Share the experience of ascension love Shanghai experience through some experience rate

, you need to have a high level of id



and other products like Shanghai, want to be in love Shanghai experience more simple chain, first you need to have a high level of ID, it can improve the survival rate of the link. As in Shanghai love to know do the chain, the level of more than four grade left link success rate and decrease the level of ID has a great difference. We first raise their love experience in Shanghai ID.



Shanghai dragon Er would know if you do the high quality of the chain, then the preferred platform is love Shanghai products, like Shanghai, Shanghai, Encyclopedia of space love love Shanghai quiz, Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love experience and so on are the Shanghai dragon Er love the quality of the chain platform. The construction of the chain of high difficulty, but also makes a number of Shanghai dragon Er "chain" can only hope helplessly, but the construction of the chain as long as we seize the key, to be a little income.

we can see the love of Shanghai experience in the content format requirements is very high, if you format irregular words are unable to pass, so in the editing experience when we first need to understand the format requirements, detailed grasp what the entry pass rate is higher. A love experience of Shanghai can be divided into three parts, the first is the introduction, general >

Experience and share the title of

two to clear


this, when we write the title of the experience that we can use with the nature of the problem, such as words, what, how, why, how, how, please. This form of the title is often the most easy to get love experience in Shanghai’s favor, the rate will naturally higher.

love the experience of Shanghai operation route is to share their own experiences to help other users through the user. If you cannot read title by other users, how to help. This time we write in the title of the experience, we need to focus a point of experience, but in general, love the experience of Shanghai is usually in the form of the title in the form of a question. For example: how to write a good article? This form of title through rate is the highest. As shown below:

three, the content of experience to standardize

last year the love experience of Shanghai online, just one year, the weight reached 8, the flow of one million level, and this platform can do a hyperlink, naturally become the preferred platform for Shanghai dragon Er outside of the chain. Of course, for the love of Shanghai’s own products, so many times it is difficult to leave a link. So in the Shanghai dragon Er how to do the chain in Shanghai love experience? The author of this article will share her own points.


GG Adsense, publisher of the known version of the articleMa Yun 17 years of entrepreneurial mind eme

since last year, he has gone through several tests. Wei Zhe incident, Taobao, Alipay, Taobao fake storm event Mall now Tmall "October besieged city", in a test of Alibaba micro-blog manager. As the spiritual leader of Alibaba, Ma has taken the most controversy and criticism.

in response to the crisis, he had to go back to Hangzhou overnight. He was very tired when he appeared in front of the media when he was on a long journey. He said the attack on Taobao mall touched his bottom line and even shook his once confident understanding of humanity.

external confusion, and Alibaba internal Jack Ma is not too worry.

this may have made him tired, and even made him feel negative at one time.

Unlike the Alibaba’s, the new forces in these big expansion have their own ideas, which could lead to a cognitive divide in the Alibaba culture. And these often still need Ma Yun to communicate with the attitude of policymaker. Effect of

a story may be very typical. A government official to visit Ali, alite aside a dedicated elevator for it, but did not want to incur the young employees dissatisfied. Young people think this is a wild and intractable attitude of powerful curry favour. The storm finally come down by Jack Ma, he in the network forum said to all guests, courtesy of hospitality is a Alibaba should do.

in business for 17 years, Ma Yun micro-blog appeared from the stage of retreat mentality.

Ma Yun also faces the problem of value identification among young Alibaba employees.

but he was also sensitive to the problem. At the Taobao annual conference in late 2010, he said Taobao would have a "robbery" in 2011. But in the end, this year’s turmoil went beyond his expectations.

close to Alibaba sources said, "this Ma Ma blow a lot," the crowd struggling for themselves, but hurt themselves."

he used to be full of optimism. Speaking with Inamori Kazuo micro-blog in 2008, he said the work he has done over the years has been to magnify the good side of good young people through values and mission. He said confidently that the success of the Alibaba was because he understood human nature.

in September last year, after B2B, Taobao, Alipay three business after the storm, he said that after nearly 16 years of entrepreneurship is very tired, want to rest for a year in the United States, but this plan is half a month after the "October besieged city" interrupted.

on the other side is that Ma has always been the ultimate key to solve the problem, this also allows other executives to take charge as chief of the real.

