Three ways to obtain the high quality of the chain in Shanghai Dragon

, a weight high website released soft


have to say, now love Shanghai more fancy Links this, good correlation Links plays a great role, but many people do not know how to exchange Links, some is in turn Links >

two, industry platform release product information chain

now whether you run any type of enterprise website, and you always have some related industry website platform, such as Alibaba, from the B2B platform, there are some classified information platform and so on, as long as you can always explore seriously collected. Some industry platform allows you to publish product information with links, so you can rest assured to do, but there is need to review, this platform, you can not write the link in the product information pages, but to write on the web site in the contact, this is also useful. There are some classified information platform is to charge membership fees, membership every day can limit the release of information, free membership only one day issued a message, how to do? We can register some number, a number one, then you have 100 numbers, one day is 100 a? So, as long as willing to think, think, can always get outside of the chain.

website of Shanghai dragon after all cannot do without the link, either inside or outside the chain chain is very important, especially for the love of Shanghai, the high quality of the chain of keywords ranking role is not to be underestimated. But the chain in every day to talk about access to I have not used, such as forums, blog that not much effect. I will do in the process of Shanghai dragon in the acquisition method of the chain is also I often use are summarized as follows, want to know how to obtain the high quality of the chain to help a friend.

every time I write Shanghai Longfeng articles will mention this soft role in Shanghai Longfeng in very large, the key is to have a strong executive power, to write a soft, I think it is no problem every day, as long as not too lazy. I here said the weight high website not only refers to the owners of such sites such as A5, but see you write the article type, if it is it type, it can be put into the A5, if your product or service type, it can be local to you and write soft related websites. I had a scrap metal recycling site szliqiang贵族宝贝, took up the chain, really poor, but I don’t have to, what Post Bar forum where the hair of the chain, only in the A5 wrote a two article, a week later, the metal waste discharged into the word love Shanghai second pages, I have to say that the weight of A5 is very high. At the same time, I also firmly to write soft targets in A5, and no matter what I do, any optimization of enterprise website, will stick to cast an article to A5 every day, gradually form a habit, natural to think of the chain, the first is soft, this is a good phenomenon.

three, and keywords ranking good site exchange links

The owners believe what a love Shanghai weight value

I find

A5 soft chain release: 贵族宝贝e.admin5贵族宝贝/content.php? ID=63

This is my

love Shanghai never provided a website weight information data and external query service. Third party Webmaster Tools data is not love Shanghai official data, does not represent the real situation of the website, love Shanghai on the use of such data and cause problems without any responsibility. Please do not take these webmaster "love Shanghai weight" as a true value to reference value.


on the link, encountered a small case love Shanghai weight list. These days to find some related website Links, a webmaster in exchange links and talk to me, asked me to love Shanghai weight must be more than 2, I love I love station query tool website Shanghai weight is 2 screenshots for weight value.

then I sweat, why I check the weight is 2? They check the weight of 1? With this question, I asked him, he replied: "they weight value is in accordance with the requirements of the website link Webmaster Tools query, and your website weight value of 2 is also from the webmaster tools query, so we can not exchange link".

personal point of view, we welcome criticism of


simply say love Shanghai weight, for the site keywords in the natural search results ranking, and is expected to bring traffic ranking website, grade N, 0 to 10 of the third party website (webmaster tools, such as love and popularity evaluation data query tool).


and webmasters to discuss issues with "love Shanghai weight" is the invention of each web site have increased their weight query tool, that is to say with a web site, check the "love Shanghai weight" in different query site, one of two things, one is weight value, another is the emergence of the weight values are not the same. So if you want to exchange Links, Shanghai love weights, the webmaster should believe what a love Shanghai weight value of

love Shanghai official invented "love Shanghai" the weight of the

with love in search of Shanghai soared in the domestic market share, accounting for Chinese search engine operators market share of 78.6%, this situation also affected the many webmaster, such as webmaster before doing Links, the judgment standard is nothing more than the Google PR, fell in love with the sea, the number of factors included love Shanghai snapshots of these aspects. Now added a non official concept of "love Shanghai love Shanghai weight value.

website to link to each other, to contact each other and the chain, the accident, the station said: "the weight of your site is 1, can exchange links, the weight is 1 shots.

