The website of three essential goods JS code function


share a key code


An analysis of

, a statistical code

second JS code — share a key code. Now the Internet is advocating open and transparent. If you still think that possession will eventually be eliminated. The current mainstream JiaThis, Passit share a key code, the JS code by calling the data to the web site, and then by calling the content of the website in the form of links forwarded to other websites, so that users can share links to your site, so as to improve the site traffic. And put on the website allows users to share their love of content to friends and colleagues to share code, allowing users to pursue stationmaster spontaneous promotion website is not to such effect? So, increase traffic, attract more users and increase the popularity of the website, a key share code must be installed to the site, but also because the search engine to share code is also regarded as friendly relations, so do not worry because the share code is JS format and will affect the site optimization, in turn, a large number of users share code reproduced website content, website only for good reasons, you know. So, share a key code in the current era do stand, must be installed, the effect will be greatly.


data not webmaster is not a qualified webmaster, but the website data come from? Of course is the statistical tool, if only by observing his web page hits to analysis, it is not a joke? But some webmaster may think statistical code all is called with JS code, it is not on the site optimization is not friendly? The answer is no.. Even JS code, but by adding a statistical code to the site, can let oneself every day can clearly grasp the details of the site, so for their own maintenance, further optimize and improve the user experience is very good, but also on the statistical code outweigh the disadvantages, naturally a little small problem by not considering the extent. What’s more, if the site does not install the statistical code, do you want 24 hours a day to see the site data? So, the first JS code – statistical code can make the webmaster to better grasp the details of the site, is also a tool of data analysis.

in the search engine algorithm, all the webmaster know spiders recognition ability to JS code needs to be improved, but I must say that JS code is the website essential goods is a violation of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge? The answer so, some JS code can hurt the website, but everything has two sides, as long as is more, everyone will see it as a good thing. Therefore, the use of some JS code is also helpful for website optimization. The effect of JS code on three today, which is three? The Chengdu talent network announced one by one for you.

Keywords mining method Daquan, one is for you!

3, business, business etc. the online consultation tool in general; enterprise website with this love, can make full use of.

7, a variety of free keyword mining tools, such as webmaster tools, Jinhua after word tools etc..

2, search keywords data. Try to set up a website search box, users search.

see the title, many webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er will think: mining is very simple, with the tools of mining can not it? Also need to learn? Yes, these people think nothing wrong. However, the question is, just contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, Internet entrepreneurs, Shanghai dragon Er, some of them do not have to dig the word, do not know how to dig more keywords, website content leads to indirect output drop, the editors also exist a variety of work the problems in the.

1, several search engines search, drop-down box, such as love, 360, Google Shanghai.

6, thesaurus network, divided the long tail thesaurus, thesaurus, website (bidding can analyze the competitor’s website) three thesaurus thesaurus

9, brainstorming, all the people in the office are brainstorming in the meeting room, empathy, if you are a user how you will search the products of the company, everyone say a few, and then recorded; can also ask the family and relatives friends and neighbors.

2, the search engine ranking, such as billboard

love Shanghai mining Keywords

1, Log log data. The server log on the download station to do the analysis, with love log tools or tools can log light-years.

8, web mining tools, such as Chinaz, love station webmaster tools tools, webmaster tools query.


through competitors’sites Mining:

5, statistical tools, such as love Shanghai statistics, cnzz data center, analysis of user search keywords from the search engine.

so, this article is very suitable for those who have not mastered the word digging method, then A5 Huang Zhong shared some common and uncommon but relatively easy to use keyword mining method. Also I hope that readers can learn more mining method. We then read it:

open channels:

through the station:

4, Shanghai Sinan love love Shanghai official tool tool.


mining toolsKeywords

1, competitor analysis site on the tag page; many sites have tag tags, can fully.

3, biddingkeywords access tools, search engines are generally provided, such as love Shanghai promotion client

No search box era who will be king


said that if the mobile Internet and search box is really coming, then who will be the king of the search field? In fact, in the current situation, we are not on the same starting line. In the traditional PC companies have a lot of help to the mobile Internet, the most obvious is the brand of the strongest love Shanghai, believe that in this respect will take no small advantage. It is customary in PC with love Shanghai, into the mobile phone or the like will choose love Shanghai. This is love in Shanghai, the advantages of mobile Internet, but when it comes to mobile Internet will have to talk about one thing, that is in the traditional PC is to link, but in the mobile Internet application form. The application of love Shanghai almost did not get out of the product, although also the input method, the browser and anti-virus also came in, IM also do these things, but it is basically in the market can be ignored.

