Some new questions about the personal non business website

today to see the webmaster news that Liaoning individual non business websites need to submit photos, then to the Liaoning Provincial Communications Authority played a morning call, nobody answered, oh, the afternoon pulled several times around three o’clock finally have the staff on the first, then asked a few questions:

1, Q: individual non business website is not need


staff answer: yes".

2, Q: where do you take


staff replied: "host space business there".

3, Q: I have three sites, respectively, hosted in Henan’s Jiangxi room, Shanghai’s E moving room, Shandong’s double Beijing room is not to go to the local business space for the record read more

P2P regulations draft Thirteen questions

Abstract: at present, many net loan institutions from the qualitative information intermediary, guarantee credit, misallocating capital pool, by the information intermediary alienation as credit intermediary, therefore, the "measures" to regulate such behavior, in order to purify the market environment, the protection of financial consumer rights, net loan institutions return to nature. The information intermediary.

"the Interim Measures for the management of the business activities of the network lending information intermediaries (Draft)" read more

The smallest hackers for more than a hundred sites fill leak hope is known as the white hat

13 year old to participate in the Internet security conference was called China’s youngest hacker

had invaded the school system, denied that it was to avoid writing homework

September 26th evening, 13 year old Wang Zhengyang in the preparation of procedures. The "China’s smallest hacker" would like to be called "white hat".

Wang Zhengyang’s desk is full of computer programming books. Wang Zhengyang computer programming technology all self-study. read more

YAHOO CEO released restructuring plan plans to restructure into three departments

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 11th news, according to Reuters, YAHOO CEO Thompson in the company to detail the plight of YAHOO will carry on the reorganization plan, just a few days ago, YAHOO announced the largest layoff plan in recent years.

Thompson last year from the impatient and occasionally make impertinent remarks Bartz took over the position of the head of YAHOO. He issued an internal memo to employees on Tuesday, Thompson stressed that YAHOO will be restructured by three core sectors. Restructuring plan to take effect from May. read more

Rebate network announced by Qiming venture partners and invest millions of dollars

July 26th news, today, the consumer shopping guide website online shopping rebate mode of the rebate network ( officially announced the first round of financing of millions of dollars.

round investors from Qiming, and Disney’s steamboat ventures. Rebate network founder and CEO Ge Yongchang said, this round of financing is the main purpose is to recruit talents and the development of the market.

According to the data released by the

rebate network, the site currently has more than 2 million 500 thousand members including Jingdong, online shopping mall,, VANCL, shop No. 1, the U.S. group net and nearly 400 enterprises settled, monthly orders more than 1 million 200 thousand pen, contributed to the online shopping turnover of nearly 200 million yuan. read more

The 58 city online short rental website Daily short rent or classified information standard

58 city short rent service "Daily" on-line acquisition of the domain name ""

daily page

domain name information

Admin5 station network February 10th news yesterday, some friends broke the news, well-known classifieds site 58 city coming online short rent service website "Daily" network, and has acquired Shuangpin domain name "". By viewing the domain name whois information, indicating that the domain name was registered in 2004, has been under the name of 58 city CEO Yao Jin Bo. for rizu with the same pronunciation Shuangpin daily, which are valuable in industry domain, the application value of online rental housing, tourism and other areas have very high. I visited found that the current home page is only a static picture. But from the pictures can be seen in the daily rental network located in the white-collar class, will cover 36 city national scenic spots, schools, hospitals, stations around the guesthouse, hotel, residential, to provide online marketing channels for small and medium-sized hotel. Daily rental network on-line marking the domestic classified information website has been aimed at building online short rental service, online rental service will become O2O darling, has become a new field for the domestic internet. read more

WeChat has banned public account set like play illegal 4 permanent title

[Abstract] announcement said, no one has found a total public collection like behavior, TITLE 7 days.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) June 6th news, WeChat officially released today, the WeChat public platform on the clean up set of acts like the announcement, will be a comprehensive ban on public accounts set like play.

WeChat of violating WeChat user agreement and public platform protocol mechanism for handling public numbers, no one has found a total public collection like behavior, TITLE 7 days; cumulative found there are two sets like behavior, title 15 days; cumulative found there are three sets like behavior, a number of 15 days. Cumulative found there are four sets like behavior, and the permanent title, can not re opened. read more

Education O2O platform crazy teacher announced 24 million financing

[Abstract] after the completion of the B+ round of financing, crazy teacher will not only increase capital investment, expand the reserve of outstanding teachers.


technology news (Le Tian) July 23rd news, O2O education platform "crazy teacher" days ago announced a $24 million B+ round of financing, capital and share capital by Kun Ling investment, business valuation of more than $200 million. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing. read more

Micro blog large core competitiveness is not the value of exaggerated

micro-blog large core competitiveness value is exaggerated (TechWeb pictures)

after the fever, micro-blog marketing is the altar. It is not omnipotent, but only an optional link in corporate social marketing.


marketing is just emerging, a first line manager made a heroic Utterance: 3 years will lead the company listed. When his fully satisfied or contented for many people this industry is full of imagination, a time of all practitioners. Now about 3 years has been more than half, but not to say his company, even Sina micro-blog independent listing plan seems to have no time to stay. read more

Tudou com commences in Nasdaq delisting CEO Wang Wei announced his retirement

Tencent Francisco (month old Beckham) Beijing on August 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Youku potatoes and potatoes, potatoes and Two Merger announced on Thursday that Sub has been under the terms of the merger agreement announced in March 11, 2012 and plans to complete the merger, the latter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Youku’s. After the completion of the merger, potatoes become Youku’s wholly owned subsidiary, Youku was renamed Youku potatoes, immediately after the merger. read more

f you understand the domain name version of Alibaba network strategy

domain name has an absolute advantage in the development of Internet, it is the enterprise users to access the Internet, mobile, so important. Since the development of the domestic industry domain, become series development domain portfolio is not in the minority, which include "Yun", "pan", "book", "URL", "so", "Ku", "Ali", "Tao", "Pai" and other major series, including most series both development and Alibaba group new projects related to its advantages and plays a important role. read more

