360 love the Sea disputes is bound to affect the future search pattern


search listed low-key, but on the second day of the listing will occupy 10% market share in search for all to see it low-key! From 360 search listing in August 16th to love Shanghai No. 22 to No. 25 announcement algorithm to update the search rankings change love Shanghai, love Shanghai this a series of movements not to the 360 declared: Hey! Dude, come on, I am ready to fight

! !The hidden

3Q war lasts long, fierce, the 360 eventually lost, but let many people see the resilience and perseverance of 360, the Tencent to get is weakened, is no benefit. Today 360 turns to love Shanghai, and domestic search to work, must have their own set of tactics, then we will analysis 360 what are their advantages:

but the 360 jump so fast search behind the study is not difficult to find a problem, 360 search does not seem to be their own technology, all the search results are identical with the love Shanghai! Let us wonder, 360 did not go forward with great strength and vigour struck, firing a shot to steal someone else’s results, this method is not in fact, not only immoral? We found the problem, love inside Shanghai certainly in the study, if the 25 love is really big changes in Shanghai ranked in 360 and adjusted it, then love Shanghai 360 will certainly be greater to fight /p>! "As everyone knows the

users: 3Q wide during the war is not difficult to find 360 security guards for the user is a huge number of collective, then the overwhelming advertising also do not understand IT ordinary Internet users have a deep impression in 360, so the 360 have their own advantage is richly endowed by nature users, download the installation of 360 products are know, 360 security browser is bound in many products, it also created the browser user groups are 360 eroded part, since it is their own browser then home surely can be set into its own search page, which is the reason why the 360 listed a day to quickly occupy the market, ordinary users will not distinguish different search engine is good, they only care about their own search results. So, dare to love and 360 sea Doo, emboldened in their user groups on the

exclusive technology: today’s "cloud computing" and "big data" and so on new technical terms can almost and search engine posted above. The IT industry is still an industry based, not their own exclusive technology and rich technical accumulation, so with the development of enterprises, technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises sooner or later. 360 search since it is listed low-key, so his team behind the scenes is definitely abnormal low-key, fight the most attention is the enemy, not to let others understand their own technology, others for your elusive, it is also the 360 of their usual means of

While Zhou Hongyi maintained 360

: time to market reasonable choice listed in August 16th, popular, "

shlf1314 Adsense blocked domain fast releasing combatThe power to speak of grassroots hurts the blog


brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

3, be honest in your attitude, admit your mistakes and correct them. This is the key,

thank you very much for your amendment to our website in order to comply with our policy. This will help you continue to succeed through the shlf1314 AdSense.

I think a lot of people have such experience, that is, the domain name for shlf1314 Adsense is sealed for various reasons. Specifically, the phenomenon is that the shlf1314 Adsense code is released, no ad display, or a direct error page. If that happens, it means that you have a 100WIP shlf1314 Adsense AD and it won’t have any effect. Because shlf1314 blacklisted you. A lot of people are basically out of touch with this problem, and some people write letters to the shlf1314 Adsense group, but the ending is usually without effect. Before the text, including me, it was the result.

2, involving serious copyright, such as video or music that once was closed, if the domain name is the content, the basic no hope

I used to have a domain name blacklisted for shlf1314. I wrote to shlf1314 this morning around 4, and I’d like to play it by myself. The general is aware of their mistakes, then indeed correct, and make the user experience, user centric, rather than for advertising and advertising, the afternoon 2008-07-31 14:50:11 received emails as follows:


shlf1314 AdSense from

read the letter is very exciting, because shlf1314 did not abandon me, but also that I really have problems before it can lead to blacklisted domain name, summed up the following experience to Admin5’s FANS people.

please note that since your website has been temporarily suspended from advertising, it will be delayed for up to 48 hours or more before your website can start advertising again. If we find out that you are violating our plan policy again, we may deactivate your account.

