Xining environmental protection 110 noise pollution treatment in the first half of the admissibility

One night

in late May, the Xining municipal environmental protection 110 received a phone call, the other said, near the East District of Zhou Jia Quan, Huangnan construction site day and night by a construction company, seriously affect the life of nearby residents. In the evening, environmental law enforcement officers sealed off the excavator, and make relevant decisions.

it is understood that, from January to June, the Xining municipal environmental protection received a total of 110, and all types of reported 564 cases, of which 424 noise pollution, air pollution accounted for 75%, 98, 36 restaurants smoke pollution, 5 water pollution, waste pollution 1. Why is noise pollution serious? Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the person in charge, from the beginning of April, as the weather gets warmer, the construction site have been started, and the residents of the decoration of the house is more, so the night construction noise pollution complaints accounted for a large proportion. read more

72 classes from Xining new bus station starting

January 22nd, with the official opening of the Xining automobile passenger transport center (hereinafter referred to as the new bus station), the province’s major long-distance bus station bus station will also be adjusted. Which 72 lines of the 548.5 bus, will be from the new bus station transition. The existing 5 long-distance bus terminal will continue to use until the area of 4 passenger terminal station is fully completed and put into use, the existing 5 passenger stations will be transferred unconditionally and exit the stage of history. This is January 20th, reporters from the City Transportation Bureau of transportation management office was informed of the.

(Note: the names behind the figures, said daily from Xining to the bus class destination number, for example, Lanzhou high customer class 10, is from Xining to Lanzhou high off to 10 flights daily; and 0.5 classes, for every other day departure 1 trips. )

the provincial class line 34 class 51.5:

the state (city) where the interurban class line 8 class 197:

– Jigao line 3 class 144 class passengers:

100 in rape flowers scenic spot: Menyuan class 3;

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Moss flowers such as rice small peony also open

– the national top ten children’s Welfare Institute, Xining children’s Welfare Institute

what is the most precious emotion in the world? Do you know what they are most eager to get when you are faced with a child who has been disabled and abandoned? In Xining city children’s Welfare Institute, a group of dedicated workers, with their own understanding of life, with love, let children get a family like care and care.


is a 2000 snow in winter night, the police sent a "severe scleredema of newborn, due to multiple organ failure, intracranial hemorrhage, was immediately sent to hospital for two days, did not alleviate the condition, the hospital gave up treatment. In order to save the life of this young, the "mother" who decided to fight a fight and death, 24 hour special care, every two hours to measure temperature and humidity, every two hours with a syringe for feeding time, as time goes on, the child was a little bit back from the dead line. These young mothers not only depicts the moving picture of the maternal love; also with love, full of home workers to serve the people ruziniu style! read more

How much is the cost of opening a snack bar


of our country a lot of snacks, life is a very happy thing in this land, simple snacks are also good business sectors, easier said than done open snack bar, although the shop is small, but perfectly formed, sustained and stable operation so as to. So, how much does it cost to open a snack bar? Here are some of the data analysis, if you are interested in joining the snack business, and there are plans to shop, may wish to follow the small series to see.

is the first to open the snack shop location, a large part is spending on rent, if the company is snack shop election office area, the rent is about 3000 to 8000, so our customer base is in the vicinity of white-collar workers in the restaurant, snack shop environment elegant, consumption price to book should be based on their "level" to "tailor-made", if the lack of corresponding environment decoration level, may cause some loss of customers, the decoration is relatively good. read more

Assining, morality and the construction of the garden – Xining Municipal Corporation xiadou love the

To further promote the work of our city to create a national civilized city, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of our city, the majority of members of the youth volunteer force, actively promote green civilization in the public, improve the quality of public culture and the awareness of environmental protection, leading the whole society everyone concerned, everyone involved, love the green garden, good atmosphere, maintenance of city environment recently. The municipal Party committee, Municipal Youth Volunteers Association volunteers in the Qaidam Park love green green volunteer service activities read more

