Google Panda officially launched the transformation of Shanghai dragon algorithm workers need to do

Panda algorithm

1, to improve the quality of the contents of

Google earlier this year, also launched a "page layout algorithm", not much lower quality content website ranking, this algorithm is for the April algorithm to pave the way for the garbage behind the website ranking algorithm to update us more for Shanghai Longfeng workers, formal and can continue to make the user experience the Shanghai dragon skills to give more support to only know the punishment from the web search engine optimization method and user access. But we said regular Shanghai dragon white hat Shanghai dragon, but how to do search engine optimization guide, which are talking about is very shallow, the specific operation is not a definite standard, but each algorithm revolves around a concept: to provide high quality search results for search engines, to provide a good search experience for the user. This is the essence of the white hat Shanghai dragon.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Panda algorithm in March when Google will pass the time I wrote raise a Babel of criticism of, an article "Google Panda algorithm to update the webmaster how to deal with the" presents itself for the Google Panda algorithm to understand and some simple advice, Panda algorithm in April 24th Google officially launched, which focuses on the need to be prepared in Shanghai white dragon do not use for search engines, vulnerability of the black hat Shanghai dragon, provide high value of rich content and user experience for the users, improve the quality and usability of the website, and make the website more attractive, more marketing. Of course, this algorithm update is mainly for an algorithm to adjust the spam sites, the purpose is to reduce the waste site, and to better recommend high quality content, to create a good user search experience.

page has been provided, but the real valued friend is not much, because we are concerned about some process means or methods, but did not analyze why to use this method, and a target with this method can achieve the task, as a result, we can do is to complete the task. For example, we all know that a website needs to know the original, the original is the best way to improve the quality of website content, but maybe there are some people in the original, but not many friends can really do the best with the original Shanghai dragon.

is Google web users click stream (Clickstream), the content of the page (page content) (link profiles) and link of the combination of the three calculation, this algorithm is that as long as the high quality website will outstanding performance in these three aspects, and in order to do this three outstanding performance the inevitable, we need to use more time to improve the quality of the site, and in the process of Shanghai white dragon is the most effective tool. How do you look at some specific ideas below me, perhaps to help you:

is a classic.

websiteThe quality of the

A knife the replacement of three website domain name note

301 redirect

search engine updates on new domain name included, rankings, flow. In general, after the 301 from the old domain to the new domain name, 1 months later, the new domain name will gradually get some weight transferred from the old domain. But note that each site work time is not the same. May the more important site, faster onset time. In other words, if an ordinary general website, website, if you are not frequent crawling. It’s hard to say, the new domain name will soon switch over.

linksThe internal links section at the

because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also try to let you webmaster friends can read everything I say, and the center of. The knife also hope to know more and more senior practitioners of the new Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon optimization group: 68204508. Author: knife article by foreign investment transactions (贵族宝贝tianxiafx贵族宝贝/forum.php) network, the first A5.

for domain name change, more is waiting for the search engine response, search engine optimization can do more than just update links, to speed up the search engine response speed. You can see the "Zac search engine optimization every day in the latest" domain name, can replace the domain name search engine optimization master Zac understanding after a process of search engine response.


domain name is the Internet in the world each website name, from the perspective of corporate brand is reflected on the Internet value. From the perspective of search engine optimization, all search engine optimization strategy is to let the domain to enhance the value of all the contents of all traffic, all users of this website are recognized in the construction of the domain name.

observationThe observation of

2, the replacement of


domain name replacement, do 301 redirect is inevitable, must want to do one thing, and that is the most important thing. The weight of 301, can the original domain traffic ranking can be transferred to a new domain. The first 301 redirect is to tell the search engine, the original site has changed, the new domain name is to replace old domain name.

site if you are using the absolute path, recommend replacing a link path of the new domain name, and external links is also possible to contact each other website, let the other link on the site for a new domain name. The benefits of doing so can reduce the weight of 301 transfer process, also can speed up the search engine for the new domain name updates.

from the site of the optimization, if not necessary in general will not choose to replace the domain name, of course, if you have to replace the domain name you need to search engine optimization scheme considering what


Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools

message reminder: the abnormal situation through this function can detect the site. When we set the contact site, if abnormal, love Shanghai webmaster tools will be the first time to send a message, we can modify the query according to this message.