!The recommended

How to apply the methods and steps of love Shanghai news source


, a news source definition


3, other

love Shanghai news news editors have included hope, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and a certain scale of the news site in its target domain.

(3): the distribution of scattered resources to solve the high value of collection and sorting in various media resources;

(5) with local government background or traditional media background of the local news station, need to have a certain user awareness and influence in the local

must comply with the relevant national laws and regulations, no reactionary, pornographic, low quality, cheating etc..

(2) to solve resource scarcity: the exclusive original content provided scarce and lack of resources in the field of

good news site should have a certain credibility with traditional media background, government agencies or the good reputation of the famous website news and web site; at the same time the field match. Generally include the following categories:

(4) government and the organization’s official website news channel;

(4) to meet the good user experience: page open speed, clean and comfortable, reasonable layout, not a

(1) comprehensive portal news channel, such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu;

(3) jointly set up by a number of different forms of traditional media comprehensive news website;

1, the site features: categories;2, the content of ;

(6) original information content with high quality, vertical portals, industry information website has a certain user awareness and a certain scale in its objectives in the field of faithful reading group, including games, cars, real estate, education, fashion, science and technology, Internet, sports, entertainment, finance, military, health etc.

(2) the official publication of newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other traditional media based on the network version of the news website established;


news source refers to the search engine news station standard seed, station information for the first time by search engines and priority included, by the network reproduced in the media become the media news source network. The news source in the field of network plays a very important role, with credibility and authority, but also spread to the domestic media network radiation source. Different search engines to meet the requirements of different news included, love Shanghai news included does not meet Google news included.

two, love Shanghai news sources included the value judgment of


(1) to solve resource timeliness: update must be timely, will be the first time the release of the latest news and information;


How to analyze the noble baby Analytics search engine traffic trends


Shanghai dragon or is the webmaster, we usually want to see a lot of data, such as: PV, UV, IP etc., today we focus on the data source of traffic IP. Traffic sources are mainly three types: introduction, direct, search engine. Different sites, these three types of flow ratio are not the same, when the third source of traffic has a higher proportion of traffic types or accounted for the majority, we can say that this site is mainly dependent on this type of traffic. But for some CMS content sites, typically, search engine traffic ratio will surely, be very dangerous, because once the Shanghai dragon problems or search engine adjustment algorithm, the total flow will appear very large. From the overall operation of the website, we hope that the various forms of traffic sources is equal, gradually reduce the proportion of search engine traffic, more referral sources entrance, and maintain a good proportion of new and old users. So if one of the antecedents of traffic sources appear large fluctuations, the site will not be affected too much


general, direct search engine traffic flow ratio is the highest, search traffic and referral traffic is relatively low. Relative to this case, we can think of the overall operation of the website or the need to continue to improve.

set up a custom report, and then click on the newly created custom reports, according to the ascending order to date.

in the actual operation and analysis, we can generate different forms according to their own needs, the different dimensions of the data table, data analysis strategy, in order to better

then we specifically said, how to analyze the noble baby Analytics search engine traffic trends. We assume that the site has been in operation for 1, 2, 3 and three months, if we want to know the search engine changes the proportion of traffic, first need to select the date of January, see overview report under the traffic sources, write down the percentage, then the same method to see also the case for 2 months.


source: public -www.021networks贵族宝贝 network copyright, please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

we also can create a custom report, according to the date dimension, select access number as an index to analysis of 1, 2, 3 and three months of search engine traffic changes.

Love Shanghai web site included the real reason of the low and high

Pay special attention to the web page The

love weight and more attention to brand

4. new sites included requires sustained stimulation of


love Shanghai or noble baby home is an important parameter for evaluation of a website, for general regularly updated website, Shanghai love the home on the patronage rate is very high, can reach every snapshot and the front page article seconds is not difficult.

