The white hat Shanghai dragon ultimate esoteric — forget Shanghai Dragon

written in the end, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is in order to occupy the search front, whether using white hat techniques and tactics of the black hat, I want to be able to achieve that goal, but one thing is that website with the ranking is not started, more will not end, for long stay in the desired position, they need to build a website for the most simple and effective way is to go along with the potential users, search engines have the value to help users find what they want to do, this point. If you want to use formal methods to do the white hat, Shanghai dragon, so best to achieve the ultimate, good website will have a good row.

if you want to make a website at design time please forget search engine problems, you need to be concerned about is your website itself: the website code is normal, it is normal to visit website, usability, website content, and to ensure that the website content can attract eyeballs. These will allow the search engine to give you a better ranking. Some of the Shanghai dragon likened the location of the shops, I think this analogy is very appropriate, even if you shop in the downtown area, but not the customer needs the goods, the clerk with a rude attitude to hate, so no one will patronize the shop. Step back and say, even if someone did not know, into the store, then they will be out.

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon is aimed to search for relevant keywords in the user can be as much as possible in the front row, and the search engine is designed to give the user when the user can quickly find related to the best website in the search related keywords. Please pay attention to is the best site instead of the "excellent" website. Shanghai dragon skills are divided into two kinds of black hat and white hat, the former is through some cheating, such as the use of multiple sites to deceive system, use the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities profit, black hat Shanghai Longfeng nature bad, but to be honest, now widely used for the white hat Shanghai dragon you or where not to go, because the most for the ranking effect too much, often put the cap into a gray hat.

In fact,

general services company has only one goal — to enter the mainstream website search engine keyword search results front position. They will not consider the issue of the content of the website, as long as the search engine can be included in web pages, they even available on the site do not have concerns. As for the website jump out rate, residence time more visitors in their consideration. If your website content with the user to search content actually has nothing to do, even if the ranking is high, the user will not nostalgia left in the sweep on several times, this site has good rankings will fall down.

white hat Shanghai Longfeng is to help us build a most "good" website, it should be the starting point to web designers like the starting point. Through some strategies that links Shanghai Longfeng simple and rich sense of structure, site navigation is clear, the content related to the theme and content easy to read, very readable discussion, with access to the user viscosity.

Analysis of the lottery website optimization Shanghai dragon road from Shanghai to decline in market

1, from the 360 competitors

this is perhaps one of the most important reasons. Since 360 and turned the barbaric growth became the third largest search engine, and love all kinds of struggle in Shanghai between 360 and has never stopped. 360 to go all the way from the initial development of free antivirus software, then the search engine, then later commercialized, the old week ares sword at Shanghai love. In order to cope with the 360 attack, love Shanghai joint Jinshan Tencent and some other strong opponents to fight, but 360 of the momentum of development has not been weakened, and now has more than second domestic search engine become Sogou, in the search Chinese love Shanghai market is facing the pressure of competition is more and more big.

promotion is the network marketing mode of Shanghai’s first love, the love model in helping Shanghai profit at the same time, also to a certain extent affect the user experience of love Shanghai. Is mainly reflected in the entry threshold of marketing audit fee is not strict, resulting in many false information, but most consumers don’t really distinguish between pay promotion user and search engine optimization ranking users, resulting in the phenomenon of infringing the interests of consumers have occurred. Which is one of the most criticized is its many industries pay promotion marketing.

3, love Shanghai’s promotion of profit model

2, the rise of large electricity supplier website

The negative effect of

as the saying goes, There are no waves without wind. love, why Shanghai lost more than 10% of the market share.


in the past, the Internet is not yet universal, people are used to search all kinds of information on the Internet, but with the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, and the Internet is becoming more and more popular, people no longer need and can be accessed through the corresponding website directly to obtain information through search engines, such as domestic electricity supplier giant Alibaba group and Jingdong etc. large electricity providers have completely rely on their own strength to attract users without the need for drainage through the search engine.

however, the lottery software 贵族宝贝 website recently saw the news, as the search giant market, domestic and international search engines love Shanghai search engine giant Google search market share in China have varying degrees of decline. What is different, Google fell all in liquidation, after all, Google have to withdraw from the Chinese market for several years, but has been ranked the domestic search market dominance of the market share in Shanghai love unexpectedly from the peak of more than 80% dropped to less than 70% since the number in surprise at the same time but also makes people the reason behind this need to explore.

love Shanghai as a domestic search engine giant, occupy a very large market share, love Shanghai users accounted for more substantial. Many netizens said, used to love Shanghai, love Shanghai visible skill lies in your habit of a product, and cannot do without him.