rise in the western Blog, after landing in China, it was much respected by Internet users. According to sh419’s "2006 China blog development authority report" shows that as of November 3, 2006, the number of Chinese blog sites worldwide reached 52 million 300 thousand, the blog Blogger the number of users reached 19 million 870 thousand, the average blog Blogger users have about 2.6 blogs, blog site number and blog users have a certain degree of growth than last year, per capita the number of blogs also increased slightly compared with last year.

grassroots voice is gradually deprived

network to the roots of the biggest surprise is the discourse of freedom, and the right to speak but are slowly to the grassroots are not deprived of their ways of perceiving. Open the home page of Sina blog, full of eyes filled with celebrities, but it is these celebrities, firmly occupy the position of sina’s list in front of, but also firmly grasp the right to speak.

the achievements of the grassroots blog, blog diaojingongcang, tusigoupeng, alienated the grassroots.

> voice lost


1, don’t be evil. That’s the premise,

4, patience communication, after all, is mail communication, not telephone or interview

6, mail do not send too "diligent", such as a few days a day, shlf1314 work group work under great pressure, so please forgive

7, be sure to recognize yourself before you write

5, pay more attention to shlf1314 Adsense official forum

we have restored the site’s advertising now.

The WeChat business is just a dream !Entrepreneurial success failure insights from selling products


this is obviously a easy business, not

we strive to improve the Boomerang platform to make it faster and more intelligent. Of course, now it seems that many of our assumptions were wrong in the early days. According to consumer feedback, they are really happy to present

‘s introduction to consumer entrepreneurship is that if you do the right tests, the wrong assumptions about your business are exposed very quickly.

dream open, WeChat goddess is depicted as a versatile, colorful multicolored ingenue. This makes many people regard it as a YY object will have more confidence in the pursuit of this goddess, in pursuit of the crazy and lost direction,

In the current


, as my first venture, though I was too slow to acknowledge the outcome of the failure, it was, after all, an unfortunate experience in my social journey. However, like many "rookie" entrepreneurs, I am still optimistic about the prospects of our venture projects. I believe that failure lies in the lack of execution, rather than conceptual mistakes. So, at first, we spent a lot of time fixing and refining the product rather than subverting our original vision.


but when we officially launched, we had a problem: the customer’s "heart" was not caught by us. They are not satisfied.

WeChat’s entrepreneurial power comes largely from WeChat, which is already a social app with a population of nearly 400 million. As WeChat’s ideal commercial value continues to rise, discussions about WeChat’s business are becoming more and more numerous,

The good thing about

in this case, WeChat to benefit if the goddess, followers will be more obsessed with WeChat that their pursuit of WeChat goddess goddess, more sure, was excited to boast self, that self confidence has better for the future of life is full of in the presence of a large number of other WeChat goddess follower. There are even a few leaks of evidence to let rivals envy his current relationship with WeChat goddesses.

, after understanding some of the alleged leaks, were among the WeChat goddesses


our goal is to create a consumer gift platform that allows Facebook users to buy real gifts from each of the local best sellers. Americans are very keen on gift cards and spend nearly $100 billion a year on gift cards. According to the survey, compared to the traditional gift cards of well-known brands, 70% of American consumers are more willing to give gifts with local characteristics.

many people rush into WeChat venture whirlpool, by all means, all the resources on the WeChat business should be how to do, there must be a large number of new entrants to the soldier’s attitude, paving the way for WeChat mobile in the era of stars with the cost of life! Although this situation on the other the business circles are inevitable, but the current was optimistic about WeChat business, WeChat will become the wave of entrepreneurship to create Utopia has not too normal! This is bound to let more innocent entrepreneurs in business failure after WeChat realized it is but a fleeting illusion, everything all will be in a dream wake up and disappear! The author will to a universal pursuit of WeChat experience to play the goddess on WeChat

with WeChat goddess personal performance capabilities continue to leak, increasing the number of public exposure, accelerate the team operation, the subconscious will WeChat goddess YY objects as people are becoming more and more! In such star effect, many WeChat goddess follower is to become more high-quality resources free WeChat goddess personal information multi-channel display in the open

seeks the root of the error,

, a fleeting illusion!

always need to have so a fleeting illusion, a YY object to be able to become the goddess WeChat! All YY object, you must first make people interested in it, which requires WeChat goddess self display from WeChat! The social software in support of popular Tencent, WeChat is just the wonderful goddess show to prove they have become the goddess of ability, began to have a large number of followers of

we have excellent products and sales team, and we also value cooperation with well-known local e-commerce investors. In our four most important cities, we often go to the top restaurants, bars, spas and other attractions there to negotiate unique gift packages. Some are even free of charge. In addition, we offer more simple and wonderful gift services for computers and mobile phone users.

lose self-control! !