Calculation formula of

to update a small amount of sites, such as the Shanghai dragon blog, there will be difference. Efforts to update the blog is generally not strong, may one day a few days or a high weight blog posted immediately after the noble baby included, the refresh rate is very fast, even if the weight is not high, the use of Ping mechanism, also can let the baby noble seconds. Love Shanghai in this aspect is just passable, as can be seen from the analysis of Web log, love Shanghai usually overnight will release the update, included speed is very slow. In addition, the search under the title of the article, love Shanghai is usually the result of the front page or directory page and the article page rarely. Love Shanghai more attention to web page content.

love Shanghai included fluctuated, indicating that the site contains articles placed included after the evaluation period, don’t release or included after the revocation. We do not have such a law on their website, see some weight high blog can. Shanghai dragon search blog, find a few observation on the blog ranking, you can find. In two weeks of the article, which is about half a month, love Shanghai in search of the title of the article, there are more or less content portal, covering keywords, and noble baby search, basic can get the content of the real. But more than two weeks of the article, the result is really love Shanghai content. Therefore, love Shanghai has the assessment period of the article, we can learn more about your site included changes.

see someone in Shanghai and analysis of noble baby love website included the difference that the webmaster have experience, is the most intuitive web directory for nobility baby dig deeper included faster, and feel it hard to love Shanghai feed, must also take indexed pages as far as possible on the key the location, such as home. Today focuses on the characteristics of Shanghai included in the love.

2. page assessment period is usually two weeks

3. Shanghai

Let love Shanghai included new >

PR most are familiar with Shanghai dragon Er, mainly through the reverse link transfer to the weight to calculate. Every day to keep the chain a certain amount of updates, have a good performance in the noble baby will. Love Shanghai in this area, usually on the portal and its products are given a higher weight, to see some of the gov website, the reverse link is very few, but have a high ranking, in some irrelevant articles on the page can also row at home.


Love Shanghai 2 on the line after the green railway station, how to make Shanghai Longfeng

used in the blog to share some of their own experiences in Shanghai Longfeng, today Shanghai Scindapsus 2 love line, see a little difficult optimization feeling many webmaster friends, so I’ll share some of their own experience of Shanghai dragon.

Because many new concepts in In fact,

, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion, network promotion is Shanghai dragon, so what is the impact of the new policy once the Shanghai dragon appeared, the industry will There were many discussions. Although mouchangqing is writing network promotion blog, but about Shanghai dragon is not too much, because I always think I am doing network promotion, rather than professional Shanghai dragon. There are a lot of network promotion techniques, such as soft Wen promotion, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing promotion, Shanghai dragon is not the only way.

is the three steps, contact Shanghai Longfeng people understand, but there are some different in some details of the operation. The on-line love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, the main effect is third steps, increase the chain to the site. First of all we want, why love Shanghai on-line why when Scindapsus algorithm, Scindapsus 1, on sale outside the chain, and in 2 the pressure of the soft chain scindapsus. Love is not Shanghai hope, everyone through a simple, extreme violence, do not pay attention to the chain means the user experience, put a new website ranking quickly make up, so as to reduce the use of search engine user experience, search words, row in front of the are some new website user experience poor or even false website.

A >

such as their recently done

had to share, I do Shanghai dragon is very simple, it is a few simple steps. 1: the first analysis of the long tail keywords to optimize the website, which words to optimize. The competition is not particularly large, but pick out the search volume and the value of the word. 2: is the website at title to optimize the position description and so on, cleverly put in, but will not let people feel that is deliberately want to optimize these words. In order to optimize not many words, write Title long. 3: the final step is to make the chain of high quality.

so this premise, only the 1 and 2 algorithm Scindapsus Scindapsus has released. I have been advocating, in the friendly user experience on the premise of Shanghai Longfeng, especially a new website is to slow. Because of this, I have not done the related services of Shanghai dragon, often have the webmaster email me or micro-blog private letter, asked me if I could help them do the website of Shanghai dragon, I have been refused, because I think a new website, want to quickly do rankings are not very honest, even if just do it, will soon come down. So far, I used to do only Shanghai Longfeng site, although the effect is slow, but with the passage of time, always want to achieve the ultimate effect of Shanghai dragon. Do your site will be Shanghai dragon, urging me to immediately see the effect.

