Shanghai Longfeng every day to do what you are doing

, 1, the chain that is certainly essential (in fact, the two is the most difficult, what kind of article? What kind of the chain can drive the two rankings? You need to constantly sum up thinking),


mining 2, daily value (the long tail word);

6, how to improve the level of their own, to Shanghai dragon WHY often go; these things enough you busy;

recently, I saw a quiz website inside, there is a very interesting question is, "as the Shanghai dragon you every day to do what work? I’ll own simple talk, I just started to learn Shanghai dragon every day doing what work; I remember very clearly, turn on the computer every day the first thing is to look at the collection of my site, change the weight of the website and the page. Then, I will go to see the website which dead links and so on, these up to now feel very boring; feel have no fun. But learning a period of Shanghai dragon, I began to pay attention to the overall optimization of a website now; not every day to love Shanghai included and ranking, all in all, at least not so diligent.


Jiang wing talk: what do you do? In fact, there are many things you can do:

Zhang Wenlong: I work in Shanghai Longfeng two stages! Is a 2 years ago at this stage and I only like patterns but I seem superficial some two years ago! I just contacted the electronic commerce, contact SEM, that I was a rookie, but have the same Lu and Zhao Xi’s experience, graduated from the hotel management professional, but want to start your own business, but due to the lack of funds, after a friend introduced to a tourist site, do the B2B/B2C e-commerce platform, the development of electronic commerce is an upward trend! I only remember that time I witnessed the rise and fall of group purchase industry, millet, Taobao birth events, light blog’s birth, the birth of WeChat search market, kill! I remember the words: "let love Ma Shanghai can’t sleep sleep" in fact I believe Because, I believe Ma for this sentence will rewrite China network era of the situation, I know at the beginning of that era, Shanghai dragon, in his find information on the web, then know Shanghai dragon why, look for some information in the above, I focus on the analysis of the long tail word, long tail word all day. Collect customer search records, love Shanghai drop-down box. Recommended to use Wangpu travel agency, at that time my whole.

analysis of website (oneself and competitor), the data flow structure, operation method and so on;

is not 3, micro-blog, WeChat, can be studied under mail marketing;

4, how the existing on the basis of an additional flow (method of operation right, the website column is reasonable);

finally, sometimes more important than technology strategy.

The owners believe what a love Shanghai weight value

I find

A5 soft chain release: 贵族宝贝e.admin5贵族宝贝/content.php? ID=63

This is my

love Shanghai never provided a website weight information data and external query service. Third party Webmaster Tools data is not love Shanghai official data, does not represent the real situation of the website, love Shanghai on the use of such data and cause problems without any responsibility. Please do not take these webmaster "love Shanghai weight" as a true value to reference value.


on the link, encountered a small case love Shanghai weight list. These days to find some related website Links, a webmaster in exchange links and talk to me, asked me to love Shanghai weight must be more than 2, I love I love station query tool website Shanghai weight is 2 screenshots for weight value.

then I sweat, why I check the weight is 2? They check the weight of 1? With this question, I asked him, he replied: "they weight value is in accordance with the requirements of the website link Webmaster Tools query, and your website weight value of 2 is also from the webmaster tools query, so we can not exchange link".

personal point of view, we welcome criticism of


simply say love Shanghai weight, for the site keywords in the natural search results ranking, and is expected to bring traffic ranking website, grade N, 0 to 10 of the third party website (webmaster tools, such as love and popularity evaluation data query tool).


and webmasters to discuss issues with "love Shanghai weight" is the invention of each web site have increased their weight query tool, that is to say with a web site, check the "love Shanghai weight" in different query site, one of two things, one is weight value, another is the emergence of the weight values are not the same. So if you want to exchange Links, Shanghai love weights, the webmaster should believe what a love Shanghai weight value of

love Shanghai official invented "love Shanghai" the weight of the

with love in search of Shanghai soared in the domestic market share, accounting for Chinese search engine operators market share of 78.6%, this situation also affected the many webmaster, such as webmaster before doing Links, the judgment standard is nothing more than the Google PR, fell in love with the sea, the number of factors included love Shanghai snapshots of these aspects. Now added a non official concept of "love Shanghai love Shanghai weight value.

website to link to each other, to contact each other and the chain, the accident, the station said: "the weight of your site is 1, can exchange links, the weight is 1 shots.