WeChat goddess multi-channel display which opened a fleeting illusion

In the process of

the original text reads as follows:

, author of this article, Smith, ·, Zach, is the founder and CEO of gift giving website Boomerang. In the eyes of many people, with gifts and gift cards gifts to attract consumers is easy thing, but Zach found, that is not the case. E-commerce is not profitable, and sometimes you need to consider whether to change the way of thinking, sales of products is not the only way to profit.

WeChat goddess to the point of sweetness, followed by excitement

last August, when my team officially launched the Boomerang web site, it was a good decision in our opinion, but then we had to admit it was a mistake.

How to develop personal websites, personal opinion

first statement, I am a personal webmaster, I learn to do web site is less than half a year, and really began to do their own website, from 2 months ago.

, I experienced a lot of failures and setbacks, until now, my station is still in the right to drop Baidu, here, I only my personal point of view to describe my personal website development line. Perhaps the old qualifications have been successful webmaster disdain, or even out of criticism, I am very welcome, I am also learning progress.

public week, at present our Internet industry has entered a mature stage, suddenly appeared N many personal website webmaster, accordingly, competition has become very big. Take the movie station that I do, say, as I do, there are hundreds of thousands of webmaster in the movie website, most of them adopt the way of collecting resources. Only a small part of them use their local resources. This has brought great distress, famous website program had a few, the monotony of the template, the monotony of the path, the monotony of the resource description, in the search engine on the repeatability is too high, but the search engine is more oriented to the user experience, so it is preferred row inferior result is: a small. Some owners earn the bulk, of course they are doing a number of people relatively early, while the rest of the leftovers are facing many thousands of webmaster contention, so there is a lot of people complain: who said this station can make money, Lao Tzu with XXX.

There are

people in order to make money, on the "wrong", do a lot of garbage, put N advertising, or a little traffic would not clean things onto the malicious script virus and the like, which I think is the legendary "trash", I would like to also give their existence our living space has caused the pollution. The above is my simple analysis about some basic situation of personal webmaster field now, just to explain a problem: the Internet this fat not everyone can eat, eat the meat requires a unique vision, unremittingly spirit, is the heart of defeat.

said that our personal webmaster is Baidu, GG and other search engines of the parents, in fact, Baidu has so many parents, just K off a part of him, and not what effect is it? So we can not put all their hopes in the search engine on the body, there is a saying: do your station, let Baidu to K! In fact, not everyone can say this sentence before, say that you have to weigh, you have the qualification.

, let me tell you what I think: how can we develop without relying on search engines?. Search engine has become the majority of webmaster attention topic, online can be seen everywhere, "my station was K, was down right, flow is not, how to do?"!". Yesterday I saw an article very touching, is roughly said: you make a personal website, first of all you have to do for you if you are interested in the content, but rarely do this station to visit the station on the content of the above, it is not far from failure. Yes, since we are personal webmaster, >

Hotel website 100IP monthly revenue 2000


website for a few years, people began to build a website, just to get promotion, but did not know they point out what the website, classified information station, station, station, part-time advertising stations are engaged in basic novels has not persist, flash or a few years will have passed, although the overall feel belongs to the network but has no root, has been unstable.

took a chance this year to build a hotel booking site for a client, whose website is mainly engaged in Hotel reservations. During the construction period is studied at the station of the hotel’s profit model, found that there are several general models, one is the hotel’s own website, this is not much to say; two is the hotel intermediary, now like Ctrip, eLong, the same way mainly is such a pattern, have their own call center and customer service staff. We cannot do this long station; three is the league, eLong, the same way they actually are doing alliance, registered their accounts directly to the hotel to order and query their address, then the actual transaction to the commission.

