The website is love Shanghai punish what should analysis

E. keywords ranking drop, but the whole website search traffic without big changes (search engine rank algorithm constantly adjust, all website data are also in the change, the site keywords was up and down, as long as the rate is not very normal mostly);

B.domain is not the first home page;

H. the old content rankings included normal, new content can not only included (crawl log analysis is normal, check the website structure well whether the program bug spider, check whether the normal boiling extraction content);

Analysis of the

G. home page snapshot backwards (refer to the Shanghai official love love Shanghai snapshot, or according to the query condition shows different versions of a snapshot, or for the love of Shanghai draft);

F. home page snapshot stagnant or slow update (the general and punishment has no direct relationship, check the page updates and quality is normal or too weak);

we will love Shanghai punish site was divided into 4 ways: 1. not for punishment; 2. is indeed the 3. penalty punishment; reason and solution; 4. after punishment mentality, for each of the following. the number of results and the index volume greatly increase or decrease (as long as bring traffic effectively included page number unchanged, other changes do not have to worry too much, may be the search engine algorithm changes or convulsions, pay attention to other website);

is a

website is love Shanghai punish what should, for the domestic circle of friends, the operation of hard site is love Shanghai in recent years the punishment seemed It is quite common for already, so a lot of time site traffic, or ranking is included a small amplitude wave, the station will be that the site was punished. In fact, many are just too sensitive to the owners themselves, to introduce the analysis method of website is love Shanghai punishment, let you in the face of punishment is not lack of method.

D. title, description, batch change website, keyword page template by web search rankings and flow of small amplitude change (and some important factors related to the ranking changes, will certainly affect the search results ranking);

website is.

not to punish is not the first home page;

I. without any abnormal operation, to a certain extent the change of search traffic (small changes are a normal phenomenon, not flow down a little rise is punishment, one is right, Shanghai dragon ER does not need to give yourself over gold, do not blindly blame);

as long as the natural search traffic, natural ranking or search engine included changes in the volume is not large, it is not love Shanghai punishment. Not for punishment mainly in the following aspects:


Stability is an important influence on stability of Shanghai gold experience website optimization of

Two, The chain

, a stable web content update

site outside the chain is stable and normal


is one of the main contents of love Shanghai decided according to the website search rankings and the weight, quality of the original or false original content for quick access to love Shanghai favor, let site quickly increase weight and ranking effect. For the website snapshot update, continuously updated every day, especially high quality content particularly, and have a negative impact on the site is bad. I had a personal experience because the updated website content did not last, love Shanghai to reduce the number of web crawling spiders patronize, resulting in more and more low frequency crawling, first stop snapshot update content increase included, while ranking also will continue to back, very big. After I began to pay attention to this problem, a number of pseudo original content, pay attention to daily fixed centralized updates in most of the Shanghai spiders love time, keep the amount of increase law, after a week or so to finally make snapshots, rankings included and gradually improved, so I could not help feeling the love of Shanghai algorithm maybe there is a "stability" rule.

although the love Shanghai algorithm with noble baby than in technology is still not a small gap, but often change plus artificial intervention often makes the owners feel puzzled, for the website snapshot, included and ranking often changes are often hold "passive mentality close to heaven". However, as the Chinese search field of "big brother", love Shanghai determines the main flow of our site to a certain extent, so we can not tolerate the slightest careless treatment, so as a webmaster I often have to study Sony Ericsson touch Shanghai algorithm rules, since the total is small experience, can do "panic" the.

overall, love is not long for Shanghai will separate the algorithm change, over a longer period of time will be adjusted greatly to the algorithm, which often bring obvious effect to the site, which is mainly reflected in the website rankings and included, usually also through the website of the fast light reflected. To do regular station to win customers and to love Shanghai webmaster, I have personal experience in this aspect, it is the site of the stability for the tremendous impact of love Shanghai optimization. The website of "stability" is divided into several aspects, not just a website space or not, today with you on this topic to discuss and share.

