The problems of non – online shopping crowd

in the first half of this year, the network shopping user scale bucked the trend in the financial crisis, from 74 million to 87 million 880 thousand. At present, China’s Internet users, about 4 people in the world, there are 1 people are shopping, and in Europe and the United States and South Korea and other countries with high Internet penetration rate, each of the 3 Internet users in the online shopping on the 2. The potential for online shopping in China is far from being released.

but China’s e-commerce transformation of non online shopping crowd still exist a lot of problems like this or that!

is the first source of

source, network mall supply generally divided into three kinds of channels, factory direct supply, intermediary supply, and OEM is not so simple, with mobile phone as an example, we know there is a lot of, for example: China (Hong Kong, Macao, domestic importers), (also referred to licensed); European call water, water, Singapore (also referred to as a machine called smuggled goods or revision); renovation, charge, 14 secret, engineering prototype, assembly, second-hand, imitation, so that the BtoC store goods come from the online shopping population has become one of the issues of concern, because the quality of the directly related to the product


followed by the price problem

online quotes, basically every mainstream product price at least in more than one hundred yuan, of which every one has reached the level of "Yu audible" effect! What price, and regional factors, scale, and great difference. There are differences between the shop and the store, and finally, you are in your store to ask the price is certainly higher than the average price on the Internet for a long time. So, in a large part through online comparison, ongoing price comparison in many countries, and finally choose to buy online are just a few of them, most people still choose around the store to buy, after all, "ran the temple monks stand the psychological inertia is very difficult to change


third is a purchase commitment

consumer concerns the issue of network mall "distance", when a problem arises, in addition to the mall and the commitment to customer service phone is likely to be busy, the consumer really is very helpless, while consumers in addition to call to complain to their "friends" warned not to buy, also seems to be true not what to do, so some manufacturers will suddenly overnight become a target for all "will be not at all surprising


fourth is after-sales service

China is too big, a lot of brands in different provinces of the China shipping price is not the same, so the scope of its customer service service is uneven in quality, "remember the word" fleece ", the low price is less warranty, a high price for parts, which is the manufacturer of the preferred way no doubt, so if the manufacturers of goods on the network to sell, then the price is known all over the world, so, must choose the lowest when consumers purchase products, for customer service service, that is the later matter >

Web2.0 era of SMEs how to do e-commerce

Web2.0 network has been very mature, but the majority of small and medium enterprises remain in the generation of simple network model. This will slow down in e-commerce.

to Wikipedia, blog, Google AdSense, such as the characteristics of the Web2.0 Internet has been very mature, open the Sina home page, we will find that the only red navigation bar is micro-blog". However, according to the professional service providers of wolf e-commerce data center revealed that the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises still keep in built three or four years ago on the website, even some companies built a Taobao shop began advertising investment in Baidu. This is the blindness of SMEs themselves, but also the network promotion of the company is not responsible.

Web1.0 is characterized by the user to obtain information through the browser, and Web2.0 pay more attention to the user’s interaction, the user is not only the content of the site visitors, but also the creator of the site content. Web2.0 has the following features:

1, multiplayer: everyone is the creator of content.

2, people are the soul: the core content of the Internet many people share.

3, readable and writable: each person can browse content, but also to create.

4, form of expression: blog, podcast, Wiki, P2P download, community, sharing services, etc..

figure below: Graphic Web2.0


in this case, the company stick to a corporate website, or even a static content site, coupled with marketing network marketing model is wrong. Web2.0 has already solved the problem of early online transactions, the early network is limited to the content of a single, unsecured credit, payment difficulties and other factors, it is difficult to profit. At present, the use of interactive web site architecture, Alipay, PayPal, caifutong is a good solution to the problem of online payment and credit guarantee. Enterprise e-commerce strategy should therefore be changed, in this paper the author provides a model for reference: "website + mall + blog" mode.

website: CMS content management system is a model of the marketing website. Powerful content management capabilities, you can lay a good foundation for enterprises to attract traffic by content.

Mall: regardless of the Taobao store, or to build an independent SHOPEX system mall, can be a good tool for the realization of the integration of online payment for the transformation of the unfamiliar customers to provide a good platform.

blog: high quality blog for search engines, which attracts the attention of network circle, high-quality blog should pay attention to shaping the corporate image, corporate technology professional, has product evaluation show, and even reflect the operators personality charm. Because this is an interactive platform, affinity than cold website show stronger.

each >

Wangzhuan switch of the road so hard, so results

April, planning to the road, hoping to find a way to make money more stable, I chose Taobao. Do the children’s clothing, and later made a sock.

from the store to buy up to about half a month’s time, and now the results are five-star, 167. Half a month’s time, so hard to do!

