Shanghai Longfeng well station connections to improve the keywords ranking optimization

on the page of the spider crawl depth is limited, the website page to more easily to be included, click on the page from the home page depth is not more than 5 layers, then the breadcrumb navigation is very important, each page to set the corresponding breadcrumb navigation, reducing the depth of the page from the home page. Many webmaster accumulation keywords in the breadcrumb navigation, so do not recommend Adsense optimization, breadcrumb navigation is more for the user experience and a spider to grab the page, let the spider accumulation keywords will be considered cheating optimization.

it is the enterprise marketing type site, or personal site, site map website copyright information indispensable, improve the user but also for spiders better grab. The production site ZhengZhan sitemap, on the site at the bottom of the page, easy to find in-depth grasp of spider web. For some large content of the website, the website content structure more, cannot be enumerated in the map, can use classification information, using the CSS pattern, click more display list. Or is the map display, don’t put too much of each web page link to a page link to place 100.

Update algorithm

for the optimization of products marketing website for details of owners most likely to commit the direct use of the product image navigation, from the Shanghai dragon optimization perspective, the chain navigation is the best text navigation, spider clear navigation keywords, links to specific content pages. Even if the spider can identify the picture content, but the chain effect is far better than text navigation. Most of the time in order to have beautiful and Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you can use a double link below and placed the text navigation photo navigation.

three, the chain use text navigation

is the first site in the station optimization of website structure optimization, including optimization of physical link optimization, optimize the structure of the station station logical link, the physical link optimization need to web page on the root directory, the physical structure to form a flat. Or is provided with a plurality of channels in the root directory, and then set all the pages belonging to the channel in each channel, the formation of tree structure. About Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to do internal links, improve the keywords ranking, following to the webmaster share several points:

2013 love Shanghai search engine greatly, in order to establish a good Internet environment, to crack down on the low quality pages, garbage chain, upgrading of the 2 algorithm is to require Scindapsus webmaster to do outside the chain of high quality, in the construction of the chain of hard to find the time, whether the webmaster can change a way to do optimization. May I know the webmaster, do not do the chain, do the chain construction site, can improve the keywords ranking.

four, reasonable distribution of internal chain weight

two, breadcrumb navigation

, a site map

if the site chain construction is perfect, the link weights of the site should be evenly distributed, the general is home page weight >

Shanghai Longfeng novice how to send the chain format text


second is my website

today, my website for almost five months, began to contact the Shanghai dragon and not too high expectations, anyway idle is idle, do a play station, the first female bag website so I, so on-line. I have not participated in the training system of Shanghai dragon, all knowledge is taught, but really difficult, Shanghai dragon is not in Shanghai Longfeng itself, site, content, outside the chain of these basic work and don’t believe how long you can learn, but in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, there are a lot of things alone the experience of others is not enough, especially now soft everywhere, a lot of people do not have through their own practice, in order to make a soft Wen aimless code, but also some pseudo science on the inside, it will be a big misleading, for the novice, for example, there is a saying in Shanghai Dragon circles, "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, how many people really understand.


actually started my chain the maximum time is 6000+, is how it is in the webmaster forums, most of them are plain text, because many webmaster forums are not to anchor text,

I know a netizen, two of our website had little difference, his than my morning line for about a month, I go to the record, his foreign space, I give you two figure:

is, he does not go to the hair of the chain, I often send, but after three months after our website has been ranking, I was depressed, not much difference between his ranking with my ranking, and we update frequency is basically the same, every day a original article, this shows that a problem in the case of similar quality content, I so much the chain didn’t work, but I want to say is "the chain for emperor" this sentence is not wrong, turn on

I often see a lot of people’s forum advertising into it, you can see at the beginning of the HTTP. In which, there are a lot of the website appeared in reply, did you think you do what is useful, the chain for the emperor of this sentence a misleading role where is it, will make a lot of people in the pursuit of quantity, while ignoring the matter, what kind of effective outside chain, a lot of people go blind, don’t consider this problem, the chain I was entangled in what format is effective, has seen many posts, but basically the reply is to copy and paste the Encyclopedia for the "chain" definition, but also for the pure text of the chain also said the more obscure, and did not say, but in my experience, I think the chain anchor text or hyperlinks to To be useful, the text is useless.

is the first site map is a friend, look at the number of the chain is 11


How to reprint your soft does not delete your link to others

delete the original link, the original link into the corresponding web link name, Cheng Chunjie blog, then put their own links to release

content is king, the chain for the emperor, this is the webmaster know the truth. We must pay attention to the quality of the chain, only to release some of the garbage outside the chain, construction of the site for a long term, but harmful. Therefore, in the high quality of the home owners, A5 has released the stationmaster net is a very good choice, the quality of the chain of these sites is very high.

