Delete (Sogou) Sogou search drop-down words and Related words explain the negative information recom


here to fill in the phone number, Sogou will quickly give you feedback messages, to tell the truth in the great search engine processing efficiency is very fast.


1, first in the address box to enter "贵族宝贝sogou贵族宝贝" into the Sogou search interface, then click on the bottom of the "feedback" as follows:


as the negative information of an enterprise will inevitably spread peer or user reputation, especially the popularity of the Internet in the case, the majority of users have increasingly focused on product experience, I also occasionally encountered this problem, related problems never involved in the negative suppression of this field, so the "lost little reptile" started to play their own advantages in the search, finally, hard work pays off, to organize a search engine drop-down word or delete negative information related words recommended strategy, this article introduces the Sogou search (Sogou), the subsequent "lost little reptile" will continue to give you the open. To everyone, every week is expected to.




6, next is the contact, fill in the verification code as shown below:


Note that the best

3, and then according to their own needs to choose corresponding to the delete option, this article mainly recommended for enterprise customers as below:

believe you after trying because of increased skill and excitement, I checked the Internet industry now delete a negative word is expensive, "lost small reptiles" can share the daily operation and maintenance personnel rarely used resources to everyone, but also want big >

2, click to enter the page select the corresponding tab as shown below:




all the information is complete, click the submit button to complete the application, the next step is to witness the miracle of the moment.

4, choice of the type, you fill in the search query, and then click the query button, select you want to delete the negative words (choose according to the keywords multiple choice of the type of frame will recommend the corresponding position as follows:

5, the next step is to fill out the corresponding qualification materials as shown in figure

statement is deleted for business users need to cover the official seal of the enterprise, due to the "lost small Crawler" practice, and soon reached the desired effect, so the friends need to delete the statement template can contact me Oh, I will send you e-mail < /p>

Shanghai dragon fight is the high quality of the original article

What is

is the topic of Shanghai dragon after all is said and done. Then how can the Shanghai dragon to do a good job, Shao Lianhu believe that many of my friends. We want to know in order to put the Shanghai Dragon Well, practice hard, but some Shanghai dragon I feel I have done well enough, why the website is not included effects. Not much, keywords ranking low. If we change the position to think about it, you will understand what is the real Shanghai dragon.

blog this website. I stand in the webmaster position thinking Shanghai Longfeng words is by all means is included, so let keyword ranking rise. Every day the hair of the chain, do not stop nagging some pseudo original. Nothing irritable heart. If I stand in the user’s position see this website article and the other is the website of the same. And see the negative mood like the article. When his good mood, see to leave this site will be very impatient. If I were a user, I hope to see some of the original Shao Lianhu blog in the value of the article or something. Tutorial classes can help you solve some problems or learn some knowledge of the article. Not to idle wandering.


last year this time, Shao Lianhu was able to study with a teacher. In fact, Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon Shao Lianhu in 2010 already know. Just at that time I only know that money, what money for what I do, but I don’t catch a cold. Shanghai dragon in recent years has been to undertake the website construction business now. Want to make money. So the development of the website, Shanghai dragon is I have to study. Because a site of the Shanghai dragon even do not understand really make people joke. Last year I even the title of the site do not know what is with the writing. Every day is to write an article, do the chain one day. Do dozens, nearly 100 chain. The write or pseudo original. Then change the title on the front page of the site can not find it. By all means no remedy. A problem to Shanghai looking for people to help. A little dragon A little learning, practice a little bit, and finally all of their own research, there are problems on the love of Shanghai to find a few ask others. Because of love of Shanghai green > push algorithm

Shanghai dragon road to learn carry over to Buddha

Shanghai Longfeng change thinkingFor example, Shao Lianhu

Shanghai dragon fight is what exactly

Shanghai dragon end spell that? You have asked yourself such a sentence. Some people say, Shanghai dragon fight is included and the chain. There are three tabs say website to set good keyword density is high, to do the anchor text chain. But these are done all of the site’s ranking is not what I want results. The results are very disappointing, our website home page is not found, is the keyword ranking dropped. Ten hours every day we used to do outside the chain, but with little time for the original Shao Lian tiger would like to ask you. We pay so much to get what

What is the

20 days, new station how to get 1000IP, a day was included

Hello, we all want to in Baidu and GG with a good keywords ranking, today I say how fast the keyword ranking to the first page of GG and Baidu, spend less time, update frequency and amount of labor is very small, advocate happy station.


this article is an experience and experience, mainly for some want to the railway station, about 1000 IP in more than 30 days a friend thought and reference, only this, I do stand I have two before planning to consider:

first: the program (code search optimization) and the interface (Design – user experience) should be as concise and beautiful as possible.

second: be sure to be convenient (to yourself – update to be simple – try to implement automatic updates), to the user (browse to facilitate).

now I stop the beauty Show customers every day automatically update 7 articles (remember: quality and quantity), which is to ensure the update frequency of the convenience of their own, so do stand into a happy thing, rather than looking for resources, copy, paste and other boring repetitive work.