What is love Shanghai

site management: can the website authentication through downloading files, add code, dns. Through the authentication let love Shanghai to better capture of the website, and through the application of other tools to achieve certification.

URL: submit this tool with search engine submission entrance before the same function, simple to understand: the website URL submitted to love Shanghai, love Shanghai after receiving the message, crawl included.

love Shanghai

love the sea index: This tool is to reflect the website how many orders of magnitude to be selected, but the content is not directly capture, but the content of the candidate. Love Shanghai also provides update time for us: in a day to a week before, according to the actual situation of site index.

structured data: This tool is the entrance of love Shanghai rapid introduction of structured data. For the quality of the data resources, can be used for indexing, sorting, the show and other sectors, and to improve the index of structured abstract style show to the user. This tool should be used to take the initiative to invite Shanghai love in the form of opening. Due to the station for receiving the invitation, so temporarily unknown real effect. Love in Shanghai should be invited, the online stage, when the real use, will gradually relax the scope of application.

Sitemap submitted: we will submit the site map Sitemap to make good love Shanghai, love this, Shanghai can be the first time for grasping, is conducive to the website.

webmaster tools? We love Shanghai Webmaster Tools page description tag can roughly understand: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Chinese is the world’s largest platform official website administrator. Shanghai Longfeng optimization recommendations, webmaster tools and authority data released, work together to build a green station algorithm search ecosystem.

website: This tool is for website launched. This can reduce the website because revision and reduce the occurrence of the chain included, etc.. For the revision of the website, this function is not an artifact.

chain submission tool: This tool is the website chain, not to say, is similar to the 404 page links list file can be similar to Sitemap, the love of Shanghai also provides a help document, you can refer to this document to make.

structured data plug-in: love Shanghai now only for WordPress and Discuz! Exit two plug-in, the two applications that use friend benefits, this plugin can enhance the application and the user clicks on the rate can also automatically push Sitemap and speed up the collection.

Webmaster Tools what function?

Following the overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon teams see the true face of Shanghai Dragon

second, buy a lot of negative connection is because someone can do on the rankings, but please similar to your Shanghai Longfeng agency or company not to mislead the novice, from all walks of life in Shanghai dragon means are different, so buy a large number of connections just for your personal thoughts or what you think is love Shanghai search engine rules. Love is not the people of Shanghai machine. If you do not bid keyword promotion, there is no manual intervention, and you think that love will keep an eye on your site in Shanghai every day to see if you have the chain? Found outside the chain to see Google’s link value. The chain is really in love will not affect the site ranking of Shanghai, the chain of query results and love Shanghai, are included in other pages in your site links, so that is the chain. The chain and Links buy can not pass. If you think that people are buying links IQ problems, then I want to ask you, why do people a day income tens of thousands, and your income is not up to it, reflect on their. The chain of investment is venture investment, is not useless.

third, if you want to say, not so much money, please ask a Shanghai Phoenix or Shanghai dragon team to optimize a website for a year how much money? Any merchant or boss.

first, you said not to be able to do single page website home page. I can do this for example, any search results is less than ten thousand, less than 20 of the Shanghai love index index, as long as there is a single page keyword to the second, and the first row. The single page does not affect the user experience, any single page can create reputation and benefit, just the way you are narrow, so you go wide you can see. Once a crazy legend, SP and so on, I believe that these old Shanghai dragon can contact er. The National People’s Congress single page daily income of more than hundreds of thousands of people in. Perhaps you will say that this is the edge or grey areas. Then I’ll give you mention, Amway and the United States some necessities or Taobao, are single page. The site without core, there is still profit. If you do stand still rely on love Shanghai or other search engines, then you will fail. The user experience is not empty, not only ranked user experience. Depending on the search engine users click to enter, you can really remember domain name not be more than thirty percent people also believe that if you do experience is to cater to the search engine, then you should think about how to do the station just cater to the user, for the user to read, but do not look to the search engines. The user that single page value, it is valuable, you made 163 as the portal, no one or no one. Experience is that whether the user demand, rather than the rankings.

before an article has been a lot of controversy, but also hurt many so-called Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training heart. Since some people to distinguish, I am not vague, you will have to explain why, it is really sad. The original article: an overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon team, Shanghai dragon company, Shanghai dragon worker article against defense

How do you know the domain name is registered or K.

for the domain name ever been K problem. He is not the first confirmed previously been registered, if it is registered to be careful of course. Query a domain name is K, is the general method of inquiry of the chain:

? The first step of

special chain optimization:


then you can judge, if the first step is to record, second steps are also recorded, can be assured of domain name registration; if the first step has no record of second records, the domain name is K a great possibility.

The secondsWebsite optimization

. Once registered to a domain name is K, but an obstacle to the search engine optimization later! Because the search engine may be included on your website or refused to for a long time of the observation period,

so how do you know if a domain name is registered? Is very simple, as long as the domain name query whois.domaintools贵族宝贝 query domain name registration information, you can know. Can also go to the love station network

sometimes accidentally registered a K web site, it is not the site can not be used? It is not certain, as long as you can re submit the URL, careful management,

timely update the content, slowly will reply to your site search engine friendly.

of the website operation can not be ignored.

is registered but not what, but if K had been that it is necessary to pay attention to. The domain name registration is a lot to pay attention to place, one of the most important of course is to see if it has not been the love of Shanghai, Google and other search engines K

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: !

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

second "domain: domain name is input on the navigation bar.

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

directly enter the URL to view, whether the weight information information outside the chain can determine a look.

"site: the domain name", is in the input " navigation bar; site: domain name " see if there is a record of

; optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

finally settle on a domain, but how do I know if domain name is registered or K

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

website right down topics:

The way to find shlf1314 key words in EnglishDomestic App users willingness to pay is too low, devel

, the iOS’s top 10 publisher, has contributed only 1.53% of its revenue, even the world’s largest iOS developer in China is hard to generate revenue.

of the iOS market, Chinese APP downloads ranking second in the world, but the income only ranks eighth in the world, the average income China downloads only $0.03, $0.28 is the user of 1/10, or even only half of vietnam.

July 6th, the United States well-known mobile monitoring data App Annie at the mobile Internet Innovation Conference released this group of data, opened the reality and helplessness of the China Mobile Internet industry.


today I want to share some secrets I with you to quickly find the highest paid keywords. In addition, I want to share with you some of the emerging market, you can build your own website

, however, Wang Hua is optimistic about the growth prospects of iOS games. "Domestic players have been taught many times about previous web games and client games, and the users are very good at it, and now they seem to be overseas."

this means that users can only pay 6 yuan, 12 yuan, these are usually less accustomed to the amount, and 1 yuan, 10 yuan this figure is the domestic users are more accustomed to.

: it’s difficult for developers to get revenue from home. In the first quarter, 90% of China’s ten largest developers have come from overseas." "The best developers in China have realized that the market is not in the country, but in the world," said Yu Junde. "They only see China as part of the world, focus on China, not focus on China."."

China’s ten largest developer, 90% revenue from overseas

1. One of the fastest, the easiest way is to find high keywords froogle.shlf1314/. The following is the search box, you will see a list of keywords. This is a few items on the list, a recent search and mediocre. This is often the name of the product, has the very high key words bid. In order to find the answer, just go to pixelfast/overture/ to start plugging in some key words, look at how many people vote them. You will find some keywords, in about 1 – 2 dollars, or even longer. So, when you want to find some additional statements, give you a completely new set of keyword research simple news F5 9100 pages and froogle

tactical keywords.


App Annie also disclosed for the first time Chinese iOS income ranked the top 10 distributors, all of them are engaged in game development companies, namely LV1, HappyLatte, Burson Marsteller interactive, Pinldea, Haypi, all games, games, Tap4Fun, Hu Levin iFree Studio and rock interaction.

2. EBay is a great place to find untapped markets. They literally

keywords. This is a list of tens of thousands of highly popular language

the keyword, you will be taken to a page will give you the

look you find another way to find the mouth eBay is going to
keyword-index.ebay/a-1-77.html. This database will give you a more keywords >

Asia Pacific iOS average downloads revenue

China’s ten largest App developer, Sina Technology, Zhang Nan micro-blog,

shlf1314 Adsense is a good way to create additional income. However, the key is to shlf1314 shlf1314 Adsense you find a high price for this keyword keyword, create web content


, on the other hand, is a booming mobile Internet industry, with a small amount of revenue on one side. "Many domestic developers know that the willingness of Chinese users to pay is very low, so they simply make it free and rely on advertising to generate revenue." App Annie business director Yu Junde said.

Innovation workshop founding partner Wang Hua analysis said that the domestic iOS game fees difficult to do is subject to Apple’s billing settings. According to Apple’s request, the minimum amount paid per time is $0.99 or $6, while the minimum growth gradient is $0.99.

On the development of personal websites from the perspective of oldcp growth

The earliest prototype of


at the end of 2004, a friend of my cousin, want to do a second-hand computer website, because I was in school before the web design, have done the business website, there was also done a regional business network, so it will be the task of cousin to me, let me finish the domain name! We use (cousin is a friend to register) did not seem to give money, space is our money to buy, when to make money this is also not what concept, just want to be able to make a satisfactory


production after a period of time, Shenzhen second-hand computer network launched in 2005 officially launched the new year’s day, test no problem, immediately contact the cousin friend, was told that he has no plans to do this, it is not the website! It sounds very depressed, but there is no way! (henceforth, to the customer do I have to deposit, ^-^^-^) since I have my own web site, let the emerge of itself and perish of itself I have not graduated! At that time, when this website is an internship in Shenzhen after the Spring Festival, and to continue to learn! For a long time did not see how this website, when one day occasionally read about browsing statistics, IP day three hundred or four hundred! During this period, I have another business network, business network at the time of the input energy is far more than the second-hand computer network, But one day IP was less than one hundred (explain, I do is a small area of the business network, the network coverage is itself very low)! Then I saw the second-hand computer network prospects! Basically input business net energy transferred to second-hand computer online! So carefully to improve the management, IP gradually rose to about one thousand from four hundred and ten days of


domain name storm

July 2005, school has been officially completed, with a great passion once again came to Shenzhen, due to the rapid development of the site, there have been some businesses actively looking for me to do the advertisement, the advertisement cost is very low, a maximum of only eight hundred dollars! In six months time, a dozen advertising all the rental was finished! Very excited, because the site is mainly because of interest, did not want to make money! In this period also met many webmaster friends, long after the exchange of a lot of experience, ownership of one of the most important things during this period is the domain name


when applying for the domain name registrar, for certain interests, will be the owner of the domain name as their company (referred to as the time for these do not understand, so the registration time, we did not care, according to the normal situation, when you register a domain name registration, the business will take the initiative to remind you of ownership, ownership) do platform domain is a part of the value of the site, no ownership of the domain name, even if successful, still others! So we negotiate with the company, its owner will agree to our name! In order to cooperate with the Registrar, the company according to the certificate and copy of business license and submitted to be a copy of the ID >

How to make community website live, new home do community promotion a few misunderstandings

nail website, pet supplies website, community service website…… With the socialization of Internet marketing become mainstream, many webmasters increasingly pay attention to the development of local resources, the site construction vision to localization, community. The U.S. group, public comment, Baidu rice network, is located in the local community, since the Internet giants are the value of this field, then sitting on the local advantages of the owners, the community area is subdivided, the formation of brand reputation, will bring good returns for the website.