and several other companies are doing well, 360 mobile phone assistant and mobile phone security guards are billions of users, to share in the market. Sogou, last year also released a lot of good application, which has a search engine and is deeply tied to that, Sogou voice assistant, Sogou voice assistant is China search engine company first made voice assistant, love Shanghai in this area was a little slow pace, was launched at the end of it. When just one out of the.

launched Sogou input method version of the wisdom of the 2 version, there is a new function called connection function, this function is that when users enter keywords in the search engine page, column candidate word Sogou input method according to different keywords, provide Mini corresponding search results to users. For example, search the recent hit The Legendary Swordsman, users just hit TV drama, watch the link Sogou input method gives the corresponding TV series. The so-called smart version, the user is actually in the input box to input, the input method based on the context, in the input box next to the area to provide Mini search results. At present, providing television, software downloads, music, weather information, service life of nine kinds of related keyword search service.

launched Sogou input method version of the wisdom of the 2 version, about search engine competition topic is more up, in fact, from the launch of Sogou input method to move this version of the wisdom I think, no frame era search engine will come. Just because these tools launch time is not long, the user’s habits have not changed, I believe this time will not be long. Remember when Ford made cars, a lot of people laughing at his car run as the carriage quickly, but the timing is just a mature development target frame search era lack of a tipping point, personally very optimistic about the launch of Sogou input method version 2 version of the wisdom of lead frame search generation is coming, but I believe there is still a long way to go, until you can really understand the meaning of the user, do a combination of the real situation, this powerful and fast accurate recommendation will let users choose you.

A few days ago

From the treetop to the tip of the tongue respect for business laws, bloom in human feelingsThe most

this article originally from nbnew, reprinted please indicate the source.

is already in a "lemon market" in the environment, how to build a transparent tunnel between producers and consumers, in connection with the natural agronomic planting fruit farmers, people in the pursuit of quality natural life? This is our practice since June 2015. On both sides of the supply and demand, there are about 150 details, "process" need to be revised, confirmed and coupled. Please forgive me for using the word "process", which has been working in the manufacturing industry for 18 years. It is easy for CIO to project past experience in the process of starting a business. Fortunately, it is effective. These processes of mutual connection, support, constitute a light shop operating system, you can light the origin of the operation of thousands of acres of orchards, so that more small and micro brands can be appropriately enlarged by faith, continue to supply.

what is the most suitable method Wangzhuan us? The following 5 types, we analyzed one by one:

Taobao customers also have a simple way to operate, but also a higher threshold approach. The recommended way to Taobao customers can use the Ali Mama, with the first type of toil to promote; can also do their own website, seriously study SEO technology, planning your site’s marketing strategy, insist on a period of time, to bring up the natural, good income.

is the most difficult to adhere to the business development direction, "is not a handout", many problems are limited, but the founder to completely clarify these really is not easy, than to find the bug in dozens of pages of code to be difficult, because even if you can’t find the logical relationship, through the means of art "the problem.

in March 19, 2016, by a new generation of Chinese IT industry alliance to promote the host; CIO era of network host; Beijing University of information technology and information management research center, Peking University CIO class educational administration office Co, Southern China IT to win rings executives plan together, the title of the "UCloud North CIO Chinese – Guangzhou Railway Station" event will be opened in the beautiful Guangzhou curtain! The theme is: the Internet plus and entrepreneurial innovation, inviting the public.

in the mass innovation, entrepreneurship policy, how to catch up with the new wave of entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs concern, "Internet plus" has become the most popular starting point for innovation and entrepreneurship. In innovation and entrepreneurship groups, there are no lack of CIO figure. Today, we tell about a story of entrepreneurs have feelings for you, the master of the story is the founder of Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Suzhou light shop seventh North CIO class of Mr Wang Jiajia, let him to share his entrepreneurial story.

Internet start-ups, start-ups, the internet. A grim reality is that you do business with respect for commercial law? It is in the absence of external investment, self circulation and continued to enlarge and then go on with?. When I and my partner created the Suzhou light store technology, that’s what I thought, but it wasn’t up to my definition.

4, his own shop, his own boss,

, founder of Suzhou light shop, founder of the seventh PKU CIO class, Wang Jiajia

greater uncertainty, when you want to take a nap, quietly, and this is actually the beauty of entrepreneurship.

The advantages of

if you are a hard-working person, if you have no other better way to make money, if you are satisfied with a living; you can choose this way, are generally easy to operate, simple, and very exercise endurance, is a way for beginners can try.

1, coolies

to open his own shop a lot of Taobao, a large number of successful crown stores, earning hundreds of thousands, millions of very much; and many have developed their own brand, the future development potential is infinite. But Taobao is not making a lot of money, and 90% of shopkeepers are struggling at the diamond level. Most of them are still groping for experience in their constant failures, and the champions who have stepped out of the path of success will not publish their key experiences wholeheartedly. The Internet has risks, and investment needs to be cautious,

activities recommend:


if we can find the blue ocean in the market, or the blank market positioning is good, such a web site has great potential for development. There are several difficulties in this way. The first to have the economic vision, find a good market; the second is to establish the website has certain technical requirements, a lot of people on the website of the knowledge is a blank, with high expectations; third is the site of the maintenance workload, this is the main reason most webmasters can insist on down.