: first, make a good name for your website. It’s difficult to start everything. It’s very difficult to make a website head. Do the following two tasks.

secondly: after you’ve done the above, I’ll check it again and again, analyze it from the user’s point of view, and analyze it from the point of view of the search engine. Finally, to remind you to write the above code, please try not to modify, this time to save 3 months.

then, 5 minutes a day for 5 consecutive days, a total of 200-300 articles were collected. The acquisition will see justice related topics at the beginning of this advice, because I am a picture stand, many of the pictures above have their own watermark, how to do this, it is actually very simple, it can be very convenient for you to remove a watermark called "E network database watermarking killing tools", and automatically add a new watermarking, their search.

again: carefully adjust the page page chain, similar to about us, contact us, and all the people stand above the site map of some of these pages, do well, do fine, as far as possible to increase the chain, can be registered in all the blogs, forums, discussion, surging, to leave your mark.

: in addition to carefully adjust the web page template, to control its size below 30K, the picture home all, not all can be identified, such as flash, JS.PIC. and other notes to search, organize column page and content page title, keywords and description, to ensure that they can out of the ordinary in the home uniform under the banner of the site template need concise, user interface design, the design of search engine is the code.

finally: look at your station every day, your words, your user base, your IP, your PV, and pay attention to the construction of PV, in essence, pay attention to the user experience. < >

Over the past year review Webmaster gloomy policy suck

2010 has passed, the new year, for the webmaster concerned, sigh and regrets a lot. But still cannot bear to think of the past year-end summary.

BBS, a special forum site for the record filing, remote camera, the individual is no longer allowed.CN domain name registration and business website must deal with ICP SNS website, ten million registered capital threshold policies so that small owners move difficult, coupled with the recent site verification storm, IP address changes will need to re submit the request, access providers website also needs to re change for, let the webmaster scorched by the flames.

website filing is undoubtedly the heart of the webmaster pain. Because the filing system itself is too rigid and lacks flexibility, it brings a lot of inconvenience and trouble to the operation of the enterprise, and opens new websites. It is impossible to do all the formalities and data in the short run. Regulators will also put pressure on the hosting party, IDC server hosting business is therefore great pressure, because a web site does not match the qualifications of the web site, or a web site with the same server, is also commonplace.

and the final overall impact is that the total number of domain names dropped to 8 million 660 thousand, of which.CN domain name 4 million 350 thousand. The number of sites dropped to 1 million 910 thousand, and.CN to 1 million 130 thousand, accounting for 59.5% of the site. Most of the domestic webmaster will move the server overseas, resulting in the United States virtual host space into a popular choice, while the 440 thousand site disappeared. There are webmaster said, now less and less traffic, and I have three sites, or in wait-and-see, there is no way to do other things on the transition bar.

overseas server hot, this also brings domestic business opportunities for many IDC service providers. The well-known IDC Chinese nets because Gejian Sino US Dallas room with the world’s first American Dallas room, the host virtual machine business in the country ranked first. And therefore continue to be favored by small and medium-sized webmaster. At the same time, the recent launch of many preferential Strike while the iron is hot., for example: 150M America seckill, space, the price spike: 280 yuan; 350M space, the price spike: 444 yuan; the 500M JAVA host, the price spike: 444 yuan.

but at the same time, there are a number of new opportunities, micro-blog’s rapid fashion, micro-blog marketing boom also led to some of the hot web site. Buy site has become a new force in the building site, although in barbaric growth, but also allows the industry to inject fresh blood, showing a vibrant hair scene.

is once again the Internet giant, started the battle for the webmaster. This makes some webmaster flattered. Tencent, Baidu, Taobao, the three giants to kill each trick, to fight for. The Internet giant for them these "small shrimp" and was competing to win, have invited them to join their alliance.

Taobao has long been a strong start, said it will provide 1 billion yuan to 300 small and medium-sized sites. Baidu said in April 2010 that it would increase its support for small and medium-sized websites. Robin Li promised to pay for Canton in 2010

Website Ali mom and GG ban on how to restore

in recent days, were completed on the same site two times by Ali mother and GGAD has blocked and unsealing operation, was sealed in detail here to record and release of the steps, I hope to give you some help, recovery of blocked sites in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary loss of.

of course, there’s a premise that my website doesn’t actually have any intentional cheating,.

first said Ali Mama, I was last year registered the Ali Mama, just started is also big buyers to buy a bag, week 400 dollars (seems to be specific, can not remember), then no to sell advertising, so I put billboards removed during the mom, there are several tests of advertising revenue, which is the billboard hanging out for a few hours or a few hours, then second days to see income, but it is also helpless, after all, compared with GGAD and Baidu, Ali mother on income is relatively low, but because the traffic is relatively high, so there will be suddenly one day tens of thousands of IP traffic, and then a few days without any traffic situation, may be the cause of " not the scope of cooperation in Ali mother in ", the emergence of this tip last year, I did not seriously, After all, I didn’t cheat, but Ali mother’s income is not high, not worth to take, and I was very angry, but was because I didn’t cheat, then angrily, all on the website of the Ali Mama advertising removed entirely. But later want to come in, this is not entirely to blame Ali mother, after all, any anti cheat system can not be a hundred percent accurate, but their flow fluctuation is larger, even if it is also suspected of youqingkeyuan.

