Google Panda officially launched the transformation of Shanghai dragon algorithm workers need to do

Panda algorithm

1, to improve the quality of the contents of

Google earlier this year, also launched a "page layout algorithm", not much lower quality content website ranking, this algorithm is for the April algorithm to pave the way for the garbage behind the website ranking algorithm to update us more for Shanghai Longfeng workers, formal and can continue to make the user experience the Shanghai dragon skills to give more support to only know the punishment from the web search engine optimization method and user access. But we said regular Shanghai dragon white hat Shanghai dragon, but how to do search engine optimization guide, which are talking about is very shallow, the specific operation is not a definite standard, but each algorithm revolves around a concept: to provide high quality search results for search engines, to provide a good search experience for the user. This is the essence of the white hat Shanghai dragon.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Panda algorithm in March when Google will pass the time I wrote raise a Babel of criticism of, an article "Google Panda algorithm to update the webmaster how to deal with the" presents itself for the Google Panda algorithm to understand and some simple advice, Panda algorithm in April 24th Google officially launched, which focuses on the need to be prepared in Shanghai white dragon do not use for search engines, vulnerability of the black hat Shanghai dragon, provide high value of rich content and user experience for the users, improve the quality and usability of the website, and make the website more attractive, more marketing. Of course, this algorithm update is mainly for an algorithm to adjust the spam sites, the purpose is to reduce the waste site, and to better recommend high quality content, to create a good user search experience.

page has been provided, but the real valued friend is not much, because we are concerned about some process means or methods, but did not analyze why to use this method, and a target with this method can achieve the task, as a result, we can do is to complete the task. For example, we all know that a website needs to know the original, the original is the best way to improve the quality of website content, but maybe there are some people in the original, but not many friends can really do the best with the original Shanghai dragon.

is Google web users click stream (Clickstream), the content of the page (page content) (link profiles) and link of the combination of the three calculation, this algorithm is that as long as the high quality website will outstanding performance in these three aspects, and in order to do this three outstanding performance the inevitable, we need to use more time to improve the quality of the site, and in the process of Shanghai white dragon is the most effective tool. How do you look at some specific ideas below me, perhaps to help you:

is a classic.

websiteThe quality of the

Share the experience of ascension love Shanghai experience through some experience rate

, you need to have a high level of id



and other products like Shanghai, want to be in love Shanghai experience more simple chain, first you need to have a high level of ID, it can improve the survival rate of the link. As in Shanghai love to know do the chain, the level of more than four grade left link success rate and decrease the level of ID has a great difference. We first raise their love experience in Shanghai ID.



Shanghai dragon Er would know if you do the high quality of the chain, then the preferred platform is love Shanghai products, like Shanghai, Shanghai, Encyclopedia of space love love Shanghai quiz, Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love experience and so on are the Shanghai dragon Er love the quality of the chain platform. The construction of the chain of high difficulty, but also makes a number of Shanghai dragon Er "chain" can only hope helplessly, but the construction of the chain as long as we seize the key, to be a little income.

we can see the love of Shanghai experience in the content format requirements is very high, if you format irregular words are unable to pass, so in the editing experience when we first need to understand the format requirements, detailed grasp what the entry pass rate is higher. A love experience of Shanghai can be divided into three parts, the first is the introduction, general >

Experience and share the title of

two to clear


this, when we write the title of the experience that we can use with the nature of the problem, such as words, what, how, why, how, how, please. This form of the title is often the most easy to get love experience in Shanghai’s favor, the rate will naturally higher.

love the experience of Shanghai operation route is to share their own experiences to help other users through the user. If you cannot read title by other users, how to help. This time we write in the title of the experience, we need to focus a point of experience, but in general, love the experience of Shanghai is usually in the form of the title in the form of a question. For example: how to write a good article? This form of title through rate is the highest. As shown below:

three, the content of experience to standardize

last year the love experience of Shanghai online, just one year, the weight reached 8, the flow of one million level, and this platform can do a hyperlink, naturally become the preferred platform for Shanghai dragon Er outside of the chain. Of course, for the love of Shanghai’s own products, so many times it is difficult to leave a link. So in the Shanghai dragon Er how to do the chain in Shanghai love experience? The author of this article will share her own points.