!The recommended

The account quality score to promote the Shanghai talk about love


The official

this is a medium of my accounts in the same project (personal account, love much promotion) its quality score is 57 points, click on the details, you can see some of the specific content of account quality score:

love Shanghai promotion account quality score the exact time, I am not very clear. Maybe a lot of friends also did not pay attention to this thing, the first is "account quality score appears only in the framework of the account (I do not have this thing in the channel to open accounts. ), secondly it is true, there is no practical significance of account management.

comment: to get high score in this link, the number of keywords and matching model is the key, because such words and everyone will always pay attention to the budget, but few people in order to increase the number of keywords and to increase the delivery of key words, but also very few people with large scale, wide. If a brother’s account in this part of the score is very high, can stick it out and admire.

comment: this link score is relatively easy, as long as the use of appropriate tools and high bid, while ensuring certain hits. Keywords quality of the data, for the promotion of staff, or have some help.


3, browse links, my score is 50. Including the arrival rate and the speed of opening URL two index. The arrival rate refers to the creative URL are not open; open speed > URL

account quality score in the left extension of page, the account balance below, as shown in figure

account on the quality score that is your account quality comprehensive performance in the same customer in case (according to state compared with yesterday in a moment), and an effective amount, and matching mode and quality index related. Here we take a look at these specific indicators of it.

2, click on the link, my score was 69, qualified. Including bid and quality of two indexes. The higher the average bid, bid score is higher; the more the number of words account for Samsung, the quality score is higher. Keywords quality degrees, need certain hits.

1, show link, my score is 34. Including the number of keywords, such words, pattern matching, budget. This is my account medium account, keyword number, it gives the score is 25 points. But I went to several other accounts, even tens of thousands of words of my account, the score is still low. I don’t know exactly how much words, it considers only qualified; not effective, the more reliable, not much to say; matching model, I use phrase matching, but the score is not high, I guess if you account widely matches, the score should be above 90; the budget. My account is not budget constraints, so the score was higher.

The one thousand and one night voyage driving Shanghai Dragon (1) – December 4, 2012

love Shanghai search to promote creative writing

Since the


see the above title, one might feel very strange, we’re not talking about how to do Shanghai dragon, pulling SEM up? In fact, Shanghai dragon and SEM has been complementary, especially for the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai in the toolbox "keyword tool" and "estimation tool", "search terms report", and the love of Shanghai should be present for the statistics, statistics Shanghai Shanghai dragon love the most important analysis tools. To obtain and use these tools, you must first love in Shanghai to open an account, then you need to recharge, online advertising, data acquisition.

diary You can read the book

today, I start with examples to introduce writing about love Shanghai creative search promotion. The so-called creative advertising is actually.

so we say Shanghai dragon and SEM are not separated, the two complement each other, complement each other.

starting today, I (ID:yuanhangjx, nickname: voyage driving Shanghai dragon) officially began writing "the one thousand and one night voyage driving Shanghai dragon" series of public articles, as their work history records, and help them in the same occupation of detours. This series of articles I posted on the official website of the voyage driving column can be reproduced, and can be used for any commercial or non commercial purposes, the only requirement is to retain the author and source.

to watercress reading, and purchase. Believe me, they will not let you down!

language only title is "Shanghai dragon", our theme for this series of articles is the natural Shanghai dragon. First of all I would like to recommend two books to you, is the first domestic Shanghai Longfeng Zan (zan3) Zac Hui’s two book "Shanghai" and "Shanghai dragon combat password Dragon Art". The two book the original, which is rare for translation, comprehensive, professional, targeted Shanghai dragon tutorial.

creative Description 2: voyage driving is a famous Haidian District school, adjacent to the Jinghai vehicle, car driver training, flow regulation >

creative Title: price quality is not discounted to sail 010-62684727

let’s get to the point, began to write the work diary today. That is to say "the one thousand and one night voyage driving Shanghai dragon" is actually a series of articles diary, although the door and the door there is no relationship, but the content is as spectacular.

creative 1

creative description 1: voyage driving crash course in the discount rate as high as 1000 yuan, two months of the new Elysee. BYD quickly takes the coach car, feel first-class.

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driving car in Beijing

The use of information industry classification optimization industry Station Station

, second industry classification information station

well, today said here, but the station is on the disadvantages of classified information fast too fast, the only remedy is to often do, let the weight off.

1, if not sensitive words, classification of information station can directly use the keywords.

recently from the website optimization is tamper with the customer before the station, do what? In my previous post "about the network life of bored" mentioned. The focus is to optimize customer station. After all is ready for long-term customers, must be taken seriously. To write this blog about industry in optimization of grade two high weight classification information industry accounted for the home station, it is not allowed. Why don’t we use the

2, submitted content, to customer contact with website QQ, telephone and other information submitted effective conversion rate.

keywordsFirst of all we do

how to choose? This depends on your own brains to think, the most stupid way is to sort out the network classified information industry all stations. Analysis of the weights of the site and some of these circumstances, after the test to get inside the high weight site. But this method is time-consuming, sometimes a thankless task. I think the way is to analyze the rival standing, key words and love view in search of Shanghai, you can see the classification of the information industry the first few pages inside the station, which is on the home page is certainly high weight, this is just what we need. And then tidy up.