North District Women’s Federation take measures to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and i

in order to carry out the women’s legal education deeply, let more people understand the women’s knowledge of the law, and earnestly safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the District Women’s Federation and many departments jointly, take various measures to effectively do the work of women and children rights. First, strengthen the legal publicity and education, optimize the social environment of women’s rights. To carry out a wide range of legal publicity and education activities, make full use of "38 rights", "6.26 weeks" International Day against drug abuse and other favorable opportunity to carry out advocacy activities, through the issuance of promotional materials, lectures, on-site consultation services, expanding social influence, and further enhance the people and young women learn law, usage, the law consciousness, improve women’s rights according to law, and actively create a good atmosphere of the whole society to respect women, protect the legitimate rights and interests of women. The two is to give full play to the role of women’s rights stand, increase the intensity of women’s rights. Joint District comprehensive management office, bureau of Justice issued "on Further Strengthening and regulating the notice" North District Women’s rights service station, towns, streets and re adjust the women’s rights station staff, unified issued people’s mediation agreement, give full play to the protection of women’s rights, patience and meticulous work of women petition cases. The three is the establishment of women’s rights volunteers, providing multi-channel rights for women and children. Launch area female judges, procurators and legal workers and staff enthusiastic women work to join, the establishment of women rights organization network more widely, the organization and coordination of all sectors of society to care and support for women’s rights, and for the masses of women to provide legal, policy, psychological counseling service and help to promote family harmony, maintain social stable. Four is to increase the intensity of case mediation, play the advantages of women’s federations and the role of judicial assessors, and actively participate in a number of women repeatedly petition or must be resolved through judicial means to resolve the case and audit. To help poor women in need of timely contact with the district Judicial Bureau to provide legal aid. The major or serious family violence cases combined with comprehensive management, judicial process. At the same time continue to improve the quality of human rights advocates, to persuade the petitioners through rational and legitimate way to express the interests of the demands, to better protect the rights of the masses of women. Five is the establishment of the court of women’s rights in the district court, composed of civil, juvenile court judges. In the case of infringement of the rights and interests of women and children in the trial, the judge to the principle of mediation priority, efforts to reduce the cost of litigation, simplify the proceedings, for women living in poverty reduction of litigation fees. Efforts to resolve conflicts and disputes through mediation means to effectively maintain and build a harmonious family relations and social relations. Six is to play the role of petition window, effectively resolve social conflicts. The District Women’s Federation adhere to the one hand, a hand grasping rights "approach, first, the petition work as to resolve social contradictions, making the petition reception system, earnestly implement the basic functions of women’s rights, and actively resolve the unstable factors, and properly solve the problem of channel access, to maintain social stability. In the first half, the District Women’s Federation received a total of 20 cases of letters and visits, of which there are 10 cases of domestic violence, the other for family conflicts, child support disputes, treatment rate of up to 100%, mediation success rate of 95%. read more

Xining City Board of education to start the school barrier free facilities renovation project

To promote the city to create a national civilized city work carried out in depth, the city government plans to invest in schools to improve the barrier free facilities

to promote the city to create a national civilized city work carried out in depth, the city government plans to invest in schools to improve the barrier free facilities. For the implementation of the project, in March 1st, the city Bureau of Education organized Juzhu 20 schools of public building barrier free facilities will start the implementation of barrier free facilities renovation project of the significance, content, methods, transformation of school reform in time arrangements. Meeting the requirements of the implementation of the project of school early in the project to strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, strengthen project supervision in the construction process, to ensure the safety of teachers and students, to ensure the normal school teaching order, coordination of barrier free facilities for the completion of the task at the end of June. read more

Discussion on behalf of members for the two new goals to create a harmonious judicial environment

yesterday, attended the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress representatives and members of the CPPCC Provincial Committee attended a meeting of the Committee of the two houses of the report for discussion and Discussion on the eleven.

provincial Party Committee Standing Committee Xu Fushun, Luo Yulin, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, each of the group (Group) to discuss the discussion of the Committee of the Communist Party of China, such as:, Dorje Geltan, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. read more

Creating a city – children’s etiquette education from the table

went to a friend’s house by the friend of the couple hospitality. Dinner, friends high school son saw a flat disc of his favorite dishes, "command" mother brought to him alone, friends rushed to the dish into two plates, give him half results, he and his mother trouble without end. Ordinarily, high school students are 14th Five-Year years old, still so capricious in front of their parents, so do not be real.

According to

reports, American children generally start at the age of 2 dining etiquette etiquette system study, all 4 years old learn to eat; slightly larger, about 5 years old children would be happy to do something before the meal for all tableware, cutlery and other cleaning up after meals can. This can reduce the burden of parents on the one hand, on the other hand, let the children have a sense of participation, for etiquette education, but also to learn some of the table manners to receive guests. read more

Entrepreneurial experience stall 20 tips

small stall is very important, sometimes others stall to sell, and you stall will not sell what is the reason? Come 20 stall tips on how to look at the following, compare yourself why would fail.