Analysis of diagnosis website right down

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm updates, many sites were affected, of course, the biggest impact is cheating super chain website. This it is very helpful to purify the Internet environment, but the green algorithms for many regular web site also affected. For example, our company website Fuzhou landscape decoration. The beginning is the keyword ranking dropped substantially, a few days after the site is down right. So why would be down right? What should we do?

in addition to the above aspects, there are many aspects need to pay attention to. For example, the site where the space is normal. You can view the space in the other site is normal, excluding space problems, and the punishment.

is the last love Shanghai update, always pay attention to the latest search engines love Shanghai. When the site problem without loss. Love Shanghai algorithm leads to a lot of normal site Scindapsus aureus have also been affected, if the site is operating regular, extraordinary first love Shanghai complaints complaints center. The new complaint center address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback love Shanghai in recent times the algorithm upgrade, there are a few sites are accidental injury, and restore the original search performance through complaints, complaints need to pay attention to is the description of the problem with the best pictures more persuasive. Finally, hope that the webmaster friends operating specifications, website ranking stability, and jointly safeguard the Internet environment, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of cheating.

Since February 19, 2013,

Links. Outside the chain, see the chain chain growth, whether everything in good order and well arranged. Rather than increased suddenly greatly. Used improper means; snapshot, snapshot back indicating the site problems. Should be carefully observed; of course content, content is also very important, generally not illegal words are not much of a problem. It is good to avoid sensitive words.

The Then the second step is to check the

website and affected the right to be reduced to nothing more than their own reasons. So do the first step we need is to check their website. From the access speed, whether to change the code to have been several large-scale horse dark chain so as to check. Site access speed for the user experience is very important, this is a standard search engine of the website evaluation. So an access speed stable website is a good website. But many people don’t feel what changes to the code, in fact, a large-scale change code, search engine will think your site is new sites, so that the weight reduction before. Fuzhou landscape decoration of the website preliminary examination of these data are normal.

Shanghai Longfeng new station for space related problems brought by


as the saying goes: no excuses for failure, only to find a successful way. So I decided to figure out exactly where to flow to let me have this more than 30 dollars? I checked my only several IP through statistical tools. Because this is a new Taobao passenger line, I saw someone wrote in A5 and some stationmaster forum, new station before the content is not rich, the number of the chain must be controlled. I didn’t know right or wrong, but after all the elders suffer in the eyes. I still choose to believe. I’m just a tentative in love Shanghai Post Bar left in a small advertisement. But later analysis, that small advertising brings the amount of income.

my 3 months before the registration of the domain name, space is bought together. At that time in order to his practice first bought a 5 yuan / month for the novice, is a popular Z-BLOG. As the engineering background, I feel the program is not a big problem, soon the site debugging. My friend said, a good space for future Shanghai dragon ranking will have a great influence. So, I decided to buy a little space, find a better house for your first website. From Taobao bought a season to pay 90 of the 100M space, I began my journey off Taobao.

program is uploaded to the space, I started a website update. The guest choice is American Camel shoes as I promote the products, because the keywords choose American Camel shoes China website as the main, so chose both camel and relevant and relevant www.luotuochina贵族宝贝 and Chinese as domain name registration. I first read a lot of related knowledge about shoes, to enrich themselves. I started to write myself is, until now I still write myself. I always believe that a hard, a harvest. Although my website at IP is only 3, and 4, I did not intend to have income. But when inadvertently view Ali mother actually found in October 25th, is also the site for just 11 days, a miracle has an income of 32.48 yuan. I was overjoyed.

Taobao In October 14, 2011 the

have the money this thing as power, I flew to my new journey full of confidence. Daily update also feel very passionate. Time slowly November 4th love Shanghai included the home page. Maybe next time about 10 days is mid November, page 2 pages are also included. In November 11th when Taobao mall double eleven day was a Friday. Love Shanghai have pity on a collection of 43, suddenly in the page, my station also slowly embarked on a regular.

off for a long time, is to start from the novice. Before the guest, Shanghai dragon is utterly ignorant of. Just listen to a webmaster friends introduced slowly into the industry. The first lesson as guest Wangzhuan, I started feeling well.

Delete (Sogou) Sogou search drop-down words and Related words explain the negative information recom


here to fill in the phone number, Sogou will quickly give you feedback messages, to tell the truth in the great search engine processing efficiency is very fast.