Lost life road

University in three years time flash past, pull out, work out for 1 years dora. Before I was engaged in a Talent Company inside the network management, ha ha, now think of the network management in some units became the website production and maintenance work. At that time I do every day is to update the site, when recruitment will do what the newspaper advertising ah, or outdoor painting things, think of that time as long as I can do, the boss is basically called me a dry down, are living toil. Think about it, ah, network management is doing these work, why some units are always confused with the content of the position and work?. Good times don’t last long 4 months, do away, feel there is no future pull what.

in February 08, when the applicant came to IDC company, think about yourself before doing website, also with IDC this industry had communication, so say should start faster. IDC this industry how to say, but I think now IDC is too Dora, we look at the major site know, advertising everywhere, as a webmaster do not know how to choose, but also cheat especially, say what does not limit this does not limit the, actually slightly understand. All know that this is not possible at all, it didn’t pay well said, after paying the money that space is rotten to death, this issue today tomorrow the problem for customer ask, do not know that do not know, I think that the heart can have much room for development. So I don’t know what to do now,


entered this industry, in the face of every day is go to the website above post propaganda, but few people asked at the end of the day, working hard to carry out, the boss said there to achieve what results, I looked at the time of the day, the customer has the growth of 0, do not know how to do pull. The last time the boss see I had to engage in website forum (transferred) experience, so as to let me get a forum, said that as long as what forum fire up publicity in place, my performance is very good, I think, is really like what you said, I now look at the forum heart think good hypocrisy Oh, no customer greetings, only feel boring, think of a person I do this is not easy. No one came to ask, ah, is not the forum is not new enough? Is the forum no content? Is it itself, such IDC forums, there is no future development, pull


who can teach me, directions?……….

What is the basic premise of entrepreneurship is not investment mentality

no matter what to do, the state of mind is very important, especially entrepreneurship, especially so. Now popular online business, because of its virtual sex, sometimes in the online store to meet a buyer, communicate with worn-out lips for a day, they disappeared. At this time, a huge sense of loss often frustrated some people’s hearts.

44 years, numerous domestic and foreign teachers use various Marshal training methods, all can not China to the World Cup soccer hall. Magic coach Milutinovic, "Happy football" concept, for the first time in 2002 to lead our team out of Asia, to the world. A taut string may be hard to play

Jiangsu how to deal with the phenomenon of large grain production losses

in our lives, there are many large grain, we commonly known as the big farmers, but due to the harsh natural environment this year, resulting in a large number of large grain loss. Jintan District, Changzhou Town, Luo Village large grain Wu Zhiming, contracted 600 acres of farmland transfer, rent per year $800 / acre, the average loss of more than 400 yuan per mu in the first half of this year, a total loss of $200 thousand. He said that this year’s summer grain all surrounding large grain losses, many large fields do not want to return. According to the Yangzhou Municipal Commission for agriculture and Industry Office of the survey, the first half of the city’s largest grain losses reached more than half.

due to scab outbreak, lead to continuous rain and rotten wheat field grain purchase prices, this year the province around the large grain production in general reduction, some localities have abandoned the phenomenon of returning farmland to run away. Provincial Agriculture Commission recently issued a "notice concerning the proper settlement of the current rural land management rights transfer disputes, put forward a series of Countermeasures —

the full implementation of the "real rent money, cash, according to a certain number of rice or wheat as land rent, and settled in the market price of rice and wheat in the listing of the year, the formation of reasonable pricing mechanism. At present, the vast majority of large grain farmers signed a transfer contract with the contractor are denominated in cash, a few years ago, the grain harvest year after year, food prices continued to rise, land rent increase, the province’s many local land rent is more than $800 per acre per year up to 1000 yuan. But it has exposed the reduction of production, the way of rent – all ills risk all the pressure to lease land on one side, and the land outflow households do not bear any risk, resulting in large grain overwhelmed.