The release of the soft

to delete link these behavior, I do not comment on this, I mainly talk about how to avoid their links are removed when reproduced in.

Abstract: This article mainly and share their chain of soft Wen released to the owners of the house, like the A5 station network, how to make the article when reproduced in the link is reserved.

I in June 16th, completed the "nofollow" label in the independent blog promotion of the article, as Lu Songsong reminds, not to A5 webmaster posted online immediately, but wait until the love of Shanghai included after 17 days of this article will contribute to the A5 station network, in 18 through the audit. In the audit by the end of this article I input the topic of love in Shanghai, in the first row of this article on my blog. Until 18 PM, enter this article name again, A5 in the first row, this is what I expected, because of the weight of A5 is much larger than my station, but the snapshot is newer than mine, so it must be in the front row.

soft reprint link is deleted

will own the link on.

link is deleted to prevent method


love Shanghai in the first 6 pages, is this article reprint, I click in the view, I view the retention situation of links, the results surprising, more than half of the site are not keep my link. At this time, I analyzed, found the delete link are the following manner:

delete link, put on their connection after the release of

today I own 贵族宝贝chengchunjie贵族宝贝 site of the original article "should pay attention to the nofollow tag in the A5 Adsense nets contribute soft deleted link theft case in independent blog promotion, to talk about a few problems.

I 20, enter this article name again, to search out a lot of reprint this article website, see below


delete link 贵族宝贝 in the link to release

in which website

From the road of the development of Shanghai dragon operation angle of vertical portal

second, vertical portal Web2.0, reflects the interaction between users. The general vertical portal interactive columns reflect more is the forum, now also popular quiz platform. If you want to find a rental information, if you go to the comprehensive portal website or forum for public, may look for a needle in the ocean can not find their own, really want information, and to the vertical portal, you can quickly find really want information, and more professional, more credibility and authority. I think the forum ONLYLADY operation is very perfect, the gradual development of Master, mining holding red Master potential model, including the information station, their welfare agency, have stimulated the interaction between users, improve the adhesive. The author thinks that some characteristics of the vertical portal, can

first, vertical portal is the most important job of service. I think the service is the fundamental development of the vertical portal. Unlike the comprehensive portal website, do, do, but can not do fine, they can not be more than the professional vertical portal in solving the needs of users, can not do so professional vertical website. So the vertical portal is to first understand the needs of users, the users can solve what kind of demand, good service users, to help users solve the demand. So whether it is the rich flow of large sites, or no money flow small website, must do a good job of service. To see is to make the user experience from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng, improve the return rate and conversion rate. Customers to buy the service, not to buy your product. Therefore, the service is so important. We are interested can go to experience the salon mall customer service, scold not return, also good service to you, they really do the customer is God’s idea.

service competitiveness and core competitiveness, vertical portals competition, especially the women’s website, much less the number of essential services and need to have the core competitiveness of products. I found many older women flow sites are rich, most of the flow is for advertising, navigation, PPC, I think, these sites once there is no investment, no money, whether can the same exist? I think, the vertical portal to long-term and healthy development the operation, it should be from the following aspects.

vertical portal is one of the most promising industry, the competitive strength of not less than micro-blog, quiz community, regional sites and LBS. A vertical portal has many advantages, segments, professional and strong, with high authority, user paste is high, if coupled with e-commerce, vertical portals can be authoritative and professional content to attract, stimulate and promote the customer’s consumption, to provide customers with one-stop service mode not only, the conversion rate is relatively high, as long as the maintenance and repeat relative will be high. Vertical portal bright ah. Today, the development of the road from the angle of operation of Shanghai Longfeng vertical portals, novice exchanges together, please master flying.

The Internet is simply

The need for talent networks to join micro-blog

although the talent network after so many years of development, has gradually become a mature industry. But at the same time, the development of new things from time to time also brings new impacts and opportunities to the traditional network. If you simply stick to the old method, you’ll be replaced by a digital camera like a film camera. Micro-blog, which has gradually matured, is a new operation that must be considered by the talent network. Why do you say that,



micro-blog’s expansion is powerful, micro recruitment will become a direct rival

micro-blog users with viscosity is obvious to everyone, and built on this user volume and viscosity of the platform, its scalability is very powerful. With a variety of network operators, access to life services, micro recruitment has also begun to try. So, if after the recruitment of mature, will become a very strong opponent of talent network. It’s not ahead of micro-blog users and brand operation, ahead of reserve.

increase promotion channels, from passive communication to active dissemination of

talent network as a life service type of website, is a product under specific needs, destined to not have too much extra traffic, that is to say, the average person is need to find a job will come up. Well, in addition to large-scale advertising, a lot of traffic is through search directly to enter the site. Therefore, the talent network in the promotion is actually very passive, that is, do their own content, and then wait for the user needs, and when you want to find a job, look again.