4, the appropriate layout, the best way is to check competitor, then copy, modify, add, pseudo original, submitted. The effect is very good.

, the first order

industry station, accurate keyword selection is a Shanghai based dragon, no search keywords, but no index key is lost. But we do Shanghai Longfeng most customers provide keywords index there is no index, no matter what, these keywords are required by the. For some long tail keywords for you have participated in the company’s Shanghai Longfeng work, for your company’s website optimization, and to the website customer service staff exchanges, understand that they and the customer directly chat. Sorting out the long tail keywords from chat in their. Long tail keywords flow is not disdain.

3, may be appropriate to the web link, can get good reverse link weight.

is that half a month did not update, heart is very ashamed. Emlog is not the existence of loopholes, always brush comments, every time tens of thousands of sad ah brush, so I opened the WordPress, but it can not be the reason I do not update the blog. The reason is not sufficient and not established.

third, the classification of the information industry station


Resurgence from Baidu home station to daily income 4$experience sharing

Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, here I wish you all busy webmaster friends, Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Before my station is really Baidu to K completely, and left a home page, also wrote an article before, how to let me stand again included

( Aid=94111), in fact, I do not know whether this is really useful, because instead of something, Baidu has also been updated only home, not included in the content of my website page

, 07, 16, this period of time really makes me very upset, had a good station, always want to do, and I hope to sell clothes later. K did not expect only a home, no way can do hard in

insisted on, although the Baidu K only home but also some search pictures of the flow over, is also good for more than 100 IP every day, this has probably lasted more than half a month, I found myself standing site included more than one, we certainly want to

is not less than WWW at the beginning of the domain name, I also don’t understand, had to do the station when I put no WWW at the beginning of the domain name directly with WWW above 301 jump to the beginning, but Baidu was included in this article, it is really no way, after all,

Baidu K into the home, simply go to dangerous step without WWW at the beginning of the domain name is directly tied to the website, so it can directly access, but this time has been a good content, increase the content of a piece of content, the content of each is selected through. Baidu and Baidu search volume index, analysis of popular word to come do content, topic. Slowly Baidu began to include pages, this time included pages or no WWW at the beginning of the domain name. Do some of the popular word at the end of August to see the effect. There are several popular word ranking is very good, every day has brought me around 200 IP, although only 109 articles included IP every day from the original 100 to the present day 1000IP, because the user access to the PV website content is still relatively high, 6000pv put GG ads every day, too easy to 4$per day, in order to make the site continues to develop, is currently working with other people, to let the other website management, to earn money on GG,

concludes: "if you want to make money, you have to love her.".

does not necessarily help you do what, because the station or the old idea, the key lies in the heart you can do, the recent development of website advertising in the hope of a better, we do not completely according to my site to advertise oh.

article source: collocation

Small and medium-sized Witkey task type website analysis focus on industry segmentation users

Witkey wit English Witkey is the key of wisdom, key composed of two words, is the The key of wisdom abbreviation, is refers to through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people, they resolved on the Internet through science, technology, work, life, learning in to let the knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills reflect the economic value. In simple terms, Witkey means someone who sells his intangible assets (intelligence and creativity) on the Internet and gets paid. Whether any person has their own expertise and are proficient in some industries, some of which are familiar with the Internet be able to freely use network applications, their knowledge, wisdom, experience, in order to solve the problem in the form of "sell" to those in need of help enterprises or individuals. Witkey has sprung up on the Internet, and websites for Witkey tasks have also sprung up on the internet.


Witkey task site dedicated to helping employers (SMEs and individuals) outside the main business (project design, website development, and translation services) completed to find suitable workers reasonable, the price is usually half of the traditional price, and create jobs for the majority of social idle labor. Through the Internet for businesses and individuals to save unnecessary costs, using the network platform to open and interactive rapid spread characteristics of resources and technology makes reasonable allocation for employers to increase efficiency of solving the problem, provides a way to earn money for the expertise of people who accept the task. The reward for a Witkey task the most dynamic website, through the Witkey website, large enterprises to design logo, for the children to personal name, the reward for all can obtain satisfactory results, but also because people accept the task reward and stimulate the expertise and creativity, realize the value of a person.