Yangzhou Municipal Agriculture Office Deputy Director Chen Jiagen introduced, the rent of rural land circulation in Yangzhou is generally 800 yuan per mu / year, some large rent fields by real rent money, cash, the annual rent is 550 to 600 pounds of rice. Ordinary year difference is not big, but when the grain price fell, the burden of heavy grain significantly reduced. He believes that this approach to account for both sides of the transfer of a reasonable profit, reflecting the risk sharing, the principle of mutual benefit, conducive to the long-term stable development of agricultural scale management, should be a comprehensive promotion.

strictly regulate the circulation of rural land management rights. "Notice" stressed that the provincial Agriculture Commission, all localities should strictly implement the regulations and policies of the rural land management rights transfer the relevant norms of the state and the province, actively guide the rural land circulation, do not engage in the great leap forward, not to engage in coercion, not to engage in administrative whim. Whether or not the right to operate the land circulation, circulation to whom, how long the transfer, what the price of circulation, the farmers themselves, not forced to push.

"according to law, voluntary, paid" is the three principles of the transfer of rural land management rights. But reporters learned in the interview, the village cadres on behalf of the transfer of land transfer contract practice is more common, the reason is that large grain recommended

Open a pasta fast-food franchise business skills

pasta in a large proportion of China’s traditional food culture, food and beverage industry is also small investors willing to invest in the market, now with the Chinese fast food is popular at home, pasta fast-food stores also quickly hot up, because the investment is small, but everyone can do, so also attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, then pasta fast food stores how to operate? The whole network introduces some skills. />

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Energy-saving join future

now, in the food and beverage market, the small business investment in the choice of food and beverage industry, is a very wise choice of business. Delicious snacks to join the project, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. Heard that join the energy-saving project, is very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner!

now the catering market business is very good, but the food is one of them, all kinds of types of snacks, energy-saving is one of the classic. Energy-saving projects, it has a unique product characteristics and taste, so by the majority of customers are love and. The franchise has obvious advantages, has become a small business in the field of meat and potatoes


energy-saving, the interpretation of the most incisive variety of delicious, to create a series of rosin to create a delicious delicious myth, let people store energy-saving lead a person to endless aftertastes!, products have obvious advantages, the use of old technology, so delicious is the one and only, select the type of variety is much more satisfied Tastes differ all tastes.


choose energy-saving store, business security, headquarter perfect guarantee let you join their business more secure. Energy-saving high market visibility, successful experience, but also provide systematic training and support for its operation and so on, let you successy do small business, easily earn a lot of money


small business to choose energy-saving projects, the future, entrepreneurial worry. If you join in energy-saving projects, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on! The shop will choose to join the energy-saving? Shop is earned! Good business!

Small investment to make money to find a theme to find the characteristics

now, more and more people realize that it is better to do a little business is more suitable for ordinary people to get rich. However, the business is small, small boss is not so good when. And the opening of large stores, there are also how to open a store location, how the site, how to purchase, how to manage, how to marketing and a series of problems. The following several shopkeepers business experience, may give you some inspiration.

There are different target –

small pay 7 years ago out of business. He sold fish, selling food, opened a snack bar, put the night market stalls, but also can not get rid of a loss. At the beginning of this year, the market environment and the consumer of the small pay has been operating a street snack made a careful investigation and analysis, to return to prostitution, and opened a snack shop. He implemented the two different restaurants and other new reform initiatives, snack bar will soon rise.

first, change the downtown rental store greet customers to run the store to attract customers for the house courtyard. This will not only reduce the cost, but also to create a quiet environment, reflecting the high taste and taste. There are four seasons evergreen trees, fruit trees, vines, decorated with colored lights. Secondly, to the diners can cook their own dishes, cooking chef on-site guidance, and reasonable fees. The move has attracted many diners, they in knots into the shop, some deft surgeon at some Zecai, vegetables, some of the dishes, busy for a while, slowly in the shade around the courtyard, do not have a taste.