, and micro-blog is a very large number of users of the platform, and itself has the "attention", "forwarding" such characteristics of the spread. As long as through a variety of simple small activities, you can expand the brand influence, the accumulation of attention. Thus, when the talent network releases various kinds of information, it can take the initiative to the user’s eyes, from passive communication to active communication, and can bring more potential users to the website.

breakthrough bottleneck from computer users to mobile phone users

We all know that

is mainly set up for talent network client site in computer, although a lot of talent network have launched a WAP page, but because the operation is too complicated to flow through the WAP page the user is actually very small, so creating a lot of traffic loss. Now, the popularity of mobile phone network, no less than the computer network, is a talent network can not give up a piece of fat.

if you look closely at the source of the release on micro-blog, you will see that the client from the mobile client is far more than the computer user. This is a way from computer users to mobile phone users, so as to obtain a larger user base.

in short, micro-blog’s operations will be an essential way for talent networks to operate, and a large number of talent networks are already pouring into it. But more are operated as web sites, if talent >

On the optimization of website itself from the angle of conversion rate

When it comes to conversion,

believes that it should be a ratio between the number of independent visits and the amount of all visits that can be reached. For example, you do a cosmetics sales site, one day is 100IP traffic, turnover of 20 people, then your site conversion rate is 20%. Conversion rate is light, but it can be done by countless webmaster for their brains. Moreover, the conversion rate is closely related to SEO. Now let’s take a look at how to optimize the website from the angle of increasing conversion rate.

since conversion rates are SEOER’s, then we should consider the various factors that influence SEO to consider the optimization of the website itself.

first: a reasonable layout,

The layout design of

website to meet the user psychology, countless practice shows that the layout structure of F type is easy to most users to browse, and psychologists from a large number of experimental data that the user to browse a page, the visual tracking is the type of F, you can think you open a page is not the first. See from the top horizontal navigation page, then the vertical list left? Many websites put this idea to coincide psychological principles of web page design, such as Jingdong, excellence, there are countless small B2C shopping mall, there is a F type navigation: classification navigation on the left side of the top horizontal navigation. This design is indeed very convenient for users to find what they need. Therefore, to improve the conversion rate, layout is very important.

second: the loading speed of the website is

There are many factors that affect the loading speed of

. The server is one, and the size of the page file is also one of them. Besides, it is the efficiency of the program execution. You, you are willing to wait for one to 1 minutes to open the page? I think not, at least I am, I click on a web page, if it let me wait a minute are not open, I will not hesitate to turn it off. So, from the server’s side, the solution is to select the server with the best speed. And the size of the page file, we can solve this way:

a, the web page code streamline). For example, don’t write a lot of CSS code in each page head, the CSS codes are written to separate CSS files, so the CSS style of each page will not call every time a request to the server, only one time after loading, after the page will directly call the local cache in the CSS file, not only reduce the burden on the server, but also "to reduce the file size, more is the speed of the page load faster. Then the CSS code can also be reduced, such as four margin control model, the normal way: margin-top:10px; margin-right:5px; margin-bottom:8px; margin-left:10px; we can.

How to improve the customer experience of the layout of the dry cleaners

for a dry cleaning shop, earn is the return of the money, how to attract more repeat customers? This is a lot of people are thinking about the problem. Dry cleaning business is very good interpretation of the word, people rely on clothes shop on the facade, today to share with you the dry cleaners how to enhance the customer experience through the layout.

in the dry cleaning shop in the overall layout, large and medium-sized fast stores, to subdivide the various regions, reception, reception, laundry laundry area, ironing area set apart. Small franchise, generally only the washing area and reception area can be separated.

on equipment layout, fast stores focus on the strength of the staff is also convenient operation, ordinary equipment hidden, one side is pollution free and beautiful appearance of the equipment is usually placed in the store, can give customers a regular high-end feeling.

classification of laundry, washing takes care of consumers fast multi perspective, untreated clothes, alone in a hidden place, so as not to affect the mood of customers. Wash clean disappear poison clothes, put in the place where the customer is easy to see, to enhance the customer goodwill at the same time the customer take clothes. In the classification of clothes, according to the color of the clothes, the length, style, hanging, while using plastic film covered with dust, give the customer the best visual experience.