Witkey mode, in addition to absorb a large amount of dispersion polymerization of wisdom, to create more wealth, more is to provide a new mode of Witkey marketing for enterprises and individuals, let Witkey just online, become a kind of marketing mode, the founder of Witkey concept Liu Feng said. He said: "the Witkey marketing is to enable users to understand the company’s products in the interaction, knowledge, interest, reward, accept the products and enterprises in the subtle, do not care whether the task task is released with clear results, he only cares about his business through activities are spread out in the online Xuan; but the field of work tasks publishers need to have clear results, such as an enterprise need to design a registered trademark."

is also due to the rise of Witkey Witkey website on the Internet plays a huge role and development, but also for other new sites under WEB2..0, there are also some such as the profit model is not clear, the crowded market saturation, competition homogenization increased the crux of the website. Witkey is a huge market, but many people still stay in Witkey, just to help people named the design of logo illusion. At present, the Internet industry is becoming increasingly fragmented

Beauty chat station keywords recovered after

this morning, I open the beauty chat station as usual, check the website, chat with the key words, beautiful girls, video chat, video chat, the whole search. I’m in a hurry. Although this station has not how to maintain, but also can bring me 1000 yuan of income every month, do not want to lose it. Then I site domain name, URL is still there. Direct search domain name is also in, and then check the small flow of keywords, and not completely disappeared. This proves that Baidu does not have K my station, but K some important keywords.

through the search engine to understand, Baidu K keyword, there are several reasons: first, keyword accumulation density is too big, two is friendship link problems, three is revision, change Title caused. Four is the domain name pointing question.

for these reasons, I worked out a plan:

1: website overall revision, Title Keyword repeated removed. Delete the superfluous keywords from the description.

two: remove unsafe links, and suddenly remove the four stations of friendship links.

three: I originally have four CN domain name all point to this website, now all also delete these four domain name jump.

to around 9, Baidu fine tune, ha, keyword all back.

beauty chat, first page,

beauty video chat, third pages,

video chat, eighth pages,

although a different degree of a page, but finally come back, still worth celebrating.

then site a bit, or the original snapshot, according to common sense, modify the title will lead to drop the right, and replaced the original web template.


in contributions!

How to open a classic gift shop

The first step is to choose a

venture project has broad prospects, but many people are very confused, don’t know which one is good, in fact, open an antique gift shop may be very good, there are many places there have been such a store, how can a specific kind of prospects, let’s take a look together!

project contains the scope of classical arts and crafts gifts is quite broad, from combs, vases, plates, cushions, bags and other daily necessities, to screen, cabinets, dresser and other large pieces of furniture, to the Paperweight, Yantai, pen and other office supplies, including one by one. Whether it is a pure classical style, or the combination of popular elements of modern products, as long as the show of classical style, Oriental flavor, you can move into the classical gift shop.

1.: suggestions on management technique, the full flavor is one of the classical gifts a big appeal, only the classics can evoke a strong desire to buy gifts.

2. select goods to fine. The selection of practical classic gifts as the main product, and appropriate in the ancient books to find new products, find factory OEM, make a unique product, to attract consumers, improve the taste and grade.

3. shop and store together, through the forum, for the magazine to provide pictures and other ways to improve visibility. The above is about />

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It is not good by what can attract customers.

now people know if you want to successfully operate a shop, also need to store a better location. However, there are many shops in the shop is not good. This shop is not in the main street, but the guests are always in an endless stream. What does it attract consumers? In the visit, I learned that the store does have a good practice:

adhere to honest business, taking into account the diversity. This shop’s boss and the boss are young, with a young energetic, in business, you insist on genuine goods at a fair price. Tobacco, snacks, beverages, daily calls, everything neat, colorful goods are attractive.

good at analysis, seize the opportunity. Last year, the customer fully grasp the Spring Festival consumption needs to clean up inventory, increase marketable brand complementary, such as "Double Happiness" (our hard red), "Yellow Crane Tower" series, "Double Happiness" (hard classics 1906), "Double Happiness" (classic artists), and other high-end brands. In order to meet the needs of guests. At the same time to re adjust the store display, a large number of selling special purchases for the Spring Festival placed in front of the store, posting banners to create a festive atmosphere of the spring festival celebration.

no I have, new listing. When a new brand market, when other shop owners are still hesitant, this new shops have been listed, complete brand gather popularity.

to enhance the display of cigarettes, improve brand sales. Young people in the current popular words: a areca a cigarette, drinking beer. So the shop owner will areca, beer in a prominent position, with the popular language introduced the three best match. Through active brand promotion, the smoke of the hotel brand sales trend is good, steady sales rose.

it is not good to do? Do not let the shop business is bad? In fact, if we can grasp the strategy of more store operations, even if the location is not good, store operations can also be simplified. So, there are more than a small series of reports, if your site is not ideal, know how to improve the business?