GGFAQ lines: advertising must be placed in the most easy to click position, find loopholes in the rules, the advertising unit of the biggest, mixed in the body when not too large, the smallest rectangle. What referrals, links, rectangles, dogs, the boss allowed him to put ­ go up. Top of a skyscraper, in the middle is a large rectangular, swimming pool shape, do not believe your bifurcation does not jump in, wading point muddy water, navigation position, put a link unit, a little taste, especially Sogou kind. Others open web pages, regardless of the male or female ­ have to say to others: "little brother is not good ah!"! Is a look at the old military medical experts, more professional! Facing, and then make a dozen powerful popups, one breath open more than ten full screen. And then implanted several regular ads, 24×7 all-weather duty. Is a ­ word, ruthless! One page will toss around for an hour or so. Guys, they don’t kill thousands of knives, they’re stepping on ten thousand blades, and the rate of hits is only 10%. You’re embarrassed to come up and bubble up. You say, a broken station, how much money do you have to earn every day? Two thousand ­? Beautiful Dao? That is my disciple level! Twenty thousand dollars on the knife. Don’t look too much. You don’t cheat. What do you call AD people, you know? AD person is advertising must be the most ruthless, the most ruthless put, less is not used to.

, such as "October siege", despite the Taobao Mall now renamed Tmall, the official and CEO Zhang Yong >

What websites are the most profitable in the futureCan you continue to be a farmer when you are over

is now second times, because of Internet has changed the nature of the use, we have been familiar with the network, began to use the network to solve their own side of the problem, because the online payment becomes convenience, so search and shopping has become the main stream now. This has made search engines and shopping networks the real support of the Internet economy. Because ordinary people start paying, the Internet is profitable at this point. Making money out of the Internet is also possible.

Internet is in continuous evolution, people who use the network determine the direction of the Internet, that is, what determines the future of the site can become mainstream.

IT seems to be an industry for young people. When you are 50, can you still do farm work,

– become an expert. It can be either a language Clojure, Java, C, etc., or a domain data system design, algorithm design, machine learning, etc., or even some kind of software fraud detection system, recommendation engine, etc.. Many of these technologies have existed for ten years, or even longer, so if you become an expert, it will be very popular. But there are two warnings: 1 you must like this area, otherwise it will be very unhappy; 2 the environment will change over time, so it is better to take this as a plan of 5 to 10 years rather than the 30 year plan. If your current field of expertise is out of date, you should explore new areas, but don’t wait until you’re really out of date.

because people on the Internet determine the future of the network. So our business lab can analyze current and future networks and web sites based on this.

– use your own experience. Don’t be an old man who asks for a high salary, but be a mentor with lots of experience". Should not be >

before 2000 when the network started, everyone will not use the network, it is a blank period, these characteristics determine the Sohu such as Sina portal, Tencent such communication tools has become the mainstream, this is the same HAO123 ". Because they fill a gap, and because a radish is empty, it’s impossible for them to achieve the same achievement as a large number of www.tu like their websites.

because employers think you have higher positions and higher salaries than younger people, they will consider hiring you as a higher threshold. If young programmers do not know the best way to work, it may not be a big problem. But if you don’t understand, the employer will naturally wonder if your value is twice as good as the other applicants.

then, what will the next network look like? What kind of website will become the most profitable website in the future?

– to be a very good programmer. This is nonsense, but Geoff, ·, Dean Jeff, Dean and Kent · Beck Kent Beck such people are always easy to find the work of programmers. Their level is surprisingly high, but if it can reach a certain level, even if it is much lower than Geoff · Dean, then, no matter how old, it is still easy to find a job.

– open to some junior positions, especially when you move into the new software field. If you can accept middle position and salary, it is definitely easier to find a job than those who are not CTO and non – annual salary. This is the common effect of supply and demand.

to improve this situation, we can consider the following ways:

is not the age, but the age of the employer. When you’re 40, 50, or 60, the employer thinks you want to be a project leader, architect, chief software engineer, and so on. They will also think that your salary has risen by 5% to 10% per year over the past twenty or thirty years, so your market price may be 50% to 100% higher than that of a 25 year old who has only 3 years of experience.


background: I’m in my early 30, but there are a lot of programmers around me who are older than me. Here’s my personal opinion, not employer.

