Not desperate plight of optimization link building should have a new idea

two, broaden their horizons and leveraging the link building for

although search engines continue to emphasize, website quality depends on the content of the site itself, and the judgment of website quality is a comprehensive consideration, the link is only a small element. But the website operators do not seem to buy it, the number of links has soared people can not help but some crazy. The fact is evidence which links a surprising number of sites, finally have obtained good website ranking. This strengthens the website construction and website optimization personnel crazy construction link determination, the author has observed an Internet company in Shanghai, the number of links within a month soared from more than 2000 to more than 30000. And whether these links come from, but the phenomenon we can feel the same link is very important.


, change the concept of link building quality

good wind leveraging nine, drum mallet Saint farther! Do anything and leveraging the results the contrarian is obviously different. When all link building there appears to be no way out, when the site construction and web site operators have confused, the owners of such websites as in the past the door open. The author is A5 webmaster keen fans, and contribute hundreds of articles, found to contribute not only to expand the thinking, not.

disappeared suddenly in July and August last year, part of the website construction and website operators found that only one thousand or two thousand of many even hundreds of links on a website ranking is slowly rising, whether this is what a declaration of a search engine? To be sure, the search engine has been or is being changed to determine the way the weights of the website. It is also the time when links seem to look into the dilemma, the blog forum and some information portals have links to make different degrees of restrictions. This time, if we still are from the thinking, dreams of building links in order to win it, I’m afraid not. In addition the number of links, the quality of search engine has been the subject of attention, so, why don’t we build some high quality link weights of

almost all have a common feeling, website optimization has become more and more difficult. There are changes in the competitive environment, after all pay promotion guidance in the search engine, many small and medium-sized companies are paying more attention to the website promotion. Less expensive and more effective website optimization lasting, behoove is warmly welcome by. On the other hand, the search engine algorithm is also changing constantly improve themselves, so that the natural ranking more can reflect the value of the site, more fair. But we have to pay attention to is that a site link now seems to have entered into trouble. The first is the blog started plugging, then Donews also said it would punish writing community publicity and advertising for the purpose to optimize the soft, even to the webmaster keen A5 essay also slowly to link keywords injunction. Do site optimization really come to a dead end? The author thinks that the difficulties are not terrible idea of transformation is the key.

Zhuhai hi tech Zone, the first venture to compete for more than half of the project investment

in the fierce market competition, who can get the public’s eyes, who won the starting point. Entrepreneurship competition has become an entrepreneurial project from peers to stand out, the competition on the quality of entrepreneurial projects will also be supported by the government and other aspects. For the development of regional economic development to provide new hot spots.

in qualifying opening links, Zhuhai (National) high tech Zone Innovation Service Center Director Wu Weizhong said that Zhuhai is a means of "entrepreneurship zone" is the policy, take the platform, excellent service, promote more entrepreneurial projects blossom in this piece of land in Zhuhai. Government angel fund, common property housing, wings of growth, such as innovative policies in the capital, talent, platform and other aspects of the entrepreneurial enterprises to provide a full range of three-dimensional services.

impressive, and smart inflatable treasure project. It is an intelligent gas cut into the mouth of the high-end small riding area; and little wallet APP by more popular with college students cash installments, the main line of two or three college students. Focus, the ultimate cause of these projects to impress investors.

Service is the king of Web survival

has stood for nearly 3 years, countless times to give up, sober up, and confused ^^^^^^

maybe, this is the only way for the stationmaster. Hold on to where the road is and don’t stick to the road. Where


used to walk from the garbage station to the regular station, and now he wants to walk back to the garbage station, but he can’t walk again..

development of a website easier said than done


in the past, the flow is equal to cash, and now placed in the garbage station, it is estimated that the efficiency of conversion may be only 1%, and hard to grasp the flow of the times has passed,

a few days ago, with successful people on the network chat, view the current network of the sea, agree without prior without previous consultation, everywhere can find similar sites, even the recent fire to video sites, SNS community, and who can survive? Oh my view is: who do good, who will live in this! The WEB2.0 service is very broad, focusing on the user experience, user experience is a kind of service, good experience, customers will bring people to purchase desire, website credibility, is a kind of service, mail surveys, telephone greetings, but also a service! The key is service, service, service is the site the survival of the king! Of course, include the line service, good service, will bring to the web site reputation, reputation is very important, in fact, really do stand, it is a very good reputation in local network. Station is more important,

(the team) and operates its own website has been almost 3 years, is still not profitable, going to give up. Summed up the preliminary planning, the overall planning website is not good, not good, more important is that students’ operation, service is not good! Tired, tired, should continue? In fact, a a perfect team, talent is the most important, complementary, think! Just write ABC, not a good team…