is the first to purchase Shanghai, then take pictures, shelves, because we are the first to do, did not dare Yahuo, each style only into a, thus increasing the workload, pictures, shelves to now have not completed.

is more difficult to promote, this point has been done before the network promotion, so in the above. Recommended for membership messages on a local forum mode, is the flagship of the mono crystal stockings in a pack of five double, for only 4.5 yuan! So many members react to our delivery. Some time to a praise, to run tens of miles back and forth, but we insist on the


here I would like to say is that the way the message is recommended to have the effect of the forum, identify the target customers to be introduced, just do some tired.

said my rising star road, in the early 30% is your friend to help; then all real transactions occur, but please do some hands and feet in the scene, such as a membership to a product, I asked him to shoot into several packages, which produce several.

does not make money make money?! is almost zero profit sale, so a user most once bought 160 pairs of socks and office colleagues together.

how hard: to give a few examples, perhaps we will know.

: a case said a pack of door-to-door in the local Taobao group, a member in order to test the truth, really as long as the package, asked us to send them off, back and forth about 25-30 in length, the price is 4.5 yuan (even without cost can earn up to 4.5 yuan, not to mention a the package of five pairs of socks), we said Mona sent him! We are really sent, and then added three different products, we obtained four.

case two: a law firm in Shenzhen, a woman called to ten pairs of stockings, really is a big business, earn 20 dollars, she said she did not want to Alipay, cash on delivery, I said no, she said let colleagues shoot it, I said it can the. When the goods arrived, she said the color is wrong. On the phone, she said that the color is, our products are skin color, in the product description is not black and gray. But after the arrival of the goods she insisted was said over the phone that the colors are black and gray, not color, also threatened to let us do not go down, then the order is in the phone book, and then said to her colleagues to shoot, so there is no evidence left behind. In desperation, we withdrew 15 dollars, he agreed!

I really think impassability, in Shenzhen, 15 dollars what? Why can speak nonsense, do.

Shop operators lack of people required the headhunter gold medal manager salary 150 thousand

are in accordance with national standards to enjoy, when this recruitment information in the online search of the emergence of the company, caused no small shock. Compared to the previous search enterprise mainly aimed at high-end talent, this is Taobao search to net online shop manager.

in recent years, the rapid development of the shop, but accompanied by the lack of business talent, which is also a hot topic in the field of e-commerce in recent years. With the search involved, a shop manager, operations director, supervisor, director of design of the battle has begun.

it is understood that a few days ago, Taobao e-commerce Flagship Store Manager Recruitment Information Release in the search network, offer is a basic salary of 10 to 150 thousand yuan. stakeholders told reporters, according to the recruitment message can be seen, this salary does not include sales commissions, some shop performance to be about 10%, other benefits such as false and enjoy social security according to the national standard.

so when the recruitment information has been widely reproduced, see micro-blog countless onlookers: "the store to find the hunter ah", "when the manager was chief of the number of cattle"……

as long as two years working in a company’s electricity supplier manager, will be in favor of various companies, sometimes exaggerated to shop owners have to dig headhunting company. An industry source disclosed such information, now this talent competition has entered the white hot. "A month into the million shop manager recruitment, recruiting manager of Taobao"…… Reporters saw a lot of similar information on the recruitment website, while the phenomenon of high paid shop executives appear in clothing, bags and cosmetics and other popular industries.

yesterday, the reporter contacted in Hangzhou to sell more than 2 years of clothing shop manager Zhang, she told reporters, sometimes really want to jump out of the information, asked her if she had joined the other shop intentions, "many things had seen, have a close friend of the main customer service tube was removed. Some of the larger scale of the new open shop funds do not worry, would like to directly recruit " skilled workers "." She said that in the past six months, significantly more frequent flow of personnel.

every day to get up at 10 to work in the morning at about two or three, the phone to boot, in other words, is to pay attention to the platform of the policy, in a timely manner to adjust the store business." The reporter learned from a number of requests to see, the manager salary is not low, but it is not easy to do a gold store.


three diamond shop shopkeeper told reporters, take the promotion shop, is not a simple thing, to consider in website promotion, or do the train is a comprehensive advertising, or. How to improve the shop’s click rate, is also very important to adjust the commodity " hot word " increase the probability of being searched." Do not look down on some of the key words of the commodity, package delivery, free courier, mail, free mail, 4 words mean almost, but the probability of being clicked is very different.

"this year, calling for a shop manager, director of operations.