now small and medium-sized webmaster used third methods to achieve profitability in 5 months, I built my own a hotel booking website also tried in the Seven Days Hotel Chain, hotel, Seven Days Hotel Chain is the new hotel chain up, visibility is relatively high, the price is not wrong, and Seven Days Hotel Chain are mostly rely on the network to to do marketing, so it is selected as the theme to make reservation rate will be relatively high. Behind the practice and my idea is very consistent, although the average daily traffic only Jishibailai IP, but the conversion rate is very high, sometimes every success for several single, is Jishibaiba block, although not earn what money, but also a month at least the 2000+ is no problem.

personally, I think the hotel website should pay attention to a few points:

1, the page is recommended to hotel reservations as the main, do not cross too many other irrelevant content, so that visitors feel more professional.

The content of

2, the hotel website for the public to Internet users, affordable, safe and comfortable hotel is estimated to be most vulnerable to everyone’s favorite type of hotel, hotel chains, hotel Econo Hotel is the Internet crowd preferred site naturally around this kind of hotel construction content;

3, website optimization and promotion, this little said, we all understand, no visit, nothing,

4, website conversion rate, this is very important, I said here is nothing, observe the user access path, analyzing the users’ habits and preferences, the modification and adjustment of the structure of the site, designed to increase your turnover rate.

The accuracy of

5, the price of the hotel, the importance of this is directly related to your conversion rate, to the trust of customers, accurate hotel prices are important, the hotel price changes frequently, with the program or manual. In fact it is one hour a day is enough, adhere to adhere to, actually a little bit also every day "

Famous liquor brands to join the project recommended

drinks industry profits, so many businesses already unable to hold his entrepreneurial passion, choose high-quality liquor to join the project, the success will be closer to the. What are the famous liquor brand projects? The following brands are most worthy of your attention!

A, Wuliangye Tianfu wine

wine products or to choose the best, the most healthy, can guarantee the quality of life. Wuliangye in the company in the development of wine industry has played a leading role, won the "Chinese wine king" title, is a combination of the world’s largest and best ecological environment, five kinds of food fermentation, the best quality, the ancient and the modern perfect sacred wine.

two, green barley wine

The development of

three, more run wine


Is it feasible to open a pharmacy Online

is now a lot of people although there are a variety of venture capital plan, but because they can not find the right business opportunities, leading to the idea of entrepreneurship, but can not be put into practical action. So, here Xiaobian recommend an opportunity to open a pharmacy online feasible? And let’s get to know each other.

Is it feasible for

to open a pharmacy on the Internet? In the busy modern society, people’s work pressure, life pressure is great, which brings a series of psychological problems, set up some website, to carry out psychological counseling and treatment will be able to meet the needs of this group to a great extent.

Is it feasible for

to open a pharmacy on the Internet? In the online store is a picture with a different picture, customers see only ", in which the users can choose their own name, to purchase the number of drugs, if not for the medicine, also can give the site responsible for the pharmacist consultation.

to facilitate customers to buy the network to take 1 weeks, 7 days, 1 days, 24 hours working mode. The website has opened a shopping Q & a column, with 24 hours of dedicated phone calls and answering questions from customers. Commendable is that, for many people the traditional mode of consumption, the network station cash on delivery of the scope of the opening to the domestic 450 cities.

is now a lot of people have encountered such a problem, a little wrong, but because the surrounding life no pharmacy, or because of the busy work does not have the time to go to the pharmacy, or some is not too embarrassed to say something, then, is an online pharmacy that can meet the nature to the needs of more people, so as to be able to have a good development of popular.

How does a clothing store boss approach a customer


can be close to the customer, obtain the trust of customers, so the sale of clothing store is a lot easier, can quickly promote the transaction, this is a skilled job, here and share some basic skills close to the customer:

"three meters" principle that their time with three meters to greet customers and customers in the distance, smile, eye contact. If you do not pay attention to this, and ignore the customer, it will lead to the loss of 3 single business every day, if the average of $300, then a year of up to more than 320 thousand. So I hope all of you here, can take the initiative to greet customers.