…In fact, the real

, a web site, the planning stage is far more important than late, at this station, because no pre planned, later led to large revision two times, now it seems, is still not good planning, model is still not clear… But… This process, the programming ability, and architecture the data structure has a lot of progress, sparked interest in programming, said data frame, if possible, you should use a system of data architecture framework of data structure, the website to write. Especially large sites, because a good system of data architecture, at least you can code more than half of the province


is currently posted the site, the purpose of view, there are no capable people want to buy the site

individuals are looking for the ASP team to develop the program together. (affirms: at present it is a student, can graduate next time this year, so can only do part time for one year!)

had talent network, campus information station, station information classification, DIG program.

Stationmaster wants to learn website from Google China Incident

since May 18th evening, when Google China was exposed by CCTV, news of it came out in an endless stream. Netizens are sympathetic to Google China, and now discuss the benefits of Google china. Look at things should be dialectical look, although CCTV exposure, but virtually made a big publicity. Both netizens and non netizens have impressed Google, and Google China has gained publicity in CCTV exposure, and has gained more potential users in this exposure.

from Google China this is CCTV exposure, as well as the "Green Dam" and many other network events can be seen, personal website force, and even large portal, in the face of conflict of interests with the relevant departments will be affected. The relevant departments of laws and regulations, there is no room for discussion, only obedience, or else it is suppressed. In this can not change social environment, personal website only comply with the relevant regulations of the Internet, will have "good" prospects.

The author in stationmaster net forum made such a debate on "Google China, is the Romans still insist on personality?", in the 7 station is currently involved in the debate, with 5 support adhere to personality, continue to debate is not finished yet, we still don’t know exactly how the result is, every webmaster heart have your vote. No matter how the results of the final debate, or whether it is the webmaster real opinions, personally think that Google wants to Chinese in China development, must do as the Romans do. In the current domestic search engine, Baidu and Google can be said to be very difficult to get out, both sides in the fight for Chinese users, but after all, Baidu came out on top, because Baidu is Chinese, understand Chinese characteristics, know more about how to deal with Internet users and official. Some people say that Baidu is the use of such Chinese style of communication and public relations means, free from CCTV exposure. Google China wants to stay in China for a long time, or to follow the road of Chinese characteristics.

is for Google China, do as the Romans do, for many webmaster, this is not a problem, but too stick to the idea of self personality, it is very difficult to develop the website. We often see the "harmonious society", but I do not know when, "harmony" has generated questions, not careful, if your site is "harmony", then tears, no door. The stationmaster does the station, still on the road of a certain license, search the footprint of forefathers, go forward slowly.

many people may disagree, but the Chinese and a middle course, not a day for two days, has been the history of five thousand years of Chinese culture thoroughly tempered, deeply ingrained. In China, a middle course is the kingly way. Website, too strange, too alternative, too non mainstream, but not recognized, and may even be hit. Deviation from the normal track of thinking is difficult to develop even if it is not illegal. The author once did "eavesdrop network" let the city have no privacy, its existence is lawful, "the investigation", 31 participate in the polling station stationmaster, 27 think is >

Business model the main business with the sideline

a lot of people after the business idea, do not hesitate to quit his work before, although there is a little drastic determination, but the security is too less, in fact, the best business model, should be the main sideline business together, so rich will be more secure!

she relies on scientific management, so that their family assets like a snowball snowball. What business flourishes? Speaking of family finance, Li Xin started from a dozen. Then she and her husband are thrifty, had married the first savings, when most people are rich in banks, and she put into savings to buy Treasury bonds.

The results of

"I do part-time is a website, mainly engaged in daily necessities, at the same time and a friend opened a company. Although the income can not say a lot, but 9 times more than my salary." Cao said in Shanghai, usually more spare time, I get some part-time income, through the company also made a lot of friends".

with real examples to show you the benefits of such business model. If you now have a stable job, but also want to create a career, then you can consider this model to see if it can help you live a better life!