until recently, Ali mother launched three packages of services, efforts is really great, I think this is worth to take to earn advertising, he decided to apply for re opened, so I gave mom a call following mail:

Ali mom Hello customer:

my mother Ali login number is: *****

I see my mom account recently, found it impossible to add advertising in, that is " your site is not currently in the range of " cooperation Ali Mama!; I consulted the Ali Wangwang customer service, said may be the reason for the abnormal data, and there should be a mail. I find it and did not find any message. But my site is no cheating.

there are two reasons why I can produce data anomalies:

1. I have tested several times the Ali Mama advertising, each probably less than a day, because the income is far less than the GG and Baidu (I do GG and Baidu for about two years, there has been no cheating, now doing) and then remove the code, because my site traffic is relatively large. "

Reduce accidents occurred in Xining recreational facilities failure emergency drills

4 tourists are sitting on the roller coaster up slowly along the track, suddenly, the roller coaster stopped. Someone exclaimed, "what’s going on, why don’t you move?"" June 30th, Xining people’s Park recreational facilities emergency rescue drill at 15 p.m..

According to the staff,

, said: the fault is a roller coaster ride to the machine to send the chain 15 meters to the accident when the power outage at 20 meters, visitors can not open their own safety valve, trapped in the car. For the safety of tourists, operators to enable emergency plans, with the standby power to open the safety valve, the tourists successfully rescued to the ground."

Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision staff at the end of the exercise, proposed rectification requirements and pointed out that the use of units of the Xining City People’s park recreation facilities: "safety drill is the special equipment to do, want to use equipment units to refine and improve the emergency plan, clear organization and reporting procedures, regularly carry out self drilling. To minimize accidents, emergency rescue work carried out."


Race each other to acclaim for life

common pursuit

this is a season of life.

Qinghai Lake, Huang fish upstream, complete the relay of life.

Qinghai lake, chasing the dream of a group of bicycle athletes, the Olympic "faster, higher, stronger" spirit of sports, to complete the difficult game.

Huang fish, bicycle athletes, with the common belief, enlightenment, interpretation of the meaning of life.

July 8th, the fourteenth session of the army from Qinghai Lake, along with black horse river, Buha River, bird island, Quan Ji River, 185 km trek, finally arrived at the end point of Gangcha.

Gangcha, the hometown of Huang fish. We say that Gangcha is the hometown of Huang fish, because the main river Huangshui fish migrate Buha River, Shaliuhe, Quanji River in Gangcha.

every year since June, upstream Qinghai Lake Huangshui fish along the Buha River, Shaliu River and other rivers, nurturing new life.

Huang fish migration, this is the miracle of life.

Huang fish migratory road is not flat in our imagination. Flocks of Huang fish not only to alert the river waiting for hunting predators, but also take into account the rapids of the river. If you get the upstream of rain water, several days of hard work all in vain. Even so, they are risking their lives to fulfill the sacred mission of the continuation of the population.

year Huang fish migratory season, spectacular swarms of Huang fish Pibozhanlang, up when our eyes are moist. Huang fish to reproduce, to overcome the difficulties, the sacred mission fought, even at the expense of the accomplishment of life, let us admire.

in Qinghai lake, from the world’s five continents, the pursuit of the dream of the more than and 100 cycling athletes, with the way of riding, to complete a different race.

riding in Qinghai lake, on the Huang fish migration story inspired every athletes. Especially for the Qinghai tianyoude team from Qinghai team, the more intense desire.

Huang fish completed the relay of life in a difficult environment, we should take the Huangshui fish as an example, an exciting game for the hometown folks." Before the start of the game, and this is the faith sentence engraved in every heart of Qinghai tianyoude team.

team left Qinghai Lake, their desire to become more intense. Shortly after the start of the game, the Qinghai team Zhang Jinde tianyoude outstanding group in front, then teammate Wu Shengjun leading a large group of 25 seconds.


didn’t win, but never give up the spirit of the game is just.

in fact, including the day tianyoude team, many athletes, with action interpretation of Huang fish never stop fighting spirit.

common contribution<;

What are the working class entrepreneurs misunderstanding

now the scope of entrepreneurs gradually increased, many entrepreneurs are also some of the college students and wage earners, for office workers, they will be how to start it? What are the disadvantages of their business?

venture error 1, many wage earners want to step in to become the enterprise owner, the boss.

venture error 2, blind resigned as a free occupation.

The first

3, more investment mistakes do not blindly think of themselves as entrepreneurs to invest.


5, 60 thousand dollars to do business investment, blind to the money thrown out, want to do investment entrepreneurs, is at best a speculator. No one has 5, 60 thousand to buy stocks to buy rather than sell, which is called stocks. Buy and speculation this is called speculators, not to buy the so-called investment entrepreneurs. Immature, not so much capital, vision is not enough to become investment entrepreneurs. You really have a lot of money to buy a blue chip in there, by the end of this year, the enterprise stock dividend allotment, you feel better than bank deposits. This is called investment entrepreneurs quadrant.

This paper from the whole network (