? The key to

third periods, that is, in the near future, with the Internet and ordinary people closer contact, the actual business structure will be affected, e-commerce era will really come. People’s sense of place and space has been eliminated, and the time and price of pick-up will be two important factors for residents to purchase goods

The road of my station group — how to choose the station group softwareTai Chi advertisers stop giv

respected stationmaster:

Binhai aircraft carrier theme park CPC suspended the launch of


but to the first half of 2011, good times don’t last long, IDC industry more and more, although we can keep the service, but the price is still competitive in some big IDC business, every month hosting fees are at a loss. He is engaged in professional network, usually also contact some web design code, sometimes on the Internet to see some big Fairies in the AdSense bill, is really amazing ah, some a month or $4000$, ah, let me see the very heart, hence a grassroots webmaster, but because of this not too much contact, in the study on the seowhy for a period of time it started the first station operation. Can be said to be learning while operating, but also with some master some learning methods, and understand the station operation method of the most popular thinking, if you want to have a space for one person in the network, it would have to do station group, a website that is not likely to engage in large groups, so how do share some? I will give my experience, for your reference.

2010 one day, I quit my job and wanted to start my own business, but I found a lot of projects and didn’t find any suitable ones. Have a chat with some friends, they are no more than a few things you can do at work to make a little extra money, the hearts of the whole point of thinking about what to do things, can’t do starve to death, finally we get exactly the same opinion, is to do a virtual host, it is the so-called IDC, because we are is the network professional background, for us it is very small. Then use the company’s two server friends basically no files on the server, pure furnishings, and then installed a N point virtual host management system, so that the monthly hosting fee will be saved out. For the first time the situation is not so good, not what business, but since our business improved 2 months, our business is getting better and better, the price is low, the second is the customer service guarantee, the third is the space is indeed stable, customers are also more and more, until the end of 2010. We have five servers, then there is no friend to the company’s server, the server will be hosted in Jiangsu, but each month have to pay the cost of hosting many.

thank you for your interest in Chi Chi League, and for the inconvenience caused by webmaster, please feel free to understand. Please feel free to pay attention to the change of advertising on our affiliate website, and we will provide more excellent advertising items. I hope all of you will continue to support us!


League address: union.textclick/

thank you for your interest in Chi Chi League, and for the inconvenience caused by webmaster, please feel free to understand. Please feel free to pay attention to the change of advertising on our affiliate website, and we will provide more excellent advertising items. I hope all of you will continue to support us!

, find a good standing group of software, what is good, I think it is necessary to have a batch of station functions, another is in the process to have powerful functions, here recommended Knight station software, can be batch station, there is a strong corpus, a text can be automatically re read, and relatively strong, then have the opportunity to buy a set of Knight Lifetime version A5 agency help, now not only the knight Lifetime version, version of the annual fee, now A5 is interested in tuan.admin5/deal/299 group purchase, can understand, on Friday I recommend a friend bought a few days, he also felt through the powerful the knight felt.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

two, stable space, start >

leather film network CPA products stop putting on


should be advertisers requirements, leather film network CPA products to stop delivery, in order to better guarantee the interests of all owners, we will temporarily change the skin film network advertising for CPC eBay ad.

advertisers, Binhai aircraft carrier theme park CPC products to stop delivery, in order to ensure the interests of all the webmaster, we will temporarily Binhai aircraft carrier theme park CPC switched to eBay CPC advertising advertising.


I do two years travel website experience

love travel, and friends set up a blog type tourism website (URL happy tour is not open, so as not to be collected) before we two sisters are the most active in Anhui travel enthusiasts Association, each finishing a lot of the Raiders and travel diary, later simply from the blog evolved to a happy tour the web site.

in the past few years in the institutions, because the main business units mainly, the opportunity to travel a lot of, North and south, rivers, mountains, but also almost traveled. Many pictures were taken.

know a lot of friends, each big forum many tourism group QQ, I pulled over. Later, the statistics were released, and the peak time reached 3000 people a day (formerly called people, now called IP).

from last year, after the change of the company, more leisure time, travel time less, I think to do about the tourism website, from pure play to professional.

changed a VPS space and spent most of my half month’s salary.

website is still very smooth, see Admin5 on many articles, say how to do website, how difficult. I did not feel the technical aspects of worry, from the website built up to now, I just update the background, the management will do.

the server is bad, it’s been attacked, and so on. I don’t seem to have touched it once.

what is the search engine SEO that many people talk about?. I never thought, recently also think about this problem, traffic always hovering in the 4000 IP, no progress. Even the Baidu League doesn’t want me to do it.

website to make money, have not thought before, and now see other people are talking about this problem, but also want to think about this, even if it is to earn a little money.

usually did not want to hang up any pop-up window, big picture window, and Sohu that medicine advertising, the most disgusting. Before, there was a person here to pack a month ad, is to sell what perspective glasses, hung for three days, was reported by friends, I will withdraw.

Google Advertising, less than 2 dollars a day, I have been very strange, such a large flow, no one to point. It might be my poor advertising layout. Last time I went to the Google Adsense conference in Hefei, I also went to the Google and asked people about the optimization. It is estimated that the traffic is too low. Recently, alimama had three packages, adding 200 revenue a week. But only for a month. I wonder if I can get another chance to apply next time.

has contacted several tourist attraction tickets before, as well as the hotel reservation, has done 2 months less than 100 pieces, the money has not given me. Feeling this way doesn’t suit me.

I want to organize some group trips myself, and I’m afraid I’m not energetic enough.

Talk about some experiences of Forum promotion

I have done my website for some time, and many sites compared, the forum is the most difficult to do, once done, sticky, and do better than expected to live Baidu. General site station SEO, continue to increase the chain station, "whether it is their own hair or grab the first volume, a basic station get over a thousand days IP is very easy, to do a forum, unless you do porn forum, or a few months are hundreds of loyal members, this is the effect good.

recently, the campus network, happy net is not raised, suddenly fire up, they caught a little break, probably the vast majority of people are the 2 website is only interested in playing time, the interest will not go, but they are left to rest on the part is very large the. Well, do not say they are, say we are small forums, how to develop it?.

is a general way, we must also see too many posts, I will not say, just say a new I soon see a way, the concept of this forum is very good (at least I think so), this forum is public, all join in the website can be used, all join the development of the website member in this system, so your membership is shared, which is the 100 joined the site within 1 days without a website pulled 10 member registration, then a total of 1000 members, 1000 members each have joined the site, which is equal to you. Site one day pulled 1000 members, of course, these members don’t necessarily want to look at your site, but they brought you to the traffic, 10 people can all go, 1000 people will have a legacy, such membership will be Easy to develop.

what kind of website is suitable for using this membership system? It has no need for forming forums. What you need is the following website:

one, the website does not have forum, simple information class, such stickiness is bad, cannot leave a person, can rely on search engine to live only.

two, there are forums, but it is too difficult to develop, active members, cats, cats, two or three, there is no forum.

three, the new station, new station is not good for you to join the tiny but adventitious quantity.

this article by Wu network: webmaster original, reproduced please indicate source,


China’s 100 bit Internet CEO panorama survey

Yichang high tech Zone to lead the public Entrepreneurship

good entrepreneurial environment is one of the main reasons to attract the majority of entrepreneurs to invest, especially in such a public venture period, so far, Yichang is trying to promote public innovation and entrepreneurship.

in Yichang high tech Zone, like Li Chune chase young entrepreneurial dreams hundreds. Young entrepreneurs to attract the influx of entrepreneurial opportunities in addition to the era of innovation in Yichang, as well as high tech Zone highland effect and innovation platform.

Surging wave of

sail, multi-creation space very warm

into the Yichang arts and the national science and technology business incubator, a creative eye-opening let reporters. Returnees entrepreneurship, college students entrepreneurship, science and technology research and development, have brought together Alibaba Yichang Industrial Zone, College Students Network Entrepreneurship Center, Taobao characteristics of China Yichang Pavilion, their dream from here to sail.

the beginning, high rents had let them off. At this time, by the Yichang high tech Zone Administrative Committee, the Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau jointly created the first college students in Yichang zero cost entrepreneurial center, opened the door for them. Center for the enterprise to provide free office facilities, free of charge to provide 500 square meters of warehouse, photo studio, multi-functional conference room. Business center is also actively matchmaking, contact business, agriculture and other departments to carry out business matchmaking, help the company to expand the business, declare support policy.

The first China business liaison office has been completed town foreman

China’s entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, we all know, and therefore, people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is getting higher and higher. Recently, the first Chinese venture factory town was successfully completed in beijing.

2016 in April 6th, the first Chinese business liaison office Beijing Township foreman officially completed, deputy general manager and general manager rob Locke Home Furnishing group chief business platform Ms. Zhang Yuan, rob foreman platform marketing director He Zhengdong to attend and participate in the opening ceremony, Zhang in his speech expressed her expectation of foreman Village Liaison Office the.


it is reported that the Chinese foreman Township Liaison Office will venture to grab the foreman platform as a link, to fully play a pivotal role, provide a mutual exchange, entrepreneurship and networking platform for a strange fellow foreman foreman, strengthen communication between, to promote the exchange of feelings, for more help to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the foreman the.

Representatives of the parties on the platform of development planning, grab the foreman foreman culture, political association cooperation mechanism and the foreman township of Chinese New Year gathering and

Following the

How to find investors how to finance the project

has a good project, but their lack of funds, so we are looking for investors, or financing. How to find investors in the project? How to finance? This is a lot of friends are thinking about the problem, so today Xiaobian for everyone to support a few strokes.

projects how to find investors? If it is a large sum of money, then you have to consider looking for investors or financing. In fact, this kind of thing and graduates graduates to find jobs are similar; graduates must first win the employer’s trust, they need to prepare your resume, then you have to find investors, get the trust of investors, or how people can rest assured that their money to you? Make them believe that money can be made on your project.

first you have to prepare a proposal, which details the project your points, as comprehensive as possible, the investors may worry about every problem, you have to write the answer on the inside (so there is a benefit, that is not you knocked on the door of every wealthy people have time and patience to face first read the proposal again to ask you a question, is likely to put down on someone’s desk).

also attach a copy of your resume, write your personal qualifications, let investors know that you have sufficient qualifications to this project, which is worth mentioning is that you should pay attention to the resume performance of the quality of your stuff, because the character is more important than iq.

projects how to find investors? If your project is good enough, then this piece of financing is not difficult, to master certain skills, can help you find investors faster. The above recommendations are for reference only, the specific project needs to be treated.


China’s top ten brands of solid bed

series of bedding market products is extremely rich, the solid wood bed has a very high market share, by numerous consumers. The so-called solid wood bed, the main components of the bed decoration parts, accessories, the rest of the use of wood, wood-based panels and other wood materials made of bed. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce China’s ten major brands of solid wood bed, so that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of China’s solid wood bed market.

The selection of

consumers can see the bed in the corresponding position of the pattern and to see whether the corresponding scar knot, a pattern of the bed body outside, look at the back of the corresponding position if there is a corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is pure solid wood; and then look at the lateral side of the bed body scar node location, then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern; finally, to see whether there is wood color, wood surface is generally true color.

China wood bed ten brand list: NO.1 (Federal LANDBOND in 1984, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, deputy director of the association of furniture units, ten living furniture brand, original furniture design brand, Guangdong Federal furniture group)

China’s solid wood bed ten brands list NO.2: Huafeng furniture (founded in 1951, Liaoning province famous brand, Liaoning famous brand products, large modern furniture manufacturing enterprises, Huafeng Furniture Group Co., Ltd.)

China wood bed ten brand list: NO.3 bright furniture (in 1985, ten major brands of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture original Oriental New Chinese furniture manufacturing enterprises set of suppliers, industry / Commerce / industry / glue coating industry as one of the


China wood bed ten brand list: NO.4 double Home Furnishing (started in 1995, Heilongjiang famous trademark, focusing on domestic design / production of solid wood furniture, modern large-scale enterprises, Qitaihe city furniture Futaba Industrial Co. Ltd.)

China wood bed ten brand list: NO.5 HUARI (Home Furnishing Huari furniture ten brand, famous brand in Hebei Province, scientific research and development / design / production / sales of large furniture enterprise group, Langfang Huari furniture Limited by Share Ltd)

Chinese wood bed ten brands list NO.6: Nanyang Hu HOO’S (founded in 1993, specializing in high-end solid wood furniture R & D and manufacturing, global health Home Furnishing resource integration, Tianjin HOOS Furniture Co. Ltd.)

China’s solid wood bed ten brands list NO.7: Qu home QM (beginning in 1993, Beijing famous trademark, wood furniture industry well-known brands)