1, first in the address box to enter "贵族宝贝sogou贵族宝贝" into the Sogou search interface, then click on the bottom of the "feedback" as follows:


as the negative information of an enterprise will inevitably spread peer or user reputation, especially the popularity of the Internet in the case, the majority of users have increasingly focused on product experience, I also occasionally encountered this problem, related problems never involved in the negative suppression of this field, so the "lost little reptile" started to play their own advantages in the search, finally, hard work pays off, to organize a search engine drop-down word or delete negative information related words recommended strategy, this article introduces the Sogou search (Sogou), the subsequent "lost little reptile" will continue to give you the open. To everyone, every week is expected to.




6, next is the contact, fill in the verification code as shown below:


Note that the best

3, and then according to their own needs to choose corresponding to the delete option, this article mainly recommended for enterprise customers as below:

believe you after trying because of increased skill and excitement, I checked the Internet industry now delete a negative word is expensive, "lost small reptiles" can share the daily operation and maintenance personnel rarely used resources to everyone, but also want big >

2, click to enter the page select the corresponding tab as shown below:




all the information is complete, click the submit button to complete the application, the next step is to witness the miracle of the moment.

4, choice of the type, you fill in the search query, and then click the query button, select you want to delete the negative words (choose according to the keywords multiple choice of the type of frame will recommend the corresponding position as follows:

5, the next step is to fill out the corresponding qualification materials as shown in figure

statement is deleted for business users need to cover the official seal of the enterprise, due to the "lost small Crawler" practice, and soon reached the desired effect, so the friends need to delete the statement template can contact me Oh, I will send you e-mail < /p>

Shanghai Longfeng well station connections to improve the keywords ranking optimization

on the page of the spider crawl depth is limited, the website page to more easily to be included, click on the page from the home page depth is not more than 5 layers, then the breadcrumb navigation is very important, each page to set the corresponding breadcrumb navigation, reducing the depth of the page from the home page. Many webmaster accumulation keywords in the breadcrumb navigation, so do not recommend Adsense optimization, breadcrumb navigation is more for the user experience and a spider to grab the page, let the spider accumulation keywords will be considered cheating optimization.

it is the enterprise marketing type site, or personal site, site map website copyright information indispensable, improve the user but also for spiders better grab. The production site ZhengZhan sitemap, on the site at the bottom of the page, easy to find in-depth grasp of spider web. For some large content of the website, the website content structure more, cannot be enumerated in the map, can use classification information, using the CSS pattern, click more display list. Or is the map display, don’t put too much of each web page link to a page link to place 100.

Update algorithm

for the optimization of products marketing website for details of owners most likely to commit the direct use of the product image navigation, from the Shanghai dragon optimization perspective, the chain navigation is the best text navigation, spider clear navigation keywords, links to specific content pages. Even if the spider can identify the picture content, but the chain effect is far better than text navigation. Most of the time in order to have beautiful and Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you can use a double link below and placed the text navigation photo navigation.

three, the chain use text navigation

is the first site in the station optimization of website structure optimization, including optimization of physical link optimization, optimize the structure of the station station logical link, the physical link optimization need to web page on the root directory, the physical structure to form a flat. Or is provided with a plurality of channels in the root directory, and then set all the pages belonging to the channel in each channel, the formation of tree structure. About Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to do internal links, improve the keywords ranking, following to the webmaster share several points:

2013 love Shanghai search engine greatly, in order to establish a good Internet environment, to crack down on the low quality pages, garbage chain, upgrading of the 2 algorithm is to require Scindapsus webmaster to do outside the chain of high quality, in the construction of the chain of hard to find the time, whether the webmaster can change a way to do optimization. May I know the webmaster, do not do the chain, do the chain construction site, can improve the keywords ranking.

four, reasonable distribution of internal chain weight

two, breadcrumb navigation

, a site map

if the site chain construction is perfect, the link weights of the site should be evenly distributed, the general is home page weight >