– "money" to do good

This is

According to the original


Boutique jewelry store business skills sharing

opened a boutique jewelry store is the dream of many young girls. But for investors, in the face of more and more brands available in the market, boutique jewelry industry competition has intensified, for the management of fine jewelry stores, how to shop to get a good development, but also need to pay attention to the following aspects:

fine jewelry stores should remember the market risk, we must take the reality investigation, to join the program provides franchisees with their combined to do its own way to join. Also, you need to understand the trademark propaganda efforts to understand the market trend of the trademark as well as the price of related products, do know, real-time attention to the relevant information industry. The franchisee should pay attention to choose the shop location: according to the reality of their own, can be in the market at a relatively large corner, at the corner of the fork, the flow of people, of course, you can also choose the near future will become cold by the busy street. Select the location of the operation to observe the surrounding neighborhood shops, you can choose to be in the vicinity of the school, so that there can be a joint effect, increase the store traffic.

some of the boutique jewelry stores in the pursuit of the interests of the trademark in the first criterion, began to drill the loopholes in the market to earn the hard-earned money entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs, only passion and dream is not enough, but also possess the ability to trap all the piercing eye, beware of joining. First of all, to understand their own to join the trademark, a variety of channels to collect the relevant trademark credibility and the credibility of the trademark trading company. In the website to see the friends of the trademark review, has joined the trademark of the business in the market research is a good way.

boutique jewelry store owner in the actual shop, to the local actual situation as the basis for a reasonable arrangement of promotional activities. This boutique jewelry stores will be able to get a better development.


jewelry industry public good, but also not all open boutique shop people are successful, the fine jewelry stores how to win the competition for profit space problem, several problems summarized above, hope to want to open a fine jewelry stores entrepreneurs who provide some reference and help.

Nanchang Yudai River Sewage Interception Project people dissatisfied with the whole

Nanchang Yudai River, Nanchang has been the people’s memory, there is a unique memory for many older people in Nanchang. Now Nanchang, Hebei branch of serious pollution. Nanchang City, the relevant departments of the pollution effect of the beautiful description. However, now the project near the end, jade Hebei branch interception effect to the surrounding residents to accept, in addition to smell or smell, a little water has not introduced."

11, who lives near the Magi Lake Park Mr. Xiong, the Nanchang development and Reform Commission official website to see a report on the "Nanchang jade river across the landscape upgrade approved the project feasibility study report", that Nanchang Yudai River sewage interception project basically completed, is after the garden landscape construction. It is understood that the current landscape department is bidding.

however, Mr. Xiong told reporters, in 2014 the Yudai River sewage interception project started, they live in the vicinity of the residents of this project is of expectations. Since the start of sewage interception, we will suffer a variety of inconvenience caused by construction…… However, I did not expect to finish soon, still so smelly, a little water did not see the introduction of." Jade Hebei branch near the park residents Ms. Zhou said, jade Hebei branch from the lake to Yongwai Street Kings Road, although after the interception, but is still dirty, smelly, they can not accept this result.

The river was dark green and black

after receiving complaints, reporters came to the scene the jade Hebei sewage interception project, see from the lake to Yongwai Street Kings Road Yudai River has been Weidang, some damage from the enclosure at the river was dark green, visible. In particular, close to the outer part of the street, the reporter standing on the bank will be able to smell the smell of water out of the water, and the river into a dark black, floating on a lot of foam and garbage.

also had cited living water to purify the Yudai River Lake is a closed gate of the magi. The gate was originally connected with the Yudai River, to the interception of Yudai River after the introduction of living water, let the Magi Lake become more clean and beautiful, but now, Yudai River water is so dirty, impossible to open the gate drain." The Magi Lake Park, a staff member told reporters that this section of the river at present did not see a bit of water, all black smelly river, especially digging ashore silt, without any walls, all piled up on the shore, a rain all into the Yudai River, a fine sporadic disgusting smell.

The governance process

Yudai River ended, but had little effect, let nearby residents dissatisfied. The transformation of the owners of units in Nanchang Yudai River water investment and construction of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Bureau eighth units Chinese Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "eight hydropower Bureau") the relevant project manager, all to our commitment: Aiming at the existing problems, they will come up with solutions.

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