site is in addition to content for weight, rankings and included another factor affecting the largest chain, including the site of the Links and released on a variety of platforms of hyperlink resources, this is the love of Shanghai and noble baby such a search engine in the assessment of the influence of the site, the elements of the often give appropriate weight on. As for the condition of the chain to maintain the stability of the principle, one refers to Links, friends of the chain in order to maintain a stable growth, after reaching a certain amount is not restricted to expansion, or on the website of the benefits of the small, in addition to concern a chain are included and fast >

The congregation raised the king of Dallas electric all raised 81 million 760 thousand new high amou

core: services around target female population

in Beijing 798 "Dream Castle" see God carved, he was wearing a dark shirt, wearing black rimmed glasses, without a big boss shelf, comes to his project is to talk rapidly. From God carved entrepreneurial experience, as early as 10 years ago, he opened the Malan beauty shop, and earn a pot of gold; 2006, Meng wake up AFU soon AFU oil has become Taobao sales in the first oil brand. After that, there is a small number of entrepreneurship around women. "A lot of people say I’m good at marketing, and I don’t deny it, but what we do is not only through marketing".

according to the previous agreement, the 13434 people purchased Dallas electric M1 will be free access to the value of 748 yuan to raise public package, including: the body with the same color of the 14L large capacity storage box, the vehicle lost pay Paul butter. To ensure the user’s driving pleasure at the same time, to solve the demand for storage space and the loss of vehicle worries.

carved ye think, nail is difficult to like 3C, digital products such as standardization, therefore, the management of nail artist is a key link can do well. To this end, the beaver family Manicure division to undergo a rigorous training in pre assessment after the appointment; if the violation of the relevant provisions, the first Manicure Division I will be punished, will undergo further investigation, to determine whether there is a similar situation to other Manicure division.

, the Mavericks electric M1 online sales reached 18996 units, of which M1 Youth Edition 3497, M1 City Edition 9070, M1 power version 5096, M1 top distribution version 1333. Participation in raising the total number of 96723 people, non orders, only support amount to 87830 yuan. After the successful completion of all chips, 40 days, Dallas Electric will begin shipping, which means that the Mavericks electric "butter" will reach 70 thousand passengers, and all sales are from the line.

, in his opinion, his team do best is the middle class women’s business, Manicure not only conforms to this position, but also has high requirements on the quality of service, "this is not a simple technology, hard work, there is the beauty and quality inside".

Mavericks electric this time to defend again is by no means accidental. According to incomplete statistics, in April 21st, the Mavericks electric M1 series new conference attracted the attention of millions of consumers, only in the NetEase, Sina, Iqiyi and other more than 10 live media, there are millions of users to watch Dallas electric M1 release of live, the test and evaluation of burst test, and the media continue to focus on the progress of the plan to ensure all the products, Dallas electric M1 the congregation raised the perfect ending. The products, Dallas electric focus on solving the blocking, crowded, dirty, chaotic contemporary urban life and other travel pain points, to create the most correct travel tool for city travel, its simple manipulation, high power, strong endurance and fashion design won high praise of consumers.

May 17, 2016 at 10 in the morning, cattle electric technology announced that the Mavericks electric M1 on the Jingdong raised all the chips, the total amount raised 817 billion 668 million 340 thousand yuan.

according to reports, in September, the beaver losses about 8000000 losses in October expanded to 10 million. According to the prediction of God carved, future home > Beaver

in the construction of the model, ye ye insisted that the collection does not charge the nail division, and at this stage do not consider making money and profits. In order to do a beaver, God carved in 2013 to start the project, they took thousands of million yuan as an angel round of funding; in August this year, the beaver has been the introduction of new investors, the market valuation reached 1 billion yuan.

DoNews December 15th news reporter Zhang Lin Internet marketing Daniel, oil king, from the founder of the AFU brand to get involved in catering, Manicure launched carved sirloin and beavers in the home, the Internet and business circles, God carved Meng wake continue to be sought after and myth. In the face of these lively voice, God carved said, "at the time I have been concerned about how others evaluate, in fact I do so many things, is a thing about middle-class women to carry out service".

