YAHOO Asia Pacific station abandoned Google enabled nktomi search technology

ZDNet China3 12 reported: in its Australian and New Zealand portal, YAHOO has abandoned the Google search technology, the use of independent search engine.
when YAHOO Search Engine Technology Co. said began to try the new background, the technical transformation of speculation began from last year. This technology was acquired from Inktomi acquired in December 2002.


American companies have completed the technological transformation in the last month, and YAHOO & Australia; New Zealand general manager CliffRosenberg said is expected to European and Asian markets will also appear similar to the change of technology. read more

The 2016 Rio Olympic marketing war started a comprehensive Olympic marketing occasion which strong

in the summer of 2016 Olympic Games Yinliyue is particularly hot, interaction, tomato fried egg, Iwamatsu teacher in the hand piece; the first gold rush, various business field, all triggered at any moment; Sun Yang won licuoqunxiong in high and vigorous spirits; shake the baby’s heart. The game players of the game under the hot competition, various businesses Gexianshentong, and that August is the Olympic Games of the month, as of August is the marketing of various businesses scramble for those months. Brightest talent competition, in the final analysis, not just the popularity of the fight, talent, is the face of the value of the spell, the fight is creative, fight is to win the moment to do the speed and breadth of talent. By sun Yang Zhixi, "Yang" eyebrow exhale strength back to broaden the media marketing promotion services together with you to review the people in the hot, the Rio Olympic marketing occasion which is stronger in the end read more

What is the most important part of network marketing

walk for ten years in the network, witnessed ten years of ups and downs of the network. Today I write this article, talk about the important link of network marketing, the network is to try to gain the aspiring young.

network marketing, what is the most important and inexpensive products and services, whether in network marketing, or store marketing, are very popular. For example, to say that I recently took over a medical website – Dalian Peking University Department of gynaecology hospital, before I have not heard of the hospital, but the site did so, and found that the conversion rate is surprisingly high. I carefully inquired about the hospital, the original hospital service quality is very good, can solve the patient’s pain. read more

Amazon to test a new site or change the user shopping

Internet e-commerce experts said that Amazon’s new website design will make it easier for users to browse through the tablet and use the Amazon website. Sources said that Amazon will release tablet PC products in a few weeks.

Amazon spokesman Sally · (Sally Fouts); Fouts said, Amazon began testing the new design from last week. She said: we are continuing to launch new designs for more users, but it is not possible to determine when the new site design will be issued for all users." She also did not disclose more information about the new web design. read more

Liu Qiangdong e commerce in the retail industry to win and ultimately to improve energy efficiency

June 16th, the theme of "thinking and potential empowerment" 2016 "China Internet plus" summit held in beijing.

from around the country thousands of government leaders, business elites, academic representatives, media people gathered at the summit, witnessed the China "Internet plus" index release, discusses how to better grasp the "Internet plus" era of opportunity, transition to the new normal under the government and the people’s livelihood, from all walks of life to upgrade power empowerment. China Internet association academician Wu Hequan, vice mayor of Shenzhen, Chen Biao, and the board of directors of the Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng, the United States Mission CEO Wang, 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo and other enterprises on behalf of round table on the road, to explore the "Internet plus" to promote the track and future path. read more

Flying cow network push thousands of Rural million Museum plans to grab the market by the micro base


, WAL-MART and Huarun million in Carrefour and other major retail heavyweights have squeezed into the battlefield, the transformation of the electricity supplier O2O, Darunfa online mall flying cow network already has a new action. In May this year, the flying cow network officially opened the national distribution, by "Internet plus" Dongfeng, also launched a "thousand million Xiang Pavilion plan A/B", the electricity supplier is still far from full attack coverage to the local market. read more

As the major ecological network network conference gathered on life will be unveiled

Only the last two days of the remaining distance

music as its important sub ecological network network conference in September 7th, September 5th morning at about 10, the official network network micro-blog released countdown preheating poster second days, this time the theme is marked with the network network stock code 838890 football, and suggests that associated with the music as sports.

have to say, the network network tempt everyone’s appetite, a series of related music as the major ecological core business countdown poster some elusive. According to people close to the network network broke the news, as the major ecological executives will next meet, launched a "life of infinite possibility" and probe into the network network, planning an ecological event counter. The dirt will upgrade the conference site in September 7th focused detonated network network listed and live music strategy. read more

Cui Cunbin search data insight B2C market development

Baidu traditional e-commerce industry trends Forum held at the Radegast Hotel CBD Beijing, the conference, Baidu business analysis department senior manager Cui Cunbin made a wonderful speech on the development of search data insight into the B2C Market:

is the following speech:

Cui Cunbin: we all know that Baidu is the search engine. We can take a look at our search data and see a lot more than we thought. A recent example is used for my soybean (information market), garlic in prices, through Baidu’s data can be very obvious to see that this year, the red line is the mung bean price increase, but this is not the price of this search price, and the price of mung bean is very nervous. Some people say that the price of mung bean is the reason for the teacher Zhang Wuben, in fact, this is the cause of demand. Pork is also declining, we in April when the domestic pork prices are declining. Garlic prices can be seen in the per capita geographical distribution, the distribution of people in Shandong is the most, we can also be refined to the city. Shandong, Jining is a special place for the production of garlic, indeed people are most concerned about garlic. read more

Two domain name registration service providers are notified of violations

Shanghai, two enterprises in the domain name registration service provides domain name registration services due to a large number of illegal complaints before the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). They are Shanghai Jin Yue Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Hua Yan Network Technology Co. ltd.. This is since July 24th, the number of registered service agencies signed the Internet address registration service industry self-regulation convention, the first by the Convention to monitor the implementation of the notification agency CNNIC violations. read more

Rural electricity providers cross border electricity supplier into a hot CPPCC members Zhang Jindon

Want to see the development of

Chinese manufacturing, can see Zhejiang Yiwu; want to see the China economic growth rate, can see the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, however, want to see the China reform of circulation industry, some people say that Zhang Jindong CPPCC members over the past thirteen years, the proposal provides a good perspective.

Zhang Jindong in 2015 NPC and CPPCC, suggestions.

from 2003 "to strengthen business development planning legislation, promote the modernization of circulation", 2008 "to boost retail scale, stimulating domestic demand growth", to 2014 "upgrade" integration of the two "national strategy to promote industrial transformation of the Internet", members of Zhang Jindong’s proposal reflects China’s goods distribution industry from large to small. Strong, the transformation from the traditional to the development of the internet. read more