Method of website to obtain the original article



1. digital library. We all know that the digital library inside the book is the PDF document, the contents of books can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, that is to say we can see the contents of the books, but can not be love Shanghai and other search engines, so that as long as the digital library in the content conversion to our website like it. Is an original article (the premise is that this article has not been other people). Of course, we all know that the PDF document is not copy and paste, if necessary will waste a lot of time we Yiziyizi hit, this time we need to use the tool PDF document converter, after the conversion of the individual as long as the wrong words and punctuation errors to modify, and then copy and paste is an original article. Here is to recommend a good digital library: superstar library. The use of this method for 5 minutes to organize a good article can still, relatively high efficiency.

2. pictures. The ideas and methods of digital methods actually obtained from the original content in the picture library had little difference, as everyone knows, the picture of the text and other information is not to be loved and grab the recognition of Shanghai and other search engines, as long as you find is consistent with the theme of the picture, and the picture contains text, then you can use the PDF document converter, the picture of the text into web content will also be a good original article. For example: your site is to make products such as relevant website, then you can find the relevant products from Jingdong, Taobao and other web site information, if there are a lot of pictures of this product introduction, there is a text and pictures, you can get a good original content from the content of these pictures. A consistent method and method of obtaining from the original content of digital library.



3. from the website to obtain original content. In fact, this method is already a long talk, a lot of people should be very clear, access to relevant content from the website, now there are many online translation software, obtained from foreign language website content through translation, which is not fluent and unreasonable statement to modify the translation software (after all, it is not perfect), copy and paste after forming a high quality of the original article.

original content source:

with the recent love Shanghai update frequently, the importance of website optimization is also more emphasis on high quality content and therefore, obtain the original quality content is very important, so we need to do to more easily obtain original content? Which has a knack for what, today Xiamen Shanghai dragon teach you a a convenient and practical method.

PDF document converter (function: to convert the PDF document as a Notepad document, so that it can copy and paste).

Reason analysis and solving measures of the site right down to a large collection of

4, web page included only home page: just under the deep depth of this one page.

3, spam links

In fact, these

3, website keywords ranking drop: original website keyword ranking dropped.


save money, bought some informal space to build the site, causing the site often not open or open very slowly, so the space due to the unstable site is down right is also the case of many.

All of the page

website right down

this method the effect is obvious, as long as you change.

2, web page included substantial reduction: the site is included in the page to reduce a lot of.

site right down

? !


The characteristics of

site is down right this problem is so owners are concerned about the problem, there is a saying: there’s a reason for everything. Li Yong believes Shanghai Longfeng site is down right there is definitely what causes, not good website search engine drop right, just a lot of buddies on the search engine rules may not quite understand, so when the Shanghai dragon website optimization will produce some blind spots. Today I let Li Yong as we spread this knowledge

5, frequently modify site title

common station black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization is generally within the site chain optimization, keyword stuffing, the excessive internal chain too much, of course, like the 301 jump cheating also belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon phenomenon, although this method can get ranked in the short term, but once found will be strictly punished!

, 1 space quality problemsFor the sake of cheap

spam links in the beginning is a part of the effect, that is to say there will be a part of the dedication, but was later found after the search engine will not only remove the garbage outside the chain of the weight, but also may double net weight, can be said to be The loss outweighs the gain.. The garbage outside the chain is not very understanding the buddy suggest you see this article: Shanghai dragon Encyclopedia: what is the website of the garbage chain

2, buy links


5, website: completely disappeared in the search engine completely disappeared.

4, the use of black hat Shanghai dragon

as long as the purchase of the website link, whether it is black chain or chain Ming are likely to be found and then give drop right processing, don’t think the search engine is silly B, these tricks have been through search engines, it is best not to hold a heart, once found will be punished, so sincerely advise Li Yong to buy link buddies and buy and treasure

1, site or domain domain, no home in the first place.