M1 is more close to the user as Dallas electric a product, reducing people happy trip, known as urban life and fashion cool. And since last year’s conference, Niu electric technology has spent nearly a year to develop and perfect itself, we can see that the road will often appear small >

the Dallas M1 series electric Jingdong raised again to refresh the record, as the history of the highest amount of Chinese to raise public projects, and beyond the refresh last June Dallas electric N1 series of creative 7200 peoples to raise record, become Chinese history in the first two consecutive times to break the record companies to raise public.

electric M1 Jingdong to raise public Dallas Morning of April 27th at the beginning of 10, reaching 5 million yuan can be successful, but only 9 minutes and 50 seconds to reach the public to raise the target; 34 minutes will raise the amount of 10 million; in May 15th, the congregation raised the amount of over 72 million yuan, create a new congregation record; May 17th, to 81 million 760 thousand yuan final results perfect ending.

from AFU oil, God carved sirloin, Xue Pan skewers the beaver now, God carved has 9 entrepreneurial projects. After the success of AFU and other brands, why do these? God carved quotes Lei Jun’s words to explain: "when this great opportunity comes, I can lose, but I have to do". The great opportunity here refers to the popularity of smart phones and the gradual maturity of mobile payment.



The simpler the site, the more successful

has always had a dream, hoping to create a dynamic career with your own ideas. Remember this before, to do a few minor is a very strange thing. For example, just graduated that, with a friend to put a carpet on the streets, take a piece of paper to write "how could mobile phone number, passers-by told me his mobile phone number, and then I made a homonym with it mobile phone number’s good words to remember, such as 5649335 (I think boring). For the first time, the tension was self-evident. Toss about one afternoon, also be "empty handed White Wolf", earned 8 dollars. The first dollar coin still remains. Later, the model was found to be too difficult to implement because it was not that all combinations of numbers could think of homophonic words. So I finally gave up.

did not take long to think of the current people living in a fast developing era. In order to live, everyone is tired of running around, and there is a lack of proper communication and communication between people. In life, work, emotional aspects, there must be a lot of emotional backlog. And these are sometimes inconvenient to say to friends and colleagues, "can I provide a place for everyone to vent?". So the Internet toilet was founded". The so-called "network toilet" is actually a place for venting. I set up a lot of featured forums in the forum. Such as "foul art", "once", "inferiority", "jealousy"". At that time, to know what to do is also a bit of fur, do not know to promote, but do not know what profit model, so slowly, they have no incentive to continue to do it. But I did not expect is that the vent will be used when many with the dirty words. And these keywords finally let the server provider not hesitate to shut my space. Now want to come to such a community, or should have his presence. If any of my friends is interested, please let me know. QQ:26047314 well, as far as technical problems are concerned, there are always ways to solve them.


is the next day while working on the way, also often appears some of all sorts of strange things. Men and women, for example". The forum is divided into about two pieces, while on behalf of men, while on behalf of women, to give a topic for them to discuss here. Because men and women will argue the topic, but also in these opposing topics, men always stand on the men’s side, on the contrary, women will help women to speak, I think you will be able to attract many people to discuss the. I also have a lot of creative details here, and I think I’ll do it one day when the opportunity comes.

can say, before my creativity more is to stay in the idea above, not really go all out to carry out. I think I’m too eager for myself. I always think that if you have a good idea, you’ll get rich day by day. Until one day, I saw a book on Internet marketing. Which talked about many of the webmaster through emails and the success of the story, did not see this book before, like a mass email so stupid I was definitely despised. But when I finish reading, I >

WiFi master key sharing how do you make 6 million WeChat fans stay


WiFi master key, the WeChat public number, broke through 6 million fans in just 6 months. How come these 6 million fans, and how to retain, is now sharing the operation of dry goods.

how to turn users into public number fans

WeChat public number fans are proving difficult to grow. Some famous products WeChat operators face the boss’s question is quite helpless: "we have so many users, why WeChat fans only so few,


yes, the existing user is the most important source of WeChat fans, even if you only have 1 million users, but as long as the method is appropriate, can be converted into 10 thousand days live fans, it has great commercial value. Then the master key has 5 hundred million users, 6 months for 6 million fans, is how to do it? WiFi manneungyulsoi only a 90 beauty operator key key, through her own personal experience, about how to get 6 million fans, and how to retain these fans.