E-commerce marketing strategy value execution

e-commerce era, whether you are confused

we are entering the era of e-commerce, companies can expand market channels online. Online market for everyone there is no limit, but in the face of no marginal market, many people began to feel confused, do not know how to act as. A variety of media, the era of e-commerce marketing strategy, need more than traditional marketing, otherwise it is easy to get lost in the vast sea of direction. The professor Carleton University from the individual perspective, first from two aspects of search engine marketing circle and speaking.

a search engine is an important channel

huge increase in Internet information, search engine users will be one of the tools. When the Internet users to complete the search behavior, it may be natural to search your site, if your site is ranked in front of the search results, naturally when the potential users to take the initiative. So the role of search engine marketing no doubt.

two, must have their own circle

every day there are a lot of people in the use of search engines, even if your website ranking, access to contact with the opportunity. But he may just be a fit, to let a stranger to accept a new product, need to pay a small cost. So, with the next line of the market, when there is a good business district, naturally contribute to business.

each industry has more or less circle, or in accordance with the interests of the sort of circle. If you can put the circle of good business, we are familiar with each other, when there is a demand, and when you feel the product can also be, so the possibility of an acquaintance with you is not big deal? Then the rest of his circle of friends, also have the same requirements, probably so, you product information has been spread to another circle. As a result, the efficiency of information dissemination to you, rather than purely by the efficiency of search engine is not fit for the channel is much higher in

?For example,

clothing is a very broad industry, you are in Taobao or Alibaba on a search, you will find many in the fashion business. If you get into some circles, serious business circles, will help you to develop business? Such as you do the fashion business, you through your circle or group, cultivate a circle of fans, the value of this circle will have much


value is king, the execution is simply

whether you do search engine marketing, or multimedia marketing, or business circle. Value is the most important criterion. Enter the Wangwang group, will be very impressed, mostly in the group are advertising a flying. Some people are hand made spam advertising information, some of the so-called marketing software. In fact, including the hair of people know, how many people will be interested to see spam, but the probability of a mere touch, as someone clicks, and even the concept of the transaction is much, it is unknown.

often hear people say that network marketing is not the case, but…

After the final significant chaos boxing tricks Wanda electricity supplier bumpy road

introduction: Wanda and Suning "gossip" long-standing, finally take practical action to end outside speculation.


Wanda and Suning’s scandal for a long time, and finally to the end of the actual action of the speculation. The morning of September 6th, they officially released a major strategic cooperation, Suning stores will be stationed in the Wanda Plaza, Wanda Department store, become the important main shop; and Wanda will also help Su ningyun in the rich variety of goods, strengthen the experience of consumption, the transition to the electricity supplier.

Prior to

, Wanda and Baidu, Tencent jointly funded the establishment of the "fifast net", Wanda Group to integrate offline resources to create O2O business platform; Suning and Ali also has "knot" strategic mutual investment. The cooperation will indirectly Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba three Internet giants have come in, can be described as the history of the most luxurious lineup.

and ironically, this cooperation is also the traditional Wanda shopping platform boss " " in order to cope with the storm breakout move Internet companies are forced to make.

"boss" predicament: good land, opponents sent a team of air force

China Wanda Plaza is the largest line of business under the platform, by 2015, the number of Wanda Plaza is expected to reach 135, passenger traffic reached 2 billion passengers; by 2020 the number reached 500, the annual passenger traffic more than 10 billion passengers.

however, in stark contrast with this gorgeous data, the Chinese retail industry in the strong attack by the electricity supplier is increasingly grim reality. By 2014, the scale of online shopping transactions has reached 2 trillion and 800 billion, or even more than the top 100 domestic entities retail sales (2 trillion and 100 billion). The first half of this year, the turnover of the area including shops, office buildings and other products, only 246 thousand and 200 square meters, down 4.46% over last year; transacted 2857 units, compared with the same period last year fell by nearly 30%.

business was able to produce such a huge impact on the traditional retail sector, partly because the domestic retailers development history is very short, before the electricity supplier emerged only 6 years of development time, roots are still between consumers and producers is not deep enough, therefore when the electricity supplier swept the barriers are not strong enough the sniper; on the other hand, with the domestic real estate industry rise, store rental costs are high. With the cost advantage, the electricity supplier quickly captured the retail industry Heights, many stores have closed their doors under the impact of electricity providers. This also led directly to the traditional shopping malls, such as Wanda, Carrefour and other places before the air rate has improved, some remote areas of the vacancy rate reached 10%. In July this year, Wanda Department closed in Ji’nan, Tangshan, Wenzhou and other regions a total of 40 serious loss of stores, some stores have also been adjusted for

Linktech seven new shopping promotion

dear affiliate member:

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new chabridge Da Vinci M8 mobile phone, U& K SPA; Wang Chao crazy panic buying cheap sauna! Go to panic buying! More beautiful and practical products, as in the seven