How to use the money to open a restaurant – at least the whole

food and beverage industry has been a very popular industry, many people will consider the industry in the business time, entrepreneurship is not easy, to need to consider a lot of things, today Xiaobian tell you the nine strategy of opening a restaurant at the lowest cost, may have many shortcomings, I hope you don’t mind.

rental section

Strategy 1: peak

travel to stagger the peak, the rent to stagger high priced area. Site decision more than half of the passenger flow, so blindly seeking cheap is not a good way.

barberry church founder Zhang Tianyi shared his attempt: he put the store opened in the non dense downtown pavement white-collar rental, thus greatly decreased. Through the establishment of online communities, the line to take spicy eating contest, wrist wrist contest and other means to carry out effective diversion.

strategy 2: parasitic


alone is difficult to support, as for the time being parasitic. I have heard of a case of shrimp BB: new boss pony brother, Leng is his own crayfish Museum opened a noodle shop, the day noodle shop opened in the evening shrimp shop.

this play, so that it saves the site and decoration time, but also reduces the cost of rent, but also enjoy the original face of the passenger flow radiation. This seemingly stingy move, did not affect their image, which has received venture capital favored second stores opening soon.

strategy 3: home

didn’t have the money to come, then take the initiative to come. Take out is not a new business, but with the rise of the takeaway platform and the popularity of third party delivery, takeaway business threshold is reduced. In Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places, there are a lot of young people to have private kitchen chowhound form takeaway, won the recognition of consumers.

In fact,

, now a well-known "empire called a duck", the first half of the business does not store, until get venture to open a small entity.

decoration articles

strategy 1: quota method

stores can sublet, employees can be dismissed, only the decoration is a complete sunk cost. And decoration is a bottomless pit, not perfect, only holes.

a hundred flat store, put into 200 universal use, put into the fight can also live in 200 thousand, in fact, invested $20 thousand can also be fixed. The decoration limit, but can quickly let you enter the state in this regard is bursting with inspiration, recommended to see Qiao "good life doesn’t have to recommend

Luzhou Lao Jiao gold brand strength wine cellar – Trusted

delicious wine, in our lives, there is no way to lack of. No doubt, for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice to join the wine market, is a very choice of market rules business opportunities. So, to choose gold wine cellar Luzhou Lao Jiao join? Brand wine worthy of trust!

Luzhou Lao Jiao Laojiao wine blending, gold master multiple harmonic, constant temperature storage, aging cellars and bearing Luzhou Lao Jiao production concept, heritage brewing techniques, with different cellar ages old wine wine was based, crystal clear, pure as the Qing Wang, cellar fragrant and sweet taste, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind and long aftertaste. How Luzhou Lao Jiao gold wine cellar? Everyone trusted. The strength of the brand liquor as the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, the Chinese people on the table is one of the indispensable drinks.

Luzhou Lao Jiao gold wine cellar to make money?

no matter what kind of dinner, always inseparable from a bottle of wine. Luzhou Lao Jiao gold wine cellar, rich mellow, Qinglie Gan Shuang, let the people drink after a boom in Entrepreneurship lead a person to endless aftertastes. Join Luzhou Lao Jiao gold wine cellar, create brilliant happy life. Luzhou Lao Jiao gold medal to become the first Chinese organic wine Laojiao Luzhou flavor liquor, the main ingredient is starch content of locally grown high, moderate, tannin and protein content, low fat content of glass quality of waxy red sorghum.

How about

Luzhou Lao Jiao gold wine cellar? Four famous wines, worthy of our attention and choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Luzhou Lao Jiao gold wine cellar project, to own a brand stores, is a very good choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

North District Women’s Federation take measures to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and i

in order to carry out the women’s legal education deeply, let more people understand the women’s knowledge of the law, and earnestly safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the District Women’s Federation and many departments jointly, take various measures to effectively do the work of women and children rights. First, strengthen the legal publicity and education, optimize the social environment of women’s rights. To carry out a wide range of legal publicity and education activities, make full use of "38 rights", "6.26 weeks" International Day against drug abuse and other favorable opportunity to carry out advocacy activities, through the issuance of promotional materials, lectures, on-site consultation services, expanding social influence, and further enhance the people and young women learn law, usage, the law consciousness, improve women’s rights according to law, and actively create a good atmosphere of the whole society to respect women, protect the legitimate rights and interests of women. The two is to give full play to the role of women’s rights stand, increase the intensity of women’s rights. Joint District comprehensive management office, bureau of Justice issued "on Further Strengthening and regulating the notice" North District Women’s rights service station, towns, streets and re adjust the women’s rights station staff, unified issued people’s mediation agreement, give full play to the protection of women’s rights, patience and meticulous work of women petition cases. The three is the establishment of women’s rights volunteers, providing multi-channel rights for women and children. Launch area female judges, procurators and legal workers and staff enthusiastic women work to join, the establishment of women rights organization network more widely, the organization and coordination of all sectors of society to care and support for women’s rights, and for the masses of women to provide legal, policy, psychological counseling service and help to promote family harmony, maintain social stable. Four is to increase the intensity of case mediation, play the advantages of women’s federations and the role of judicial assessors, and actively participate in a number of women repeatedly petition or must be resolved through judicial means to resolve the case and audit. To help poor women in need of timely contact with the district Judicial Bureau to provide legal aid. The major or serious family violence cases combined with comprehensive management, judicial process. At the same time continue to improve the quality of human rights advocates, to persuade the petitioners through rational and legitimate way to express the interests of the demands, to better protect the rights of the masses of women. Five is the establishment of the court of women’s rights in the district court, composed of civil, juvenile court judges. In the case of infringement of the rights and interests of women and children in the trial, the judge to the principle of mediation priority, efforts to reduce the cost of litigation, simplify the proceedings, for women living in poverty reduction of litigation fees. Efforts to resolve conflicts and disputes through mediation means to effectively maintain and build a harmonious family relations and social relations. Six is to play the role of petition window, effectively resolve social conflicts. The District Women’s Federation adhere to the one hand, a hand grasping rights "approach, first, the petition work as to resolve social contradictions, making the petition reception system, earnestly implement the basic functions of women’s rights, and actively resolve the unstable factors, and properly solve the problem of channel access, to maintain social stability. In the first half, the District Women’s Federation received a total of 20 cases of letters and visits, of which there are 10 cases of domestic violence, the other for family conflicts, child support disputes, treatment rate of up to 100%, mediation success rate of 95%.