1, the product itself is the reason why users pay attention to you.

WeChat operates a lot of tricks, just as in restaurants, in order to get free Internet services, to send a small fish, or to send a variety of small gifts to attract guests attention. Is it effective? There must be some people concerned, but the proportion is definitely not high.

WiFi master key operator said, you must realize that users like your product, small fish, everyone can send, only your product characteristics are others can not provide.

The reason for the

WiFi master’s daily growth of hundreds of thousands of fans comes from several big activities based on the product itself. For example, before the release of the 3 beta activity, each user must be using WeChat to receive the activation code, advance in order to test 3.0. this one brings the users focus on more than 2 million people. The smart key team picked out a loyal group of users, helping 3 find out a lot of bug and perfect the product.

, for example, when a master key provides ChinaNet free internet access, users need access to activation code through WeChat to unlock this feature.

The advantage of

is that users can first use the latest version of the original free internet access, but also become a product supervisor, made a direct view. However, there is a certain amount of activation code release, such as every morning, evening, a fixed time, each release hundreds of activation code, and then remind you to quickly receive, the effect is very good.

2. reduces the threshold for product users to focus on the WeChat public number of products

many people find it easy to focus on WeChat fans, so many people ignore the least visible but the most important thing. Earlier, the key saw more than once fans concerned with the public key of the WiFi master key, complaining that it was difficult for them to focus on success. Tanzania.

The current survey of Chinese College Students Entrepreneurship unprecedented enthusiasm for Entrepr

for the latest batch of college graduates in 2015 launched a comprehensive business survey to understand the current situation of college students entrepreneurship. The report shows that the current college students in the eastern part of the love of Western love technology catering.

75 directly under the Ministry of Education recently announced the 2015 college graduates employment quality report (hereinafter referred to as "report"). Among them, the majority of colleges and universities have announced their own school graduates in 2015 to start their own business. Chinese Youth Daily reporter found the following conclusions: through combing the Eastern University Entrepreneurship and a higher proportion of the industry is slightly different, education, information technology, cultural and creative entrepreneurship is the main field of college students, most college entrepreneurship guidance curriculum is becoming mature.

Xu Bohan, executive director of the Entrepreneurship Education Center

Small series of proposals to female entrepreneurs

in recent years, in the army of entrepreneurship, we found that more and more female entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs have their unique advantages, entrepreneurial success examples abound. So what do women entrepreneurs need to pay attention to? Here are ten tips for female entrepreneurs.

1, do not start to set their own position is very high, it is necessary to slowly. For example, to open a small commodity store, store location, the items are in line with the tastes of the market, it is not difficult to make money. Of course, the premise is that you have to have that vision.

2, silver is never out of date, and its texture with all types of clothes are very match, there is a huge market potential.

3, a unique aesthetic and design concept is an important basis for the operation of silver shop, which is related to personal talent, sharp business sense of the fundamental success.

4, although a small cost of investment, but still want to establish investment risk awareness. For example, do not think that the store is not much investment, open a store may be enough to fifty thousand, to know that this is only the initial investment, but also need to continue to invest in the future, the key is the rent expensive. Of course, small shops will have a large income, depending on the organic composition of capital, depending on the profit margin, not just look at the size of.

5, many women have entrepreneurial dreams, but it just did some investigation, sort out some information, and then to the lack of like-minded partners, lack of funds, lack of energy, lack of experience and a variety of reasons and died. Success, in the continuous passion.

6, the most important thing is to have a woman entrepreneurship. For example, if you are the 50 thousand pieces for travel, you can also put it into a way of business, you can take pictures, write blogs, and then sold to the fashion magazine for travel money, you can also discover the local specialty or nice clothes and jewelry, and then open a shop on ebay.

7, success consciousness. Entrepreneurial success, first of all depends on the desire to succeed, which is the talent and success should have the prerequisites and the inherent quality, is the so-called do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier".