in the overall layout, more comfortable and fast laundry to win, impression and embodies high-grade laundry service theme. For each fast more franchise stores, headquarters will be based on the wishes of franchisees, designed the best decoration effect.


related recommendations

Six proposals recommended investment projects for network

wants to invest in advance to do the preparatory work, for example, will you venture capital investment decision which project, what kind of goods is a kind of investment decision, to raise funds to invest in the most profitable place only through a variety of ways and means to maximize the use of funds profit.

investment for the project six

light rather than heavy

heavy industry is the foundation of national economy, the development of light industry is leading. Heavy industry investment cycle is long, slow recovery, the general is not the field of private capital competition, but the dominance of state-owned enterprises. Whether it is production and processing, or circulation of trade, operating light industrial products, especially consumer goods, the risk is small, the investment intensity, the difficulty is small, easy to take effect in the short term, it is particularly suitable for private capital.

"" do "is better than the male female

all social purchasing power is in the hands of the hands of a woman over 70%. Women are not only in charge of the financial power of most Chinese families, but also a considerable portion of goods are directly consumed by women. High fashion, shoes and hats, precious jewelry, cosmetics, no woman is not the world. So, if you invest in consumer goods, whether it is production or sales, you will be directed to a woman, you will find more opportunities.

adults than children

children represent the future, the only child has become a unique cultural phenomenon in Chinese, so China children’s consumer goods market is very unique. A large part of the retail food and consumer goods market. Children’s consumer goods market flexibility, strong purchasing power, coupled with the impact of advertising, emotion, environment, to invest in this market is a viable choice. In particular, to see, in our country, to meet the needs of children, to a large extent, is to meet the needs of their parents.

as a comprehensive professional

variety, the public trading, this is generally the mindset of investors. Large and small, and all of the business, is planned economy in the upper and lower recognition model. The market economy is a comprehensive development, but this is more of a macro situation and the overall pattern, often rely on the microscopic field of professional success. Specializing in the production and circulation of technology and easy to form the city of

Xining environmental protection 110 noise pollution treatment in the first half of the admissibility

One night

in late May, the Xining municipal environmental protection 110 received a phone call, the other said, near the East District of Zhou Jia Quan, Huangnan construction site day and night by a construction company, seriously affect the life of nearby residents. In the evening, environmental law enforcement officers sealed off the excavator, and make relevant decisions.

it is understood that, from January to June, the Xining municipal environmental protection received a total of 110, and all types of reported 564 cases, of which 424 noise pollution, air pollution accounted for 75%, 98, 36 restaurants smoke pollution, 5 water pollution, waste pollution 1. Why is noise pollution serious? Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the person in charge, from the beginning of April, as the weather gets warmer, the construction site have been started, and the residents of the decoration of the house is more, so the night construction noise pollution complaints accounted for a large proportion.


Xining to create urban landscape with the autumn

From mid July onwards, through the centralized rectification and consolidation rectification, the provincial capital of the green landscape belt have undergone tremendous changes, neat style large "green carving", different colors of street landscape, The grass is green and luxuriant. public green and small theme park for the public to enjoy with fresh and natural green living environment. In order to allow the continuation of this green, from September 1st to November, Xining will be implemented to enhance the green belt landscape project, so that more gorgeous autumn Xining.

this year launched the national forest city to create work, Xining city plans to invest 500 million yuan to implement the forestry ecological afforestation 262 thousand and 700 acres, the new Zengcheng green garden area of 40 hectares, the coverage rate increased from 37.1% in 2011 to 37.4%, built-up area green, public green area per capita in 2011 increased from 9.5 square meters to 10 square meters. These figures have been confirmed in the summer: regardless of standing on the high overlooking Xining, or in a wide area overlooking the north and South Mountains, Xining really green, and many people repeatedly issued a sigh.

It is reported that

, the build autumn landscape belt in Xining city will be combined with the fall planting season, planting trees to carry out a comprehensive road, green space, lack of plant by irrigation, ground covers and lawns, ensure that no bare land. At the same time, continue to small garden, street green landscape to enhance the transformation, to create fine green landscape. Destroy the road along the sides of the barren hill, in the city entrance and high grade highway construction Easy Access. An important area in the streets and parks set flower attractions, create a terrace, and do the attractions of the maintenance work, timely watering, weeding, replacing the ruins of flowers. From time to time to carry out the green chair sketch, cleaning, painting, painting, timely check and maintenance of green fence facilities, maintain green facilities in good condition. (author: Zhou Jianping)