, do not understand ask how cooperation.

, I have 5 people in Optimization: how to see the effect, the effect is not good, you promised that you can do better.

1, what is the optimum? – met don’t understand optimization, you the optimization effect, love can take the example of Shanghai, Shanghai and the optimization of love website ranking but do the home page, click No charge.

had bidding or optimization experience customer

1, I do not do the bidding Optimization — do not directly deny the bidding, but to highlight the advantage of bidding and optimization. 2, optimization and for as long as I do one, there is no need to do optimization. And the above problem is similar. Highlight the advantages of Optimization: free click, 24 hours on it all day long. Bidding weakness: invalid click, if restrictions on consumption, short time display.

3, you can guarantee that can go up? – you need to be confident about what techniques do you use to make the ranking, the more professional and better. The best way to send a successful case.

3, you can guarantee the first page ranking first? As long as you can, how much money are willing to. – people who say such things, is doing the bidding of the 99%. You can position the user clicks on the analysis, not necessarily in the first home. If you do not do the bidding, you can ask a question: why don’t you do it for

I do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but had a single experience. Customers always have all kinds of problems, the same. In this summary customers most love asked questions, and analyze the psychological causes and countermeasures, hope to help a friend single docking.

2, heard that love Shanghai – shielding optimization examples, those who do not do the promotion of the website is optimized by up to do, why not be shielded unless you use illegal means?. We use regular technology optimization will be how to shield

? ?

do not understand Shanghai Longfeng customer

8, how much do you charge? If you start asking price, direct quotation. If the money lest waste other optimization > reluctant

4, how long can do? – impatient person. Tell him how many days, give him a promise. And then you try to practice commitment.

4, I did optimization, of no use, but also to spend money. The Shanghai dragon has no confidence. Afraid to spend money. You directly on your success, no refund commitment effect.

Self summary five chapter optimization keywords must see

I do outside the chain, more emphasis on technical rather than manual sex, for example, can do some blog template or write some small plug-in to attract owners to use, or the use of soft, two soft communication ability is very strong, very beneficial to increase links. Finally you can use blog, use our blog group will be very good, and very high flexibility, but the culture blog takes time long, does not have a great effect act with undue haste.

content, is a high quality content contributes to the spread and reproduced, contribute to the chain and flow; two is the users love the site sticky, increased; two aspects can influence user behavior, and ultimately affect the keywords ranking up. As for the content itself, the best is original, if you see the good, can also be reproduced, even directly translated from abroad, because we all love classic things. If you have a long and high quality content, so a positive impact on the entire site that will be huge.

optimization is not only rely on accumulation of external links, reasonable use of the chain is essential. We look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love will know, use the inside within the chain can be said very comprehensive, for our personal website, and not all the words you want to link to, but for a purpose for selective link, such as the optimization of wheat Lisa blog, then only to have the words to do page links and continue to do so, until the very front rank so far; in addition, the paper by as much as possible before the words, this is very important.

in the chain: selection, front and last

promotion: quiz, forums and activities

chain: bait, soft and

content: original, reproduced and translation

There are two important reasons for

website optimization keywords after all is ranking to improve, so for many novice webmaster, get a website, how to start, how should the keywords from no ranking optimization to the desired position? Or for that matter, everybody is benevolent see benevolence, because of the different industry, each one airs his own views, different owners of their resources, methods will vary, but today I summarize several methods for most of the individual owners, respectively, the chain article, article content within the chain, promotion, layout, and all of these keywords ranking directly or indirectly, I hope you look after more exchanges.

can affect the keywords ranking is because the promotion can bring traffic to the site, and the site click rate and flow can directly affect the keywords ranking. In fact, our ultimate goal is to promote, promote and optimize this is one, but here alone to promote effect on keyword ranking out shows. Ask and answer questions to promote the conversion rate is very high, can bring certain directional flow, and the scope of the forum to promote slightly wide, after all, as long as the user is likely to see the post to our website.

The blog Keywords