A website without authorization to provide Huo Yuanjia online play fined 80 thousand April 21 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Yang Yueping) online Chinese Network Communications Group Corporation Yunnan branch provides the film "Huo Yuanjia" in the operation of the website of the broadcast services, but won the "Huo Yuanjia" in violation of the right to network dissemination of information China from the mainland of the legitimate rights of enterprises. This is the Yunnan Provincial Higher People’s court at the 20 session of the intellectual property publicity week, informed the press conference on 2008, a typical case of judicial protection of intellectual property rights. read more

Buy site in March to reduce the end of the first line to buy 357 or only 3 5 home

NetEase Francisco April 23rd message, after Ganji quit group purchase F investment group, Tencent and friends came joint operations, or to show the pattern of group purchase website.

2010, group purchase website in China after copying speed to get out of hand; in 2012, many well-known website group purchase layoffs, collapse, and the local group purchase website is a month hundreds of rate of evaporation. Just two years time, the domestic buy site quickly come fast".

March evaporated 357 read more

360 search domain name history good search haosou com kill so com

renamed Chinese ( January 6th news, good Acura domain name no, but let the long Pinyin domain name host, Qihoo 360 and Zhou Hongyi what? This is probably a lot of people launched a new independent brand "search" in 360, with 6 character Pinyin domain name for the best 2 letter domain name maximum question. isn’t that good,


good search upper record

is indeed better than the 2 letter domain name, Pinyin domain name both in length, or in the user’s input is not dominant. Just on the domain itself, the two domain names, although not as the gap between heaven and the ground, but at least is also dumped several street. However, from the 360’s new independent brand "search", Larry domain is brand the most appropriate. read more

Airbnb to redefine the accommodation for a travel guide center

United States time today, short hire platform website Airbnb was a big update, from the interface to Logo all enabled a new design. "It’s time for Airbnb to design a new logo that really reflects this concept and to give Airbnb users a new identity," the official Chinese blog said."

sense of belonging is a new idea of Airbnb’s revision. Airbnb said that this concept defines the Airbnb, it is the basic driving force of mankind. It also opened a design platform Create Airbnb, so that people feel that they have a sense of belonging to the Airbnb and the new Logo – Bé, Lo together to create their own Airbnb logo. "This icon can be attached to the window, the door, on behalf of our common values." read more

WeChat to marketing forced third party development service provider transformation

every reporter Zhang Yejun from Guangzhou

WeChat gradually tightened to marketing policy, is to allow third party service providers to lose social dividend, product transformation and seek capital support is imperative.

edge ball marketing failure

in April this year, Guangzhou City, Philippines extension network technology Co., Ltd. in a cafe quietly for a raise to the angel investment, WeChat marketing tools product micro easy to sell the project 15% of the shares, in exchange for millions of dollars in angel investment. read more

Five major companies email marketing skills

eBbay, Xerox, Qwest communications, GoDaddy and general motors, US and five executives of large companies share email marketing experience.

what is e-mail marketing, the so-called Email marketing is the premise of the user in advance of the premise, through e-mail to the target user to pass the value of a network marketing means. Email marketing has three basic factors: user license, e-mail delivery of information, information is valuable to the user. Three factors missing one, can not be called effective Email marketing. If you know how to use email marketing wisely, it can be a very effective tool. Small companies have limited marketing budgets and have to use every penny carefully, but many people have no clue how to do a good job in email marketing. read more

Those who you are most ashamed of the human nature is the essential content of the practice of commu

Lin Rui (real name), 90, had founded Gushan culture, the company signed 70% micro-blog large hand piece, micro-blog became the brokerage industry’s eldest brother". Tophunter uncle is now King Kong Culture of CEO, the new company’s main contents do long, just won the IDG capital investment and financing of the 40 million Angel round collar. See below his share:

a young man is making you a "high threshold"

in recent years in the field of new media, the average daily implementation of 40 cases, about 100 projects a month or so. We have seen and experienced many failed cases, here to share the new media promotion experience and the need to avoid problems. read more

ncrease website traffic cheats the principle of zero sum game

In "the cheats increase website traffic law is not worth the webmaster" and discusses the related contents of garbage station and whether the problem is worth doing. This may be caused by the current in the dumpster webmaster abuse, in their view, short-term investment short-term income is very likely to win. I did not do garbage sites, can not be sentenced to the garbage station death penalty, can not make money. Combined with the actual situation and long-term development to analyze the possibility of its not worth it. Some time ago in a station to see a station in order to improve the website optimization, spent thousands of dollars to learn the SEO tutorial, this is the capital, excessive emphasis on SEO is not worth doing. This article will share with the owners to learn the principles of the game to improve the flow of experience.

The development of

There is competition between read more

Scindapsus algorithm high quality marketing boost into the blowout

after Scindapsus algorithm upgrade, let many webmaster think green of the road will be algorithm marketing blocked, the construction of soft outside the chain is blocked, I believe that this only see the surface of this Baidu provides several cases, in fact as long as seriously look at Baidu’s analysis of these cases, it should be clear that, no correlation, the soft outside the chain and content of some false original text, some of it is low quality is obviously with the software after the change of the low quality of the original article, these so-called marketing became the object of Scindapsus algorithm after the upgrade campaign, for the majority of the normal channels the operation of the site webmaster friends, more embodies fairness, but also opened the channel for high quality marketing. read more