Rural electricity supplier to bring new opportunities for rural development

for the implementation of management policies, and promote the integration of urban and rural economy, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of rural entrepreneurship. Strengthen the construction of various types of rural infrastructure, entrepreneurship policy to improve the soft environment of rural entrepreneurship, speed up the pace of entrepreneurial innovation.

11 23 July, the central decision-making considered and adopted the "on winning the battle of the decision" out of poverty, through industry support, transfer of employment, easily relocated, education support, medical assistance and other measures to achieve the 2020 comprehensive out of poverty, and solve the overall regional poverty. In November 9th the State Council issued a document pointed out that rural e-commerce is an important means of changing the mode of agricultural development, is an important carrier of accurate poverty alleviation. More requirements to 2020, initially built a unified and open, competitive and orderly, honest and law-abiding, safe and reliable, green rural e-commerce market system. In November 23rd, the State Council announced "on the new consumption play a positive leading role in accelerating the development of the formation of guidance" new supply of new power, support all kinds of social capital to participate in the construction of agricultural business platform. read more

Tea shop to open the business proposal

open tea stores need to cater to the needs of the market, if you do not understand the local market, the pricing is not scientific, the product is not able to attract consumers, then it will naturally face failure. If you want to create success, must be ready to work in these important areas, make operation more peace of mind.

understand the business area consumer tastes

on the quality of tea such as whether the right of final decision in the consumer for the operator, the key is to be based on consumer tastes supply, different areas of consumer tastes are different, such as the North South Green Tea love tea, love, love to the northwest of tea. Each region in various regions are not the same, taking Beijing as an example, Dongcheng District enjoys rich, thick soup, fragrant, taste a little less like Haidian, soup yellow and bright, the suburbs are like bitter taste a little heavy, resistant foam on the line, so they often require the operator to investigate, and consumer contacts, for needs to update the taste. read more

Raise a can also get rich from Sichuan guy high income

what is it? It is not a nail polish, in fact, is a cockroach, everyone hates a kind of disgusting insects, but there is a young man in Sichuan, but by a, and made a fortune, how is it?.

to leave a foreign nationality by a

"everyone does not know, as have effective central, it is medicinal value." Recently, Sichuan city of Shifang province Qian Cheng introduction of Shigu town at the age of 24, he and partner Zheng Tianhang now rented a 70 square meters of the house, outside raises 40 million a by the "corps", sold all over the country to. Two people of this venture, but also made the relevant part of the supply of the Shifang youth fund 50 thousand yuan. read more

Jinnan to build a platform to expand services to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

China is a predominantly agricultural country, the agricultural population in today’s society is occupied more than half of the total population of the society, at the same time, some business and employment problems of farmers are now placed in the front, in order to promote entrepreneurship and employment of farmers across many measures have been taken.

read more

Catering catering industry in the era of Internet interconnection is really suitable for you

with the diversification of Internet services and the gradual improvement of the catering business model will change. The convenience shop store catering industry scale was even uneven in quality, the oversupply situation; then you have to ask, do the catering market already saturated? Actually not.

is now the catering industry and consumers have three contradictions, one is the contradiction between consumers of catering and the pursuit of food service industry status quo, two is the contradiction between the low people fast rhythm of life and catering service efficiency is three, catering services and consumer surplus can not find the contradiction between love restaurant; read more

Building materials business needs to pay attention to three points

building materials market is very hot, a lot of friends want to invest in a building materials store. In the shop before, we must first understand the development of clear brand to join the brand building materials, including the development history, current situation and future trend, so as to be aware of. Xiao Bian through the summary of the data, that the investment in building materials industry need to pay attention to three points.

to determine the market positioning of the brand

in the selection of building materials to join the brand at the beginning, should be first on their own city market to do some understanding, especially with your shops around the District, to do heart bottom. If your local consumption level is not compared with the economically developed regions, you cannot easily blindly the introduction of high-end brand Home Furnishing; according to the actual situation of the local market to decide to join the cabinet brand positioning roughly, targeted for building brand to join, can be more effective, improve the success rate of. read more

A rice and vegetable roll make money you laugh

every one of the city’s most bustling shopping place is a pedestrian street, the pedestrian street to the people know that it is a crowded, huge crowds of people. Of course, there is traffic, there is a demand, pedestrian street has become a good place for investors to shop. So what’s on the pedestrian street? A rice and vegetable roll burn you laugh?

is a money making you laugh to burn rice and vegetable roll snack business, but need to make gains in the right place to double. Walking street is a good place to go shopping, roadside shops not only beautiful, fashionable clothing brand, a variety of food shops and restaurants, is a place where you can easily enjoy the quality of life. You laugh to bring customers the rice and vegetable roll, originating in Taiwan Meng Meng Da rice and vegetable roll lovely shape, color collocation, rich variety, let the customer at first sight, could not help but taste them, in the flow of people and more pedestrian street, it is very popular. After 90 business investment, you laugh with delicious rice and vegetable roll yen value handed operation meet the new look, after 90, the trend in favour of delicacy. The pedestrian street shop, you laugh do make you delicious rice and vegetable roll continued income. read more

How to do a good job in agricultural products business

agricultural products are people’s lives can not be separated from the food, but also has a lot to do with life. Nowadays, people’s demand for the quality of agricultural products is getting higher and higher, the business of agricultural products has become difficult to do, in fact, as long as you do the following, you can do a good job of agricultural products sales.

1, not easy to save, not easy to transport. Basically, there is no deep processing of agricultural products, there is a preservation problem, once expired will become a waste. read more

Creative home to join colorful life good choice

home, in our lives, has been playing an important role. Creative home? Not only has a high popularity, but also has many advantages to join the selection. Worry about entrepreneurship, to choose to join the creative home?

there is an old saying "intrinsic position etiquette", with the consumption level of modern people, everyone on the "home" in the pursuit of more perfect. From a place to live into a comfortable environment, creative home, to add more color to our home life. read more

Choose how to choose home textile business

home textile industry investment is small, high income, so this project is very hot, if you want to invest in the home textile industry, then, you need to choose a good shop, so you can easily shop. So slow, home textile business, where to choose a shop is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

skills 1: select the appropriate industry category. Located in the transportation station shop, should be based on the daily necessities and low price and easy to carry consumer goods. Located in the vicinity of residential shops, home textiles should be integrated to operate the main consumer goods. Located in the vicinity of the office of the shops should be based on the management of cultural office supplies, and commodity grades should be higher. Located in the vicinity of the school shops, stationery, food, daily necessities. read more

Bathroom chain store location proposal

open sanitary ware chain store location is a key and difficult, if you want to open a shop, so you can choose what method? A lot of consumers are interested in this issue, want to learn more useful location skills quickly learn it, do not miss. Come and learn.

If sanitary ware is the chain store shop then the entire building has several layers, are what business mainly to the shops, it decides whether your target customers will come to the store shopping place. If there is no street shops, shop slightly broad street plaza. Building fire system is qualified. Building water supply system, air conditioning systems are available. These conditions are related to the sanitary ware chain opened after the flow of people and shopping environment to create an important issue, can not do. Bathroom chain store location, the first thing is to investigate the construction of the store. The following conditions can be used as a necessary condition for sanitary ware chain store, the owner can not break through these conditions to choose the shop: shop is independent, clear property rights. read more