2, Taobao

"from the tree top to the mouth": respect for business laws, bloom of human feelings,

is now the choice of most people. Taobao shop is now very hot, in the next twenty years, do not think, he is the most popular industry. From 2010 onwards, Taobao has gradually entered the stage of enterprise shop, there will be a variety of self generated brands grow up on Taobao. These numerous online shop and enterprise, it is the boss of Taobao guest. Help them promote goods and get commission. That is to say, twenty years, we do not have to consider, Taobao customer promotion is a product. And growing up of the vast number of 90 users, is our vast market.

5, help people build websites, or help others do SEO network marketing, this kind of person is a technology for a living. Not suitable for many higher.

3, do your own regular website

Cake shop promotion Bluetooth help

operating cake shop, promotion is the key to help you open the market, open up business opportunities for you to enhance sales! Now the cake shop promotion, promotional methods more, Bluetooth allows you to better, faster and more economical, more effective way to achieve sales promotion! Cake shop promotion, Bluetooth help a lot, let you profit higher!

Daring vanguard

New technologies and new ideas, new breakthroughs in

, "leading wireless market re assembly!

Bluetooth media, as the name suggests, is based on Bluetooth technology based on the effective information transfer to the terminal of mobile phone Bluetooth carrier, relying on China currently powerful mobile phone users, mobile phone media has a variety of forms, now the most innovative, the most striking is the "Bluetooth advertising".

The characteristics of

1, the audience is rich: in China, there are more than three hundred and eighty million mobile phones with Bluetooth function, and the annual growth rate of 30% .

2, accurate arrival rate: Bluetooth advertising interactive marketing and TV stations, newspapers, magazines and other traditional media, more accurate advertising information to consumers, but also be arranged, to refine the different consumers, so that different groups formed in different industries.

3, platform independent: Bluetooth will not be shielded, free from any interference by the telecom operators, each cell phone will become a showcase of your product stage

4, always free: the sender and receiver of Bluetooth information will not produce any cost

5, re marketing: the production of exquisite Bluetooth advertising will be forwarded to the relevant needs of friends and relatives, can play a long-term advertising effectiveness.

6, rich in content: text, video, audio, flash animation, mobile games, JAVA programs, e-books and other

7, word of mouth spread (point to point spread): the number of spread of the impact and the degree of influence is the greatest manifestation of the effectiveness of Bluetooth advertising marketing, Bluetooth interactive marketing at this point reflects the greatest advantage. It is practical, convenient and interactive sharing is unmatched by any other way of advertising

8, the spread of diffusion: compared with other traditional models, Bluetooth advertising interactive marketing in the expansion of the way, can give people a more profound impression, and spread through the spread of sharing and other means.

9, the system can record the daily delivery of   in a timely manner; will form a table for reference, to provide a reference for the next step of marketing strategy adjustment.

reduce your start-up pressure, reduce the resistance of your business, allowing you to better and faster business.

Human resources and social department cancel the series of professional qualifications to reduce the

in order to decentralization, to guide entrepreneurs into all walks of life innovation, the Department issued a notice to cancel a series of occupation qualification, to remove unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation.

issued the original labor security department in 2000 of the "employing skilled workers" (the Ministry of labor and social security provisions of Decree No. sixth, hereinafter referred to as No. 6) regulations 90 to occupation qualification certificate of employment occupation. With the deepening of the reform of the administrative system and the transformation of government functions, the provisions of the State Council does not meet the requirements of the relevant provisions of the administrative examination and approval and clean-up of professional qualifications.

country according to the market changes and the needs of the community to actively promote the occupation reform, stimulate market supervision and elimination mechanism, so as to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and construction. Resolutely strict standards, procedures, will be illegal, non-compliance, unreasonable qualifications to shut out.