Talk about my understanding of long tail keywords and long tail word advantage

I am engaged in the Shanghai dragon in 2010, when the first site is about NBA basketball, in the choice of keywords to the site did not consider the long term, that time also believes that as long as there is perseverance the index of tens of thousands of words make up what is not difficult, so when choosing keywords I basically is to use some very high index words, such as "NBA" and "NBA" video "Basketball" "NBA pictures" and so on, so the internal optimization of the website is a seamless heavenly robe on the line, started the optimization department long, go to the basketball forum posting, Post Bar post and so on, however a month later, the site has a great improvement, the site started trickling flow, every fifty or so, a careful analysis of it, the 50 of which 30 are flow Through the promotion in 20, the rest is through keyword search over, that is to say the web site keywords ranking, but when I checked that these flows are through the pages over, and we are some of the keywords to search the title of the page, such as the "2001 finals video" "outstanding basketball method" and "the 2008 All Star game" and so on, and these words are ranked in the home, I was surprised, not hard to do the optimization of the main keywords ranking, content title has been ranked, people really do not dare to believe.


first, the long tail word index is low, relatively easy to do rankings.

that’s probably when I began to understand the role of long tail keywords, began to be included in the key words I chose the site keywords key project, after these years of hard work, has continued to have a dozen stations, Shanghai Dragon technology is more mature, some optimization methods are also more and more understanding especially for the long tail keywords understand thoroughly, the author will share what are the benefits of long tail keywords

long tail keywords literally refers to those words keywords long, often is not only a word, but a descriptive phrase, such as "sprinkler price" and "sprinkler use" and so on, which is what we often say that the long tail key words, for those who just contact Shanghai dragon industry friends, often because they are not very understanding and to ignore the site long tail keywords, we do not know is not so, anyway, I didn’t care about the long tail keywords website.

long tail keywords words are more general search, fewer people, many owners will have the idea before I do that, even if the index is too low, it may not do what traffic, so it will be the long tail word as the key to treat, if we understand them this mentality, it is not difficult to that is more cost effective to do the long tail word ranking, we all know that the index and the difficulty of the ranking is proportional to, a conventional keyword for example 1000 of the index, so it is difficult to make up 1000, because for this word, as long as it is.

Taking the most effective path placed outside the chain of Secrets

blog chain. Here, one of the best ways —- blog sprocket, is to put a lot of own blog of the link, just like the Olympic rings, they get together, then one-way links to your ultimate goal to promote the site, but it is exhausting, need strong.

two, the chain. Links. Is similar to the content on your site "exchange, as between the two countries friendly to each other. But if the other site has more than 30 Links. Prove to give to your weight very little, so don’t exchange Links. Since it is Links, so friendship is very important. As everyone knows, the weight of link will according to this link existent time to calculate, so you need to exchange with each other to do something about communication, at least QQ add a friends, if friends others from your Links or other, do not cry to go. So I think when Links is best friends with a mind to do, only in the presence of long-term mutual benefit that can Links. As for the method, as we all know, join webmaster group, Links group, Shanghai Phoenix Group, such as the Shanghai dragon combat.

forum signature links. The signature chain chain and post, the effect is the same. Don’t silly have not signed, not to go to the post to stay outside the chain, to touch the provisions. Many forums can signature links, operation is as follows: click on the right person center angle – Edit Profile: personal data. This is a relatively easy way of the chain in the forum, but you have to quickly put on the fly general feeling, the best of XTEP to the front pages to late, there may be no food to eat.

‘s swing path most the most effective external chain secret in the cheating era, there is always survival tips too much makes us feel awful. Gao Shuaifu’s men always get the favour of beauty, white Formica woman will always be handsome worship. We are not rich handsome nor white Formica, we are Shanghai dragon ER, the most powerful weapon is the chain we get popular, so we must understand the secrets of the chain, understand the chain of secrets, can beat gaoshuai rich and white formica. This paper from the following several parts to comprehensively expounds the related knowledge of the chain: the chain definition and its importance, methods of the chain, the chain is the most simple and effective method, the chain notes.

The The commonly used method of

, a chain definition and its importance. Only anchor text or hyperlinks can be called the chain. And if single stranded, namely single target station point to your site. As for the importance of website ranking within the chain chain + =. It’s like if you own condition is not good enough, four or five meters tall, primary school diploma, rural household, not rich handsome than white Formica, you can only go through the streets, dressed like Fan Bingbing or Sister Lotus, so people will pay attention to you, pay attention to you much, the popularity of the natural will go up, website ranking reason vice versa.