1: to spread the goods, product novelty, difference and similar baidenan products;

2, supply: as far as possible from the manufacturer to take goods in large quantities, quality assurance, the price is still low, cheap and fine is the key to attract eyeballs;

3, stock, and manufacturers will bargain purchase, accumulation of experience, much to the wholesale market around, natural style influenced by read more

Moral lecture into the Xining Federation of trade unions

moral lecture is an important part of this year’s city civilized degree index, Xining City Federation of trade unions attaches great importance to the construction of moral lecture, it is included in the annual focus of the work of the construction of spiritual civilization, the responsibility to the people, a hierarchical and progressive steps, and vigorously promote the basic moral norms.

is effective to promote organ moral lecture building, Xining City Federation of trade unions from the propaganda content, preaching style, in accordance with the "management normalization, fixed position, diverse forms, rich in content" requirements, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of moral lecture, in the development of moral lecture activities, by everyone the chorus of "citizens’ moral song" Guo Mingyi first, watch movies and other die deeds "provisions of action", make full use of the existing organization system and the carrier, the actual contact about their own side of the moral model, such as: moral reflections, greatly enriched the moral lecture form, into the content of citizen moral construction is strong lecture ", enhance the moral quality of all cadres of workers, creating a moral character, to promote the moral spirit of respect, kindness and moral practice conduction Good atmosphere of ethics. (author: Ye Wenjuan Song Fang)
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Listen to the voice of Qinghai Province — my delegation media open day sidelights

On the morning of March 6th, the delegation of Beijing and Qinghai continued to consider the government work report and opened it to the media at home and abroad.

from the meeting there for half an hour, reporter Wang Xi arrived early at the Qinghai hall, she learned that the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture governor Nobel satellite is the National People’s Congress, would like to take this opportunity to interview about the situation of circular economy in Qaidam basin. Wang Yu Chinese Daily reporter on the rich resources of Qinghai to promote global tourism more interested, she carefully read "Qinghai province introduction" and "on behalf of the delegation of Qinghai list" and other information, to inquire about the staff about the interview where a representative is more appropriate.

accounted for a good seat, stand out machine, computer, reporters to prepare for interview. Right now. There are more than and 10 minutes from the meeting, the venue has gathered more than 42 Chinese and foreign media reporters more than 70.

these media, both the people’s daily, CCTV and other central media, there are also the mainstream media in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other regions, and the Kyodo News Agency and other parts of the world media. Many reporters took out the phone kept taking pictures, shoot the venue, the representative of the film, showing a strong sense of Qinghai.

considered the end of the speech, the reporters long-awaited question time to. Everyone scrambling to raise their hands, hoping to attract the attention of the host, get the opportunity to ask questions.

"Qinghai is the national focus on contiguous poor areas," 13th Five-Year "period, Qinghai will take what measures, to win the battle of poverty?" This is the Xinhua News Agency reporter’s question.

"Qinghai in ecological protection measures taken and achieved what kind of effect?" CCTV reporter has a strong interest in the ecological protection of Qinghai ecological work.
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Xining City District invites people to review the work of one year

it is understood that in order to make the annual target assessment work down GDP index, strengthen the scientific development oriented, outstanding performance, optimization of online examination, gradually reduce the assessment work line, research areas of performance appraisal system in the city, 40 District Department of work unit annual completion, through the evaluation module of performance assessment system of opinion, evaluation. The public and belonged to all units can be found: http// web site, entering the areas of performance appraisal system of social satisfaction evaluation website, you can see the social satisfaction questionnaire, the questionnaire has belonged to 40 units of administration according to law, the efficiency of seven specific evaluation indexes of each index were set up "satisfaction, satisfied, in general, not satisfied, do not understand the" evaluation standard, the public access to the system can fill in the questionnaire. read more

Xining women’s Federation held a pre assessment of development planning and monitoring training sess

on the afternoon of July 1st, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation held the women’s children’s development planning monitoring and evaluation work training meeting for the city in 2010, women and children to achieve the goal of planning.

it is understood that the monitoring contents including women and the economy, women’s participation in decision-making and management, more than and 200 indexes of women and children and education, women’s and children’s health, women and children and the law, women and children and the environment etc.. Involving nearly 30 members of the labor and Social Security Bureau, Health Bureau, education bureau. Xining city women’s Federation asked the members of the unit, in the premise of good pre assessment of basic work, and the data collected were carefully reviewed and evaluated the data and monitoring report review, listen to their opinions and suggestions, and ensure the quality evaluation, truly through the pre assessment work to understand the situation, find out the base, found the problem, a comprehensive grasp of the development of women and children, women and children to accurately determine the development goal realization degree, found the problem, and puts forward some countermeasures to promote the full realization of the planning objectives. At the same time, for the government to formulate the planning and development of women and children will target the development of women and children into the province’s "12th Five-Year" plan to provide the scientific basis for the monitoring and evaluation results into the real effective way to promote the development of women and children. read more