8, do not think they will buy things will sell things! You’ll find it’s not the same thing.

9, even if you have money, but if you do not have the energy to do it yourself, or do not invest well, especially do not understand the industry.

10, can be a professional consultant for their own diagnosis, clear their entrepreneurial interest, entrepreneurial ability and their personality characteristics, which is conducive to the choice of their own entrepreneurial path.

School entrepreneur experience summary away from school to start a business

college students should not start a business? At present, the mainstream views of the community does not recommend students to drop out of business, but with the deregulation of the policy, there will still be a lot of people choose to leave school and start their own business. Next let us listen to the entrepreneurial experience of College entrepreneurs Fu Xiaolong.

back in time to July 1, 2013, you can still clearly remember the counselor after dinner to find my bedroom ablaze with anger, it is a series of questions   "management had not? Have you ever studied finance? What do not understand, why do you start? Do you think the little things you do now can be used to start a business?" I do not know where the courage and confidence, anyway, I blurted out, I must start, I will get the summer investment". That night, I made a decision that could have affected my life.

2014 year, finally there are two investment institutions and we are entering the final stage of negotiations, after repeated discussions, we chose Jiayuan as investors.

Second, entrepreneurship must be far away from the school, most early entrepreneurs can solve some problems through the school’s resources, but when the company entered a rapid development period, excessive dependence on the resources of the school will influence the development speed. This dependence is mainly manifested in the "person", the most prone to the phenomenon of the entrepreneurial team is the team members of college students are all college students, so it can save money, but the problem of college students, one is the working time is not controllable, not really into the two is the lack of practical experience, the unit efficiency than the professional personnel will lead to low, the two together after the company’s growth rate by at least three or four times.

by predecessors recommended

Secret tea shop to make money tips

now society, tea as a fashionable drink, can be said to have suffered a lot of young people love, at the same time, in the process of shopping a lot of people will come to a cup of tea, then stores what money trick?

to find a piece of Feng Shui, the tea shop is half success. Site should take into account the flow of people, consumer groups positioning matching, rent and other issues. What are the priorities? Like shopping malls, college, young people more residential area, district business office, tourism, transportation hub area etc.. Choose the right location, open milk tea shop to earn money to get the maximum profit.

tea tips three:

service shop to make money

The main reason why


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Our feelings brother is Zheng brother inspirational Entrepreneurship

Zhengzhou University a "brother feelings" in snowy night night singing, bring them warmth. Playing in the evening of the campus, seems to be a very lonely thing, in fact, the feelings can not. He was brother, through business earned 2 suites 3 cars in three years.


11 23, Zhengzhou ushered in the first snow this winter, the minimum temperature dropped to minus 2 degrees, the night, the new campus of Zhengzhou University Houde Avenue intersection, a boy holding a guitar, attracted many students listen. "So sentimental song, listen to the whole people warm!" Student Sun Lijin recorded this scene with a cell phone.

this winter is the senior song with

together to see the snowThe

"an umbrella can not cover all of his shoulders, arms are covered with snow, the feeling so that this winter is not cold." Micro-blog, a student made a picture of Yiren and snowy night pictures, many students comments forwarded.

@fireorflyer: This is the University, you will never forget the good memories.

@ Xiangyang one fool: after graduation, leave, love.

@zzu small Qi son: this winter there are seniors singing together to see the snow.

@ sang static: sing time, sing the youth.

I said I

@ Liu Binyu: this feeling let snow is more beautiful, the feeling that we don’t fear the cold. As a senior Yiren point a praise, heard playing behind the fingers are not perception, but a song. Good warm!

"is the spur of the moment, think of snow is a particularly romantic moment, should share with you, thank you very much for students in the snow to accompany me, listen to me sing." The snowy night singing sparked heated debate on micro-blog, Zhang Yiren someaccidents.

12 months, Zheng He is going back to a livehouse shop, providing live music and providing free musical instrument teaching for each activity. This store is not profitable, I just want a more intense atmosphere of music to his alma mater, providing a place for love to dream together music alumni."