Shanghai Longfeng every day to do what you are doing

, 1, the chain that is certainly essential (in fact, the two is the most difficult, what kind of article? What kind of the chain can drive the two rankings? You need to constantly sum up thinking),


mining 2, daily value (the long tail word);

6, how to improve the level of their own, to Shanghai dragon WHY often go; these things enough you busy;

recently, I saw a quiz website inside, there is a very interesting question is, "as the Shanghai dragon you every day to do what work? I’ll own simple talk, I just started to learn Shanghai dragon every day doing what work; I remember very clearly, turn on the computer every day the first thing is to look at the collection of my site, change the weight of the website and the page. Then, I will go to see the website which dead links and so on, these up to now feel very boring; feel have no fun. But learning a period of Shanghai dragon, I began to pay attention to the overall optimization of a website now; not every day to love Shanghai included and ranking, all in all, at least not so diligent.


Jiang wing talk: what do you do? In fact, there are many things you can do:

Zhang Wenlong: I work in Shanghai Longfeng two stages! Is a 2 years ago at this stage and I only like patterns but I seem superficial some two years ago! I just contacted the electronic commerce, contact SEM, that I was a rookie, but have the same Lu and Zhao Xi’s experience, graduated from the hotel management professional, but want to start your own business, but due to the lack of funds, after a friend introduced to a tourist site, do the B2B/B2C e-commerce platform, the development of electronic commerce is an upward trend! I only remember that time I witnessed the rise and fall of group purchase industry, millet, Taobao birth events, light blog’s birth, the birth of WeChat search market, kill! I remember the words: "let love Ma Shanghai can’t sleep sleep" in fact I believe Because, I believe Ma for this sentence will rewrite China network era of the situation, I know at the beginning of that era, Shanghai dragon, in his find information on the web, then know Shanghai dragon why, look for some information in the above, I focus on the analysis of the long tail word, long tail word all day. Collect customer search records, love Shanghai drop-down box. Recommended to use Wangpu travel agency, at that time my whole.

analysis of website (oneself and competitor), the data flow structure, operation method and so on;

is not 3, micro-blog, WeChat, can be studied under mail marketing;

4, how the existing on the basis of an additional flow (method of operation right, the website column is reasonable);

finally, sometimes more important than technology strategy.

Rich enterprise website promotion way micro-blog to make the website more wonderful

what is the old growth on micro-blog, micro-blog’s role here Xiaobian no more comments, simply look at sina, micro-blog is divided into three kinds of users, a user is not verified, a user authentication is personal, another is the enterprise user authentication. Behind the micro-blog name of a blue "V", to prove that this is the micro-blog enterprise certification. We must carry on the enterprise website promotion of micro-blog, micro-blog is the first enterprise to carry out certification.



1, added concern. Every new micro-blog established in the early 0, are 0 fans attention, China saying "there must have, want more fans, the first thing to do is to take care of others. For example, more than the wine industry of micro-blog, we can focus on peer companies, micro-blog, micro-blog and other industry expert. They are also the key point we guide users to find micro-blog.

set people, the most important is the promotion of micro-blog in micro-blog’s operation. An enterprise of micro-blog, US / Loudi real estate network (贵族宝贝ldfdc贵族宝贝) need to do is:

to the next point, related video profiles can join us to promote the enterprise website, so that more users to view, give users leave a better impression to guide users to micro-blog, we love our website, our company products, etc..

map information, company profile, contact must also be perfect and filled, if users love our products completely, you can come to us for consultation and investigation by micro-blog above contact. The contact time for users to find, let users feel more of our company website, micro-blog delicate and considerate, so as to provide convenience for the image of the company.



is the first to determine their own business icon picture, which is convenient to the user experience, in addition, the head of the right to add a link with pictures, usually need to enterprise products or some associated with the enterprise, can attract the user’s picture on the top, then add links, guide our corporate website.


more and more people to join the family of micro-blog, especially Sina micro-blog, can be said to be a king of the world today micro-blog firmly. So many people in the use of micro-blog, which gave us Shanghai, a good source of inspiration — micro-blog promotion. The most common should now micro-blog promotion promotion is Taobao store, but I have to say, micro-blog promotion is also suitable for enterprise website.