. When a customer at a commodity (interested)

two. When the customer suddenly stopped (at first sight said "she" saw


three. When the customer looked carefully at something (that needs to buy


four. When customers find water mark, and the price tag (that has an interest in, want to know the brand, price, product components)

five. When customers look at products and look around (said to seek help guide)

six. When customers ask questions (customers need help or introduce) principle to grasp, the timing right, then the next step is the manner in which to close to the customer transaction. < >

Open shop shop for toys to win success

a business can be successful is worthy of envy and admiration, but most of the entrepreneurial story is tortuous. Li Yuee, for example. The 30 year old Li Yuee on the road of business is striking one snag after another. She worked in Guangzhou for many years, the initial small business is done from the Guangzhou Baiyun district. Later opened a toy store, although the product is good, but the business is not good.

2005 fall, Li Yuee where the company approached to the emerging toy brand a company in Guangzhou, the main building blocks, puzzles, Transformers and other educational toys, educational toys when she felt good for both young and old, is a good small business direction, so he took out his years of savings to purchase, in Baiyun District a a large community next opened a fashionable toy store.

although the microscopic location is good, but Li Yuee did not expect that, in the wholesale market, where the Baiyun District, his mid-range educational toys belong to the high not low on the category. Remote control car toys also, high-end shopping malls selling four hundred or five hundred yuan, less than two hundred yuan own store, but because the brand awareness is not enough to attract the attention of consumers of high-end consumers and the general, you can buy cheap toys in the wholesale market, as a comparison, Li Yuee the toys in the shop is relatively expensive.

operation for six months, Li Yuee’s business has always been in the chicken state. After much thought, she finally see the crux of the problem: the business can not do it, after all is the location problem, if the shop moved to Guangzhou more prosperous Beijing Road, to find the target customer groups, educational toys natural buchoumai.

however, a small business white-collar, which have money to shop on the road to Beijing, Li Yuee wondering again, think of hometown Hunan Chenzhou develops very fast in recent years, the downtown also built like Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, the street brand shops, business is booming, and the rent is Guangzhou a lot of low. So, it is better to go back home to start a business.

later, Li Yuee immediately make an on-the-spot investigation, found a pedestrian street two floor shopping mall in Hunan Chenzhou, Chenzhou here is not only worthy of the name "Beijing road", but also adjacent to the emerging community several large population density, the geographical position is richly endowed by nature.

because there is a new shopping mall, businesses need to rent for the store is very low, 15 square meters of pavement, rent only one thousand yuan, but Li Yuee thought: the shop is too small, the children walk side play toys is not convenient, remote control cars don’t run too far, affect the overall image. Finally, she chose a more than and 40 square meters of shops, the rent is about $3000. Later, Li Yuee went to Guangzhou to shop top hand to relatives, with a new product top hand fees and the value of several million yuan to 10 thousand yuan officially stationed in Chenzhou, and held the opening ceremony open up a fresh outlook. >

2016 entrepreneurial trends in 2016 entrepreneurial development trend

2016 are you ready to start a business? In the past 2015 China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high, participated in a lot of meetings held by entrepreneurs, are overcrowded. Due to cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, social media in the hearts of the people, the hearts of young people have been suppressed for a long time entrepreneurial sparks burst out. What are the business trend in 2016?

as each part of your body with confidence, most success stories have a common thread, is one or more consultants in this way the role of. These advisers can be investors, or run their own companies in the past, or just the role of consultants in the community. With the sexy entrepreneurship index soaring, there are plenty of advisers ready to help you develop your business. Here are two lessons that might go against each other: find 1-2 consultants and really assess what they can do for you.

Chris  Heivly is the managing director of the entrepreneurship workshop, this is a seed investment fund will make new investments 10-14 year. He recently wrote on INC, from a professional point of view in 2016 in terms of entrepreneurship, which is still in the style of the year in 2013. I hope these are meaningful for Chinese entrepreneurs.