Marketing people must see the routines and rules behind a great article


as a marketing person, especially the network marketing, writing ability should be said to be the basic skills, is the ability of each marketer should have. Whether it is planning to write a marketing plan, write soft, public relations, or planning events, promotional copy, writing skills are required. However, a considerable number of marketing people are not good at writing, writing a headache.

in fact, writing is not difficult, there are rules and rules can be followed. Today and share with their actual more than and 100 routines and rules in writing the article summed up, regardless of your writing is good, after the completion of this routine, you can write at least a medium level of the article. The applicability of this routine is very wide, not only for the article, for the program, promotional copy are applicable. read more

Cloud services enable T companies to see the dawn of mobile devices constitute a new ecological cha

Beijing on July 1st news, according to foreign media reports, in June 2012 will mark the technology industry has entered a new era.

June 11th, apple showed iOS 6. IOS 6 contains maps and voice recognition applications, iTunes store offers music and movies, all applications and content are connected via the Internet and Apple’s cloud services.

a week later, Microsoft announced the Surface tablet PC. Surface can access the Internet and Microsoft’s cloud services Windows Azure; on Wednesday, Google announced the latest mobile phones and tablet PCs to access cloud services, as well as a media player called Nexus Q. Nexus Q supports Android devices, Internet and Google cloud services. read more

nternational the future of social networking in the graphical social model

Charlene Li (see the end of the text) in today’s Pattern social model (Graphing Social) meeting made a keynote speech. The topic of the speech is "the future of the social network," Charlene stresses that the focus of her speech is five to ten years later. Her basic view is that in the future, "social networks are like air.". Or, when you walk through the web and the web site, it will be everywhere, and if you don’t have a social network as part of your life, you will feel like you can’t breathe. read more

Honker Union CEO and Tianjin station of DDOS attack and defense

      June 8th 20:00, Tianjin Software Industry Association Internet application branch official QQ group: 39241075, the fourth phase of the group will be officially started the research activities. Chinese Honker Union speaker DDOS CEO attack. The following is the discussion:

                                                        & nbsp;;                     Date: June 8, 2007 20:00 official QQ group: 39241075 guests: SHARPWINNER   ===================================================================; Liu Weijun (laomai Internet 296128095):  Hello, Tianjin recently some sites by cyber attacks, resulting in different levels of loss. Today we are in the Admin5 Adsense nets straw under the support of an invited SHARPWINNER WEB security research activities, the form is still SHARPWINNER please talk about 20-30 minutes, please don’t interrupt the middle, and then discuss the questions. Brief introduction: SHARPWINNER is Chinese Honker Union ( CEO, "Honker Fengyun" author, author of "interpretation of insider exposure" honker. Had received China education satellite TV channel (CETV-SD) "E" and other family digital media access, "SHARPWINNER" the amazing Honker forums were reproduced.           SharpWinner: to tell you the DDOS attack and defense technology today, with the popularity of broadband Internet constantly, more and more people use the broadband network, but also brought a lot of opportunities for hackers. In recent years, more and more various technology DDOS tools, the implementation of DDOS attacks more easily, so the business competition, more and more used to blackmail and impose exactions on DDOS technology. A lot of IDC computer room, e-commerce website, game server has been plagued by DDOS attack technology, resulting in legal disputes, business losses, etc.; read more

T world network will close the T class vertical website Qi sad

before the rumored IT world network will stop its operations, in Shenzhen, Guangzhou station are facing off the risk of dissolution, even a "IT class vertical sites to decline" sigh. So, once glorious moment of the IT world network will be caught in the plight of survival, IT vertical website really a sad


now once glorious survival setback"I

last month from IT world net turnover, the contract within 7 days to settle wages, but wages has not hair, called a variety of financial shirk……" The day before, a former employee of micro-blog in the IT world network broke the IT world net disguised layoffs, and arrears of wages, causing much attention. read more

Ma Huateng anger WeChat blocked 3000 differential distributors with that

Abstract: in the last few days, "WeChat closed 3000 micro mall payment function" "WeChat will shut down across the board distribution platform" message maxed micro business, many uninformed people think WeChat to "close" all derivative. A well-known brand of micro mall responsible person analysis, as a result of the direct cause of the excessive high rebate is WeChat go to war induced back now.

in recent days, "WeChat closed 3000 micro mall payment function" "WeChat will shut down across the board distribution platform" message maxed micro business, many uninformed people think WeChat to "close" all derivative. What is the truth, read more

Daily topic Ali and ants gold service 6 billion years immersed in the reputation of the network back

A5 webmaster network ( June 24th news, yesterday, Alibaba and ant gold service jointly announced that the two sides will jointly set up a local life service platform company reputation and their capital injection 3 billion. The word of mouth suddenly sound: after a lapse of 4 years, we came back." Is there any connection between the two


word of mouth network is Taobao’s website, on-line in June 2004. Committed to creating the first brand of e-commerce in the field of life services. Web site to provide consumers with comments sharing, consumer guide, is the business of publishing promotional information, word of mouth marketing, the implementation of e-commerce platform. read more

Google China has not filed a legal application or abandon the map business

news September 9th, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping announced Sogou, Baidu and other 31 companies received the first batch of Internet map service class a license, and Google did not as a legitimate license application map, this also means that Google Internet map license is still no hope. Deputy director of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, Song Chaozhi said, at present, in addition to NOKIA new Internet Services Limited (joint venture) has to get Internet map service class mapping qualification, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping has not yet received other foreign joint ventures on the Internet map service qualification for surveying and mapping application. read more