however, many owners have this kind of idea, but not to implement it, the reason is very simple, to the development of the Internet today, almost every industry has someone doing, for later say, has lost the advantage and First impressions are strongest, group purchase website with O2O as the core, can see their push the figure in almost every corner of the city, some of the local service industry cooperation and love the web site, and users will love to browse in the web site, which will undoubtedly make the webmaster shilly-shally. In fact, if you hold the fear the wolf in front and the mentality to do community website, it is difficult to make a site with improvement, so, face some misunderstanding community website promotion, how to solve the webmaster


started late, it doesn’t matter, to find opponent weakness,


community is the most densely populated area, especially in the two or three tier cities. The community has increased dramatically, while the related facilities have not been improved. If we see business opportunities, we should act immediately. Of course, in this brainstorming network era, there will always be people in front of us, our eyes do not just look at those networks to promote cattle, after all, such people are few. Many people see business opportunities to the business, if not properly means, not persist, also failed.

the Internet is an opportunity, and the times create heroes. For example, in the new community as an example, most of them are young people, the catering industry, the entertainment industry is relatively developed, and after a few years, these young people gradually entered middle age, then, related industry, and other industries will be pregnant baby nursery market, if the development of twenty years, so the demand will change if you do, direct service to the elderly website in a new community, estimates very difficult to pick up, however, insist to do, it may not succeed. The key is to grasp the pain points and needs of the community, even if the opponent to do, they may not be large, including the U.S. group, public comment, glutinous rice nets of these sites, there are also disadvantages, will receive weaknesses into strengths, which is based on the fundamental.

site on-line, but also promoted, and I did not imagine the perfect

this is also a common misunderstanding of community websites for novices. We do not deny the mentality of eager for quick success and instant benefit. No casual success, Tencent in the bottleneck of the development of a little bit one million selling point, and Ma Yun when doing Alibaba, also once frustrated from Beijing back to Hangzhou…… And many beginners see others

The five step, easy to do website data analysis and collection work

website and product operation can not talk without foundation, on paper, to use real data to speak. If we have a hand in our needs perfect data words, that for us in the promotion, will have the goal, targeted to save a lot of work, also can let us know very well the competitors, to achieve a mutant, control the overall objective. Great oaks from little acorns grow., then the perfect data analysis is established on the basis of the data, analyze the data only in the basis of enough, to get a more accurate and convincing data analysis report. This shows the importance of data collection.

data collection is a tedious process, but if we have a hand in our needs perfect data words, that for us in the promotion, will have the goal, targeted to save a lot of work, that today with the Xiaofang five easy steps to fix the website data analysis of mobile phone, hoping to help the new friends.

1, take advantage of the navigation station

like hao123, these 360 navigation station are partition included are some relatively famous forum website, this will give us a good resource, we can find many things we need to through their website, but the drawback is that the navigation station is too slow to update, there will be a lot of data changes.

2, search engine advanced instruction (inurl:)

allows us to quickly find some high weight website, through a number of high-level instructions such as inurl instructions: this will give us a great help, Baidu, Google will support the instruction, we can use the keywords: +inurl: + we want to type, such as BBS, gov and so on. For example, if I want to search for a gourmet forum, we can use "gourmet inurl: BBS" at this time to return to a forum containing gourmet food in the title, as shown in the following picture:


3, spider search,

we hand inside to find some to meet the requirements of the site, and then from their Links again seek to meet the requirements of the information on this site, but chain such as gold era, many websites to link requirements are very high, so we can find some we need again web site. This step can be reused. See the anatomy below:


4, site alliance

many industry stations, will have their own union station group, if we can find their own needs associated with the union station group, it also provides a good direction for our collection.


Let venture investors immediately earn the first gold

venture for many investors, the market has a lot of good business options. But entrepreneurial project is good, how to get the first pot of gold in their lives is very important. How to earn first pot of gold?

"to start, first of all to the analysis of the trend of the times." Chen Zhaoyi believes that among the many conditions, the situation is the most basic work for young people to do. The integration of globalization and regionalization, the promotion of science and technology, the vigorous development of emerging markets, is an important factor in the progress of the world today. We have to closely follow the mainstream of the world to start the business. Especially in today’s science contains too many cutting-edge technology, and constantly change the renovation, such as 3G, Web2.0, GPS etc., in times of change, which inevitably contains huge business opportunities."