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The investment budget and marketing suggestion

retro fashion trend now the most popular fashion notes, especially in accessories, jewelry, it seems that more attention and favor of handmade products, such as the most popular hand embroidered what. So open a handmade jewelry shop is a good investment projects. Here is an analysis of how to open a handmade jewelry store specific situation?

handmade jewelry shop

if you open a handmade embroidery shop, on the one hand to sell their own production of embroidery, on the other hand, you can also open an embroidery club, looking for some simple tricks for girls to learn, collect the appropriate membership dues.

handmade jewelry shop investment budget:

a 20 square meter room, the decoration is noble and elegant, has the thick Chinese cultural atmosphere. Rent and renovation costs should be controlled in less than 30 thousand yuan. 3 good at embroidery workers (to find suitable candidates in some of the poor performance of the silk factory), conditions should have the spirit of innovation, and has good literary accomplishment, so that we can according to different customers design different embroidery, embroidery shop full of taste and value. Start-up funds of about 40 thousand yuan.

handmade jewelry shop marketing recommendations:

1. embroidery varieties not too single, there should be a variety of trees, flowers, and form the myriad people, animal and so on, and is guaranteed with thread stitch traced, a riot of colours reliable quality, quality first;

2. pay attention to after-sales service. For example, the customer for a long time because of embroidery problems, to help them free repair; when I was browsing the shop in the embroidery of the customers, marketers can tell customers how to maintain the embroidery and how to select suitable to the contented embroidery embroidery shop reflected little knowledge, humanity;

3. can open up club activities, etc.. Pottery, knot in the domestic popular model is worth learning.

how to open a handmade jewelry shop, in fact, the specific scope of the jewelry store specific products, such as embroidery, pottery, what is now very hot. The above summary on the opening of a handmade jewelry store simple budget and marketing recommendations, the investment can refer to and in accordance with their actual preferences to make decisions.

Fashionable good project online Entrepreneurship

with the gradual popularization of the network, the network began into people’s life, while Taobao, Jingdong mall network platform operation success, let the people see the charm of the network, the online business became popular business. Below, small series and share with you a few online venture success stories.

Entrepreneurs: Kylie, wain


kylie and Wain are a couple of College students. Last summer, never experienced online shopping Kylie was attracted to try to buy Taobao Taobao two mobile phone sets.

that chance experience into Kylie and Wain in the Taobao store opportunity, because there is no any cost burden, relatively easy to make a decision, after a month of preparation, two store "Kylie and Wain exquisite life Museum * love".

"the day I suddenly realized that we have taken the first step in the Taobao dream! As a shop owner, to some extent, we can be called is a businessman, it has always been our dream." Kylie recalls.

kylie and Wain is a pair of lucky, second days after the shop, we have the first business. Shop to fourth months, we found that more suitable for the main project, because there is a good source of goods." Kylie told the author, to now Kylie and Wain shop has been open for nearly 9 months, through unremitting efforts, they finally became a diamond seller.

kylie and Wain said that as a college student, learning is the most important, but it will not give up serious business in Taobao’s shop. "We shop on Taobao is the starting point of the dream, we will not forget the" Taobao "?? where the dream started!"

two entrepreneurs: the Atlantic giant salamander (salamander)

online shop promising

salamander is friend introduced to Taobao, then just 3110 new year money selling Lenovo printer, try the money in the past. On the third day he received a phone call to confirm the address. Within a week of things to come, have the invoice, and that Taobao experience also let wawayu produced a huge interest in e-commerce


Fujian earthquake on both sides of the Taiwan Strait earthquake was felt

every time I hear news of the two words of the earthquake, I think many of my friends are like small, psychological sense of "click". In the face of natural disasters, human beings are sometimes very helpless, then, Taiwan, the specific details of the earthquake situation is like?

4, 27, 2009, the evening of three, Taiwan County, Hualian earthquake occurred near the earthquake, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other coastal cities felt felt Fujian.

According to

Chinese seismic network officially measured, 27, 23:17 in Taiwan County of Hualian area (24.22 degrees north latitude and 121.71 degrees east longitude) 5.6 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 8 km; only 10 minutes later, the 27 day at 23:27 in Taiwan waters in Hualian county (24.26 degrees north latitude and 121.83 degrees east longitude) 4.9 earthquake occurred, focal the depth of 7 km; 28, 02 19 in Taiwan Hualian county (23.26 degrees north latitude and 121.30 degrees east longitude) 5.2 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 8 km.

, as the distance from the nearest line in Taiwan Province, Fujian City, Xiamen City, the coastal areas of Fuzhou, Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area has felt felt, especially in Taiwan County of Hualian area 27, 23:17 5.6 earthquake was the strongest.

in less than 5 minutes after the earthquake, there are more than a few friends in Fujian Sina micro-blog message, one of the Fuzhou netizen message said, "fish tank water and chandeliers will move."

living in Gulou District of Fuzhou City, Chen He told the China News Agency reporter, because living in the 11 floor, you can feel the slight shaking of the building under the three or four.

a lot of people in Pingtan also said the message was felt obvious. Miss Weng Weng said, I think it is in the jitter, landing network was confirmed to be really an earthquake".

in life, in the face of natural disasters, earthquakes, we are afraid to hear people homeless, innocent people were buried. First of all, we must learn some skills to escape and survive, to cherish their lives, from the beginning of prevention!

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