Entrepreneurial experience stall 20 tips

small stall is very important, sometimes others stall to sell, and you stall will not sell what is the reason? Come 20 stall tips on how to look at the following, compare yourself why would fail.

1: to spread the goods, product novelty, difference and similar baidenan products;

2, supply: as far as possible from the manufacturer to take goods in large quantities, quality assurance, the price is still low, cheap and fine is the key to attract eyeballs;

3, stock, and manufacturers will bargain purchase, accumulation of experience, much to the wholesale market around, natural style influenced by


4, a wholesale fashion products: take a shelf, to the pedestrian street, the night market to sell, the profit of at least 1 times, the premise is to choose clothes, exquisitely carved will sell;

5, the small accessories: must fashionable bags must be beautiful fashion, even if it is not too high-end jewelry, small package you will make people feel more


6, select some novelty, clothing, footwear, accessories and toys;

7, good at observation: the observation of those people? Young people, old people, lovers, friends, children, and so on, are interested in something;

8, a street vendor selling shoes: shoes sell, or sell authentic guaranteed shoes, the price is not expensive, absolutely attract customers; or to sell that canvas shoes, 20 – 25 yuan a pair, where to put, throw off the arm open voice, shout, will attract a beautiful girl in droves over them;

9, summer selling 2 yuan small ornaments or cosmetics very hot;

10, sales: to spread the goods more than the fight is the actual cost of sales is the added value, let the customer feel buy value, earn big all-match: a dress, a dress four mix, stall owner of course need a little clothing collocation;

11, a set of good sales methods: or call "clearance sale" signs, or is the main season sales of the products, or to play "store demolition gimmick, or" refused to profits, the lowest price "eye-catching signs, or their own homegrown clothes in a word, idea, with your big voice, with your enthusiasm, give full play to your clever mind, sell;

12, a street vendor selling skills: puerile, and do not store, but the quality of the goods must not be too lower than the market;

13, a street vendor selling: sell a product line;

14, sales skills: to feel happiness within, like singing, in which nature can attract people, not too, not too much force, to attract passersby over bargain with you, recommended

Xining Federation of industry and Commerce awarded the national organization for the glorious cause

May 28th, the Chinese glorious cause of the meeting will be held in Beijing, focused on recognition of the glorious achievements of the past three years of outstanding units and individuals. At the meeting, the Xining Federation of industry and Commerce won the National Award for glorious cause, was commended.

three years ago, the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government guidance and the leadership of the Xining Municipal Federation of industry and Commerce Guangcai work in the province to promote light, with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide to "both righteousness and virtue both" principle, the main task of Federation of industry and commerce around the municipal government center and the new period, the capital of play the advantages of the city, continue to explore new ways and forms of glorious career development. Actively organize and mobilize members to participate in the Yushu earthquake relief donations amounted to 30 million yuan; participate in the construction of new socialist countryside, invested 3 million 780 thousand yuan; participate in the work of employment and re employment, organized private enterprise recruitment week and female workers and construction employment special recruitment; participate in the construction of economic and social areas, promoting public welfare undertakings, donations to build hope primary school, limeng Kang Chi founded Lechong classes, to make a positive contribution to the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness.

the award, is the Xining Federation of industry and Commerce in 2009 after winning the glorious cause of the Qinghai organization award, made another honor.