The sixth seedling industry in the northwest Cooperation Fair and nursery industry alliance forum cu

to shorten the gap of nursery stock industry development of East and West China, to promote the construction of ecological environment in Northwest China and seedling industry healthy development, August 9th, sponsored by the northwest seedling industry alliance, the landscape of Qinghai Province Association of the sixth Northwest (· China; Xining) seedling industry cooperation Fair and Nursery Industry Alliance Forum curtain. 18 provinces and cities across the country representatives of the more than and 300 industry associations and business representatives gathered in Xining, seek cooperation and development. read more

There are 9 bus recharge points

Recently, there are people call the community weekly, asked the specific location of the bus card recharge points in the city. In this regard, the reporter learned from the Xining public transport group, currently a total of 9 bus card recharge points.

"commercial pedestrian street Xiang Jia Hao Yiwu small commodity city 3 floor

long East Avenue sunshine woman negative layer

"Road Transport Corporation (opposite of the children’s Hospital of oblique)

/ public street Jinsong Building 1 floor Jinsong supermarket (opposite Yang Jiaxiang)

– Thailand Commodity City 2 1 floor

"Bridge Street Lei Jia Xiang China Telecom business hall

/ Tongren Road business hall 2 floor China Telecom

/ south area of Park Avenue China Telecom business hall   read more

Xining to create urban landscape with the autumn

From mid July onwards, through the centralized rectification and consolidation rectification, the provincial capital of the green landscape belt have undergone tremendous changes, neat style large "green carving", different colors of street landscape, The grass is green and luxuriant. public green and small theme park for the public to enjoy with fresh and natural green living environment. In order to allow the continuation of this green, from September 1st to November, Xining will be implemented to enhance the green belt landscape project, so that more gorgeous autumn Xining. read more

Xining City District to raise the level of subsidies for urban and rural residents

7 month 16 days, reporters from the City District of Xining City Civil Affairs Bureau learned: in order to further reduce the prices for poor families in urban and rural areas caused by the pressure, and effectively protect the subsistence allowances for basic living, according to the provincial Civil Affairs Department "notice" on the improvement of the subsistence allowances allowances, the city district from July 1, 2008 onwards, improve the level of subsidy again.

the scope of basic living allowances for urban and rural residents to improve the level of subsistence allowances has been included in the scope of urban and rural residents minimum living security coverage. City residents per month based on the original subsidy level, monthly issuance of 15 yuan subsidy, socialized monthly payment, basic rural residents object change the original security standard, the issuance of 60 yuan subsidy per person per year. It is understood that this is from July 2007, the fourth consecutive increase in the level of urban low-income subsidies. read more

Xining west district started the year battle

April 16th, Xining City West District held the "year" to tackle the mobilization meeting, Xining city with the "year" working, to the west of the city area in 2013 the "year" work arrangements. Today, West District will focus on pollution reduction, water pollution control, industrial emissions standard work supervision, noise control and other aspects of the sprint to the "year" index.

this year, West District will focus on the development of environmental protection special action, strengthening environmental emergency work mechanism, increase coal-fired boilers from coal to gas, cooking fume remediation efforts to increase the small rivers, small ditches remediation, small rivers, small ditches basically eliminating the "black odor" phenomenon, increase the transformation of city drainage, strengthening of wastewater treatment the intensity of industrial enterprises. Starting this year, all the primary schools in the west district will have a unified environmental protection education topics, environmental classes will be formally incorporated into the local curriculum, environmental education classes every academic year of not less than 12 hours. read more

The County Tax Bureau Huang Zhai branch actively carry out trade style building activities

in order to earnestly implement the clean and honest, solid implementation of the internal control mechanism, and constantly improve the punishment and prevention system and style construction industry, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Bureau Huang Jia Zhai branch with tax management activities and taxpayer satisfaction survey work, and actively take measures to strengthen the cadre style construction industry.

Huang Zhai branch organization of cadres and workers to conscientiously carry out the style construction industry self correction activities, each of the cadres with their own actual work, from the tax law enforcement, tax service, style construction and work discipline and other aspects, to find the problems and deficiencies, combined with the "tax source management activities, to find the sources of revenue management risk, strengthen the the risk consciousness, plugging loopholes in management. At the same time, to further optimize the tax service work, strengthen the taxpayer’s tax propaganda counseling efforts, timely deal with the tax related matters, change work style, improve efficiency, improve taxpayer compliance with tax law enforcement and satisfaction. (author: Xian Xiang Lan)
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