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Tencent Jingdong how to use WeChat attack Taobao

text / Wang Congji

recently, WeChat shop, Jingdong shopping portal has been on the line, coupled with WeChat’s third party electronic business platform frequently sound, WeChat electricity supplier ecology pattern layer out.

and as the penguin and eight sisters had expected, Jingdong + fast and easy anyway, the variables are not large, to pat the cornerstone of the C2C is the core of WeChat electricity supplier.

around WeChat, Tencent Jingdong are working together to weave a network of Taobao. The biggest worry, Ma electricity supplier WeChat finally the real intention comes in the end.

specific situation, it is so:

1 WeChat entrance as a bait, pat is tempted merchants settled.

pat in the recent launch of the new deal, there is an article worthy of attention: Jingdong will use the WeChat side of the ecological resources, to provide a central solution to pat the merchant WeChat shop.

among them, Jingdong’s WeChat ecological resources, refers to the WeChat game tied to the shopping entrance.

Jingdong meaning this is actually very clear: Pat businessmen come to shop it, WeChat shopping entrance will be the number of your electricity supplier public diversion oh.

WeChat shopping entrance, has become the best sign of the temptation to pat merchants.

2 Jingdong independent WeChat electricity supplier development projects: Jingdong micro shop.

pat the new deal there is a message: no longer require businesses to use Jingdong micro shop system, and the choice of third party service providers of electricity supplier system.

hidden behind this is actually a Jingdong business adjustment, is the original Jingdong pat micro shop has nothing to do with pat, became a Jingdong micro shop".

Jingdong micro shop official page has been on the line (, Han Yi homes, Semir and a series of big sellers have settled. At present, the role of Jingdong micro shop is much bigger than the WeChat store, the electricity supplier system developed by the original Tencent electricity supplier experience is much better than the WeChat store.

as to why Jingdong micro shop to be separated from the pat, there may be two reasons:

is a large, pat to do like Taobao C2C platform, forcing all businesses choose a set of electric system is not reasonable; the two is the use of Pat micro shop Jingdong with third party competition, will inevitably be detained on the new WeChat " " national team cap.

but ye said, the Jingdong in the construction of the public electricity supplier micro shop process, snatch the third party service provider is inevitable.

3 do not trust Jingdong and the third party, Tencent to personally promote WeChat C2C electricity supplier.

WeChat shop on the line, there is a voice that this is a violation of Tencent and Jingdong do not compete agreement.

Penguin Jun think this really want too much, because no matter the micro shop Jingdong, or WeChat shop, the words of Taobao

The three key steps of the network marketing

network marketing of the three major steps, grasping the potential, the transaction, chasing sales!

I’ve written two blogs in front of

, how to discover potential customers and how to attract potential customers. There are also a number of ways to grab potential customers.

now this blog detailed and share with you,

What is the catch

hidden catch is to pave the way for the transaction, do the foundation, you must first have a potential customer before the transaction. Perhaps you use the letter to clinch a deal, perhaps you use the phone to clinch a deal, perhaps you face to face transactions, but before the transaction, you have to have their own potential customers, no potential customers, you can not deal. So in order to seize the potential customers, you have to go to other people "fish pond" to catch potential". Very simple, because you want every customer, have been someone else’s customers.

imagine, every customer you want, his life can not live in a vacuum, he must have other needs, other dreams, he needs to buy other products and services, when the products he buy and your products are similar enough, that this "fish" in the "fish, a very high percentage of you want to" fish ", is your potential customers.

so this is the basis of the "fish pond theory", "every fish you want, or every potential customer, is a fish in the fish pond".

so you do not need to go fishing in the sea, it is very hard, do not need to spread the leaflets on the road, the success rate of only 1/1000, or even lower. You want to go to other people’s "fish pond", and others to establish a win-win model, so that he would be willing to put his fish recommended to you. So you borrowed his credibility, the ease of your transaction will increase by 10 times…… 20 times…… So your marketing is from someone else’s "fish pond" began.

the emphasis here is on the "catch the unspoken", what is called "catch potential"? You must grasp the person’s name, email address, which is the least, and if you can get his phone number, get his home address better! You get more information, the quality of potential customers is higher, the possibility of your subsequent transaction is greater.

here to emphasize a point, you said that this man has come to my website to turn a circle, it is useless, it is not called "catch potential", because you didn’t catch him. You have to catch him, you need to have his name, telephone number, home address, this time called "catch potential".

from now on, if you first deal earned money, which of course "capable of evoking praises and tears but more importantly," did you get his list ", build customer database.

I said, everyone to buy your products and services, there is an ideal picture, have a dream, a plan, he is not alone to buy your products and services, what he needs is to realize their dreams and blueprint, but his own dream and the blueprint requires many steps need to be.