Cause analysis of

Stability is an important influence on stability of Shanghai gold experience website optimization of

Two, The chain

, a stable web content update

site outside the chain is stable and normal


is one of the main contents of love Shanghai decided according to the website search rankings and the weight, quality of the original or false original content for quick access to love Shanghai favor, let site quickly increase weight and ranking effect. For the website snapshot update, continuously updated every day, especially high quality content particularly, and have a negative impact on the site is bad. I had a personal experience because the updated website content did not last, love Shanghai to reduce the number of web crawling spiders patronize, resulting in more and more low frequency crawling, first stop snapshot update content increase included, while ranking also will continue to back, very big. After I began to pay attention to this problem, a number of pseudo original content, pay attention to daily fixed centralized updates in most of the Shanghai spiders love time, keep the amount of increase law, after a week or so to finally make snapshots, rankings included and gradually improved, so I could not help feeling the love of Shanghai algorithm maybe there is a "stability" rule.

although the love Shanghai algorithm with noble baby than in technology is still not a small gap, but often change plus artificial intervention often makes the owners feel puzzled, for the website snapshot, included and ranking often changes are often hold "passive mentality close to heaven". However, as the Chinese search field of "big brother", love Shanghai determines the main flow of our site to a certain extent, so we can not tolerate the slightest careless treatment, so as a webmaster I often have to study Sony Ericsson touch Shanghai algorithm rules, since the total is small experience, can do "panic" the.

overall, love is not long for Shanghai will separate the algorithm change, over a longer period of time will be adjusted greatly to the algorithm, which often bring obvious effect to the site, which is mainly reflected in the website rankings and included, usually also through the website of the fast light reflected. To do regular station to win customers and to love Shanghai webmaster, I have personal experience in this aspect, it is the site of the stability for the tremendous impact of love Shanghai optimization. The website of "stability" is divided into several aspects, not just a website space or not, today with you on this topic to discuss and share.

site is in addition to content for weight, rankings and included another factor affecting the largest chain, including the site of the Links and released on a variety of platforms of hyperlink resources, this is the love of Shanghai and noble baby such a search engine in the assessment of the influence of the site, the elements of the often give appropriate weight on. As for the condition of the chain to maintain the stability of the principle, one refers to Links, friends of the chain in order to maintain a stable growth, after reaching a certain amount is not restricted to expansion, or on the website of the benefits of the small, in addition to concern a chain are included and fast >

The article collected today gone tomorrow how to deal with BD’s aunt

this was done to allow BD to change the station included habit, before the author is around 9 in the morning every day to update the article, disappeared at night when the query, or second days site only home. Now I will update the time to adjust to the afternoon, from time to time to update the article, this time BD will also change the mode included. After changing the habit of great possibility is included on the day second days is not deleted, but there may be published articles not all be included in the. Reflect this process takes only 1-3 days to fix BD collected and delete problems according to users’ experience.

two, change the update time, disrupt the love Shanghai radio frequency;

you can use a variety of ways such as increased steadily in the chain, chain, chain exchange and love Shanghai snapshot of the new site, but don’t increase the chain, or is likely to be Baidu considered cheating.

On the afternoon of 14

site every day to the site, the strange thing is site at different time. The total is not the same. The biggest problem is just the update can be instantaneous, but at night or second days again site, found that the collection of articles disappeared again. Baidu such behavior has become a habit, repeatedly, let the owners encounter such problems cannot fathom Baidu mind. Although usually Baidu occasionally convulsions, which included, outside the chain, keyword ranking to a small fluctuation, but under normal circumstances, after a period of recovery. But this "collected today gone tomorrow" situation appeared almost half a month, really confusing. Arguably the site has been the assessment period, the weight is also slightly up, how can be found online BD aunt? There are a lot of people encountered the same problem, according to the views of most people reflect that weight is not high and the quality of site content. The reflection, the weight is not high, but the quality is absolutely no problem, not to be BD this play.

15 in the morning, 14 evening when the query included has dropped to 1 in the. Problems must try to solve, but also included is very important to the website, for this phenomenon, how to deal with

two, a modest increase in the chain, attract spider to your site;

The 9 point query of

the quality is always love Shanghai and not included the assessment criteria, the author of the article is through the pseudo original, when taking into account the content repetition, especially modified, in the quality of this problem will not be great. But some owners have the same problem, you can check your paper quality. Shanghai dragon from the point of view, the importance can not be underestimated, it can be said to be the cornerstone of successful optimization.

, to improve the quality, adhere to the depth of the pseudo original;


5 point query data as follows: